034: Rise Church with Pastor Rey Sandoval

Today’s guest is Rey Sandoval, Senior Pastor of Rise Church in Abilene, Texas.  From the church’s website, “RISE CHURCH seeks to “Rethink Church” with unique methods that are relevant with today’s culture while never compromising foundational Biblical truths and principles.  RISE CHURCH gatherings won’t be your typical or traditional church service but rather will incorporate a more causal and laid back atmosphere and featuring a café that offers drinks and snacks during and after services.  RISE CHURCH will also be a place for people to fellowship.  We seek to provide a fun alternative to the usual weekend activities with concerts, DJ’s, and events.” They recently celebrated one year as a church.  Pastor Rey and his wife Maria have two children, son Remy and daughter Malia.  .  Listen as he shares some of his journey from heroin addiction to a life fully surrendered to Jesus Christ.

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Victory and Vision

Rey was saved seven years ago through the ministries of Victory Temple in Fort Worth, TX.  That group was affiliated with a nonprofit in Abilene, whom Rey worked with to reach the drug addicted, alcohol addicted, etc.  Through that time of service came the opportunity that allowed them to begin Rise Church, with the same vision of helping people.  Similar to Victory Temple, Rise also has a separate men’s home.  God moved, and Rey and his team stepped out in faith to do His work.  The church is growing, and they have an even larger online presence through their collaboration with Kingdom Muzic.  Several of Kingdom Muzic’s artists are members of Rise Church.

Lies of the Enemy

Hopeless.  That’s what his addiction led him to feel.  He was absolutely convinced that he would never be free from the grips of heroin.  So much so that he believed his life would end one of two ways – from a drug overdose or a drug-related incident, like being shot in a robbery.  The day Rey gave his life to Christ, that hopelessness was washed away.  Praise God – he never went back to drugs or alcohol!  The enemy convinces addicts that they’re always going to be addicts.  That lie from Satan is what gives Rey the burn and the passion to get out and be as influential as possible, using whatever platform he can, to share the freeing message of the Gospel.

The simplicity of surrender is not an easy truth to understand.  It’s hard to believe that a person trapped for years by alcohol or drugs can be freed when he surrenders his life to Jesus.  That’s the challenge, one that Rey faces with God’s grace.  Man is naturally selfish, so when we try to come into a relationship with God, we believe in Him, but still feel that we have to do the heavy lifting.  That yoke is too heavy.  Rey preaches to new believers that by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, you will make mistakes, but He’s drawing you back to Him.  You are still forgiven and can trust God to carry you.  His burden is light.

Identity Crisis

Rey, like many who deal with addiction, grew up in a loving and supportive family.  He was given not only what he needed, but also everything he wanted.  Still, he desired more.  As James reminds us, we’re drawn away by our own lustful desires.  Rey was drawn to the local gangbangers, seeking acceptance from those he admired.  He admired their fearlessness, because he knew he didn’t have that and so he tried to dress the part while on the inside feeling scared.  He was heavily influenced by leaders from the wrong crowd.  His experience is one of the reasons he wants to convey to the youth that Christ is enough – we don’t need acceptance from anyone else.  He also shares this truth – Jesus is the rock.  Even after overdosing to near death, Rey still didn’t believe he was at rock bottom.  He continued in his lifestyle and overdosed six times. That led him to understand that God’s timing doesn’t necessarily require that any of us hit “rock bottom” before we can be saved.  Jesus is always on time.  Allow Him to be God once again.  Rey’s rescue came when someone sent him a link to the Victory Home in Fort Worth, suggesting that they could help him.  Rey went the next day, thinking he was going into rehab.  Instead, he found himself entering a discipleship home for men.  It was there that he surrendered his life to Jesus.

His walk with the Lord has impressed upon him the importance of accountability – finding people you trust enough to be vulnerable, transparent, open, and honest with, so that you can walk in integrity.  He also wants to learn from others’ mistakes, his own included.  It’s in paying attention in those trials and looking back on them that we can grow, and then ask for the wisdom to not repeat them.

Scripture says that God is doing something new, so allow Him to do something new in your life.  No matter where you are, God wants to meet you right there.  Let Him do the work, “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;” (Philippians 1:6).


