074: Rob Decker Kingdom FIT

I first sat down with Rob Decker back in 2018, for Press and Reach episode #52, “Wrestling with God”.  In it, Rob shared his amazing story of deliverance from the destructive life he was living.  Today, I’m catching up with this husband and father of two to find out where God has led him since then, and how being a personal trainer allows him to cultivate relationships for Kingdom purposes.

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During this episode we discuss:

  • Changing locations, from California to Colorado [02:28]
  • Combining fitness and faith through Kingdom FIT [03:33]
  • Going beyond the gyms and into the mental health community [04:04]
  • Being a safe place for an older man to share his struggles with depression [06:16]
  • Ministering to a young man seriously contemplating suicide [08:01]
  • When God brings the opportunities to minister [09:52]
  • Dealing with bouts of sadness and doubt [11:22]
  • Adjusting to work and home with Baby #2 [14:05]
  • His biggest challenge as a husband [18:01]
  • His greatest challenge as a dad [22:17]
  • His toughest challenge in business and ministry [28:07]
  • A quick sharing of the Word [32:39]

A final word of encouragement from Rob [34:14]

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Rob Decker (00:00):

When I’m chasing, chasing, chasing, I’m out of God’s will because I’m chasing and I’m getting tired and I’m exhausted doing it. When I scale back and just do what he’s called me to do, allow some of it to come me. I go to some of it. There’s no need to overdo it. You know, things tend to move more fluidly and then I have more energy.

Jake Enriquez (00:32):

Hey, welcome back to Press & Reach. Join me now for episode number 74 with my good friend, Mr. Rob Decker of Kingdom FIT. That’s Faith in Training. Let’s go!

Jake Enriquez (00:41):

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever this may be to you, I sure hope and pray that you be found well in spirit, my friend. Hey, my name is Jake Enriquez and it is a joy, honor, a privilege to be your host today. So please let me welcome you to Press and Reach – a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way to do the same. Hey, welcome back to the show, Mr. Rob Decker. Good morning Rob. How are you doing this morning, man?

Rob Decker (01:18):

I’m doing really well, my friend. It’s good to, it’s good to be back. It’s good to hear that voice, that radio voice.

Jake Enriquez (01:21):

It was good to have you back man. I know it’s been a while since you’ve been here and I also know that man, there’s been a lot of changes in your life right since we spoke last. So I want to get right into it, but before we do man, just going to ask you, just do a quick uh, introduction just to let people know who you are, where you’re from, that kind of thing.

Rob Decker (01:38):

Absolutely. Well, I’m Rob Decker. I’m originally from California, so you know, if you listened to the previous podcast that was out of Torrance, California. Um, I’m currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and a great way to get a hold of me is through rob@robdeckerspeaks.com.

Jake Enriquez (01:56):

All right. All right, great. And yeah, like Rob just mentioned, if you want a, if you have an opportunity to go back I should say and just listen. Because Rob first, the first time he came on, he did a testimony with us man and shared an incredible story. As a matter of fact, we did two parts, you know, because we wanted to get it all in and just go back and listen. We’ll have that link by the way in the show notes of this episode. But I would encourage you just to go back and listen to Rob’s testimony, but Rob, we’re going to move past that because like I say, man, things have, things have taken off for you. And first off the move, you moved from California to Colorado, right?

Rob Decker (02:33):

Absolutely. Yeah. You know, we wanted an opportunity. Well, the truth is, is that uh, the Lord spoke into my wife’s heart when we came out here on our honeymoon and pressed on her that we were to move here. And initially we’re just like, Hey, you know, it’s much more affordable considering that we came out of California and, um, but you know, He had different plans, man. And so it’s been a, it’s been a wild ride since I got here.

Jake Enriquez (02:59):

Sure, sure. I mean, I see you now, uh, working out in the snow and I’m like, Oh my goodness, this guy never stops, never stops.

Rob Decker (03:08):

Not much is going to stop me man. And, and you know, I’m, you know, I kind of come from that, you know, you gotta be willing to do, uh, the things that other people aren’t willing to do. And um, you know, and plus it’s part of my ministry. You know, it’s like you gotta be uncomfortable. You gotta be uncomfortable in some environments, you know, in order to, to, to grow. And so, uh, I gotta live this stuff, man. If I’m going to preach it, I better be living it, for sure.

