051: Letting Go and Moving Forward, with Terron Nelson

Our host and today’s guest first met each other on Prayer Mountain, a chance meeting as only God can orchestrate.  Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Terron Nelson is now in the DFW area and working on a project to provide inspiration and encouragement through motivational speaking, poetry and spoken word, and hip hop.  He has a desire in this season in his life to encourage anybody going through recovery of any kind – substance abuse, divorce, backslidden, prodigals.  Knowing firsthand that consistency is key to staying on the path of recovery, he’s utilizing social media to put out daily messages of encouragement for those who need it.  Brother Nelson is on the podcast today sharing some of his own challenging times that have led to this season of encouragement.

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The Dream in His Heart

Although he considers to have had a good life growing up, Brother Nelson has battled depression throughout his life.  He also watched his dear grandmother’s health begin to fail as her physical health became affected by her depression.  His childhood was for the most part typical, though he did spend the early part in a neighborhood where crime was the norm.  The family moved out west, first to Arizona and later, for his teenage years, to Las Vegas.  He started to get inspired as a kid listening to music and hearing people’s stories.  He was especially by the stories told through hip hop music.  With cassettes and an old karaoke machine, he’d press “record” and act like a DJ or get on the mic, loving the sound of his own voice.  As he grew into adulthood, it might have seemed that his desires changed.  But, in reality, God was placing those thoughts and dreams and desires in him early on.  Only the method changes – the old karaoke machine is now social media.

Letting Go

He was very close to his grandmother, and so it was understandably difficult to watch her health deteriorate.  Even more challenging was knowing that her family was taking advantage of her, eventually stealing her life’s savings.  Hurt feelings led to resentment and harboring unforgiveness towards those who had any part in wronging his grandmother.  Just a little bit before she passed, when Terron was prepared to act out in the flesh, God stopped him in his tracks.  He describes an encounter that brought him to his knees in prayer and asking for forgiveness.  God’s correction revealed something to Terron that he’d not been able to see.  Not only was he holding on to grudges, but he was dragging the weight of them alone and created a lonely place for himself.  He learned that he needed to let go of those things, and that there is strength in letting go.  When we refuse to forgive, we allow someone else to have control (and they usually don’t even know it!)  Refusing to forgive keeps us from moving forward.  Refusing to forgive creates a dark and lonely place of our own making.  Get over yourself.  Let go and give it to God.  He’ll lighten your load and set you free from the bondage of an unforgiving heart.

Moving Forward

God allows us to go through trials, to be tested, to be stretched, so that we would learn to rely solely on Him.  When we rely on ourselves, pride is bound to eventually bring us down; but, blessed are those who trust in the Lord!  As God moves us through things, we get to experience Him and the character traits He wants to develop in us.  Those times in Terron’s life have led to the development of consistency and discipline.  He’s excited about the changes that take place in him, seeing himself evolve from one type of person into another.

Terron leaves us with this encouragement for anyone today who is struggling in their faith:  Though the impurities of this world seem louder, focus on hearing what God is trying to speak into your life.  Ask Him for discernment.  Ask Him to equip you for this journey.  Ask Him to be your refuge.  You don’t need to wait until you “get right”.  Clear out the impurities with the Word of God, filling yourself with the Holy Spirit, and watch as, in due time, a new you emerges.

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Terron Nelson: 00:00 I’m doing good. Absolutely good.

Jake Enriquez: 00:02 OK, wonderful. Hey listen man, we all like to to um, get to know one another on a personal level. So just go ahead and introduce yourself now if you will, who you are and where you’re from.

Terron Nelson: 00:13 Absolutely. Man. My name is Terron Nelson. I go by “Brother Nelson” on social media. I am from Kansas City, Missouri, but I lived in several different states in Las Vegas. on and off 10 years. OK. And now I’m here live in Arizona too for a little bit. Uh, so bit of a nomad throughout the years.

