024: Living Beyond Devastation with Regina Thompson

We all get hit in life with some pretty devastating news.  The circumstances, and how we deal with them, are different for everyone.  Today’s guest is driven.  She’s an overcomer.  She’s a sister in Christ.  She’s Mom to two terrific children, the living legacy of her and her late husband.  Like others we seek to reach with this podcast, she’s unashamed to tell you that she lives her life for God.   Join us as Ms. Regina Thompson shares how there is nothing too hard for God!

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Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneur

Regina has been enjoying the journey of real estate investing, where she is loving the opportunity to learn, and evolve, and grow.  She’s taking the knowledge she is gaining in that field and is in the process of building a ministry through it.  She received the vision for this just a couple of years into her sudden widowhood, when a gentleman came along and tried to sweep her off her feet.  He took her to a 12,000 square foot mansion in an upscale neighborhood of Dallas.  Although his efforts did not succeed, that outing gave birth to a vision for Regina.  In that big, empty house, she saw rooms and rooms that could house families.  The objective of The Widows’ Mansion is to support both widows and widowers, especially reaching out to those who were financially unprepared for the loss of their spouse.  Her concept is to house them following loss, so that they don’t have to worry about immediate needs in the “what’s next?” phase of their grieving.

Faith Amid Devastation

Five years ago, Regina’s life was forever changed.  Her husband, while training for the half Iron Man Triathlon, drowned in the race lake.  For the 36 hours that he was missing, Regina believed in God for a miracle.  At the time, their daughter was 4 and a half, and their son only 15 months old.  Life had already given her plenty of opportunities to prepare for her husband’s sudden death.  She lost her dear mother, also unexpectedly, just four days after the birth of her first child.  That loss left her angry, but God still used that as part of the process of learning how to press into Him in those times.  So, when the news came that her husband was gone, her initial response astounded all those around her.  She said, “Let’s worship.”  Like King David after the death of his son, Regina recognized that this was not the time for prayer.  Prayer took place in the 36 hours prior.  Now was the time for worship – to get her into the presence of the only One who could keep her.

From Surviving to Thriving

Any loss is difficult to deal with.  While she continues to adjust to life as a family of three, she intentionally pours into her children the importance of faith, and what it looks like to walk it out in the real world.  In her own words, losing her husband was both the most devastating and also the best thing that has happened to her.  Through her loss, she has developed into a person who is much more honorable to the blessings of life, who sees how precious the gift of a new day really is.  Her loss has developed her into a woman who is willing to take her misery and turn it into a ministry for others.  Her heart is in helping others work their way through their own devastation, be it the loss of a spouse, loss of a career, or loss of opportunity.  Devastation is devastation, and it looks different for everyone.  No matter the circumstance, moving from surviving to thriving starts with leaning into your faith.

No matter where God leads, Regina remains true to her “why”.  In order to see the blessing of God, we have to move in the direction He is leading.  Her message to others is that NOTHING is impossible or too hard for God.  As she herself can testify, could it be possible that you are where you are for the purpose of developing something new?


Prayers That Avail Much, by Germaine Copeland

God@Work:Discovering the Anointing for Business, by Rich Marshall

Instagram: msreginadiann

For A Complete Transcript of this Episode - Click Here

Jake Enriquez: 00:20 Welcome back to person reach my name is Jake Enriquez your host.

Jake Enriquez: 00:24 And what a joy and delight it is in this beautiful morning to have a special guest with us.

Jake Enriquez: 00:30 She just so happens to be a friend and a sister in Christ. I absolutely know her in that and I’ve asked her to come on and share her story today and she’s agreed and I got to tell you we shall be blessed in this morning from her and thank God for her. So hang on because I know that she’s driven. I know that she’s an overcomer. But the one thing that comes to mind and describing her is that she is absolutely unashamed to tell you that she lives her life for God. So would you please welcome my good friend Miss Regina Thompson. All right good morning Regina How are you doing today.

Regina Thompso: 01:05 I’m fantastic. Good morning. Good morning. So good to have you here. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Thank you for coming and hanging out with us today. You

Regina Thompso: 01:12 know I know because we’re friends you know. I know a little bit about your story but I wanted you to come on here and share and I greatly appreciate the fact that you would do that because I know the sacrifice involved in it. But before we go any further just tell us a little bit about. I do know that you have begun the work on the widow’s mansion foundation right. Yes. And tell us a little bit about what that might be about.

