067: The Life of a Minister with Kenneth Hill

What does it take for us to establish a flourishing relationship with the Lord?  Growing up in church is a great place to start, but that’s no guarantee.  What does it take to get our attention?  Kenneth Hill is a great friend, a faithful servant, and a minister for the Lord.  He’s on the podcast today sharing what happened in his life that brought such growth in his personal relationship with Christ, and how we too can have confidence in Him to see us through every trial.

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Investments of Time

Kenneth Hill, or “Coach”, is a Dallas native and former educator and coach.  For the last ten+ years, he’s been ministering every week in a nursing home, spending time with the residents as they tell their stories and relate their own history to the bible’s stories.  He also serves in prison ministry and is an active member of Solid Rock Church in Arlington.  Growing up, Coach’s parents were teachers and educators who did a great job of encouraging young Kenneth and nurturing the potential they saw in him.  While mom and dad focused on educational goals, it was up to the church and his grandmother to instill in Kenneth and his siblings the basic principles of the Christian faith.  His childhood participation in church events would serve as the introduction for his belief, but it was not enough to sustain him into adulthood.

Testing that Produces Endurance

As believers in Christ, we can expect that the tests will produce in us our testimonies.  For Kenneth, that took place in December of 2005, when his wife of 17 years suddenly passed away.  Kenneth’s wife was a believer who stayed with him through it all, even enduring the pain of his unfaithfulness that produced a child.  She covered her husband in prayer, and he did come to know the Lord and be saved.  He began to follow the Lord, and she introduced him to the church that he still attends today.  After seventeen years, they’d finally made it to the point where they were aligned with God’s will and gelling as a couple.  In one afternoon, Kenneth’s wife and the cornerstone of their family, was called Home.  Although his faith allowed him to understand her passing, he felt unprepared for picking up the reins and taking over the full-time responsibilities of the home and raising their kids.

Seeking Approval

Like so many of us, Coach has been distracted and thrown off course when comparing himself to others.Thirteen years later, his sense of self-worth continues to be developed and refined.  Where he once indiscriminately sought affirmation from external sources, he seeks God for his purpose and value.  When we look for affirmation from others, it hinders our walk.  We stop noticing what God has already brought us through.  When we start thinking that somebody is a little bit better along than us, we devalue what we’ve gone through.  Slowly, with our eyes on others, we drift away from God.  But in our obedience, we get to see how valuable we are to Him as He strengthens us for the tasks He created us specifically to do.

Coach Hill’s final word of encouragement is this:  Forget not His benefits.  After God delivers you, there’s another trial on the horizon.  Remember what it took to overcome the previous trial, and build on the victories.  God is just, and He will provide what you need to overcome any challenge.  Whatever your situation, there’s a way out other thanwhat you think.  Don’t trust in yourself and in your emotions, because those things change.  Reach out to Him, and trust Him.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:35 Welcome back to Press and Reach. My name’s Jake Enriquez, your host and once again, what a beautiful and wonderful morning it is and just glad to have you join us in this beautiful day and before we really get started, always remind each and every one of you as a listener to go back to press and reach dot com. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter, the devotional, and just connect with us because we want to connect with you, find out more about you and continue to build community with you as we all walk this thing out, you know the walk of faith is never intended for you to walk alone in France, so that’s the reason we come out here and do it, man. Really, because we want to walk with you as God. So it has instructed us to do, to walk into the lives of one another. So today on this beautiful morning, I have a great friend of mine who’s come forward to share and spend some time with us. He’s a coach. He’s a Grimace, a great friend. I love him and I thank God for him in my life. So welcome to the show, Kenneth Hill. How are you doing this morning, Coach?

Kenneth Hill: 01:33 Doing Great. I’m doing great.

Jake Enriquez: 01:35 You might hear me refer to him as “Coach” or “Grimace”. Don’t be confused. I’ll talk about that later. But anyhow. Anyhow, thank you so much for coming to hang out with us, man. Seriously, I’m listen to people always want to know each other, get to know each other on a personal level. So just go and introduce yourself, who you are and where you’re from.