Jake Enriquez: 00:40 All right, well brother, I know, uh, we met out on Prayer Mountain in Dallas, you know, when I’ve met you and I know you were out there doing some things and man, we gotta we struck up conversation, man, that’s just the way the Lord is and fellowshiping with one another. But man, you know, I greatly thank you for coming out, hanging out on the podcast today. I know that you have a, you began this journey with recovery, right? And a man. Tell us a little bit about this recovery journey that you’re speaking of and what is.

Terron Nelson: 01:10 Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. On social media a lot of the times, I might post some positive quotes. Something that is encouraging to keep you going through the day. Recovery is something that is is consistency and in order to have consistency you need something pumped into you or something, a reminder, revelation, all the time and I just. My, my I feel like in this season right now in my life is to encourage anybody going through any type of recovery in any form or fashion, whether it’s a recovering from divorce, a recovering from drugs, alcohol, whatever, or just the back slider that’s just thirsty for good word needs to come back the, you know, the “prodigal child”. So it’s just recovery in all types of forms and it’s a project that I’m working on. It involves a plethora of different things – poetry, spoken words, a hip hop, of course that’s, that’s my foundation. OK. And motivational speaking, Something to move and inspire others, right? Absolutely, absolutely. because I know when I was down, uh, that was something that I needed to hear on a consistent basis every day was some something. Yeah, I cause it can get so hard sometimes that you got to hear something to keep you going day by day. So I want to be that extra voice out there, a extra post or something that you see that encourages you. Absolutely to keep going, I want to be.

Jake Enriquez: 02:51 Hey brother, uh, here, here at press and reach. We like to keep people focused on the good news. There’s enough, uh, negativity, things that are going on all throughout, you know, society in this environment today. You’re right, you know, things can really bring you down. So I mean, I think it’s a good task, a good endeavor, a one that’s well-pleasing in fact to the Lord that you would go out and about and try to encourage and inspire others to do the same. But, you know, the scripture says, if faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, always maintaining that and keeping that at the forefront of your mind. But, so let me ask you this, what does it mean so much to you then?

Terron Nelson: 03:32 Because I have been one to have battled depression heavy all throughout my life. I mean, it could be absolutely nothing going on. Nothing bad. And then I have fought depression and it’s a, it’s a, it’s a quicksand or it can, you can sink. I mean, my grandmother, she died recently, uh, July second, 2017, she had passed. And the reason why she wasn’t, she really didn’t have health problems like that she was on oxygen, but she didn’t have like serious health problem. Um, and to me, I’m sorry, but to me, she died prematurely and I remember exactly when her health started to fail and it started all off of just depression. It’s a mental thing, is how her sickness prevailed. Uh, it was, it was all mental. It’s serious. People think that depression, is it just something, no it can actually cause health problems. Seriously, not just depression, but I done got myself in a lot of situations.

Terron Nelson: 04:38 Um, and just having to pick myself up from that. Yeah. When you know who you are in the inside and you’re trying to get that to get to it, so you’ve got layers to dig through it and then when you become it or get close to it, you know, people don’t know, you know more. But, but, uh, it is for those people too who seen themselves, who is in touch with themselves, but they got layers to dig through. Shares is keep digging, keep going, push.

Jake Enriquez: 05:05 I know that, you know, man, I do know you have a dream in your heart, man. I know. Understand that, you know, God does give us that. OK? So are you prepared though, brother, I gotta ask you this. Are you prepared as you press forward in this endeavor now? So you just touch base on that. You do know everybody’s not going with you, right? Yes sir. OK. So you know, everybody’s not going with you. And as a matter of fact, if in fact, and I know that you will, I should say, when you make an impact in the lives of others, uh, people that are going to probably speak bad about you, you do know that, right? Yes sir. OK. I’m just, I’m just checking you because that’s just part of the things that come with the territory, right? They really do. But you don’t get discouraged in that. You keep going the way that God has led you to go. And as you go in that I promise you, those things will unfold for you. So

Jake Enriquez: 05:59 this podcast really, you know, it’s all about walking out your faith. So I’m going to ask you these questions and I know that we can always have fun in it. But, uh, I know that, I know you are where you are right now and you’re encouraged to go do these things, right? But tell me about your childhood man. Where did you come from? How did you grow up?

