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Jake Enriquez

Grew up in the small, but awesome Texas town of Kirbyville where everybody knows everybody. To make a long story short I landed in Arlington, Texas which is the home of our five-time world champion Dallas Cowboys of which I am a fan. I’m a God-fearing man who simply loves the Lord, family, and life. My faith and what the Lord has seen me through has enabled me to walk into the lives of others and share in their joys, pains, and concerns. I’ve spent a lot of time in sales and love talking with people, which is why I’ve spent the last ten years as a real estate investor. Real estate investing is simple­­– solve the problem. Not only have I enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of real estate investing, I thoroughly enjoy the flexibility. It allows me to serve in many different capacities, wherein prison ministry just so happens to be my favorite. In this journey called life, I simply encourage others to pursue purpose and not position.

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Gerald Enriquez

Born in 1966 while my dad was in the U.S. Army.  We moved around a bit til we landed in Kirbyville, TX, a place I call my home town.  After graduating high school and serving in the Marines for four years, I moved back to Kirbyville for a few months trying to figure things out.  I was moved by the ocean when I was serving in Japan so I chose a career in commercial diving which led to underwater robotics.  My career led me to many travels around the world while highly compensated.  This led me in a life all about me, till............ God, of whom I knew but did not know, came asking for my mother right before me. Getting into real estate was a result of buying another house to be close to my mother.  After the Good Lord took my mother and asked me to follow Him, I did.  I kept all the good experiences from my past and left the rest.  Real estate came natural to me and so I chose this direction as my new career, but I now know from personal experience, God comes first in my life.  I went from a life all about me to a life of serving, I may slip and fall at times but I get back up  and Press on through and keep Reaching for what lies ahead.  I am happily married to the woman that God brought into my life, Julie.