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Jake Enriquez: 00:00 Welcome back to press and reach my name is Jake Enríquez your host and what an awesome and beautiful wonderful day it is in the Lord. Out here. And we’re just having a good time in this morning. And I just want you guys to kick back and enjoy yourself and prepare yourself for our next guest who is out of Abilene Texas pastor of Rise church. We’re looking forward to meeting with him in this beautiful morning. But you know I think about the body I think about what it’s really comprised of all of us believers in so many different areas and different locations that all get to come together. What a privilege it really is. So please just welcome our next guest Mr. Rey Sandoval. Good morning Rey. How are you doing this morning.

Rey Sandoval: 00:49 Good morning my brother. How are you doing?

Jake Enriquez: 00:50 Well in the Lord my friend as always, praise God. So hey Rey you know I’m excited to have you come on and spend some time with us man. Recently we experienced some interaction with you guys from the Victory Outreach in Fort Worth. OK so and we had an opportunity to connect with you again I’m just thankful that you were able to take some time time out your schedule and get with us today man. But I know you’re from Rise church in Abilene Texas, is that right?

Rey Sandoval: 01:19 Yes sir. That’s our church.

Jake Enriquez: 01:22 All right Rey and you’re the pastor there.

Rey Sandoval: 01:24 Yep, Senior Pastor.

Jake Enriquez: 01:25 Amen. All right do me a favor man. I know that everybody likes to get to know one another on a personal basis so if you would just introduce yourself who you are and where you from, man.

Rey Sandoval: 01:38 Yeah. Rey Sandoval I’m the senior pastor of Rise Church married to my beautiful wife Sarah Sandoval. I have two kids. My son Remy he’s 9 years old and my daughter Malia she’s 5 years old and a complete handful.

Jake Enriquez: 01:54 All right. All right two kids and growing huh. Wonderful. And Abilene Texas and I know Rise church but man tell us a little bit about Rise church. When did the church start up over there.

Rey Sandoval: 02:06 Yeah. So we kicked it off on New Year’s of 2017 so we just had our one year anniversary. This last New Year’s is a couple of weeks back.

Jake Enriquez: 02:17 OK. And how did it all come together for you guys. What made you guys decide to come together like that?

Rey Sandoval: 02:22 Yes so was about seven years ago when you saw me in Fort Worth at Victory Temple Ministries. I got saved there about seven years ago. And you know kind of getting into that testimony a little bit we’ll keep it brief so we can get back at it. But I got saved there at that ministry. I came back and it was affiliated with the nonprofit here in Abilene. We helped drug addicts, alcoholics, and things like that. So six years into that we had the opportunity to launch our own church and so Rise church was birth and the same vision helping people, we still have a men’s home. You know they helped drug addicts and alcoholics but we always had people ask. You know I don’t struggle with drugs I don’t struggle with alcohol. But we would like to be a part of that and so it always stayed with me. And you know it’s a simple story but you know God moved in. And so we just took a step of faith. We stepped out and here we are, one year in it already.

Jake Enriquez: 03:25 Amen, I like that man. You know I think about that that lifestyle I think about that background and there are far more people than we really know that do struggle and have issues with drug addiction and what not whether it’s alcoholism or any other drug for that count. But you know I think about that and like you said you know sometimes people say well I don’t really have a problem with that but I like to be a part of that. And that comes from somewhere though somewhere I often believe that maybe we there are a lot of people that did or they knew they were going to or they did have some kind of problem with it now they want to come back and give and be a part of a you know resolution so to speak more so than the issue just let it go. But with that in mind your church there in Abilene would you consider that your main outreach is that what seem what you guys seem to connect with the most?

Rey Sandoval: 04:20 Yeah yeah it is. So we have a home discipleship home and our church even though it’s totally separate. But the church is growing right now and it is our main outreach from between that and we have a pretty large online presence with between Rise church and kingdom music and so pretty much everywhere kingdom music goes. Rise church is there you know a lot of the guys Brian, Antwaun, Moni. They’re all that’s their home church. So we’re all connected and. But yeah it’s our main outreach and that’s that’s what we do.

Jake Enriquez: 04:58 It’s a beautiful to be seriously because you know today right now the reach that the enemy has is so deep with all these different things that take place and I know it’s disguised whether it be in the young ladies whether it be in the drugs alcohol whatever it might be. Oh there’s always the enemy always has his hands out ready to put hands on you. And in so many different ways I think about the youth I think about some guys just right around your age and younger. I know that you know you’re young in it but I tell you what you can really connect to some guys and God is using you guys and I see I’ve seen your videos too. By the way I love him so God really uses you guys to connect to a great amount of the youth. And I think that’s awesome. You know when I’m thinking about it I want to ask you this question because I know what’s in my heart about different things but I want to find out about you. So what makes you guess what burns you up about the enemy how he’s reaching out to maybe the people around you in your community.