Kenneth Hill: 01:55 Well, my name is Kenneth Hill. I’m from originally from Dallas, Texas. I currently reside in Arlington, Texas. Um, I um, was just, I’ve been here for about 14 years and so, um, that’s who I am and wire.

Jake Enriquez: 02:13 Okay. Absolutely. Now I know you’re a minister, right? That’s correct. And you have been ever since I’ve met you. All right, ever since I met you now I know that right now, currently you’ve been involved in the Nursing Home Ministry for quite some time, right? That, that’s correct. Alright. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that, what all that entails in the nursing home. There I go. I should just ask, what do you, what do you guys, would you mainly focus on out there?

Kenneth Hill: 02:40 Well, I actually got started in the Nursing Home Ministry. I went up and inquired about, um, about providing a service through that nursing home and I in originally just intended it for, to be held once a month, once a month thing, but you know, that they put me on as a weekly. Okay. So for the last 10 plus years I’ve been actually going through the nursing home. I’m just ministering to them. Uh, and of course they’re administering to me as a, as they tell their stories.

Jake Enriquez: 03:17 Absolutely. And you know, I know it’s probably grown in time. In other words, it’s not the same as when you first started. So, uh, I’m sure that the Lord has unfolded things for you. So what have you seen over time? I mean, what would you say now could be more of the focus for you?

Kenneth Hill: 03:33 Well, I think one of the things that has really been a focus is because as time goes on, you evolve and as the people come and go, as, as they often do, you start hearing about their history and the things that they’ve actually gone through, you know, so, and they don’t really correlate with the, with the textbooks. And so some of the things that you find in the textbooks, um, as far as the different presidents and the different things, they lived those experiences. Sure. And because they lived it and they share those experiences about that time, that era as we relate a biblically to those stories, they find a commonality in it and they find evolution and they find strength in those things.

Jake Enriquez: 04:23 Let me ask you this man, what’s the, what do you think the average age is around? Oh, it’s 80 plus 80 plus 80 plus. So he really getting a lot of history lessons and they get to talk to you about why, hold on a minute, because if they’re talking to you about things, I mean, that’s, I, I would take that as you’re getting history lessons sometime.

Kenneth Hill: 04:45 Yes. They do teach. They do. A lot of them, they’ll remember, you know, the twenties or thirties, um, you know, the forties, they’ll remember those as almost as relative as it is today. And so they were able to talk about the different struggles that they had back then. I think the, one of the things that really caught my attention is, is they’ve evolved to the point to where they know that in their twenties and thirties, right listening to, uh, a man of different ethnicity, right? They wouldn’t, it wouldn’t have never happened back then. Sure. And so now, uh, now man that were really appreciative, they, you know, they, they, they’re excited when, when, you know, when we, when, when I show up, they’re excited when, you know, some of them don’t know it’s Tuesday until they see me. So

Jake Enriquez: 05:45 that’s awesome. You know, I remember when you started that, that’s a long time ago by the way, but I remember when you started that, so I’m glad to know that you still out there faithfully in there and I know he must, God must’ve really shown you some different things, but you still be there because a, honestly, when we go through things like that in ministry, okay, uh, sometimes we call it experiences a, we’ll call them failures. In other words we go do something like, this may not be my ministry, but it’s an experience that God allows me to be a part of and see is this working to my strength? Is this not, is this something I’m supposed to do? But when he, you see that God shows you that you stay there and you grow in it, not only are you blessing those people, he’s blessing you in that scene. So, um, I don’t know the challenges that come with that though, you know, there are some different things that probably do take place, but what would you say is most challenging to you in that?