Regina Thompso: 01:40 So widow’s mansion foundation is basically a organization that supports widows and widowers and the objective is to house widows that did not have protection meaning they didn’t have any type of life insurance or if they did maybe they didn’t have very much that you know when you lose a loved one your first thing is all what next. What do I do next. So I know what it meant to have a two to three year time period where I didn’t have to worry about you know what was that happened to me what was going to happen to my children. So as a real estate investor I came up with the concept to house widows and widowers so they didn’t have to worry about that.

Jake Enriquez: 02:22 OK. All right. And you said you’re a real estate investor. Yes

Jake Enriquez: 02:26 . OK. And I want to know what I’d like to say that. There you go entrepreneur. Yes.

Regina Thompso: 02:30 Because as a real estate investor I should ask how long have you been invested in real estate for about 18 months for 18 months. How’s that been the journey there.

Regina Thompso: 02:41 It’s just that it’s a journey and it’s one that I’m enjoying because I love to learn and I love to evolve and grow. And when you start something like that you start to find your niche what you like and what you don’t like what you got to prefer. And so I’m beginning to find my niche in things. I like it. What I don’t like and what I have interest in and you’ll start getting visions of different ways to see different things. Absolutely

Regina Thompso: 03:04 yeah. The real world monopoly I like to call it.

Jake Enriquez: 03:07 I know I know well I tell you what you know me my brother we’ve actually been investing in real estate for about 10 years. Awesome. And you know there’s always so much what you’re talking about right there the niche of this and that whatever it might be. There’s so many different ways you can go with Real Estate Investing. But yeah I think you know one of the best parts about it for me has been the people. Yes. And what they need or what actually what they lead me to. Honestly you know because I’m always amazed that when you get to sit down and share life with somebody you like in their house.

Jake Enriquez: 03:43 I love those stories. I could stay all day long but just being able to converse with them there are so many different things that happen. But yeah you’re right. The niches that come up and in so many different things you can pursue. But what got you started I should ask with the widow’s mansion foundation as well as real estate kind of tied together. OK so here is the story there is there is a story to where the name came from.

Regina Thompso: 04:09 You know I am a widow and about somewhere two to three years within that widow hood. And in my grief process there was a gentleman that came to tried to sweep me off my feet. OK. And so I remember him taking me over to this. Twelve thousand square foot mansion in Preston Hollow and he was like hey you want this house I’ll take it off the market. This could be our house and the house was twelve thousand square feet. And so I’m walking and the only thing I could see is what we could do with the House. And it was that’s where the vision for the Widows Mansion came from I was like how I only need a piece of this. There’s a whole wing over here with all these rooms and all I saw was a place to house families.

Regina Thompso: 04:55 That’s what I saw. So that’s where the mansion the Widows Mansion came from. Yeah that’s pretty neat. He was trying to sweep your feet? I and that’s not the type of thing that enticed me because when you go through a tragedy like I do material things it didn’t have the same meaning. Right it means nothing. Sure. Sure. So that was the wrong hook to try to sweep me off my feet. You did birth vision at birth is such purpose. It did. And in terms of what.

Regina Thompso: 05:25 Why did I turn into real estate investing. I wanted to create passive income. OK.

Regina Thompso: 05:32 I knew I had been blessed with a little bit of cash and I knew that if I didn’t do something like go get a real job or create a job that I may have to step out and I would maybe have at times my kids my kids were really young and I didn’t want to go to a regular 9 to 5 or a salaried job. I’ve always been entrepreneurial minded so and I wanted to create something that was left that was more legacy. Right. So something that I could pass on to my children. So I went and found some people to teach me how to do it.

Jake Enriquez: 06:05 OK. All right. Well you said you’ve always been you know with an entrepreneur mindset right. Yes I remember. Weren’t you a trainer is that right. Yes.

Regina Thompso: 06:15 And how did that go for you that extremely well. As a matter of fact I left my corporate career as an engineer. My degree is an electrical engineer so I actually moved to Texas with IBM in Texas Instruments and after 9/11 I say you know what I don’t want to get to the end of my life. Say I wonder if I would have could have should.