Jake Enriquez (03:33):

Amen, amen. Hey, matter of fact, let’s talk a little bit about that right there, Kingdom FIT. I know it’s a ministry and an opportunity for you to, to reach others for the Lord and the things that you get to do in that, you know, they line up to the things that you really love to do both – fitness and faith. But I liked the Kingdom FIT, which is, is it Faith in Training, right?

Rob Decker (03:56):

Yeah. You got it, man.

Jake Enriquez (03:57):

Yeah, I like that, man. So tell me, tell me about that opportunity in ministry. How are you able to reach others through that ministry?

Rob Decker (04:04):

A lot of it’s word of mouth and just really putting myself out there. So, you know, uh, when I came out here to the Springs, you know, I got a job at a corporate gym and very early on, like right out the gate, I let them know, Hey, this is my long term vision, my long-term dream. And so, you know, my stay there wasn’t very long, but you know, you meet people, you get to meet people and people get to know your story. You know, they, they see the CBN video. Uh, anything that I share with them through the website, podcasts and stuff like that. And then, um, you know, um, I’m also going to, like, mental health symposiums and counseling centers and really trying to go outside of like, gyms and the fitness realm, because ultimately, you know, a lot of what I’m trying to pour into others are struggling with mental health.

Rob Decker (04:57):

And so, you know, you’re meeting people in certain realms, in the counseling and the therapy and all that kind of stuff. And you know, you’re getting to know people. And you know, the thing about Colorado Springs is that it’s, there’s a lot of churches here, there’s a lot of Christianity here. And so you have like a lot of faith-based therapists and counselors and uh, things of that sort. And so it allows me to really, um, engage in and share what I’ve been through and what I’m doing with those people. Because you know, they’re very welcoming when you share the faith. But you know, at the same time, it’s not always about sharing the same faith. Like, my thing here is yeah, it’s great to edify other Christians and build them up, but also to, you know, draw people to God. So, um, and so that’s, that’s what we’re trying to do here.

Jake Enriquez (05:45):

Okay. I like that. And you know, I know that you have an opportunity to sit one-on-one with some people. Let me ask you about that part right there. What do you think has been the most surprising, uh, thing to you in the industry or in that ministry, I should say? Have people come up to you and, and open up about different things. You’d have maybe never saw that coming. Maybe they come to you, maybe they were just coming to lose 20 pounds and next thing you know, they’re opening up to you about all kinds of things. Right?

Rob Decker (06:16):

Well, absolutely. I mean, I mean ultimately that’s what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to engage in those relationships, build trust so that you guys can open about the darker or the harder things or the tribulations or the childhood trauma. Like that’s what you’re trying to build. But you know, I got two quick stories for you. You know, I was working at a gym and there’s this gentleman there and he just recently won in his weight class on stage, some fitness competition, right? Like everybody knows him, everybody loves him. He’s always smiling and really good guy. And him and I developed a good relationship. Well, um, one day he texts me and he’s like, Hey, what do you know about suicide and depression? And he knew my story, so he knew that, I know plenty of it, you know, I know pretty well.

Rob Decker (07:00):

I have a, I had a close relationship with so, um, and I still do and, you know, he came to the house and we sat down and we really start opening up about some stuff and, you know, he’s a very introverted guy, so he’s not one to really open up so much, but he was, he was opening up about his concerns about particular people in his life and I was able to, you know, express concern in those areas and, and kind of get him to change perspective and to really think about those people that were affecting him. And, uh, we walked away from that and it was all good and he was very grateful. Well, about three weeks later, his wife walks up to me and said, whatever you talked about with, you know, my husband that day. Um, and I’ve been married to him 30 years, that changed him and I thank you very much for that.

Rob Decker (07:49):

Because she wasn’t able to really reach him. Um, you know, for that 30 years of marriage and stuff like that. So, you know, and that was a relationship I met through the gym, because Kingdom FIT is more than just the fitness, right? It is a ministry. And so, um, another opportunity was, uh, I was going for the first time to a youth service, the youth pastor had invited me in, meet the guys, you know. So, first time I ever go and he knows my story, because I went over to his house and we talked, had a great conversation. So, I get to the church and he, I mean, he bolts up to me. No like, “Hey Rob, how you doing”? It’s like, “Hey Rob, I got this guy over here and he wants to kill himself.” Young man, 17 years old, got this young guy who wants to kill himself.