Terron Nelson: 06:16 Absolutely. I started out in church. Don’t remember too much of it. Uh, when I was little. I mean, I was, I was little bitty, but I do remember starting off starting out in church. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. That environment out there where we lived. This was what, early nineties stuff. Uh, so we, we grew out, we, we, we grew up, uh, not, not in the projects, but we did grow up in the hood.

Terron Nelson: 06:44 Dude, our house was on cops plenty of times, but not because of us; it was because of the neighbors! Yeah. I witnessed that at a young, as a young child. I witnessed, um, shoot outs and things like that at an early age. A lot of the stuff that, that we see is situations going on right now and things like that. I, I grew up watching that like firsthand. Um, but at the same time I had a good life. I had a good life. My mother, we went, we ended up moving out. I probably was like six or seven a and we ended up moving out to the west. Uh, I lived in Arizona for a little bit. We stayed out with some friends of the family. I got to see different cultures and it was the first time that I actually experienced racism. I didn’t know what that was, but, you know, dealing with different coaches and different people.

Terron Nelson: 07:32 He is just say kid things, you know, kids, kids. But it was the first time for me to experience what’s being taught in different homes and stuff like that. And it’s an actual place in my heart when, when you, when I see these things later on in my life, you know, um, because I saw these things at such an early age and learn about these things. Um, luckily I, you know, I haven’t been in too many, too much drama. I put myself in a lot of drama as we, as we travel later down my life for sure. Yeah. Well, you know, I know I ended up going, I ended up living in Las Vegas, uh, on and off for ten years. Um, went to school out there, did the whole, you know, high school jock, the whole deal. And then about 15, 16 years old got home and boom, there it is – rebellion happens and my life begins. Then interesting stuff happens. Now I gotta ask you man, how old are you, brother? I’m 30.

Jake Enriquez: 08:35 30 years old, man, so young and so, I mean you’re so young. You got so much ahead of you and uh, so when I hear that and you growing up through that and experiencing different things, uh, but you know, coming up in your hometown or where you grew up as a youngster, you notice that things are different elsewhere. I just remind you, just reminded me of that. You know, you didn’t really experience racism until a afterwards a little bit, but you know, I think, you know, I’d have to ask why do you think that is? Is it because you were a really confined to certain environment or you know, restricted to a certain environment where you didn’t get to see much more or what was it to you?

Terron Nelson: 09:25 I’m pretty sure that the environment that I was in, I’m pretty sure they have their words about different cultures. Sure, sure. But I don’t know if I was exactly exposed to it, didn’t know what it was. And you know, it’s a very closed mind. Sure setting when you don’t experience much. Anything else, you know, honestly, you don’t really say too much about what you don’t know. Right.

Terron Nelson: 09:50 And uh, so I didn’t hear it much right. I don’t, I don’t believe I really heard it. If it was anything, you know, it wasn’t really around me as a young child and so we really just don’t, you know, we just kinda pay attention. Oh, I think it has to do with age too though, right? Yeah. A lot of it has to do with age .

Jake Enriquez: 10:12 A lot of this stuff is taught to us. Most of it. I mean, most, all of it’s taught to us, you know, but if you put down any Kiddos, and I always say this, it doesn’t matter the race. If you put down a bunch of one year olds, they want to play together. Two year olds, they want to play together. Nobody cares, nobody’s asking him what the race or anything they want to know, let’s share the toy or give me the toy. Nobody cares about that other stuff. It’s not until we get older that we get more and more exposed to it. Well, man, uh, I know that’s childhood. And uh, when you were a youngster, did you ever have that on your heart or in your mind, man, when one day I want to go and do this or I want to be the best at this, was ambition your drive or what was it to you?

