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Have you learned how to lead with your ministry? Have you become ministry-minded? If so, help out. If not, join in. Come grow with and lead others in practical Christian living in everyday life. Share your thoughts and concerns in our interactive devotional.


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We all have a story and whether personal, business or spiritual, your story is fascinating. We have great interest in helping others and we encourage you to share and help others as well. Many hands make the work load light and with our minds we all lift each other up. Subscribe above by joining our family to stay updated and we look forward to hearing from you with your concerns and or questions. Feel free to contact us any time.

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I reached out to Dr Gary to find out more about his thoughts on The Great Commission, evangelizing in our communities, and where he thinks the church may be falling short.

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Ministry is filled with different challenges for all. Never feel as if you are alone in this thing and always remember His benefits. Kenneth shares his own concerns that may have hindered him along the way, but God is faithful through it all.

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Driven by compassion and fueled by the burning desire in their hearts, Brenda Ornelas and Margie Johnson come forth today to tell us about Heather's Old Skool village. Often times we will be tested as we go, but faithfulness is always rewarded by the Lord. Listen in as these ladies share their story.


"To stand with, embrace, and advance others in their pursuit of direction and freedom through faith, family and community one day at a time!"

Lifting Each Other Up

About Press and Reach was founded by two brothers Jake and Gerald Enriquez.  Going into business as real estate investors, they quickly found themselves discovering the world of business as it pertains to faith, morals and values.  Unfortunately, many business's look at their potential clients as statistics and doing what they have to do to get the sale, even if it means compromising their beliefs.  It has been said that it takes this mentality to succeed in business.  Luckily Jake and Gerald have encountered individuals as well as business's that do not give in to this misconception of compromising our beliefs.   This website is formed to show and share with others what can be done by embracing rather than compromising.  For more information about the founders,  please visit the About Page.

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