Rey Sandoval: 06:05 Oh yeah because I came from that background of alcohol drug addiction and knowing that I felt hopeless. You know I told myself that you know whenever I was in a heroin addiction I said theres only two ways that I’m going to go out. It’s either going to be from a drug overdose or a drug related incident like a robbery get killed or something. And so I I was absolutely convinced that I would never be free from the grips of heroin. And so I was OK with that I said I’m either going to die from an overdose or a drug related incident. But as long as I’m high, I’m okay with that and that’s how bad it was at the end. And so to know that no no rehab no 12 steps none of that none of that work. The day I gave my life to Christ all that just was washed away and I never went back to drugs to alcohol to know that people feel that once an addict always an addict and they feel that they’re stuck in there and the enemy has them convinced that they’re always going to be like that. That’s what gives me my burn and passion to get out there and be as influential as I possibly can using whatever platform by any means that I can to share this message. So yeah that’s that’s my main thing that’s that’s what really I become passionate about to snatch as many souls back from the enemy as we possibly can by any tool.

Jake Enriquez: 07:33 I mean I think that’s awesome brother and I think about it and I do know that it’s difficult though. OK I mean I so happen to have some familiarity. Mine was alcoholism but so I think about I can only come from understanding it from where I stand if that makes any sense. But you said something just now that I could I could certainly relate to until you came to the end. So you tried everything right to get rid of that addiction. And I know how that is. Well I tell people all the time they asked me about the alcoholism. How did it happen for you and when I tell people that you know I surrendered my life to Christ. And they say Jake how did you just stop drinking cold turkey. I said Man you know I try to tell him about Jesus. And then they they come to me with this. OK I understand that but how did you stop drinking. What did you do. So we did whatever you come up on that situation because I can hear that that’s in you the same thing you know man. The challenge in that. How do you get through that challenge How do you face up to that challenge of you know conveying that message. The simplicity of surrender.

Rey Sandoval: 08:53 So I believe in grace men I believe that that God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows how to get us to where we need to be.

Speaker 5: 09:00 And I believe one of the biggest problems that we have is so much we came from a world of selfishness that everything was on our self. And then we try to come to a relationship with God. And we’re still even though we’re believing in him. We’re still selfish in a way we still feel that we have to do this and we have to and that yoke is too heavy. And so I just let them just say like let God do his thing. I mean God is God it’s not our job to change anybody it’s our job to preach and be alive. And so the reason why I feel that we’re so effective is because I preach to them the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to know that you’re going to make mistakes you’re going to fall. But the thing is it’s allowed him to get you back you know and to know that you are forgiven you are saved you are set free in his Holy Spirit lives inside of you.

Rey Sandoval: 09:48 Then it’s giving him the tools to really walk that out. That’s what we teach heavily in the discipleship home. Yes sir.

Jake Enriquez: 09:56 And you know I’m hearing that Saint Haitian process I’m hearing that from you and how to let that go. You know we’re only healed in spirit. You know we’re only healed in spirit. Every time I hear people say well I’m going to get better. No that’s not how that works. You’re going to let the Lord do it. That’s why he says it’s no longer I. But Christ who lives in me. So that’s who’s really doing all the work you know. But man I certainly think about that and I don’t think I want to think about your time coming up as a kid. Oh man what was that like for you.

Rey Sandoval: 10:27 Now this is this is where a lot of people have a hard time understanding. I was raised in an awesome family. You know my mom and dad were both. They work hard. My dad was always a manager my mom she worked two jobs 80 hours a week to make sure that we had everything we needed. And so my childhood was one that I pretty much you know got everything that I wanted got everything that I needed. Christmas was fun. You know I never went out never went without. And so but it’s just when I got into middle school I was starting to try to identify with something I wasn’t. You know it’s crazy. I had the coolest clothes you know the coolest shoes from my parents but still somehow some way the little gangbangers were I was looking up to them and it’s just so crazy and in feeling like because I didn’t come from the same streets in the same hood that they did that I wasn’t as good. And so I was on this endless pursuit to try to be something I wasn’t. Eventually you know I walked back my whole addiction. I can I can be confident my salvation and who I am today I can really say that I was trying to be a people pleaser. I was trying to get acceptance from people that I want you know people that I wasn’t. And so as good as a lifestyle that I had live and I chose to try to follow a horrible example and it led me down a horrible path.

