062: Traded it All with Matt Fawcett

He’s a believer, a husband, a father, a singer, and a songwriter.  Born and raised in the Midwest, Matt Fawcett writes music that will “comfort the afflicted and confront the comfortable”.  He makes himself available through social media outlets, willing and open to talk, keeping an eye out for the hurting.  He’s on the podcast today with testimony.

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Matt loves writing songs, and finds the real joy of it in getting to share his music with other people.  Writing music is something he’s always been drawn to, even as a kid.  Through his music, Matt desires to reach out to people who are hurting, and to push others out of complacency to encourage growth.  Some of his writing comes during quieter moments, while others are born from everyday conversations (“I Traded it All”), and still others out of personal hardships and struggles (“Emerie”).

Matt shares what he learned growing up in a Christian home and being around godly men and women.  The older men in his church chose to invest in him, and other young men, providing mentorship and a place to ask questions.  Key to that was Matt’s willingness to seek them out, recognizing that there was much wisdom to be shared if he’d let them.  He reminds any young man of this:  there is nothing new under the sun.  Instead of trying to do it all on your own, ask those who’ve gone before you so that you can avoid potential mistakes.  Those mentors were so important to him growing up that he now makes sure he is available to do the same – looking for the opportunites to be a listening ear, and being transparent about his mistakes so that others can learn from them.

Matt and his wife, Abby, have two young children.  Their son, Corin, is nine months old.  Their daughter, Ivy, is two.  The birth of Ivy propelled them into uncharted waters, as she was unexpectedly discovered to have a heart defect that would require open-heart surgery when she was only 16 days old.  Matt discusses this time in his life when he was able to see the body of Christ come together in prayer and the peace he had trusting that God was still in control and would be glorified no matter the outcome.  That journey would help prepare Matt and Abby when their close friends faced the devastating loss of their newborn daughter just six months later. Through it all, though doubts and worries arose daily, Matt believed these times were meant for one reason – “the Bible is true, Christ is real, and His sacrifice and our salvation is what truly matters”.  He could face whatever would come as long as he held on to his faith in Christ rather than his own thoughts and feelings.

Matt’s encouragement for anyone going through some tough times right now:  Remember God’s promise – “I will never leave you.”  There’s no place you can run to, no where you can hide, that is too far for the love of God to reach out and comfort you.  No matter what you’re going through, God is still sovereign, and He is good, and it’s all working for His ultimate glory and your ultimate good.  Even if we don’t understand it.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:03 Good Morning Matt, how are you doing this morning man?

Matt Fawcett: 00:05 I’m doing well. How about yourself?

Jake Enriquez: 00:07 Hey, doing well man. I really greatly appreciate you coming to hang out with us on Press and Reach and just give us a little bit of your time and share some things with us. I know you’re busy, we’re all busy brother, but just that you would come and take a little bit of time and share, we greatly appreciate that, but before we get started I’m just going to ask you just to introduce yourself, who you are and where you’re from real quick.

Matt Fawcett: 00:29 So my name is Matt Fawcett. I am originally from southern Ohio, born and raised in the Midwest. Happily married right now. Actually going on five years, um, to my beautiful wife, abby. Got Two kids, two, she’s a little over two years old and her name’s Ivy. And then I have a son who is nine months old and his name is Corin.

Jake Enriquez: 00:53 Wow. So young family. Oh yeah man, that’s so exciting. That’s exciting. Yeah, you got a lot to look forward to, man. Oh yeah, there’s a lot of fun. I would tell you that right now. Hey man, I got seven. So, uh, oh man, it’s all good. Best. Yes sir. You’re in for a great time. And I mean that. I mean, what a blessing it is to be a dad, you know, really for sure. And I saw some pictures by the way, on the twitter of your little girl with the glasses. I loved it. Oh yeah. Well, uh, thank you for sharing that man. Where you from and everything who you are. But let me ask you some now I know that you’re a singer and a songwriter right in that just so happens to be the ministry that you’re in as well. Right?

Matt Fawcett: 01:41 Um, what I love doing is writing songs and uh, actually the, the real joy of it is getting to share it with other people. So I’ve been writing ever since I was a kid, you know, riding in the back of the car when my dad be driving around, we’d be on the radio and would actually try to guess what words were coming up next for. They’d come, uh, just because it was, um, it was fun for me at words have always been something that for some reason I have correlated with, especially with rhyming and there were times where I’d, you know, core stuff that’s on the radio is actually mean it’s there because people are really good at be times where I would disagree with all that wouldn’t agree where you shouldn’t use this one here. But as a kid that, I mean, that was my fun was always listening and singing along with whatever happened to be coming on the radio.