Rob Decker (08:33):

I need you to talk to him. And, um, I walk over there and I introduced myself and we get to talking and all of a sudden, Holy Spirit starts bringing up a lot of stuff in me, um, where I can engage with this young man. And as I’m talking to him, he’s like, I thought I was the only one ever that was going through this. I didn’t think anyone thought the way that I thought or, you know, and I’m like, man, been there, done that and I get it, and we’re having this amazing conversation. Well, 45 minutes into that conversation, he’s like, I just want to let you know, man, I was sitting at the edge of my bed with a gun to my head and I was gonna blow my head off. I sat there and something told me to go to church.

Rob Decker (09:12):

So he went to three different churches and they were all closed and he goes, you know what, I’m going to give this one last church a shot. So that’s the church he showed up to. He walks through the doors and he started talking to pastor and he must’ve been there only for about 15 minutes before I walked in the door. And, uh, and today, you know, and I still am in contact with him. He’s off of the drugs and the alcohol and, you know, life has changed for him and he’s received the Lord. And to me that’s what it’s all about, is being able to engage and to be, like, to feel and to understand what someone else is going through. And like, dude, you’re not alone. And uh, so those were really two, I mean a lot of stuff has happened since I’ve been here, trust me.

Rob Decker (09:52):

It’s funny cause you know, when that’s your ministry, it’s drawn to you. You don’t really have to go look for it. Um, and so, and so, you know, I deal with a lot. Man, I had a childhood friend who saw a Facebook post, a guy that I’ve known since kindergarten, first grade, and he hits me up and he’s like, man, I see how much your life has changed. I need to know how you made that change. Like, my dad committed suicide and I just lost my dad last year. So, you know, he lost, his dad committed suicide. But I lost my dad last year to a drug overdose. And I always felt like drug abuse and alcohol was slow suicide anyway. So I’m like, dude, my dad basically committed suicide, right? And, um, and uh, you know, was able to really talk about what changed my life, and my choices and my actions and serving the Lord and, and you know, now he’s opening up scripture for the first time. Right. Um, but those are the kinds of situations and it goes, it’s, it’s bigger than fitness, you know, Faith in Training is bigger than the muscle group. Right? It’s the spiritual muscles, bro.

Rob Decker (11:02):

You know, it’s not the cardiovascular conditioning. It’s like, ah, I want your heart. Right? Like, I want, I want to penetrate that and I want to, you know, and we want to pull out dark rooms in your house and bring light to them so that you can clear them out and, you know, have peace and health in your life. And so, yeah, those are just like a couple little stories, man.

Jake Enriquez (11:22):

Sure, sure, absolutely. And you just touched on something earlier you said that still, at times. So let me ask you that. Um, bouts of depression, do they still come and go?

Rob Decker (11:35):

For me? I have moments of like sadness and doubt. Um, but I, but it’s more of like, it’s not depression by any means. Um, I think it’s more of I get in my head, um, but now I know how to get out of that.

Rob Decker (11:51):

Um, and I think that’s what I…so, when life’s problems, because you know that in Christ we take a different approach to life and a lot of times, you know, um, the things that you do are very opposite of what the world does. Um, and I’m trusting in God for certain things. Well, sometimes when you don’t see those things come to fruition, it can get a little overwhelming. And so I do get overwhelmed. Um, you know, I, I do get a little stressed and especially because I have a wife and two kids and all that kind of stuff and um, you know, a wife can really start uh, bringing some stuff up, right?

Jake Enriquez (12:25):

Yes, sir. I understand! I’m glad you brought that up. I think you just opened something up, but hold on. I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to take a quick break, and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez (12:38):

Hey guys, it’s Jake and Hey, I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact you liked the podcast to come and subscribe, rate and review. Just take a brief moment to do that, but not only that, we ask that you come and visit us on PressandReach.com where we’re all about faith, family, and community. Listen, if you have a story about how your faith in the Lord has seen you through, we certainly want to hear from you, whether it’s been in your business life, your personal life, which could be your marriage or dealing with your family, whatever it may be. We know that faith is a daily walk. So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all the glory.