Jake Enriquez: 11:52 Man praise God. Thank you so much for that. RAY Yeah I’m thinking about it. Man you really talking to me but I came up the same way my parents great great people man and great parents. I always tell people when I go to prison and we do prison ministry. I would never sit up there and tell anybody I had a rough life. I had a great life coming to my child childhood was great man great mom great dad everything. You know so I got on that path. I did that I went that way. But for you and me I could say you know what do you think that draw was it was so strong like that. You know because you know I’m thinking about you came up to it right. Everything’s good. How hard is that I mean what is it that draw is so strong. It takes us away but the scripture says we’re drawn away by our own lustful desires right.

Rey Sandoval: 12:36 Yeah. And I believe that’s exactly what it was is that that wanting to feel accepted that cool factor or the way that you would see these guys you know these guys they would fight outside in the football field and they were just fearless you know somebody would say something and they would just start biting him and just absolutely fearless and I looked up and admired that because deep down inside I didn’t have that I try to portray that. Dress it up sagging my pants and get out there and try to fight people. But deep down inside I was I was scared. I was scared on the inside. I really admired that part of them that fearlessness. They were leaders just on the wrong side. I was influenced by the wrong crowd heavily trying to be something that I wasn’t having having an identity crisis head on.

Jake Enriquez: 13:27 Do you have it have you had a chance to see some of them guys now. I mean I know that was when you were a kid. But have you met them all of them recently.

Rey Sandoval: 13:37 it’s it usually stay in my inbox or my Facebook you know pray for me. And I’ve got I got the respect. It’s crazy the respect and the honor and everything that I was looking for my whole life. I gave my life to Christ and I got its times ten.

Jake Enriquez: 13:51 That’s awesome and it’s awesome. So what would you say before we go any further. Man I’m thinking about childhood and I’m just being honest man you know I’ve got seven kiddos and I know that they all you know we raised them up in the lord. Right. But everybody don’t want that. Everybody know what that is. What would you say to that youngster right now who’s trying to go the other way.

Rey Sandoval: 14:12 Yeah. And there’s enough we have enough right here in Christ. Yeah. There from the music. That’s why I believe that Kingdom music is so powerful it’s because you really listen to it you know. I was unties because I produced music from the time that I was in middle school. But it was world music and I never knew that Christianity could be cool. You know the cool factor quote unquote and using that term loosely but there is enough in cries that we don’t have to go get acceptance from anybody else. And that’s that’s my hope right there. My son he loves dressing like me he loves listening to Kingdom music and I feel like we’re spreading that coolness about a Christian like you’re not Mr. right what’s wrong with you. You know like when it used to be. You’re the weirdo that’s a Christian you know. And so I believe that we got enough for the youngsters for the kids. Everybody right now. It’s you look at the lifestyle that they’re living. Do you really want that. Is that really what you want. There’s no way.

Jake Enriquez: 15:21 No it can’t be possible. I used to say you know I hear what you’re saying and I used to say you know the people that come to me trying to get me to try to tell me about Jesus right now I was a kid when I used to say men they just don’t. They don’t want to have any fun in their lives and they know misery loves company. That’s why they trip and like things they really don’t want what I got here they really want what I got. I don’t want that do what they do. But then you know when I came over to the Lord man I surrender my life to Christ. Now the question is why guys be drinking like that.

Rey Sandoval: 15:52 You know so I say it’s like they’re like Well the Christians don’t know how to have fun and I’m not. My response is you haven’t been to one of our new year’s eve parties have you.

Jake Enriquez: 16:06 And by the way you can use that term all you want. I tell my kiddos all the time Hey man Christ Jesus coolest cat ever walked the face of the earth. Yeah it is written we never heard a man speak like that. So absolutely I tell you what Ray what we’re going to do is going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 16:27 Welcome back guys. So good to have you back. We’re hanging out with Mr. race and of all senior pastor over at rise church there in Abilene Texas. Ray thank you so much again for hanging out with us man. You know we’re talking before the break about growing up about coming up and maybe perspective what we used to see it is now what we see it as you know it’s it’s a whole new perspective once you put on your spiritual eyes and you can see now from the Lord but you know we’re out thinking about some of the things you were talking about earlier. Do you still find yourself maybe struggling in any point in your life with some of the things that may try to come back and try to get you in some of these different things you find yourself struggling with any of that?