Kenneth Hill: 06:49 Um, I think the most challenging as a, you know, when you’re in that environment that does occur. Yes. And so when you lose someone, you know, if you were there that Tuesday and they’ve gone, you know, or when you get to see in dementia and all those types of elderly, um, complications that come, it’s kind of, it’s kind of a, uh, it’s a reality check. Yeah. It’s a reality check. Uh, I can say I, I would visit them, you know, when they will go to the hospital and uh, if I can share this with you. I remember, uh, one I went to the hospital to visit one of the, one of the, one of the mothers and she was, they were getting ready to take her to do a cat scan and you know, as they were getting ready to take, she said stop. She asked the gentleman, the orderly said, look, if you’re not saved, you’re not taking it anywhere.

Kenneth Hill: 07:53 And, and you could see, she could just say, and I, and one of the things that I said, man, I would love to be in that state where she says, look, you know, and she would sing praises and she was being praised and when she couldn’t remember a lot of things, you knew that she had still had that connection. And I was like, man, that is, that is where I want him because she was really emphatic, like, look, if you’re not saved. And so she waited. Now I don’t know if the man was actually say, but he said he was.

Jake Enriquez: 08:26 That’s awesome man. Well, I mean I can greatly appreciate what you do over there. We do is a, as the family of God community have gone, we can certainly appreciate what you’re doing over there and would encourage you to keep doing it. Man, that sounds awesome. So let me ask you this, you know, the podcast is all about walking out, walking out our faith and encouraging people to do the same. And I’m always fascinated with how god continues to unfold that in each

Jake Enriquez: 08:56 and every one of our lives. But it all starts with childhood. So I’ll ask you right now a little bit about your childhood. What was it like for you? I mean, did you grow up in church? Maybe not. You know, it’s funny, I, we all have, our lives are different. But what was your childhood like? Man,

Kenneth Hill: 09:11 my, my childhood was, was really good. Uh, both of my parents were teachers and educators. Uh, I was a middle child. Um, I, they did a great job of encouraging me of just catering to the, to the nice they saw where I was. I was probably the most soft spoken one of the group. You were a that Cs. Okay. And so, um, they, they had to do a lot of encouragement that they saw that they saw talent, you know, and they, they really get a great job of administrating and nurturing that talent. Now as I got older, the story changed, but initially we were, they were great.

Jake Enriquez: 10:00 All right. So, but, uh, so far is a faith. How does that tie in to faith? What I mean is, did you learn how to be faithful? Did it come from mom and dad? In other words, did they have things that you were pressured into? You say, Hey, this is how we, do we do it God’s way or, or maybe not so much?

Kenneth Hill: 10:22 Nah, Nah, they, they, they did a great job of, as far as education is concerned because education centered now they would send us to church. Okay, alright. Here we go to church and, and we, um, I, I grew up at Mount Tabor, church in Dallas. Um, my pastor at that point in time was floored the Harris and um, who’s going to Glory now? But, um, the church did a great job of, of, of teaching and instilling us the principles and so, um, we would, uh, we would go, we participate in different programs, you know, as a child, we participated in all of them a little, you know, Christmas and he used to programs and things like that. So I think, uh, I believe the first foundation I got a faith was there. Um, I think when I, when I got older and I went to, I went to college, I didn’t really follow that, follow that, that path, I’m sure.

Jake Enriquez: 11:33 But let me ask you this. The more kids, you know, I can remember, you know, I think I was talking to my wife about this not long ago, you know, I grew up in the Catholic church and grew up. My mom was the man, she was ms dot faithful. I remember I remember her. She was a, you know, our, our family. She was mean. She was the cornerstone since she was the one leading us all. Even after she passed away. I remember my dad said, you know, Mama, your Mama was the dad and I felt so bad for him, but I mean, but even in that, you know, I remember going to, she sent us, you know, to, she sent us with the neighbors and we were in Beaumont to vacation Bible school and it was very uncomfortable for me because I wasn’t used to that. I was like, man, these people, man, what are they doing? You know, they were say again and all this stuff, but you know, they may be wonder during the time, and I had questions like, is this, is there a time for you when you were a kid that you look like when they were going, you were going through different programs that you may have had questions about God that you would really look at and say, man, I want to know more what is this or what is that? Maybe you’re looking for understanding.