Regina Thompso: 06:34 And I tell the dean of my college that I was going to leave corporate and he was like and I told him what I wanted to do on fitness and he said Are you sure the industry will be able to be competitive with your salary and that’s all I need is a challenge like that. And I told him to watch me. Yeah.

Regina Thompso: 06:50 And that was at the very first wantons at the very first venture you took or that was the first probably solo venture. Yes. Yes it was.

Jake Enriquez: 07:00 Well I tell you what I always like folks to go out there and do their thing because I mean I believe I really do believe people can go in and press through and do these things and I know that they bring a lot of value. Absolutely

Jake Enriquez: 07:13 . I remember having a conversation and I won’t you know name names or anything but somebody told me you know you you just think that way.

Jake Enriquez: 07:22 You know like an entrepreneurial mindset and I said hey listen if guys if we didn’t have guys like us thinking that way you wouldn’t have a job to go to this year because there’s different folks different strokes everybody does their own thing and you know I don’t take away from those guys that way but I love doing the things that we get to do. Absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 07:42 Well you know this show you know the podcast is all about you know lifting people up in faith and encouraging others along the way. I mean it’s good to see you doing the things that you get to go do but share something if you would about like coming up as a youngster you know as a kiddo. I mean how was it for you. Life I mean was it.

Jake Enriquez: 08:02 Did you always come up in the faith were you always that or kind of a walk. What was it.

Regina Thompso: 08:07 You know I guess I have to say I did my parents. They both worked and they work jobs and I just remember every Sunday they would take me to my grandmother’s and my grandmother would take me to church every Sunday. And I just remember I would get on what we call a panel and ask the person that would come up and give a summary of the class. And I received Christ and was baptized at the age of seven so I guess in that sense I have grown up in the Baptist church. And then you know we weren’t. Financially.

Regina Thompso: 08:40 You know financially off my parents when they got a divorce and I was you know the product of a single family home and I watched my mom struggle and so when I became old enough to work I stopped going to church.

Regina Thompso: 08:52 But I was send my money to a church that was in a time the church but I wasn’t I was going to make money. So you know that’s kind of my. My background. OK.

Jake Enriquez: 09:02 So you watched your mom struggle through there as a single parent. And then when you left you kind of just said you’re going to go do your own thing. And then I got to ask you though because you know I’m asking right now because you know I’ve got kids. Yes. What age do you think that was. When you said you know it was at 15.

Regina Thompso: 09:22 OK. My first job as soon as I was old enough to work I did my first job was at Crystal’s burgers Kristal’s burger and every I mean I keep a job because I didn’t want to be broke.

Regina Thompso: 09:34 And I saw lights get turned off and I saw the stress on my mom and you do that I wasn’t going to do that.

Regina Thompso: 09:41 And then I remember I was probably somewhere between 15 between 16 and 17. I’m a family member member made a statement. My maiden name is Perkins he said man.

Regina Thompso: 09:55 I’m a Perkins We always been broke and we always gonna be broke.

Regina Thompso: 10:00 And I just remember saying thats a lie and that’s all I remember and I just remember even as a teenager there’s got to be something more than what I see.

Regina Thompso: 10:10 Yes. You know I knew there were. I had seen it on TV. All I knew was that there was a different opportunity there had to be more there had to be more to life it had to be a better way.

Jake Enriquez: 10:19 And what I came up a man like let’s say what we’re going to do guys we’re going to take a quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 11:40 Our guys welcome back. Thank you for coming back. We’re hanging out with Miss Regina Thompson and just kind of going over life in general How’s that and talking about it coming up and sharing some good things and we greatly appreciate you again once again coming out and hanging out with us. You know Regina all throughout time and all throughout life for each and every one of us out here.

Jake Enriquez: 12:01 You know we run into certain situations that you know that are life changing. Absolutely life changing for each and every one of us. And it is a time that we have to rely and count on faith and these times are hard sometimes hard to share. But what God does with it and blesses us through it definitely we know that it has an impact on others. Can

Jake Enriquez: 12:21 you think of a time that your faith was absolutely strengthened.