Speaker 10: 17:10 The hardest things that I end up finding is in and I’ve had a lot of people pastors single pastors and people tell me no matter how far you get you have to keep God in priority you have to keep him number one. It almost becomes cliche. We’ve heard it again and again. But one thing that I wanted to share with the people is this last year that I found myself found myself again and again becoming so busy in the ministry you know from building the teams to building you know the operations the systems the you know our second camp is the on line and all the things that we have to do. Finding myself going to the Bible to get a story to preach about not really to read it myself. And I found myself losing focus of really why God has called me. And even though on the outside everything’s boom and it’s prospering deep down on the inside I could feel god saying Are you still seeking me. Are you still seeking me for who I am. The reason why I even got saved. Everything about who I am. And so I tell that to people because I feel like a lot of people feel they just can’t focus. You open up the Bible. You don’t even know where to start. Your mind is racing you have anxiety so much you’re overwhelmed with all the problems and the issues of life. Normally we would have handled this with Xanax or a cold beer but now we’re having to do it sober mindedly and then doing everything else. You know the ministry and everything else I’ve found myself you know getting to this point and so one of the greatest things that I’ve done to keep myself accountable and stay in line was I set up a personal development growth plan. And I know that’s a whatever big words or whatever but it’s just simply a plan for like you know the Bible that the Bible reading plan. Well I have my core team we have six of my leaders in my church. We all do the one year read the Bible in one year. So we all have to stay accountable audible.com or we can list and listen to books you know keep that going all day. Keep my early morning routine. Staying up praying and one thing that I highly recommend is to find a track or find a park or somewhere where you can go and just simply just take a walk. It’s always good to get outside of your surrounding your creativity. Your thought process and just go walk around the track spend some time with God and I found myself time and time again getting right back to that place. Yeah that is seeking his face. But yeah it’s a beautiful one.

Jake Enriquez: 19:55 Man. You bring into mind just one word and that’s solitude when I think about that you know you’re talking about finding that place. Getting to that place and making sure you get there because that’s where we get to hear from the Lord and such a beautiful way. You know if you find those flight like you’re talking about a park or something like that you know I’ve got great places that I get to go. Nobody knows where it’s at. I get to go and get there. Yes. So it’s beautiful to be there. And you know you may find yourself preachin Over a lake brother just audience 1 but you know what the lords with you in that. And that’s that solitude that we all look for. That’s a great or right to appreciate that. Yes. No. So as we’re looking at this you know I think about you know each and everybody each and every one of us out here we have testimony we have time that we struggled right here. And there’s also times that our faith is strengthened in these things and I’m just going to ask you Can you share testimony with us for our listeners.

Rey Sandoval: 20:55 Yeah. So one of the I guess the most popular ones are the ones that I get a lot of feedback in they asked me to tell this one is there was a time that I now I was waking up and I was freezing freezing cold. I’m talking about my my my teeth were chattering my body was shaking and it was pitch black my eyes were open I felt like it was pitch black and then I could start seeing light and it’s getting brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter. And no it wasn’t. You know heaven felt it was actually a light and I could hear beeping. I could hear people you know asking me sir what’s your name sir what’s your name. And coming into focus I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. I can hear everything but I just can’t understand or come to grips with the reality of what’s actually happening. My eyes open up and I’m like looking at a man. He’s straddling me and he has two devices in his hands one in each hand and there’s a nurse on the other side and I looked down and my sweaters cut open and they’re asking me what’s my name what’s my name. And I can’t understand what’s going on. I come into reality they just hit me with the difibulators. My heart was flatlined. I had overdosed on heroin in my car on on the street right here and Abilene. And what was so crazy about it is I overdosed with my foot still on the brake and never left the stop sign. And by the grace of God literally off duty police officer was right behind me and he was able to see that I didn’t take off. So he comes up to my car sees that I’m hunched over knocked out on my steering wheel and he’s able to call in the paramedics. Just like that that fast if they wouldn’t have got there at that time they were able to administer Narcan into my into my system to counter the opiates and I ended up going out flatlining about three times and my mom worked at the hospital. And so as I’m coming out of the ambulance my lifeless body my eyes start opening up again. I could just see and hear my mom screaming at the top of her lungs and I’m in this in this room. This operating room or emergency ICU or whatever it is. And so they say so Rey was so was that rock bottom for you was that it. No I checked myself at the hospital or when I got a 12 pack of beer overdose six more times like that out of six more times six more times to the point. I literally was four times. I started to feel that I couldn’t die because I wasn’t saved. I wasn’t saved. I did not know God. And what I did what I was learning now that looking back at it it wasn’t my time to go. God had a plan for me and now I’m getting caught up in the spiritual world don’t understand. But I can’t even die like I’m wrecking cars or shoot outs. And I like the only one that’s not getting hurt. I’m the only one that keeps coming out of these overdoses. People are dying left and right. And what I was learning is God had his hand on me to this whole thing. And so for those who haven’t hit rock bottom we always hear that they have to hit rock bottom and there’s some truth and validity to it. But I tell you this Jesus is the rock. And whenever he’s ready to pull someone in he can pull them in because I had a whole lot of fight left in me. But it was time for me when he called me into his family and he called me into the home. And that’s when my life changed and so just because someone who may be listening and their son their daughter their mom dad is going through a similar thing and they haven’t hit rock bottom. There’s hope. We don’t have to wait you know Jesus is on time always and so we put our trust in him. Allow him to be God once again. Rest in peace and trust in him and you’re in good hands.