Kenneth Hill: 12:50 Well, when I, when I was smaller, um, I would go and visit my grandmother every, every summer and she would continue to instill, you know, but so as far as, as far as church is concerned, as far as as belief, um, I had that really instilled in me I had to really instilled. So I didn’t know any different. I didn’t know how not to because they were just impress upon that. They will tell us they would, they would tell me per se a look, you’re going to be great in God. You’re going to be, you’re going to, God is going to use you in certain different things. So no matter where I went, when I was pretty good in school, so as long as I had that encouragement, now I will say that when, when I was kind of a like a chameleon. So basically what I’m saying is whatever I was around at that point, I took that form.

Kenneth Hill: 13:48 Does that make sense? So as long as I was around them. Yeah, right. I took on that, that personality and it’s just. And I think that that kind of, um, that kind of distorted a lot of things to the point to where when I wasn’t around those type of people right when I wasn’t around, the ones that were, that were giving me the accolades when I wasn’t around them, right. I will take on the person that’s our or I wouldn’t even say envious but, but look at the different personalities and take on that form. And so that kind of sent mixed messages. I see.

Jake Enriquez: 14:26 I say, well, you know, childhood is different from everybody for everybody. And as it, as we all walk it out, man, I know that God gives us some foundation in that somewhere that we would, we could grow in. Absolutely man. So, you know, even in that, when I hear you say those things, you were still looking for it in different areas. So, uh, but as we go, we grow rather that’s all there is to it, you know, as we go, we grow these things, we learned more and especially as we seek, you know, because God said, if you seek me with all your heart. All right, so here it is, man. I tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 14:26 Welcome back to Press and Reach. Welcome back from the break. We’re hanging out with my good friend Kenneth Hill. And again, we were just talking a little bit about before the break, about growing up and some of the foundations that, you know, that God laid in front of him for his own life as a youngster, but you know, coach, I tell you what, you know, everybody goes through things, right? And I know and understand that he who walk in the Lord has always gone through some kind of test, therefore he gives a testimony. Right, right. So what would you say is a testimony that you would like to share with our listeners today?

Kenneth Hill: 17:46 One of the things that really happened as a major event that happened in 2005 and December, my wife of 17 years, she just suddenly passed away and um, that was really a trying experience because, uh, we, um, she was saved from the day I met her. Okay. She was saying she was saved and, and um, and I wasn’t. And so even even in that, you know, um, she, uh, she hung tough with me to through a lot of times. I, I was unfaithful in the marriage and had a child out of wedlock and she, um, she bared it, know she hung tough with me. Uh, and uh, it seemed like as we were finally gelling, I had gotten saved and stopped following the Lord and suddenly, you know, that that was no, no foretelling, no warning, no long illness. We just actually just moved into another house. Well, actually we lost the house and we were moving into a new house, and 10 days after that she passed. And one of the questions, I was like, Lord, you’ve got to be kidding me. You know, I was the one that wasn’t healthy. She was, she was healthy. She was uh, and you know…

Jake Enriquez: 19:11 Well let me ask you this…I don’t want to cut you off. Take me through that, the day. [Oh my goodness] Why do you say she suddenly passed away? And I know people will think about, okay, well there’s something there. But when I think about, I think about how we can miss this because when we, we take things sometimes in life for granted, right. And every day for me might look different than everyday for you. Correct. So as we’re walking through it, take it for granted, things just kind of looked differently. So tell me about that day then when you were going through there.

Kenneth Hill: 19:44 Well, let me preface it first before I go there because I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell this portion of it. And uh, I was, that was a time prior to her dying where I was sitting at home, you know, and my own self worth or whatever. And uh, the Lord actually came to me and said, look, my daughter’s not going to go through one more day of your foolishness. And I knew that, not even having a relationship with Him. So what I did, I actually got up off the couch to, went down to Don Davis, took her car and traded it in, drove all the way down to Baytown or something, some ct that she was having training in. Yeah. And I don’t, I, I can’t even tell you what I do with my kids that day, but I knew that I had to get there because the one thing that I knew is she had been covering me through her prayers. Okay. So I got there and knocked on the door and she was all surprised the fact that I was there.

