How to Find 36,500 Prospects for Your Business Starting Today

Have you ever wondered how some businesses are thriving without a website or if they have a website, they are nowhere to be found on the internet or their site just looks horrible?

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Prospecting for Business

You work hard on your sales prospecting techniques, which mainly consists of building the perfect website or hiring the solicitors promising you page one rankings on Google that you never get. You listen to the internet experts and you may even end up buying courses and yet Johnny the Plumber down the road is killing it with no website at all. You are left scratching your head – how is he doing it? The answer lies in what worked before the internet. We are going to revisit sales prospecting ideas from the past that still produces millionaires today.

Some of you may have no clue of what I’m talking about and some of you do. If you think this type of lead generation does not work for you, you are correct, it will not work for you. You must have the right mindset for this to work and the only thing required is a sincere attitude. “Whatever you believe, with conviction, becomes your reality, whether or not it is true or false.” – Brian Tracey

The year is 2017 and many businesses use automation in their marketing. Their sales prospecting tools consist of lead generation software as well as call blasting and any other marketing techniques that will take them out of the loop and automate the process of acquiring business leads. There is nothing wrong with this and actually it does work great, however to maximize the potential of this marketing, you need a team to handle all aspects and because of this it usually takes a healthy marketing budget, month after month.

Is automation right for you? You see this technique used all the time. Aren’t you happy when you call the bank, insurance company, utility company or any company that uses the phone automation service? “Please listen to your options…” wait for the option you are looking for and so on and so on. Yes, I want to spend half my day getting the runaround on the phone trying to conduct business with them………….. No – I don’t! Although automation can be beneficial to your business, be careful on how you utilize this technique. It seems like everyone wants someone to pick up the phone when they call and yet we seem to be too busy to answer our own phones, letting them go to voicemail instead. Think about it, how would you like to be prospected by an auto dialer recording? Remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.

Because of the internet and automation, people have taken the people factor out of the equation in their lead generating marketing. Of course the internet is great for your business however, remember it is actual live people using this internet. We spend so much time and money on the internet that we fail to go out and socialize. For the most part, people on the internet do not know who you are, so they perform a search and rely on the internet to tell them all about you. What are they finding out about you?

Now imagine you had leads from the internet that know who you are, your reputation, your excellent products and or services and you do not even have a website, how can this be? You get phone calls from qualified leads that turn into sales immediately and all you have is a truck with a sign and you can barely see the phone number. Does this actually happen? Yes it does.

How many times have you asked a person you trust, “Do you know of a good ______”, you fill in the blank with plumber, carpenter, doctor, lawyer, accountant or whatever. People still want someone they can trust and they would rather use a referral from a trusted source than play the roulette internet game. Referrals produce qualified leads and the conversion rate is high. Some time ago, I had a water leak in my front yard coming from the main city water line. I asked a friend of mine the question above and I used his referral. This plumber shows up in a truck with the sign you can barely see his phone number. In short, not only was he a great plumber, he was a man of honesty, integrity, great work ethics, he was humble – he was a man of faith. This plumber shared some of his stories with me, what he overcame to get to where he is today. He has no website nor does he want one. I asked him where he gets his leads and he asked me one question, “how did you find out about me?” I told him from a friend of mine and he answered, “that’s how”. He literally has enough leads from referrals to keep him busy year round, he has a huge network and at times has to turn down some jobs. He does not want to grow his company any bigger. He told me, “At the end of the day I just want to earn an honest days pay for an honest days work and go home”.

This is not just a one off chance story. I ride a motorcycle, had to change my tire out. I end up buying a tire at a good price at this motorcycle store, not shop. I asked the owner if he knew of someone that would come to my house and change my tire, it was flat and could not drive it anywhere. He recommended a person and pretty much the same story, the majority of work this guy does is from referrals. He also informed me that he stays busy the entire year.

So how did these guys build up their clientele? Well, their sales prospecting, consists first and foremost with the ability to interact with people. Add in their high quality workmanship with very reasonable prices and they get instant referrals. This does take some work in the beginning, especially if you are just starting out your business but if you possess the above traits, you should be on your way very quickly to building up your clientele.

Now, lets see how we can prospect for business leads without the internet. Have you ever heard of the saying, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”? See if you can do the following. List all the people you know, now list their occupation. Now list all the people you do not know but may see often, this would include people at church, school functions with other parents, maybe sport functions, classes you may be taking and so on – now list their occupation.

How many people know what it is you do? This is not about being a pushy salesman to generate leads, rather being a sincere person engaging with others. The person you introduce yourself to may have the solution to a problem you have but you would not have ever known if you did not speak up. This technique works for the benefit of all involved. We all interact with people on a daily basis but how many of us take advantage of these opportunities to help each other out in our businesses?