Regina Thompso: 12:26 Show me. Absolutely. Probably the cherry on the top would be you know pretty much the sudden tragic loss to my husband five years ago. That by far.

Jake Enriquez: 12:38 OK. And when that occurred when that happened you know as we’re touching you know on a personal level I know I know it had to be so sudden and you know out of the blue type of thing very much so. And you know you and your husband had plans. Yes. Different things going on so tell me how that kind of changed life for you in you know the best way that you could possibly describe because you know for us you know for myself Regina I’m just going to say for myself I couldn’t even imagine it. Mm hmm. So whatever you can share for us and going through that time we just greatly appreciate whatever you want to hear.

Regina Thompso: 13:17 So I like to describe you know the sudden tragic loss of my husband as if you were driving down the interstate you know folk is paying attention to the road. Great conversation. It’s a beautiful day the sun is shining. And then all of a sudden you get t boned and your car is spinning around and you’re discombobulated. That is what it felt like. And as a matter of fact he was missing for about 36 hours. He had drowned. He was missing for about 36 hours. And during that time I was believe in God for a miracle the entire time. And I never it never crossed my mind that he was actually in the lake when it was suggested. I’m like he’s not there. And the first time divers went in I said I told you I’m there and now. So like you say you have hopes you have dreams you have.

Regina Thompso: 14:17 My son was 15 months my daughter was four and a half. We had just completed our family. Yeah. My husband was exceptionally healthy. I was trying to figure how I was going to keep up with him. He was nine years older than me. So yeah. Incredible.

Jake Enriquez: 14:32 You know I think about that time I can recall and share some of those moments I remember I used to see him at the gym and he was an encouragement to me as well.

Jake Enriquez: 14:44 I think that we both struggled with swimming by the way we did each other but you know what a great guy he really was greatly appreciated.

Jake Enriquez: 14:52 But during that time and you said you know you said he wasn’t there he wasn’t you you couldn’t see that as something that happened. How do you reach How do we reach. I should say in a time like that for the inner peace that God promises that peace that surpasses all understanding. How do we get there.

Regina Thompso: 15:13 You know I have to be completely honest. I’ve had a lifetime of situations and circumstances when I look back at how I chose to process and I say I chose to process my husband’s death this way because it is a choice.

Regina Thompso: 15:32 You know I had plenty of opportunities to prepare. So I’ll tell you how I responded when I did find out about my husband and then I’ll back up two years ago generations prior to so on a Monday. And my husband chose he was training for a half iron man triathlon. And he chose to go to the swim portion of the lake actually where they were going to do the race. He told me that day. And so although he did practice several times a week he went to the race league. And so that year there was a lot of hydrilla in the lake. And turns out basically he got tangled in that. And so like I said before they went in and didn’t find anything. So basically from their perspective they were just going to wait for him to float up.

Regina Thompso: 16:19 They had said that he was in there. They didn’t tell me that but they knew that. So basically that morning that Wednesday morning when his body surface I got a call that I need to get out there and before I got out of the car good they told me that he was gone.

Regina Thompso: 16:35 And the first words out of my mouth were lets worship. Yeah. Yeah. And the faces of the people that were around me they were astounded. I don’t say this to boast or brag but my first thing was I don’t want to hear anybody. We don’t need to pray. There’s nothing to pray about. The only thing we can do right now is to get me in the presence of the only person that I know will keep me right now. As for so let’s back up. How did I get there. So four years prior to my husband’s death four days after I had my first child my mother suddenly died. Talk about unexpected. You know all this time I waited for the right guy. I waited to enter motherhood and the person that I thought would be my sounding board just checked out know that death I didn’t handle so well.

Regina Thompso: 17:34 I was angry. I was going after a time I was getting attorneys in that type of stress on my body. I started getting carpal tunnels I had all kinds of things started happening in my body because I was so angry. And I wouldn’t process it prior to that. My senior year in college my grandmother lost her life to cancer. And I remember I went to pay her visit and I had Smith Wigglesworth faith you know like at you go I’m I’ll call you back. Right. That’s where I was because she was laying there maybe 100 pounds. Yeah looking like death but I didn’t see death. I saw nothing was impossible. And then prior to that I had lost both my grandfathers so I had seen a lot of death in my life.