Kenneth Hill: 20:51 I pointed, look, this is your car. I’ll catch the bus back. It is what it is. That that I used to be, I won’t be anymore. And from that day forward, right, we moved into the direction of being the couple of the God had called us to be. And so that particular, the day that she died, I was asked to teach in schools in Dallas. And um, that morning I got to work maybe when I got to work, but maybe at about 10:00 that day that was, that was, that was something that was just pulling on me and I, and I give credit to God on that to where I just turned and said I’m getting ready to go home. And so as I was leaving, without telling anybody, without clocking out and do the things that you’re supposed to do when you leave, I was headed to my car and I saw my principal and I told him, Hey man, I’m Finna go home.

Kenneth Hill: 21:49 He never said a word. He just said, okay. He didn’t ask me about who covering my class. He didn’t do any of that. And I, and I went home and when I got home she said that, uh, she had lost some time and I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I said, what do you mean? She said, well, for a couple hours I don’t know what happened. And so, um, I told her to go ahead and just lay down because she was not ever, she wasn’t ill or anything like that, I just said get some rest. I went to do some of the things that she normally do to you. I want to pick up my pickup, the kids views and which they staggered as far as getting out. So I was leaving home, coming back and I, um, went to pick up my son, want to take my son something for his basketball game.

Kenneth Hill: 22:38 When I got back, my daughter told me that, uh, my wife didn’t recognize her and so I said, okay, well we need to call the ambulance. We need to find out what’s going on. And so we called the ambulance. I actually drove my car there because I figured, hey, I would need a way back. And when I got there, um, you know, they will, they will had her in the header in the, in the little room or whatever. And um, she starts praying, your wife starts, she starts praying and she starts praying in the prayer language. And um, the, uh, the techs, they didn’t know what was going on. He says, well, she’s babbling incoherently. Well, as I said, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’ve been around her long enough right at this point to where I know what the prayer language use. And so she was praying and they went through the series in there because they still couldn’t find anything. Instead of heart was beating really fast, really fast, and they, of course, they went through the medicines and stuff like that. And then they said, well, what we’ll do is we’re going to do a cat scan. And so as they prepared her for the cat scan, they left and I was left in the room with her. Yeah. And uh, she told me, she said, well, Kenneth, I’m ready to go home. I said, okay.

Kenneth Hill: 24:04 I said, okay. I said, just as soon as we figure out what’s going on, we’ll be out of here. And she said it again. I said, okay, Kim. I just know that when they’re doing what they’ve done, what they’re doing. Yeah, we’re going home. Go, uh, suffice it to say she said it a third time and I, I got the message and about my, my petition was Lord, no, not now. Everything we’ve got, we’re right on the cusp of what you told us to do. I’m a, I’ve aligned myself with you. She’s doing what she’s doing, what she’s done, Lord. There’s no way. And then, um, then she flatlined and when she flat lined, of course I call the people in, I got called them and then, uh, probably about an hour they ushered me out of the room. And then about an hour later he came and told me that they were able to revive her for about 45 minutes, 45 seconds, less than a minute.

Kenneth Hill: 25:00 And that, that they couldn’t do anything that she had already, she had already passed. And I will say that, uh, uh, my, I said that I think that, I mean, I, I know that that was a really tough time, uh, but I think the words of encouragement came and I, I didn’t really want those words of encouragement, you know. Uh, but my pastor, he asked me, he said, let me ask you something brother. I said, go ahead. He said, you think if she had a choice to be with you or be with the Lord, who would she chose? Well, there went my morning, you know, because that’s where she lived for. And that’s where she lived for. And, and again, my, my, that was such a trying time because she was, you know, I was out doing a lot of coaching and wasn’t really there and you know, to, to know that I was going to have to take over those responsibilities with my, with my children.