Terron Nelson: 10:57 Man where I started to get inspired as a kid was listening to music, honestly, hearing these people’s stories. And so I think I was really, really inspired by hip hop at a young age and, and I started, I think I found like some old karaoke machine sitting in my closet somewhere and I’ll put that thing on and, and back when cassette tapes was, it was popping and pushed the record and would act like I’m a DJ or get on the mic. I liked my voice! I fell in love with my voice, so I would just get on there and just to hear my voice.

Jake Enriquez: 11:36 So, you know, just hearing you and listening to what you’re saying you had that, you had that desire even when you’re a youngster. Uh, you know, as a young kid, we have such a desire, sometimes we don’t even know the manifestation has really taken place. So even though, uh, your thoughts, your dreams, your desires, are those things that were coming to your mind as such a young age, you may have looked at them as, like you said, “I put the toys away and thought I lost that”, but no, it’s just coming to you in a different way because it’s time for a different thing. It’s a new season in your life. So as you go into your life right now, you’re stepping into that which already has been in the past. So already there, man, I tell you what we’re gonna do I think about that and I could just park there on that all day. But what we’re going to do is take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 12:28 Welcome back to press and reach. I’m hanging out with Terron Nelson, man, and uh, just hanging out and we’re just sitting here talking about the past, thinking about, uh, uh, the seeds that God plants inside the hearts of each and every one of us. And, you know, oftentimes people don’t really realize, but those dreams and desires, you know, they come from such a young age and as we continue to walk it out, God surely walks it out in us as we continue to move. So we’re to move in faithfulness, number one and faithfully move forward with the Lord. But let me ask you this question, man.

Jake Enriquez: 13:01 You know, uh, you know, we, we all, like we were talking about childhood and you talk about today as you have a desire to go and inspire and encourage and move people to an understanding, hey, that they’re not forgotten and that there’s plenty of good in them and they’re great. You know, they can go do these things, you know, but what about a time for you that was really rough? Because, uh, you know, there’s always a time for us somewhere that we come to the realization that man, God really is real in our faith is really strengthened, it’s increased and He really enlightens us in some way or another. What could you share about that right there?

Terron Nelson: 13:43 Since we were talking about my grandmother, I’m, I’m gonna, kind of keep it on my grandmother. [Sure, go ahead.] My Grandmother, she passed last year. Um, it was a challenge a little bit before that her health was failing and her husband wasn’t taking care of her at all. Son, family members, stole her money, her life savings and all this stuff that it would take for her health to, for her to get some assistance with her health. Yeah. That was hurtful, hurtful. That was. I was really down about that and couldn’t believe that. I get the call. I get a call from my mother and she is really upset; she’s upset at her brother and you know, she’s upset at, you know, other kinfolks that, you know, kind of had that was in the middle of this or whatever, this scandal that they did with my grandmother. Um, and uh, I got a call from her and I was ready to go down there and get with it, you know, to get out there and get with it in any way.

Terron Nelson: 15:01 To make the long story short, she ended up passing but a little bit before she passed. Um, you know, I did have a fit. I was ready to go down there and God stopped me in my tracks right then and there was like, um, who are you? I had an outer body experience and was in this hotel room. I just went and looked in the hallway. It was just dark. It was shadows. What is going on? I come back, I’m like, all right, whatever. I’d go back to sleep. I get up again, I try to turn the lights on or nothing happens. I’ll go outside, open the doors and others there, come back inside. I’m like, what is going on? And I’m like, tripping out. I go to bed, go to sleep. I get up to turn the lights on. No, nothing’s happening. Go outside, open the door. Shadows. No one’s there. Can’t respond. Come back, same cycle. This has happened to have the habit, repetitive, repetitive cycles.