Regina Thompso: 18:27 Sure sure. So all of that. And you know Growing up not the best financial situations up. My parents go through strife between me and my brother so I’ve had plenty of situations to develop my faith. But all of those things especially my moms death helped prepare me to how I was going to respond and how I did respond to my husband’s death. You know well so it sounds like a process of learning how it is a process to press into God.

Regina Thompso: 18:59 Absolutely.

Regina Thompso: 19:01 If we don’t have everything else I would definitely I could understand in the end not so great responses are just as good teachers as responding in the right way. Yeah right. Absolutely. So failures are the best teachers more mistakes are sometimes the best teacher.

Jake Enriquez: 19:21 You know that is the psalm and I believe it’s the hundredth. I may have been wrong but that is when David was saying you know bless the Lord oh my soul he’s summoning his soul. And what you said worship. Praise to give it to God right. You know he’s calling it he’s calling it up. And the other thing I like what you said right there. There’s not the time to pray. Yeah. There’s a difference. Now maybe there’s a difference and people are going to disagree or read as a matter but there’s a difference in that. Yes. You know I think about what it makes me think about is David was praying and fasting that his child wouldn’t pass. And then after that when his child passed he got he got up and that’s the same thing that I wanted to know.

Jake Enriquez: 20:10 Yeah. And you know you’re talking about you just go straight into that you need we need it we need the presence of God. Yes absolutely. So I know it must be tough even at times now because I think about your kiddos and lovely kiddos as a matter of fact. Thank you. How do you guys I know they must have still questions for you mom. You know and how are you able to get by and share those things gently and lift them up in spirit as you go. Watch this. When you and yourself still have to go.

Regina Thompso: 20:45 Yes. You know I did have to learn to watch to allow them to see me go through and what it looks like because it looks different for everyone. So my daughter is more sensitive. She was more of a crier and she didn’t see me cry all the time. It may look like frustration. Yeah it may look like exhaustion. Sure.

Regina Thompso: 21:09 Because we’re we we’re a great team now it’s just mommy. So it is ironic that my son and I were having a conversation this morning we were having a cuddle time and we were just talking and she’s And he was saying you know I didn’t get to you know see Daddy and to see how he was with him because I was asking him a question what was something that I could do better. There was one thing I could do more. What was that one thing. And so that led to a conversation about his dad and how he would say I didn’t get to see him. And you know the kind of things that he did for us and I said yeah you do yeah he can. I said you see in me you see it in Eden and as you see in the pictures.

Regina Thompso: 21:50 So after losing my mom four days after I had my daughter I went crazy documenting everything. So there are so many pictures and videos and I said you have the pictures and videos. I said so you have an idea of who your daddy is. He said. Is smirk that smile. He’s like I do Mom. And so you know my daughter honestly I’ll say this initially she did ask a lot of questions because she was a daddy’s girl. No no. Oh my goodness. And

Regina Thompso: 22:22 I mean like several weeks she was like Mommy we had to get another daddy so he could take me to the daddy-daughter dance at school like hold up. Something’s missing here.

Regina Thompso: 22:32 Yeah. And so she would ask you know and then I would just say well you know daddy went swimming he had an accident and she started him up while mommy daddy get eaten by a shark. And I said no baby. And finally I said OK I need you to give me the words. And we were leaving church on Sunday from Crossroads. And when you leave out of that back exit by the Loyd park entrance. Right. So at that time there was these tall branches or weeds or something. Sure. So I was coming out and I said Eden you see those tall weeds. I said well if you can imagine those and growing from the bottom of the lake and land across the surface of the lake you really can’t see that. I said basically Daddy went swimming.

Regina Thompso: 23:12 He got tangled in the weeds and she stopped and she stared off and you could tell she was running through her mind. Processing and I kept looking. She said nothing else. There were no more questions. And one day you know my daughter is a I call her sunshine. She is a rainbow. Her gift is motivation exhortation. She is a happy child. She sees the best in everything she’s hopeful.

Regina Thompso: 23:39 And so I just don’t meet our chipper self she said. Yeah my daddy got tangled in the woods and he’s in heaven tangled in the weeds and I was in heaven and I was like oh my god. She got it.