Kenneth Hill: 26:02 That was it. That was a real daunting task and a task where I said, Lord, I know I’m not prepared for this, you know, this is, I, I, I was, you know, really newly acquainted with getting back with God to the point to where I understood her passing. But I just didn’t know what the, what the future held just because she was such a cornerstone in my life at that point in time.

Jake Enriquez: 26:28 So, so still under, I should say, in shock, really, disbelief. I can only imagine all the things that may have been running through your head man. Uh, so in that, you know, even at a time like that, and like you said, you were just kind of getting back to it, you know, start to understand and starting to walk in God’s way for you. And you feel like you just got thrown out?

Kenneth Hill: 26:57 Oh my goodness, it was, it was such a. But I will say this because she had, she, you know, she had instilled in them, they went to church all the time. They went there and you’d be amazed at what children can say that will encourage you that, you know, because even though I hadn’t been there, she had always taken them. So they knew, and they knew how to say encouraging words. You know, I think a man, my daughter told me once, she said, this was shortly after my wife passed. She told me, she said that I’m glad it was mom who, who went first and you know, I’m, my chest kind of swelled up a little bit. Like okay. She said no, because we know where she gone. I said, okay, I need some work to do some work I have to do.

Jake Enriquez: 27:53 So they knew where it was probably it was probably even though so there was mourning. Even though there was grief, your kids probably still had a way to rejoice. They did a. because like you’re saying, they came up in it, they understood it. Right. And so they’re there. They’re even that right there. What she said. Acknowledged. So yeah, that was a new daddy might need a little bit. So ever since then. So the passing of your wife, I don’t know what, what do you think about when you think about that issue that took place, that big event that took place in your life. Now you look upon, let’s just say you look upon other guys out here, right? Married, going through things in life, taken things, you know, and I can’t just say everybody just takes things for granted because they don’t. Um, but what would you say to them guys right now?

Kenneth Hill: 28:52 I would most definitely say, look, if you knew that your wife was gone that tomorrow. Yeah. How would you treat them and if that changes? Yeah, right. Then the self examination as needed.

Jake Enriquez: 29:04 Okay. Okay. That’s good. Because I believe that you know, and, and you know what somebody who’s been through it yourself, hey man, you know, you can absolutely say that. You know, and it could, it could mean something. I know it means something to me even though we, we, we get up here and there and Wednesday nights, Wednesday you said it went to, but I mean it does make us think about it. It really does because, and I mean in a moment, life change as exactly the right moment, man. So I don’t know man. I mean, what do you think now as you’ve gone along the way and you’ve grown in your faith? I know because I know that you’ve been all this time and you know you’ve had God to lean upon. God says, look upon me because I’ll be your helper. I’ll be your counsel. I’ll be everything to you. You know, and as you’ve gone along this, this thing in life is your faith. What might you find yourself still struggling with at times and you might want to share that?

Kenneth Hill: 30:06 Affirmation. Affirmation. I think one of the things that I think we kind of briefly touched on her prior to the break, but I was seeking affirmation from different, from, from, uh, from different entities other than God. And so you find someone who you might feel is a little bit further along than you, and so you wind up abandoning what you know, right? Following some things that are not of God and that’s not the direction. And the one thing that God does is he allows it, he allows you to do that. He, you know, um, some people would, I wouldn’t call it dream chaser, right? But if, if when you start thinking that somebody is a little bit better along than what you’re not, you’re devaluing what you’ve gone through. Yeah. And so I think I would put out, stay connected with God for, for awhile, then I’d see something, you know, that might have because we don’t know the struggle that other people have gone through.

Kenneth Hill: 31:10 Right. And so we measure, you know, sometimes we measure people where they are instead and, and, and just kind of discount the struggle that they might’ve gone through to get there. And so I think I would go through different periods of just just, where I got my information from, you know, I would move away from God, you know, to get affirmation from different, from different entities other than him. And that, that has hindered my walk, you know, and, uh, I think, um, I, well, first of all, I thank God for this because this podcast has really opened my eyes up to some of the things that might have been present, but I wasn’t able to put a finger on it. So I think that’s, I think that’s…I really believe that’s a blessing.