Jake Enriquez: 25:03 Amen Amen. So how did that how did that happen for you. I mean did you just happen to attend church with somebody somebody invite you or was it in the living room with me. How did it go down for you like that crazy.

Rey Sandoval: 25:17 I was crazy man out of my life. I was talking crazy. I was I was starting to do just the wildest things in my life robbing people robbing drug dealers and this I was talking crazy on a scale like just saying I wasn’t even making sense anymore. This girl. She sent me a link to the victory home in Fort Worth on Columbus Avenue and she sent me a link. And she goes Rey she goes these people can help you. And I literally thought it was like a drug rehab. I did not know it was a men’s discipleship home. Totally different. You know and so I show up to this place the next day thinking that I’m about to come to a rehab or 12 step back a facility and I show up to a two story home on the north side of Fort Worth with a bunch of drug gang gang members and ex drug addicts tattoos all on their face. Yeah and they’re grabbing my bags and praying for me. I’m like oh my god what did I get into.

Jake Enriquez: 26:19 I love it.

Rey Sandoval: 26:22 You know what. Two days later I told God if you’re real you’re going to have to make yourself known to me. You’re going to have to show me. And I learned this when you call God out. You

Jake Enriquez: 26:30 hear all of that right there. I absolutely do. So it happened for you there. Absolutely man it changed your life.

Rey Sandoval: 26:41 Yes sir.

Jake Enriquez: 26:43 Men that’s awesome I really do love to hear them love to hear that. What other. Yes well we say man I think about everybody out here who is lifting up the name of the Lord. When I look across the way for example if I see you guys in Abilene and what you guys are doing man I’m automatically joyful about that in prayer for you guys and what you’re doing out there because that’s the body. Yes it’s the body you know we’re we’re everywhere man and reaching out to someone who’s lost. If they walk in you already know it like them brothers welcomed you and they welcomed they wrapped loving arms around you. And the Lord welcomes you home you know through them guys. But it’s awesome to me. So let me ask you this you know because I’m looking at some of the things that have to develop for us in time. And you know it’s been a minute now so what are some of the character traits that you would say have developed in you through your walk with Lord.

Rey Sandoval: 27:40 Yeah. I think one of the biggest ones that we miss is becoming successful is just like the small things like accountability you know a lot of people don’t, they underestimate accountability. But really having some guys some people that you trust in that you’re going to share it you’re going to be vulnerable transparent open honest the whole thing. The Bible says that integrity will uphold you and in having been able to share those things that you could walk in your integrity. It’s been one of the greatest things for me but one or another thing. It’s not a word more like a statement. But I hate making the same mistake twice. I hate making the same mistake twice and I really want to learn from other people’s mistakes. Mine as well. And so just allowing God to take me through a season of brokenness of the fire and then never having to go through that again if I have to. You know I could prevent it. Sure sure. Those are a couple of the things that have really helped me get to where and then and then just the loyalty I learned when you’re loyal with your team. There will be loyal to you. You know there’s building a strong team of loyal men and women whatever it is you know and just staying loyal loyal loyal loyal bible says a faith most faithful man who can find you know and. It’s a difficult thing but I believe that that’s what the church’s missing a lot of the times is that loyalty to the body.