Terron Nelson: 16:20 so this is happening and happening and happening. And then in the middle of it, I’m like, why is this happening? In my head, I thought the thought came like, you gotta forgive your uncle, you gotta forgive the people in this room. Then I heard the knocking on the door, who is about to pick me up? Like I knew immediately I was about to get picked up and taken somewhere else. And it was nobody safe out on the outside in the hallway was nobody’s safe; it was a horrible feeling. So I, I got on, I got on my knees in there and I was like, Lord, forgive me, I’m sorry. I apologize. Forgive me, you know. OK.

Terron Nelson: 17:06 And so it happens again. Same cycle for like four or five more times. And uh, and then finally I get pulled out of that and uh, I wake up immediately and I got down on my knees and I just, I started praying and asking for forgiveness. It was where He corrected me, but it was where His discipline also pulled me up. That correction pulled me up and I was able to deal. That was a very hard time for me. That was just, me and my grandmother was really, really close, extremely close. She didn’t want to say it, but I was her favorite, you know, out of all her grandkids. [All right, I understand, I understand.] It takes strength to let go. Letting go is so important for your life and letting go is extremely important. Holding onto things is just not. Not forgiving somebody and thinking that you’re going to pay somebody back by holding onto a grudge.

Terron Nelson: 18:10 You are just putting weight on your, on your, on your shoulders. You are putting blocks and boulders in your path. You’ve got to let go. If you plan on doing anything in your life, you plan on doing, you plan on going forward in general, there’s a lot of things to let go. Earlier you just told me that everybody cannot make it with you in this journey. It’s something with letting go. When a rocket ship goes up, there’s things that it’s attached to it at first on the ground, but the higher it goes up it has to – there’s things that have to depart. You have to let go and any form of fashion of things that can hold you down. Some of it’s hard. Some of it’s easy, but you gotta be able to let things go. Let things go. And forgiveness is one of the biggest.

Terron Nelson: 19:04 That’s what, that’s all it is, is it’s just letting go. You cannot let a person control your life and they don’t even know it. You. Why are you giving them the authority? You cannot give them that authority. So anyway, I was able to be able to look at these cats while I was speaking at my grandmother’s funeral and yes, I was up there choking. It wasn’t this great, phenomenal speech. I wish it was. But I was able to look in front of them and be able to do it and, and, and honestly and do it with love, you know, and they didn’t control my actions. I think strength, it takes strength to let go. It sounds different because you know, usually you grabbing on to something and you hold it. You pictured that as strength. When you’re lifting weights, you got a grip on whatever – tighten, pull, and push. You know, you picture those things as strength, but in this arena, letting go is a strength. You absolutely. Yeah,

Jake Enriquez: 20:07 no doubt man. I mean, I think about what you’re saying, forgiveness and how it absolutely isolates us. It absolutely just takes control of us and you know, we like to say that, you know, uh, imprisoned is really what it puts us in were imprisoned and don’t even know it, you know, at the time. Yeah, that’s bad. I mean, it’s hurtful, but you know, you’re right, when you expressed that earlier because whoever you don’t forgive, whoever is um, in your mind or in your heart with those things, you’re absolutely right – they don’t know that. They go on about their business, like whatever, you know, they didn’t care first place anyway. So if that, if that harbors you or, uh, I should say just hampers you from going forward. And it does, we know that it does, uh, you know, that sounds like to me what the Lord was showing you in those, in a vision, so to speak, because it’s lonely there, it’s lonely there, it’s dark there, it looks hopeless there.

Jake Enriquez: 21:05 And the only one you’re mad at, is us. You know, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re at war with ourselves with this, right? So with that being said, you know, you talking about forgiveness and you’re talking about the discipline of and walking forward and knowing what to do, you find yourself at times still struggling in that?

Terron Nelson: 21:27 Absolutely it’s nothing easy. It’s not easy at all. Um, but I can tell you what is easy – letting go is, is the hardest, easiest thing you could do in your life. It’s hard because you’ve got to get over yourself. That’s the hard part. That’s the only hard part about it. You are the hump in the road. You got to get over yourself. It’s you that is the hard part. But, but letting it go is so easy and it’s just, you feel better and lighter, ready to do what you gotta do. It’s very easy to give it to God. It really is, but the hard part is dealing with you when it’s not, it’s never them – it’s all you.