Jake Enriquez: 02:35 So there’s a little bit of a difference. I mean, singer and songwriter because those are, if you’re, if you’re both, that’s awesome. But I think about the different components because a lot of times, you know, the singer, they always get the credit for the song and what they make it sound good, you know, and all that good stuff. But, uh, I remember coming up, I visited with a songwriter and he wrote a lot of different songs for a lot of famous singers. Was like, man, that’s the first time I ever learned about that. That hey man, I thought that guy something that are wrote that, you know what I mean, but so, so putting them both together is unique to be able to do that. So you do it to share with others. I get that. But what’s the, what’s the main goal behind it I should say I should ask, what are you trying to accomplish in doing that and freely doing that I should say?

Matt Fawcett: 03:30 Yeah. So my main goal…actually was in high school when my youth pastor had used the phrase “to comfort the afflicted and confront the comfortable” and honestly through what I do with music, because music is always entertaining. There is something there that connects with people and people just love being able to listen. Whether it takes them off to a different place or remind them of the truth, allows them to forget something. You can use music to do a lot of different things. My goal with music is to do exactly what my youth pastor had said was to comfort the afflicted and confront the comfortable. Um, I think we should always be seeking to reach out to people who are hurting. And um, a lot of times when people are the most comfortable, that’s when arrogance and pride and not actually seeking to serve other people kind of creep into our own personalities and our way of living and I want to confront that and make sure we never get to a, an area of complacency to where we’re never growing or never progressing and doing that with music, it’s kind of hand in hand because I never want to just coddle people and be like, yeah, everything’s going gonna, be OK, you know, you’re fine the way you are.

Matt Fawcett: 04:49 But trying to hold those two things in a tension and a balance makes things a lot more difficult. But I, I’d rather do that than to continue to help people grow and actually have a message or a meaning behind the music other than just I’m listened to it to get away from your present reality. I never wanted people to just be transported away from where they are. I want them to be more intentional about where they are specifically because of listening to music that I’ve written.

Jake Enriquez: 05:20 Sure. I mean, I can understand that. So these, these songs that you write and develop the music with, it certainly has to come from a quiet place, has to come from a quiet time or something, right?

Matt Fawcett: 05:35 It does on sometimes. There’s other times where actually one of my favorite songs, “Traded it All”, came when my wife and I were talking in the car about actually ivy my first born being born. She was pregnant. We had just um, left visiting her family and we’re talking about how things would be different. I would change. And from that conversation we were, we were driving and I tossed my phone over my wife and said, you’ve got gotta write this down real quick. So just pull up my notes app open real quick and started just transcribing stuff that I was saying. Then when we got to the stop sign where I grabbed my phone back and wrote the, you know, wrote more. And so there’s some that come from quiet time of just reading God’s word and spending more time there. Um, “Psalm 139” was one that came directly from that.

Matt Fawcett: 06:27 And there’s others that come from conversations with people like my wife for “Trade it All” and others that come from just difficult times. I know people are going through a woman called “Emerie” actually wrote it specifically for my bass player, my bass player, and his wife when they had lost their, um, their first child, um, she was born three days later, God called their home and wrote that specifically for them. And that was a very trying time for their lives and ours to, um, to walk through. And so it’s interesting because, yeah, I mean there’s a method to some of my writing style because I try to write as often as I can, but sometimes most impactful songs come from places I wasn’t looking to find one.

Jake Enriquez: 07:15 Sure. So that’s where you can really dig deep and come from the heart, so to speak. Well man, let me, I says a man because you know, I know that coming up we all experienced different things in our youth. So for you, in your youth, what was, uh, what was most impactful to you coming up from others? What touched your heart the most?

Matt Fawcett: 07:39 Yeah, honestly, I had a very interesting childhood because I grew up basically in a Christian bubble all my life, which was awesome as far as being able to be around really godly men and women. Um, who really helped. I mean my parents were believers in, I grew up in a Christian home, but really there were a lot of older men who chose to invest in my life, um, whether it was through being a leader in junior high youth group or through high school or even just choosing to spend time with me. And some of it was them seeking me out. The other half of that too was I was more than willing to seek them out. And there were a lot of older men that just imparted wisdom to me, um, kept my head above water in a lot of instances too. And it was never, it was never something that where they were basically saying, well, we’re going to make your life perfect, or are you just listening to someone to find.

Matt Fawcett: 08:43 It was a real mentorship and um, companionship. And it was multiple different men. So my father was one of them for sure, but there were a lot of older men too in my church that chose to invest in, in younger men just by being a part of their lives, whether that was going out for coffee or have like working. So I bailed hay for some guys and just doing life together. But those were also the guys that when I was going through something that was either troublesome or I didn’t know what to do, they were always the one, the ones that I would go to to ask for advice.

