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Considering A Website For Your Local Business?

Not Sure Who To Go To Or Who To Trust?

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Pros and Cons of Websites For Businesses

Does My Business Need A Website

What To Put On A Website For Business

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Some Basics of Websites For Your Business

Pros and Cons of websites for businesses

We’ve covered that the pros far outweigh the cons.  Pros being exposure which can bring credibility, ability to be accessible 24/7 as well as sell 24/7, showcase your work, the ability to network with your clients.  Ability to be found quickly if structured properly.  The cons, website maintenance and the consistency of content being developed and distributed.  

Do I Need A Website For My Business?

No – you do not need a website for your business.  You do not need a cell phone and you do not need a vehicle.  Society is taking advantage of technology.  Have you ever heard a teenager ask for a phone book?  Society uses the tools that is convenient to their life.  The questions is will you be found by them when they need your service.

What to put on your business website?

In short – you!  You know your business, you know what sells, you know your customers pain points.  Use your website to convert website visitors into paying clients.  Your local business website is where you become a “Virtual Salesman”  Your opportunity to have them contact you.  The question then becomes, can you close?

Bottom line on websites for businesses?

A website for your local business can be a tremendous platform of marketing.  Like any other business, it will take you, your team and your business to deliver quality products and services.  The website will not do this for you.  People, not websites are the true base of any business.  Your website is nothing more than a virtual business card with perks.  

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