Jake Enriquez: 22:11 Yeah, absolutely. And God allows us to go through there because, you know, honestly, He allows us to be tested. He allows us to be stretched. And the reason for that, by the way, is that we would learn to rely solely on Him because if, uh, you know, the Word says, a man who trusts in his own flesh is cursed, but blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, you know, so when we’re trusting in us, we can do this, we can resolve this matter out of anger. Whatever. Well man, Hey, you know, pride comes before the fall. And it will come. It will come. So that’s good, man. So along the way I think about character traits and character traits are always developed in us. You know, we sometimes don’t even recognize them, but what would you say has been a character trait that has been developed in you that just has absolutely helped you along the way?

Terron Nelson: 23:00 I don’t know if this is exactly the answer, but consistency. Consistency has, the reason why, because I was not consistent in all starting this thing off. Um, and it’s still something that is… discipline is a better, is what I want, that’s better. It’s hand in hand. Self development is good. It’s been exciting to go from one type of person and evolve, and watch yourself, you know, change, and challenge yourself every day is actually very exciting. Um, the journey is good.

Jake Enriquez: 23:41 Yeah man, He says, Hey, any man in Christ is a new creation. The old has passed, behold the new is come. [That’s right.] So that’s what you’re talking about, experiencing. You get to experience God and those things as He moves you through it.

Jake Enriquez: 23:53 So yeah, man, I totally agree. Discipline, consistency – we all need it. You know, and I know you’ve probably heard it the saying, you know, winning is habit and unfortunately so is losing. That’s so, so when we don’t get up and do what we’re supposed to do, we just get the same old thing. But in order to win in these things, you got to get up and do those things you’re called to do even when you don’t feel like doing it. So there’s the discipline and consistency that goes along with it. But, you know, we, we find that, uh, the same readers are leaders to be true. Uh, you know, I love, I love, uh, getting off in some of these books out here, man, I do because I, you know, when you read, you get to find out and you get to, uh, partake in other people’s thoughts, other people’s ideas. Think about that. They put them on paper, you know, and they shared it. And I love doing that. I mean, the word of God is my favorite of course. But as we move forward, God also allows us to see it in others. And sometimes it’s just in these books, man. So do you have a book that you would recommend to the, to the listeners and why?

Terron Nelson: 24:57 The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, I might be old on this and everybody done already read this, but this book is phenomenal. I’m still in the middle of it, but aye yaye yaye! It talks about agreement, mastermind, when two or three coming agreement there He is in the midst. But it doesn’t say that, and I love books like that, that doesn’t, that, that, that is clearly scripture. It’s clearly, it’s clearly scripture, you know, the author is, is Christian based, but it’s just speaking the language of the world, but at the same time it’s all Christian. [Yeah. He’s bringing you back to it.] Which makes me, another book is that I’m still in the middle of as well, so we can read it together. It is Instinct, um, by Bishop Jakes. That’s a good book. It’s the same type of thing. Clearly he’s talking about the Holy Spirit and how to get direction, like how that is the compass to your purpose and direction towards your purpose.

Terron Nelson: 25:58 But of course he manipulates it into the corporate world and it sounds like a business book. And the last one, the last book that I’m excited about is Billy Brooks. Billy Avs Brooks was an old Caucasian rapper, yeah, back in the day, named White Dog. I got to say it, it is funny, but um, that’s funny to me. I just found that out. I actually heard him, um, on, uh, on YouTube, screaming and yelling and it woke me up like “what?!” and he came after Les Brown, and Bishop Jakes, it’s one of those mixed motivational things. And then I heard Billy Brooks and I got his book. It’s called Blessed and Unstoppable. It is a daily devotional. Um, just keys to just, and it’s all Christian based in scripture. It has, it makes you write down stuff like, you know, challenges in your life, ten different things that you would do that would change. It actually is like a guide. It’s an actual study guide and devotional throughout your day. It walks you all the way through it, so it’s just really, really good. And those are the three books that I recommend.