Jake Enriquez: 31:58 Yeah. You know, talk about, uh, when I, when I hear you talk about that and we spoke about earlier, but I think we’re all prone to a little bit of that. That’s that comparison thing. It’s just the nature of man, look upon one another, look what they’re doing over there and look at that. You know, we don’t even do all that, but, you know, God is so great that he, uh, he absolutely grows us where we are. And it’s a beautiful thing, you know? Uh, I think about how God only made one. Gotcha. I know you already know it, but he only made one Kenneth Hill. That’s correct. He only made one and all this world, he only made one and he gave you all those things. He allows us to be tested. He strengthens us. He refines us like silver. And like I was telling you earlier, I think it was, I forget who the guy was that I remember saying that.

Jake Enriquez: 32:53 He said, you know, God’s gift to you is you, who He made you to be. That’s His gift. He gifts you with that. And our gift to Him is what we do. What do you mean? Give it back to God. So we can’t really do that if we’re always looking this way or that way. Like you said earlier, affirmation. If we seek it from others or anything other than God, I think you were saying those other things leave you. But God never leaves us access. So I think that, you know, we look and it’s like we say, stay in the middle, right? Don’t go left, don’t go right. Stay in their lane, run your race, you know, because this race that he’s put before us for each and every one of us is different than everybody else’s.

Kenneth Hill: 33:39 Yeah, you’re exactly right. I think, uh, where one of the things that, one of the pitfalls that I know that I’ve had is sometimes called will show me something not for me to attach myself. Right? But he will show it to you just to say, I need you to see this, right? This is what happens when obedience. It happens, you know, that’s not to attach yourself, would I just because God is great. It’s showing us things and I’m glad that He shows us bits and pieces because we probably couldn’t take the whole thing. But one of the things that I’m, I’m learning and developing is a sense of self worth to where I don’t have to attach myself to that. I don’t have to do that. And um, so, um, and that’s where I am now.

Jake Enriquez: 34:30 Okay. Well man, I tell you what, you know, we’ve spent, we’ve spent a lot of time together and you know, coming from the old sales business where I tell people all the time, they said they used to ride with you. I mean, you know, I used to tell them, you couldn’t close a door, but, but you know, think about it is, here’s what I do. Remember, you’ve always been a minister and you always had a, you’ve always had that interest. Everybody else’s best interest at heart. So I know you spent a lot of times

Jake Enriquez: 35:01 a shared things with you, open up to you and you prayed with me and uh, and I’m always thankful for that, you know, but faithfulness. So when I think about you, those are, some of the things I think about is there’s faithfulness there. There’s one of those things that stands out for units, that faith, okay, these go to be faithful. So now hey might not always be there on time, but he’s gonna get there. And when he gets there, guess what? It’s always on time. So there is a faithfulness about you. But let me ask you that. Other than that, what do you think might be a character trait that God has developed in?

Kenneth Hill: 35:43 You just want to trace that and I know that he’s developed. This is a real sense of awareness, a keenness of knowing when somebody is really going through and how to give a gentle word of encouragement. Yeah. You know, sometimes all people need is a gentle word of encouragement. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen, to hear their story. Not that they want you to resolve it or they just want to be. Because sometimes when you say something openly, right, and you hear it, right, the resolution is already there. Sure. Right. So sometimes all somebody needs other lending ear or you know, a smile, you know, it’s one of the things that we, we, we do at the nursing home. I tell them, look, you can be across the room and just smile and you can change somebody’s day. Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, we. Okay,

Jake Enriquez: 36:42 well, I do know. Yeah. Uh, you’re a great listener rather. And uh, you know, even in the, uh, prison ministry that we went in together. Yeah, that’s the, that’s the, uh, what is called a motto or whatever that “listen, listen, love, love” at the old Kairos Ministry. We had a good time. Matter of fact, we’re going back, but, uh, I greatly appreciate you man. You know, I love you. I thank God for you always for being in my life and my, and the life of my family. You know, I’ll share this story one time, our share this story real quick. One time, uh, we had car problems. I go, I called coach as it may have let me in. I need to get my kids to school and this is when they were little bitty and I never forget you came over there with that big old bus man, big old van.