Regina Thompso: 23:52 And so show it off and she’ll keep going and people will be like this.

Regina Thompso: 23:58 So it’s common to her but yeah she realized that it was an accident and she’s just hopeful OK Mommy will get another daddy and let them be just like other daddy so it’s like that was tough.

Jake Enriquez: 24:12 That’s tough. I can you know. Goodness know with a question like this we’re going to get another one now.

Regina Thompso: 24:19 And you keep asking now say well OK well how are we supposed to do that here. You know she was I don’t know. We have to grow one I guess.

Regina Thompso: 24:27 And then that’s when I began to establish her faith well baby that’s where you just got to talk to God about that and talk to God about that I kept turning her back to the Father. And then one day when she I told her that she took our brothers hand they immediately went got on their knees she said God please send me another daddy and let him be just like the other daddy. And honestly that was a breaking point for me. Sure.

Regina Thompso: 24:59 Because who am I to be selfish that when the father chooses to bless us that I wouldn’t be open or that I wouldn’t have my heart open. Yeah I think so. And it was through the mouths of my children and their faith out of the mouth of babes So how did she speak.

Regina Thompso: 25:12 But she drew it up so that whole write the vision make it plain.

Jake Enriquez: 25:18 Yeah. Yes. Oh wow. Yeah. It’s incredible. Hey mom you try to move up and move on. You know what. Bless her heart she says she does have that gift of exhortation if that’s how she is trying to encourage us and lift up the whole family. Well that’s awesome. You know during all that time though.

Jake Enriquez: 25:39 I know that you know sometimes traits or character traits are or developed in us sometimes we don’t even see them develop. Yes. What do you think developed in you especially during that time that has you know strengthened up in you.

Regina Thompso: 25:55 Wow. You know I make this statement and some people understand that some people don’t. Losing my husband was by far the most devastating thing that’s ever happened. But it was also the best thing that has ever happened. I would not be the person that I am today had I not gone through because it has developed a person that it’s much more honorable to the gifts and the blessings of life. Everything is a gift. I mean every day is precious. Every moment is truly precious. Sure. And those things that we thought were important. Really not important for you know. And so it just made me a better person has made me a better woman a better mom a better friend a better daughter and more than anything.

Regina Thompso: 26:53 One that wants to take my misery and turn it into a ministry for others you know to speak to widows mentioned is about giving hope restoration in a place of safety. Yeah. You know for someone who’s gone through and you know I like to take this moment to say this you know my devastation was a loss but devastation is devastation. So I do have a book in me. It’s it’s. Do you know Live Beyond Devastation. OK. How to go from surviving to thriving because if you take a teenager that didn’t make the varsity team you know that is devastating to their absolute.

Regina Thompso: 27:30 You take a professional who’s been in their career for 20 30 years and now they are being out for a younger crowd that changes their livelihood and that’s devastating. And no matter what the devastation is if you don’t deal with it it shows up. It could be someone who was you know taken advantage of at a young age. Right. Well you don’t deal with that trauma. Yeah. It reproduces in your life and it shows up yeah.

Regina Thompso: 27:59 And so that that is my heart. Be it a loss of a spouse whatever the devastation is is helping people work their way through that devastation. And it does start with leading into your faith. Absolutely. The only thing that doesn’t fail.

Jake Enriquez: 28:19 The God of comfort sees us through right?. Yes yes he says that so we could share that. That’s what you’re talking about right. Exactly. Taken that and sharing that with someone else.

Regina Thompso: 28:25 And I think to just I mean I’ve always been visionary but that has definitely sharpened our determination and knowing that my time is limited. Yeah I was already focused and driven but it is kind of like on steroids right now because I just don’t know how much time I have here. So I can be very intense when I’m teaching my children principles of how to manage finances how to honor other people how to lean into their faith and what it looks like not just in the Bible or what does this look like wrapped in flesh walked out every day.

Jake Enriquez: 29:00 Yeah that’s exactly right. So

Regina Thompso: 29:02 I get really intense with those things and make sure they have it because if I got called home tomorrow the legacy lives on because that was the goal of me my husband was to change our generational lineage. Sure sure. Absolutely so I would say that is definitely intensified.