Jake Enriquez (13:21):

Welcome back to the show. We’re hanging out with Mr Rob Decker. And uh, right before the break Rob was talking about how, how other changes have taken place, you know, with the family. And we want to talk a little bit about that man. Because um, you know, I really desire and I really long to reach the fellas out there. I really do, man. I love the men. These guys, you know, I say, Hey man, it’s you’re where it starts, you know, for your family and we got to do better than these things. But you know, I think about what you were just saying, so I know that, uh, you know, you were talking about a little bit about Kingdom FIT. You talked a bit, a little bit about the move and now I want to know, I didn’t even get a chance to hear, but you have a new child in the family, right? An addition, right?

Rob Decker (14:05):

We do. We got a beautiful young baby girl named Gianna Noelle.

Jake Enriquez (14:09):

I like that man. I like that. So now, how old is she?

Rob Decker (14:14):

She’s four months old. She’s fresh out the oven!

Jake Enriquez (14:16):

How’s little Caleb doing?

Rob Decker (14:22):

You know, my little terror. I love that little beast to death. Yeah. You know, it, it’s really, um, it’s really awesome. So, you know, part of my, my thing was that like, my dad growing up didn’t really nurture my skills and abilities. More than anything, he shut them down, but that was his stuff, you know, and he’s been forgiven for that and I love him. Um, but with my son, you know, he’s naturally gravitated to like, you know, he’ll be three years old and three days, right. He, he’s, he started hitting off the tee at one and now I can throw him overhand pitches with a bat that’s intended for four year olds and he’s stoking it. Uh, we take them to Dick’s Sporting Goods, the kid’s playing hockey, shooting hoops, slam dunkin, guy wants to play golf.

Rob Decker (15:08):

Like the kid’s a beast. He’s an athlete. Like, um, it’s amazing. He is, he is a big bundle of energy and athleticism and it’s fun to watch. And really early on with Caleb, um, because I’m a fitness and health coach, like I monitor movement. And so what I did with Caleb is I started developing his balance and core strength at a very young age so that as he aged, that would become first nature for him and then he could focus on the skill part of any kind of sport if he chose to play those. So yeah, so he’s doing great. I mean, I think the new addition of Gianna has kind of, you know, taken away some of the attention from him, which, so there’s a natural season of adaptation for him. Um, which has been a little less sleep for dad, but, you know.

Jake Enriquez (15:55):

You’re just, what do you say, four months in with her?

Rob Decker (15:58):

Yeah. We’re four months in with Gianna.

Jake Enriquez (15:59):

Well, you know that, uh, those changes continue to take place and you know, things may, you know, get a little bit easier at six months, eight months. You know, how that kind of just falls like that. And next thing you know, it’s not so much work, you know, they are a lot of work when they’re little bitty like that right now getting up late at night and everything else. But I can imagine what it must be like for your wife.

Rob Decker (16:21):

Yeah, it’s tough for her because, you know, um, you know, she spends a lot of time with our daughter and our daughter, you know, has her carriage or whatever it is right next to our bed. And so, um, my wife and I have to sleep in separate areas for right now because you know, the baby’s up, you know, so many times a night and I’m up super, super early to train. And so, um, and it’s not ideal. Like I don’t enjoy it, man. I don’t enjoy being out of the room with my wife and stuff like that, but she has to take care of Gianna and then, so Caleb, you know, will come running to me and when he’s not comfortable and, and uh, you know, and a lot of it, again, it’s just cause you know, he has a sister here and she’s getting the attention. He’s used to like getting it all. So, you know, we’re all, we’re all living it together, man.

Jake Enriquez (17:07):

Sure. So let me ask you this, Rob. You know, because that’s, when we talk about being a dad, we talked about being a husband and, you know, these are the areas that most men will struggle with, you know, and these areas, you know, we can feel overwhelmed. Uh, we can feel like we’re failing. Um, man, there’s just so many different things that’ll drive men into isolation. Right. It makes me think about when I heard you the very first time you said that, uh, a group of guys or some guys invited you to a Bible study.