Jake Enriquez: 37:31 And my kids hopped off in that van and they thought it was the greatest thing, you remember that? I remember they said, look at all of this room. So they have such a good time. You know what I would say we, and you couldn’t stop laughing. I said, well, we need to take them in this when they turn and seniors in high school as a man. Oh, but you know what I mean, you part of our family. We love you man. We thank God for Y’all always. Really. So let me ask you this, as we, as we, uh, wrap it up, we start wrapping it up. Where would you, is there a place? I know you’ve part of Solid Rock Church, in Arlington. All of our church and on. Okay. So is that where you would like people to connect with you after?

Kenneth Hill: 38:08 Either that or they can connect with me on Facebook, you know, you can do one of those two things. We’d love to have you to come and fellowship with us. Um, Pastor LL Paris, the third. you know, he’s been in, he’s been knowing, administer. I’ve actually been a part of that, that ministry for over 20 years. Okay. And so that my wife is the one that got me connected. She lives on through me. So. Oh man, that’s awesome man. Yeah.

Jake Enriquez: 38:36 So Solid Rock Church in Arlington, Texas. If you guys are in Arlington, make sure you reach out. We’re going to put their a website and ways you can connect with Kenneth on the show notes on this episode. So, uh, so Coach, let me ask you this, as we, as we wrap it up, man, I always ask people to give a last word. The last word is this. I want you to think about somebody who might be going through something today and, uh, you know, me and you we’re blessed in the mere fact that we get to spend time together and we can sit here and talk about anything and everything, but think about the guy or the gal who’s going through something right now and they’re discouraged maybe in their faith in this walk and this season, whatever it might be. What would you say as a final word of encouragement to them?

Kenneth Hill: 39:21 Well, I would say forget not His benefits because in every instance, sometimes when God delivers us, we tend to forget the fact that He, you know, after the victory, right? Because there’s another trial on the horizon. Yeah. And so what happens is you want to remember what it took you, what you did in order to overcome the previous one, and so that way you’re building on victories you’re building on, on encouraging, and you’re not going to always find that, that necessary friend, okay? But God is, God is, so just, you know, that he will provide, you know, that, that voice, that reasoning as he’ll, He’ll provide that entity that you need to overcome any challenge. And I, I can, I can, I can say that with conviction to know that, you know, he’ll be there, he’ll be there, you know, um, don’t trust in yourself, because self changes. don’t trust in your emotions.

Kenneth Hill: 40:28 They change, sure. But just as you know your name to be right, you know that God is going to be present. You know, I ask people even at the nursing home, I said, what is your name? And write. And I said, if I were to come and try to change that now, what would you say to me? I’m not changing my name. Well, you gotta know that God is not going to change. And that’s in that faction, right? You gotTa, you gotta believe, just like you believe your name is what it is. You got to know what that certainty that He’s going to…there’s a way for you to come out of whatever situation that you’re in. Yeah, right. There’s a way, you know of escape. There’s a way of encouragement. There’s a way out other than what you think. Yes. Because the scripture tells us his ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts. So when your way doesn’t work, right, reach out to Him. Trusting the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding.

Jake Enriquez: 41:32 Know and, and it what you just said is God doesn’t change and you’re so right. You know the grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God for ever. So that’s something that we could surely stand on is the promise of God and who he is in our lives. I greatly appreciate that. So guys, for the show notes on this episode, make sure you just go out to press and reach dot com forward slash pr 67. And that’s my good friend, Kenneth Hill and We thank you for coming on today, brother. We love you. All right. All right. Thank you for inviting me. You Bet, man. Take care.


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