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Have you learned how to lead with your ministry? Have you become ministry-minded? If so, help out. If not, join in. Come grow with and lead others in practical Christian living in everyday life. Share your thoughts and concerns in our interactive devotional.


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We all have a story and whether personal, business or spiritual, your story is fascinating. We have great interest in helping others and we encourage you to share and help others as well. Many hands make the work load light and with our minds we all lift each other up. Subscribe above by joining our family to stay updated and we look forward to hearing from you with your concerns and or questions. Feel free to contact us any time.

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Jim Hampton

Jim Hampton and I met back when we were both young in the faith and looking to grow in the Lord while serving as members of the same church.  Our church homes have since changed, but Jim is still out here serving, now in a more official capacity as the outreach pastor of Creekwood Church in Mansfield, TX. In addition to that ministry

Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett is a real estate investor here in the DFW area.  He and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend - my real estate mentor, Dennis Henson.  Bill has had great success in real estate, authored a book – Are You Dumb Enough to Be Rich?, and has recently started not one but two podcasts! But maybe even more impressive than his career as investor and speaker is his work in the "trenches", out here ministering to men through the everyday pains of life and pointing them to Jesus.

Dr. Nate Hearne

Dr. Nate Hearne and I first met in a Texas correctional unit, where I volunteer.  At that time, he was the unit chaplain, ministering to the “men in white” day in and day out.

Jay Dan Gumm

Jay Dan Gumm is the founder of Forgiven Felons, a non-profit that serves the formerly incarcerated. Along with mentoring men who live in the Forgiven Felons transitional house, sharing his story in prisons, and assisting families with the intricacies of the Texas parole system, this husband and father of two spends his days running the small handyman business he owns and uses to employ Forgiven Felons.


"To stand with, embrace, and advance others in their pursuit of direction and freedom through faith, family and community one day at a time!"

Lifting Each Other Up

About Press and Reach was founded by two brothers Jake and Gerald Enriquez.  Going into business as real estate investors, they quickly found themselves discovering the world of business as it pertains to faith, morals and values.  Unfortunately, many business's look at their potential clients as statistics and doing what they have to do to get the sale, even if it means compromising their beliefs.  It has been said that it takes this mentality to succeed in business.  Luckily Jake and Gerald have encountered individuals as well as business's that do not give in to this misconception of compromising our beliefs.   This website is formed to show and share with others what can be done by embracing rather than compromising.  For more information about the founders,  please visit the About Page.

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Jane Smith

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Shane Melaugh