Rob Decker (17:39):

Yeah. Good memory! Yeah.

Jake Enriquez (17:40):

So when you went and you went to that Bible study, you know, them guys were, they were welcoming you into the fold, man, into the fellowship, you know, they spoke to you about salvation and all that good stuff, man. You know, so that’s where it started for, you had a starting point.

Rob Decker (17:54):

It’s easy when you’re single bro!

Jake Enriquez (18:01):

I get it! But now you, you, you’re a little bit busier and I’m glad you said a little bit busy. You’re, uh, you’re married, got kids, got the business. So what’s been the most challenging thing to you as, number one, a husband?

Rob Decker (18:13):

Um, you know, I think listening and communication, so, you know, um, really paying attention to what my wife says. You know, I think that in seasons of exhaustion or, um, you know, me being so visionary on what’s to come, you know, I can put my wife to the side when I’m so driven myself to do what I believe God has called me to do. And I think just recognizing that, constantly listening to what’s really going on with her.

Rob Decker (18:46):

Um, and, communicating that to each other cause it’s easy for us to interpret what we want the way we want to, and then that’s when communication breaks down, right? And so I think the most challenging is like in the midst of her raising our babies and me creating this business and this ministry – and she’s in on the business and ministry as well. She plays the back end of all of it. Like, it’s a family deal. So, you know, it takes a whole other level of trust and communication and um, you know, I think just staying on the same page all the time and now you have two people that are also exhausted because she’s taking care of babies, she’s losing sleep. I’m trying to train and minister and you know how ministering can actually pull like spiritual energy from you, which affects you emotionally and mentally and physically.

Rob Decker (19:32):

And so now you’re dealing with two people that are very exhausted but both very driven and, um, you know, the communication can get lost in that. And so I think that’s the most challenging part with my marriage. I know that I need to be listening to my wife because she is telling me how she feels and what’s going on with her. Um, and not to take things personal for me when she approaches because you know, out of exhaustion or confusion or you know, whatever underlying feeling that she has and if it comes off a certain way, well, you know, for me not to take it personal and just understand that like maybe my wife is scared in this moment and she doesn’t know what’s going on. Right. And, and I have to be very receptive to that. And sometimes when you’re really exhausted or your mind is somewhere else, it’s hard to, um, to receive that, you know? And I think just trying to really, you know, marriage is a constant work in progress too. It’s not just, you know, you don’t say I do and it’s gravy, baby! Throw in a munchkin over here and then a little rug rat over there. And you know, everyone’s eating all the crumbs.

Jake Enriquez (20:44):

Communication, you know, it’s definitely challenging to us all. But I think that, you know, what you were talking about is just being proactive and, and doing it with intent, making sure you maintain that. You know, me and my wife, you know, we have a great sense of humor between each other. So if, you know, we have this thing that we like to say is that, you know, when we maybe don’t see eye to eye and we upset one another, uh, I always tell her and now she tells me the window of opportunity is open for an apology.

Jake Enriquez (21:23):

And you know, she said, well, you better crawl through it, you know, because she wants you to apologize or whatever. But we play around a little bit and you know, laughing, for me, is a little bit of a little icebreaker because you know, we take ourselves really serious sometimes and it might not be that big of a deal, but I’m glad that you touched on that while ago because where she’s coming from, maybe you’re not coming from that spot. And that’s that perspective and just willing to, to have an understanding for what to know. So communication is definitely a must. So, uh, again, let me ask you this one man. How about as a dad, what’s the most challenging thing to you as a dad? Now, I know, Rob, you a young pops man and that’s a great thing by the way. It’s great. But you know…

Rob Decker (22:07):

I appreciate the “young” bro! That’s debatable in some circles, but yeah!

Jake Enriquez (22:17):

So what do you thinks been the most challenging thing to you as a dad, as you’re learning?

