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Partnership Advantages

Here at Press and Reach, we value our website visitors as well as our listeners.  We encourage our audience to visit our “Partners Page” which is the minimum of where our advertisers will be located.  We are a christian based website giving all Glory to God.  We reserve the right to refuse our partnership program with whom we feel is not a good fit for our audience.  According to the plan our partners choose, they will benefit from the following…


Partnership Link

All our partners will have a partnership link located on “Our Partners” page of our website under our resources tab located on each page.  During our podcast, our audience will be directed to support our partners.  Our partners will be have the name of their business which will be linked to the choice of their web pages.  This gives our audience the opportunity to go directly to your page of choosing.  

​Click Here F​or Example

Partnership Link

Podcast Backlink with SEO Boost

This type of link is for our guest on our podcast episodes.  In addition to the link you will have on “Our Partners” page, you will also have a link on the “Podcast Episode” page will directly drive traffic to your web page of your choosing.  This link will carry SEO (Search Engine Optimization) juice, without getting too technical, it will contribute authority to your website which in turn could boost your website ranking.  

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Podcast backlink boost partners

banner Link

Our banner link is an image that is wide and not too tall.  It can contain an image, text, either or both.  If you already have a banner link, you can simply send us an image file or we can assist you in creating your very own.  The banner image will also be linked to any page of your choosing so as to bring relevant traffic to your site.  The image will be located on the Podcast Episode page near the top of the post.  

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Banner Link Partners

video review 

Our partners that choose this option in addition to the above will maximize their ability to bring traffic to their website.  We will create a short video review titled as the “Name Of Your Company” Reviews. We will host on our youtube channel so as to have immediate authority and best chance of ranking for your company reviews.  This video will have your company information, your company contact information as well as your website.  They will be on your video as well as in the description.  This video review will include the above benefits.  This will give you the most options for your traffic to find your website.  

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Video Review Partnersarrow-down

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Silver only $55/mo

  • check-circle-oPartnership Link
  • check-circle-oLocated Partners Page
  • check-circle-oOn Podcasts, we direct listeners to support our partners
  • check-circle-oLinks to page of your choice of your website
  • check-circle-oRecognition of trusted Partner

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Gold only $85/mo

  • check-circle-oIncludes Sliver Plan Plus
  • check-circle-oThis plan is for guests who have participated in one of our podcast
  • check-circle-oIncludes additional link on podcast episode page
  • check-circle-oLink carries SEO juice to help bring authority to our partners website.

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Platinum only $125/mo

  • check-circle-oIncludes Gold Plan Plus
  • check-circle-oThis Plan is for partners who have participated in one of our podcasts 
  • check-circle-oIncludes a banner ad on podcast episode page
  • check-circle-oIncludes a review video hosted on our youtube channel for quick ranking

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