Jake Enriquez: 29:22 You know you know what do we say that everything that we got take all of it but little pieces at a time. In other words you overdose of this day you could be just as bad.

Jake Enriquez: 29:33 But what I can understand this person that I’ve always known that my goodness it’s there or is there. But we always tell people around here you know that readers are leaders.

Regina Thompso: 29:47 Yes yes. We love that. We love to be able you know being able to read enjoy these good writings I always tell people you know when you when you get to read a good book you get to get in the mind and the thoughts of somebody else.

Jake Enriquez: 29:47 Yes that’s special

Jake Enriquez: 30:02 So with that being said have you sat down and had any books that really touched you in a way in a way that you want to share today with somebody.

Regina Thompso: 30:11 Yes. You know I’ll say the first one I recommend or or talk about is one that I discovered. So when I talked a little bit about when I became of age I started working. And so when I got ready to leave high school to go to college I went on a recruiting trip because I’m going to play volleyball. And when I went on that recruit trip what I saw it scared me. I’m not scared. Like like I don’t want to get off track. I saw that life that some of the students were leading and I didn’t want to get caught up in that. So I went home I recommitted my life to Christ I got rebaptized and that’s when I began to live for Him. OK. So once that happened I came in this is this is what I found this book.

Regina Thompso: 31:02 And there has been a foundational book I just said I share it all the time and now sharing it with my son who’s 6 is beginning to read is Prayers that Availeth Much.

Regina Thompso: 31:16 I used to write our prayers and that’s a book of prayers. Yeah. So no matter what the circumstance no matter what the situation you know I hear a lot of people I don’t know what to say I don’t know how to pray. Prayers that a availeth much might agree that it’s written for you.

Regina Thompso: 31:31 And so we talked a lot about today about you know how driven I am or you know kind of the things I’m doing but at the end of the day it’s not about success as most people would see it. It’s

Regina Thompso: 31:45 about starting a work that a lot of it I know I will not finish.

Regina Thompso: 31:51 It’s about what I believe my life’s purpose is to begin a shift. And so there’s a book called God at work. Got it worked by rich Marshall accepted my call into ministry when I was 19 when. I went to college and I was in you know some things in the church for a little while and it was later revealed to me that my ministry was in the marketplace. I’ve always been gifted in business. I’ve always been but now taking Godly principles and concepts and just my disposition and how I choose to handle myself in business. I’ve so God at Work. And then Spirit driven success because no matter what accomplishment is out there it’s always Spirit driven from me. Yeah. And those that I have a close close working relationship with. There is always a why not. It’s not about the what is the why.

Jake Enriquez: 32:47 Now I’m glad you pointed out because first off the what is it. Prayers that Availeth Much I think about I can go on from there because you just get with that because when I think about prayers. Yes. And that actually that title comes from the Book of James. Yes.

Jake Enriquez: 33:08 And you know he said that hey the fervent You are the effect of prayer is a righteous one.

Jake Enriquez: 33:14 Yes you know as you know and people say well I’m not a righteous man or I’m not a righteous woman.

Jake Enriquez: 33:21 And you know that’s a clarification to me that’s always needed because as she says that you know he made him who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God in him.

Jake Enriquez: 33:35 Yeah. So those who believe in Jesus Christ are submitted to the Lord as the righteous ones he’s talking about that. So we know Breyer counts for yourself exactly. And that is what does availeth much. And that’s an awesome thing to bring up I do believe but also I think about you’re talking about that trip just now.

Jake Enriquez: 33:56 You know you said that it made you turn around and you know there’s more. Yes. Is there something else. Yes. It makes me think about Elijah.

Jake Enriquez: 34:06 You know we people always look at the book of a larger book about the passage about Elijah and they see where he’s down and he’s downtrodden and beat up he runs from Jezebeel

Jake Enriquez: 34:17 But you know during his time God had showed him there’s still more.

Jake Enriquez: 34:22 Yes. In other words your work what you just said is not ever going to be complete. Yes it’s for somebody else to pick up and go after you. And if you read further in there it’s where he took his mantle God told him to put it on a live show and just threw it on that brother walking through it.