Rob Decker (22:21):

You know, I think that one, so actually I’m glad you brought this up. Um, because I wanted you to bring this up. I think the most challenging things for me was taking my life and my childhood and comparing it or, um, you know, interjecting it into my family and my kids. So, um, my dad wasn’t my biological father and that’s part of my testimony too. But like, and my sister wasn’t my full sister, right. So my dad always treated my sister a little bit better. And I think the hardest thing for me was one, I didn’t want to treat my son the way that I was treated. And, and again, I’m not knocking my father, I’m just saying like, you know, so, um, but what happened, when Gianna was born is I was so afraid of Caleb getting lost and us having this baby girl that I almost pushed Gianna and developing a relationship with her aside just so I can totally focus on my baby boy.

Rob Decker (23:29):

And what happened was, is I ended up going to this retreat and while I was at this retreat, someone walks up to me and they put their hands on me and they said, “concerning your son, the cycle is broken” and you don’t know how many times Jake, that I would tell people it’s my job to break the cycle. It’s my job to break the cycle. Well, you know, that in that moment it was so freeing because I realized because there was such great separation between my sister and I, and we didn’t grow up in a healthy relationship. Um, and I got outcasted. I just didn’t want that to happen to Caleb. And I realized in that moment, like the Lord was speaking into me and He was just like, I’ve got this. It’s covered. You’re good. Now go home. You can continue to love on your son, but now go love on your daughter too.

Rob Decker (24:19):

Um, so I think one of the greatest challenges was realizing that I was creating this division because I was so afraid of Caleb becoming me. But Caleb’s not going to become me because I’m not my dad. So, um, I think that was one of the biggest challenges. And, and two, like in those moments, like when dealing with your kids, like you don’t want to become, um, impatient and aggressive and, and you know, I can catch myself doing it at times with my son because he’s such a dude, he’s like the Tasmanian devil man. And so, you know, I think that’s the biggest challenge is like raising my children differently and making sure that they get an equal amount of love. You know, you’re going to love them differently and in their own way, but, um, to make sure that there’s, there’s not a favorite in that situation, but that they’re just both madly loved, you know? And so I think that’s been the biggest challenge is, you know, taking my childhood traumas, wiping them away and smashing them and just, you know, moving on with my own family.

Jake Enriquez (25:21):

Oh, that’s awesome. You know, and I, and I believe that we all have a little bit of that in us. For example, when you were talking about that, it made me think of, you know, me and my wife, uh, I came up one way, she came up another.

Rob Decker (25:34):

Oh, preach it! Let’s talk about that!

Jake Enriquez (25:34):

When we want to discipline our kids, we want to show our kids this or that, you know, we got to come to a …for me, because I came up, my dad was a lot more stern. As a matter of fact, you know, he told us when we were 18, we were getting ready to graduate. He said, listen, you can go in the military or I’ll pay for your college, but the fact of the matter is you can’t stay here. Okay. So that kind of thing. And that, Rob, by the way, when I was listening to you, that was my mentality.

Jake Enriquez (26:05):

I thought the same way, man, they got to go. Yeah. But my wife is not that way. And um, I thank God that she’s not, she’s more nurturing and, and wanting to ease them out into things. And, you know, man, I didn’t listen. I’m just telling you right now, I didn’t listen so much and uh, I struggled with that kind of stuff as well. But I’m glad you brought that up. Because I know there are a lot of guys, you know, maybe going through the same thing man. But I, I think it’s grace, man. We all gotta operate in grace.

Rob Decker (26:33):

We need it. But you know what, that, that brings up a great point for me because we’re going to talk about how we were raised differently. Like, so for me, because of all the abuse and violence and you know, the turmoil in my house – when it comes to disciplining my son, it’s a lot harder for me because I’ve been disciplined so much. So like, I have to connect with my wife because my wife, you know, she’s a lot more straight edged. She’s just, she’s good man. You know, she’s super good at and she’s, that’s why I married her, because she’s good. But she understands that you gotta separate emotion from discipline, right? Like, you know, things have to be done a certain way and um, and I have to listen to her in that. And it’s really hard for me because when my son breaks down, the last thing I want to do is like, you know, be stern and firm with them, you know? And so, and that’s something that I’m working on as well and developing. But, I think always being in that mindset of like, you know, is this helping a situation or is it making it worse? And you know, I’m conducting that through my wife, like, and with her, um, is highly effective and it teaches me so much. I mean we’re not, you and I, we’re, we’re not done learning. It just doesn’t stop, learning does not stop. If you’re done learning, you’re dead.