Now let’s go over how we do this in our everyday lives. The great thing about this prospecting technique is that you already have something in common to start a conversation. Wherever you are, you are there for a reason and more than likely the other person is there for the same reason. You already have common ground. At a sports game, more than likely you are sitting next to a person that is on the same side as you. PTA, you kids go to the same school. Library – books. Taking classes – same subject. At the gym – fitness. Wedding – bride or groom. Wherever you are, just ask yourself, “why am I here?” and the person next or close to you is probably there for the same reason.

Start the conversation with an open ended question about the subject on the reason you are there. An open ended question forces them to give an answer other than yes or no. This creates conversation so be sincere, make the most of the interaction time you have. After you have a bit of conversation and if you have not done so by now, introduce yourself by name and ask them theirs. Ask them something relevant to the environment setting you are both in and then ask them what they do. We all have pros and cons in what we do, focus on the pros of what they do and let them know it – but only if you know them. Otherwise, if you don’t know what it is they do when they tell you, ask them – “so what exactly is that”. Prospecting does not have to be a job, it can and should be enjoyable. People love to talk about themselves and they love compliments – remember that. If you get the person comfortable in a situation, they will ask you about what it is you do. Let them know and give them your card at this time. If applicable, don’t forget to ask them for their card. You may not need it now but may need it in the future.

This same process works on the phone without ever meeting them in person. When we started investing in real estate, we were and still are buying houses with cash. When we bought these houses, we would then renovate them and resell. During this time frame, we purchased homeowners insurance. We created a relationship with our insurance broker and informed her of what we were doing. When we were about to purchase a house, I would call her for a quote on insurance, talk to her a bit and always ended up asking her if she knew of anyone wanting to sell their house. Little over a year, she brought us a qualified lead and we bought the house. So, don’t forget to engage in conversation on the phone as well. If you get a sales call, someone trying to sell to you, sell to them – those are the easiest kinds because they are not calling you to establish a relationship, they are calling you to sell, so sell back to them, practice your new prospecting ideas on them.

Earlier I mentioned that some of these guys get leads from the internet without having a website. Let me run you through a scenario. It starts at the gas pump, you notice the guy pumping gas next to you is wearing a Dallas Cowboys cap. You engage in a conversation about the Cowboys winning their 6th Super Bowl Title this year. You find out that he is a custom furniture builder. He shows you some photos of his work he has in his van because he has no website. You like and get a quote from him to build you an entertainment center for your new big screen TV. He builds it for you and it’s great quality work and you can’t beat the price. You pay him, he is happy, you are happy. The following week, you are on facebook, someone in your local area is inquiring if they know anyone who builds custom furniture. You reply to his post with his information. The OP calls and hires the furniture guy, again everyone is happy and the process has potential to happen again. This is how you get leads from the internet without ever having a website.

The above process is hard to see but it happens all the time without us even knowing it. Someone will make a post, “thinking about buying a new phone, should I get the new Iphone or the new Galaxy?” Immediately, posts start coming in – Iphone, Iphone, Galaxy – do you see what is happening here? We just became salesman for the Iphone and Galaxy and we are not even getting paid. Why do we do this, because if we are happy with the product or service we use, we want others that are looking to use that same product or service to make the same choice we did. We, without knowing it, want to be the reason they made a good choice. Something to keep in mind, the internet is a double edged sword. If you provide a substandard product or service, this too will go out on the internet. Make things right with your customers at all times.

Whether through referrals in person or through the internet, it all starts with engaging with others and letting them know what you do and knowing what they do. “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar. I know some of you may still be thinking, where do I start and where am I going to find 36,500 prospects. We already covered a few places but here is a list to get you thinking and remember, you already have common ground. Church socials, bible studies, ministries, volunteer activities, fundraisers, city fairs, festivals, trade shows, convenience store, grocery store, restaurants, gas station, sports, classes, your kids activities, PTA’s, waiting in line for events, movies, games, golfing, bowling, hunting, fishing, your hobbies – the list is as endless as you make it. These days you can now add meetups created by the internet, meet real people in person. Get out and let people know what it is you do, generate sales leads by first prospecting for leads.

In conclusion and from the above actionable tasks, can you talk to at least 5 people, that you do not know, today? This may seem easy and it is, so the better question should be, will you talk to these 5 unknown people today? If you did this every day, you would end up talking to 1,825 prospects in a year. If each one of those prospects just told one other person about you or your product or service, you would end up with 3,650 prospects for the same year. You are using the power of leveraging other people. If this went on for 10 years, you end up with up to 36,500 prospects and remember, you did not use your marketing dollars for this type of sales prospecting technique. “Successful people are simply those with successful habits” – Brian Tracey. Start creating your successful habits today. Start with us, let us know what it is you do here in the comments section. Give us your feedback and share your sales prospecting ideas below as well. Always feel free to share this blog. Thanks for your valuable time and God Bless.

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