Jake Enriquez: 34:39 Yes exactly. So I’m glad you bring those things up because that’s really what we’re doing out here. You know you’re going this way you’re doing these things. Yeah. All unto the glory of God. And it is for somebody else to pick up after you. I

Regina Thompso: 34:55 exactly, yeah I was thinking on my way over today I was thinking about the story of Isaac and Israel.

Regina Thompso: 35:02 And when God tell him to sacrifice the promise. Yeah. So God had promised him this child or Sarah and he finally gets the promise he finally gets the promise. And wait a minute you tell me to go sacrifice it. So now not only was that amazing that he was willing to sacrifice a promise but how about the promise was willing to be sacrificed. Yeah absolutely right like he wasn’t willing to be bound and put on the altar and saw his dad raise the knife.

Regina Thompso: 35:36 Yes so that’s what I think about with like kids just like not just me being obedient and walking or not just my kids but anyone that observes not just me being obedient and walking in the ways of God but it helps develop their faith. That

Regina Thompso: 35:51 took some faith out there. Absolutely. He had to know also that OK God. Yes. But sometimes we’ll never see the blessing of God if we don’t move out in the direction. Yeah. Yeah. Ramps don’t even clam up tell you.

Jake Enriquez: 36:11 But I will never get the provision of God without the movement in the wilderness so what it is you know is in fact written you know that the obedience of today brings about the blessings of tomorrow. So it’s those those kiddos would definitely see it. I know for a fact. But let me ask you something Regina. You know we want to be able to reach out to you. I know you’re in the development stages of widows mansion foundation.

Jake Enriquez: 36:36 Yes. And you know for our listeners we want them to be able to see the show notes and be able to reach out to you. So

Jake Enriquez: 36:43 for now I know that you have. How would they reach out to your Facebook page Instagram. How would they do that.

Regina Thompso: 36:50 So you have those all those pages are actually currently in the development. So it’s under-construction Widows Mansion dot Org. OK. My personal page is also under construction that’s www.hopeempowers.com. My

Regina Thompso: 37:08 Instagram is Miss Regina Dot and I had an idea. Ian and I just have a personal Facebook page which my nonprofit coaches have encouraged me to start their lives business and pay.

Regina Thompso: 37:23 I was there a lot of people were coaching the journey is time to get on with it you know what the here’s the deal is I never stop learning. Yeah. And I believe in going to quality resources were proven results but not so proven that they take me away from my why. So maybe you can support A-Y then we may be able to work together. That’s

Jake Enriquez: 37:51 right. That’s right.

Jake Enriquez: 37:52 Yeah. OK. So definitely Well we’re going to put that whatever you have that’s available. They’ll be on the show notes and people will be able to reach out to you from there. Now I’m encouraged to get it done.

Jake Enriquez: 38:05 So let me ask you this one last question before we go and always love to ask this question because I feel like it’s of great importance for anybody out there. But let’s just say somebody has come up to you you connected with you and they’re going through a really hard time. What would be your you know words of encouragement that you would offer them at this time.

Regina Thompso: 38:26 You know typically when someone comes with something the first thing I do is just listen. OK. I think that is definitely a character trait and has been well developed and still contain listening. Because as you listen number one you begin to allow the Spirit of God to give you what to encourage that person. When I don’t necessarily give everyone the same encouragement. Sure. You know devastation is devastation. So first thing is I will I will do is listen and then you know the resounding message or the silver lining in anything is that there is nothing too hard for God. There’s nothing that is too hard and there’s nothing that is impossible. And could it be possible that you are where you are. For purpose sure for a reason to develop something new. But then to encourage another along the way. Really.

Jake Enriquez: 39:31 Absolutely. Thank you so much for that. Well I tell you like I tell anybody else that I know is out there lifting up the name of the Lord. We sure do love you and we thank God for you. I

Regina Thompso: 39:42 think you appreciate the opportunity. I’m very honored very humbled. So I appreciate the opportunity to tell my story and I pray that everyone has that has heard the broadcast has been encouraging and motivated and you feel strengthened in some way.

Jake Enriquez: 39:57 Amen. Thank you so much again Regina Thompson for the show notes on this episode. Simply go to press and reach dotcom which I should be on 24.

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