Jake Enriquez (27:49):

Absolutely man. I think about that and the kiddos and the wife. Now what about the business? You know, because ministry and the business and all the aspects of it and all tied up together can be very challenging. And if you’re not careful you can get overwhelmed in some of these things. So what do you think would be the most challenging thing to you?

Rob Decker (28:10):

Well for me right now, the, the patience element is the most challenging part because I know that I’m doing what I’ve been called to do. And so, um, I know that I’m fine there. So again, my wife looks at the finances. Financially, we’re not supposed to be where we’re at. So that’s challenging because you’re dealing with that. But at the same time, you know, I’m also constantly planting seeds, so I’m constantly going to events or talking to individuals or training someone.

Rob Decker (28:39):

Like you’re constantly planting these seeds because you know that I’ve only been here for 15 months. And so I’m very new to the area. So everything, as it should be, should be word of mouth. I think your strongest businesses, your strongest ministries, are all word of mouth. It’s not about marketing and advertising. That will help you get business. But to build a strong foundation and maintain that business, it’s going to be a lot of word of mouth because obviously somebody trusts you to share that with somebody else. And so, it’s the patience and building the ministry and um, and the business as I’m still getting familiar with the area and the people and they’re getting to know me. Um, you can share a story. I have an amazing testimony with someone one time and they can be extremely drawn to it, but it takes time to really trust people, you know.

Rob Decker (29:29):

Um, there’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens to people. They can give God all the glory and then, you know, they can still act a fool. Right. And I think that so many people, especially in the faith world have been hurt by other Christians or in churches. And so there’s more walls up. You know, I don’t know if you know this about Colorado Springs, but Colorado Springs was the home of Ted Haggard. Um, and I don’t know if you remember that story, but you know, after that situation, from my understanding speaking to other pastors, because again, I’m very new to the area, that created great division or put up walls between the other churches in this city because he had such a strong following and everybody trusted him and trusted that church and it all came crumbling down when he did what he did. And you might need to Google him if you have to, but it was not very wholesome stuff that he was doing.

Rob Decker (30:23):

So now you have a guy that no one’s met that comes into this community preaching Jesus, preaching God’s goodness, right? But you had that guy here already and he did damage to the city and created like, all this separation, right? And so, you know, you got to take those things into consideration. People just don’t trust Christians all the time. And then you have, you know, everything that you see on TV and, and, um, you know, Christians not really preaching the gospel, but yet they have different intentions in mind and the world sees that stuff, you know, and so their walls, their walls are up, you know, it’s like, Oh, another Christian preaching Jesus, what do you want? You need a donation, right? Do you need, you want gas money for your Hummer on the house that’s on top of the Hill?

Rob Decker (31:09):

And so you have a lot of that. Like, the body of Christ has been hurt in that sense. And so, you know, I think just being patient and trusting and allowing that to develop God’s way. I find that – you want to talk about being exhausted – when I’m chasing, chasing, chasing, I’m out of God’s will ’cause I’m chasing and I’m getting tired and I’m exhausted doing it. When I scale back and just do what he’s called me to do, allow some of it to come to me. I go to some of it. There’s no need to overdo it. You know, things tend to move more fluidly and then I have more energy. But it can be exhausting when you’re, it’s like a salesman that has to meet a quota. Like when you’re always chasing that quota, man, you get burned out. And when I get in the flesh and I think, well this is what God wants me to do, well that’s when I start burning myself out and I’m like, ah, this is not what God wants me to do. Right. He’s like, son, slow your roll, slow down. I got ya. I can snap my fingers, change everything in a moment. And I’m like, yes, You’re right. And I trust that. Um, but the world gets thrown at you man. And so I think that’s the hard part. I mean, I, I hope that gave a nice visual to what was going on.

Jake Enriquez (32:25):

Patience is a hard thing for anybody! When I see you, man, and when I think about you and I’m glad that we were able to establish a relationship. But I think about, you know, just hearing you today, it reminds me of this psalm, and I’ll just read it to you. It’s Psalm 128, by the way, for the listeners. It’s “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways. When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy and it shall be well with you. Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house. Your children like olive plants all around your table. Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord. The Lord bless you out of Zion. And may you see the good of Jerusalem all the days of your life. Yes, may you see your children’s children. Peace be upon Israel.” So that’s the 128 Psalm, man. And you know what? When I hear you and I hear what’s going on in your life, I know, my brother, that you fear the Lord. Which is reverence, by the way, not scared.