Jake Enriquez: 27:16 Absolutely. Hey, we’ll, we’ll definitely put that on the, on the show notes, man. So let me ask you this man. How can the listeners reach out to you? Are you on Facebook, you have a Facebook page or Instagram? What, what is it your best way to reach out to you?

Terron Nelson: 27:35 Absolutely. My Facebook is um, Terron Nelson. My Name t e r r o n last name Nelson. Um, and my Instagram is Lead in Submission lead in submission. OK, you are you on twitter? I’m not on twitter. OK. Uh, I will. My, my, my, my stuff will grow. Right now I got like a Web site under construction. It will grow. But if you follow me on those two platforms then you will definitely, you’ll, you’ll see everything growing rather.

Jake Enriquez: 27:35 What about Snapchat? Are you out there snapping and all that?

Terron Nelson: 28:14 I did have a Snapchat, but my Snapchat is gone now you guys. But if I decide to put it back on there, uh, you will find out.

Jake Enriquez: 28:18 That’s great. That’s all right man. You know, we try to keep up with all this stuff man, but you know, they just keep coming out with more stuff. But. So let me ask you this man. Let’s just a final word of encouragement. If you, um, let’s just say it’s one of the listeners or somebody you know, going through a hard time and they’re going through a hard time with maybe their walk and faith. Maybe they’re struggling and believing in themselves. What would be your final word of encouragement to them?

Terron Nelson: 28:47 You know, make sure that you’re filling your mind with positivity that’s very, very important. You gotta, you gotta fill your mind up with positivity. Purge out all the impurities of this world. I know that the, the, the, uh, the impurities of this world sometimes seems louder, but, um, you just gotta change the frequency. You got to change the frequency. It’s easy to…He’s out there and He’s been trying to speak to you. Um, you just gotta you gotta switch your frequency up, uh, and tune into another channel and uh, so, so try to pour and fill the womb of your mind with, with nothing but positivity and things that will, um, things that is of Him. Fruits of the Spirit, and ask God for discerning. Ask God to equip you on this journey. Ask Him for, to, to, to be uh, uh, your refuge and walk it out, just walking it. Don’t be afraid. You ain’t gotta be a certain type of way or this, that, and a third. There are a lot of people wait until the, “I’m just gonna get all the way right. I’mma get all the way right.” You ain’t gotta do that. I am, I, I am nowhere near that. And God has put in me, has placed me in some places that I couldn’t even have imagined. And I’m like, wow, little old me, you know? Um, so just, just, just walk it out. Um, and that’s what I mean by staying encouraged. You hear most people say “stay encouraged” and be like “how?” That’s how you stay encouraged. You continue to feed your mind. It’s a task. It’s maintenance, is what you’re doing, but you got to feed your mind and you got to cleanse out all the impurities with positivity. You have to, you have to with Word, with fruits of the spirit. God, you got to fill your mind constantly. This is, this is council and this is feeding your soul. And if you put these, this good seed into the womb of your mind, if you put this good seed into the womb of your mind, you will birth, be birthed into a new person in, in, in, in due time.

Jake Enriquez: 31:08 Amen, amen. And you know, you say, you know, I don’t want to sound cliché and it’s not, it’s not. It really isn’t, man. Um, what we think about is, you know, I think about it, what you said makes me think about Romans eight, I think it’s 38 and 39. I’ll just read it to you. “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, and any of that he says, nor things present or things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is Christ Jesus, Our Lord.” So all those that you were summing up really comes back to that. And it is the word of God, man it is living and well. [Yes, sir, absolutely.] So brother Terron, hey man, I’ll tell you like we tell our brothers and sisters who come on here to share, brother, we love you. We thank God for you. We encourage you now to keep going along the way and and go with what God has given you in your heart, man, as you go from here. All right? [Yes,sir.] Thank you so much again, man. Appreciate you.


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