Jake Enriquez: 29:18 Absolutely man That’s great. That’s absolutely true too because we’re supposed to keep lifting each other up. You know you know even as friends even as brothers in Christ as we walk sometimes you know we are going to disappoint one another for what’s going to happen man it’s going to happen. So it’s our job. You know I was thinking about friendship. By the way is to look at that and say Man my brother or my sister she just she or he just may be going through a season right now instead of having a bitterness towards one another or a disagreement like that it’s our job to pray for one another and so absolutely that loyalty goes a long ways and the power of prayer working with us right there so we pray for one another each other man’s so absolute. OK so as leaders we say readers are leaders so what about books for you. Rey what what books have you may have read that you’d like to share with the listeners today.

Rey Sandoval: 30:14 So there is one called Soul detox. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but it’s written by Craig Groeschel. Senior Pastor of Life church but soul detox is such an incredible book about getting God back to where he should be in your life and just really it talks about the little things that you don’t know that are affecting vetting you like if you’ve ever been around someone who smokes in the household. Well you get so used to it but when you go somewhere else they can smell your clothes. Yeah. And but you can’t. And it’s the little things like that that affect us the things that we watch the things that we hear the places that we put ourselves in. It’s really helping you identify those things. And for pastors I got two of them are leaders. He has another book called It. It’s not the clown but it is because he says some churches have it and some don’t. You can explain it. But you know when the church has it man. And so it just goes in about how to capture it and maintain it and then definitely I think it’s a must read for every single leader is the way of the shepherd that right here and that will see the words by Kevin Leman. OK. And the way of the shepherd is one of the best books out there it’s a short read but one of the best probably the best book on leadership on taking care of the flock that I’ve ever read my life.

Jake Enriquez: 31:51 OK. Good. And we’ll put these books and the titles of them in the authors all that will be in the show notes will include that for sure man. So how about you Rey. How do we reach out to you how to tell our listeners because I really want our listeners to get to know you get to know what you guys are doing. Maybe if they ever passed through Abilene you know a drop in and see rise. How did they reach out to you on social media.

Rey Sandoval: 32:14 Yeah yeah. Yes sir. So I mean the main thing is risechurchonline.org. But we’ve got a Facebook page Rise church or you can we go live on our team the music page every Sunday at ten thirty a.m.. OK. We have Instagram. Rise church Abilene.

Jake Enriquez: 32:35 OK. We will will again we’ll put all that on the show notes because we definitely want to connect with you and send others your way. I know that if I get the good chance to pass through Abilene man I certainly want to get to connect with you guys over there. But definitely so but let me ask you this man. I mean we come down towards the end. I’ve got to ask like I ask anybody what’s a final word of encouragement. And I’m talking about people who just may be struggling in their faith. Everyone struggles with different things. I’m not going to put a specific on it but whoever may be struggling. How would you encourage them in this day.

Rey Sandoval: 33:11 Yeah. And so what I’ve learned is that you know the scripture that God is doing something new. And what I’ve learned is that we love talking about that but we don’t like doing anything new. And what I what my word for those is allow God to do something new in your lives the same the same old lifestyle that we’ve lived again and again again there’s a saying you’ve got to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. to be it just be done without a doubt and allow God to do something new in your life. If you’ve never done drugs and never done alcohol or anything like that. Praise God. I’m telling you even in the midst of the grips of a heroin addictions overdose six different times God saved me and if he could have saved me. He could save you your marriage your finances your business for ministry no matter where you are God wants to meet you. Right there where you are. And the simple thing is just letting him do that work. Rest in here. The Bible says that he will bring that work to completion. My paraphrase what God starts he finishes.

Jake Enriquez: 34:22 Thank you so much for that. So he began a good work in you right. Yes sir. Faithful to complete it. All right man thank you so much. I’m going to tell you like we tell all the guys and gals out there just lifted up the name of the Lord and working in that vineyard. We like to say man hey man we love you man we thank God for you what you guys are doing over there. Keep Moving Forward man. It’s a blessing really to be able to connect with you today. All right.

Rey Sandoval: 34:49 Awesome. I appreciate it’s an honor being on.

Jake Enriquez: 34:51 Absolutely. And for the show notes for this episode simply go to pressandreach.com/PR34.


Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World, by Craig Groeschel

It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It, by Craig Groeschel

The Way of the Shepherd: 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People, by Kevin Leman and William Pentak

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