Jake Enriquez (33:31):

And your reverence for God and what the Lord is doing in your life. And man, we’re just happy for you brother. And as you continue to walk in this thing and walk in, you know, your faith and encouraging others to do the same, I’m going to ask you today, you know, uh, as we wrap it up, man, what, let’s just say that there’s a – ’cause I’m all about the brothers, right? You know, thinking about the men, um, what would be an encouraging word that you’d like to share with these guys? Maybe they, Hey, maybe their business is not going so well. Maybe their marriage is not really on point or, hey Rob, maybe they are favoring one of their kiddos or really don’t have that relationship.

Jake Enriquez (34:12):

Maybe that other stuff is kind of bothering them about how they came up. What would be just a simple word of encouragement you would share with them?

Rob Decker (34:18):

You know, I’m always a “don’t give up hope” kind of guy. And, and you know, ultimately the real change is going to take place inside of you. And it’s easy to look at your surroundings and your circumstances and other people and point the finger. But the reality is for most of us, and I believe it until the day that we depart, right? Like there’s a constant refining that goes on inside of us and you have to take a deep look into yourself and you do have to question the things that are going on in your mind and your heart and are your motives and actions godly? Is this really something that’s driven by God or is it driven by your flesh?

Rob Decker (34:59):

Even if you call it God, if you say that this is from Him, is it really? Is it something that you’re pursuing for your own stature or your own fame or for money? Like, what are you really chasing? Are you chasing God’s heart, or are you chasing your dreams? You chasing what He put on your heart, or are you going to go chase what you think success looks like? And so, you know, a lot of times we don’t listen to our wives. You know, they’re saying something, even if it’s out of anger, they’re telling you something and it’s time to start listening.

Rob Decker (35:33):

You know, it’s time to really listen to the Lord and ask Him, what is it that you have for my life and how can I be obedient to You? How can I obey You? How can I put a smile on your face, dad? You know, I want to make you happy. And a lot of times they’re sacrificing that and we know what the ultimate sacrifice was. Um, take that as a lesson. Like, there was some severe sacrifice that took place on that cross. And so you are Christ of your household. You are the Jesus. We lean on Him, and our family leans on us like Christ, and He did a lot of sacrificing in order to get to that cross. And so there is a lot of sacrifice and unselfishness that has to take place within inside of us. And it’s really hard because I think with the nature of sin and the nature of man, we are very selfish individuals. So before you start pointing the finger, realize that you’re selfish and that you need to start making sacrifices for your family. Your wife will see that. Your kids will see that. It may not make sense to your friends, your family, the rest of the world, but that’s just what God called us to do, right? And so I think that you need to reflect and look in the mirror, and it’s you. It’s you. Let Christ grow inside of you, Brother.

Jake Enriquez (36:49):

Amen. Hey man, I greatly appreciate that man, right there, that’ll preach, friend. I’m going to listen to that again after I get off this.

Rob Decker (36:54):

[laughing] All of a sudden, he’s like, honey, honey, you know what? I’m so sorry. Yeah, can I make you a sandwich?

Jake Enriquez (37:02):

Hey brother Rob, thank you man, so so much for coming back and reconnecting with us and joining us here on Press and Reach. It was a delight to hear from you again. And brother, I just want you to know, man, we love you. We thank God for you. Keep pressing in your faith, keep pressing in the things that God has you to do and great shall be your reward! We love you, man.

Rob Decker (37:25):

Love you, brother. Man, thanks for having me back on like you said that you would, a man of your word, man. And uh, I plan on coming back again and telling you even the more amazing things that are going on.

Jake Enriquez (37:35):

That’s what I’m talking about, ’cause testimony is always going and growing, isn’t it ?

Rob Decker (37:39):

Preach it brother, yes! Amen man!

Jake Enriquez (37:42):

Once again, it’s been a joy hanging out with you. So please keep pressing and reaching, and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone out here. For He has promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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