Jake Enriquez: 09:28 So mean definitely I can hear that they had an impact on your life and they created, um, some type of a zone of comfort, uh, comfort zone or a safe place, so to speak, where you could go in and really kind of be able to share and open up a eventually because it was relationships that are built. And it definitely, I mean, it’s all about relationships, we know. But I think about, you know, what you’re saying right now, you come up and you see that and guys. But one thing I just heard you say you were willing to seek that you were looking for that as well. Uh, it’s a two way thing, right? I mean, just be a way because for, especially for the youth, I think about youth.

Jake Enriquez: 10:08 We’re not willing, man. It’s not happening. You know, guys would just talk at you all day, but if I’m not willing to receive it, it’s just not gonna just not going to sink in or anything. But. So what would you say to those guys like right now? I mean, I don’t really even know, man. How old are you anyway? But I know you just had a birthday, right? April 28th birthday. What’d you say to those guys? Man, you know, youngsters, youth coming up. Uh, how would you encourage them to receive from those who have gone before us?

Matt Fawcett: 10:40 The best advice I can give any young man is – you’re not the first person to do this. And there’s a lot of that lone ranger, arrogant pride of, you know, this is how my dad did it, or the men in my life, I’ve seen other people do it. I’m going to be the first and there’s nothing new under the sun and honestly, once you get past that point of there are older men that had been there before. There’s a lot of older men that I’ve met, well into their sixties and seventies, that are so willing to teach young men so they avoid the mistakes as like, and I got to a point where it’s like, you know, instead of trying to do all this on my own or, you know, blaze my own trail, there’s a lot of wisdom and literally just asking people what they did so that you can avoid things that they regret so you don’t have to live it over and get to their age too, and then get to the same spot, where like,

Matt Fawcett: 11:37 Man, I wish I could tell somebody to skip over this hurdle. And now, granted there’s stupid things I did as a kid for sure. But there’s A. There’s a lot of. I mean Solomon, when a God could have given him anything he wanted to. What he asked for was wisdom. And there’s. I mean, there’s a lot of wisdom and just that request and self. Sure. I wanted to make sure that when I had decisions to make my life that it wasn’t just me guessing, but me going to the table with as much information as I had and if they’re people who’ve lived exactly where I’ve been before, why not ask them for advice now granted, like some advice is going to be bad or you know, good or bad, but if you got more than just your own opinion, going to the table and it’s free information. You don’t have to pay for it. Like, why would I not do that?

Jake Enriquez: 12:37 Because you know, here, here it is. We have guys have gone before us especially, you know, for us as men, you know, we want to learn how to be the greatest, the best dad you can be, or the best husband you can be. Um, really learn how to raise up your kids. You know what I mean? And no better way than to go and tap into the wisdom of those who’ve been there before you because you’re right, they’re so willing to share. Guys in front of us was so willing to share, hey, you know, like they may say, Hey Matt, you know, you might want to watch this because I know what I did it this way, this is what happened. They’ll, they’ll share failure with, you know, share flaws and all those kinds of things so that you would want to avoid that, you know, and look for that. And I think that those things come up later. You might be able to see them actually taking place or something’s about to take place and you can recall, man I remember what Mr. so and so was talking about now you know, it kind of comes together and I think it’s beautiful. So when you see that, and I know that you had the opportunity to experience it, so what do you do about giving it back now?

Matt Fawcett: 13:43 A lot of it is just looking for those opportunities. There are a lot of young men that maybe haven’t been told how to ask or don’t know that asking for help or advice is even something that they should be asking for. And a lot of it is figuring out like me and open and available. So I mean I spend a lot of time on twitter connecting with people and there are a lot of younger people on there on all social media and always being willing to share their requests and make sure that they know that it’s OK to ask questions. And in fact like when we receive questions from people, how we respond to it initially will basically tell him whether or not it’s OK to ask another one no matter what answer we give them less. I always try to hear not just the question they’re asking, but the reason why they’re asking it because we all know none of us like getting laughed at or made fun of.

Matt Fawcett: 14:39 And if it’s not a safe way to. Like, if it’s not safe to ask somebody, then it’s really difficult to want to go back to that same person when you were essentially judged for asking something that you are really curious about because you didn’t know the answer to. So I always try to make sure that they’re. Whatever advice I give to people when they’re asking for it or making sure that people know that I’m willing and available to talk with them about anything and always makes sure there’s a follow up question in my answer because there’s no way that I can get the full spectrum of what they’re asking in one question. Usually the first ones a test. Sure. OK, are you, are you going to be real with me or are you just going to give me a pat answer? Um, and you’ve gotta be willing to admit your mistakes to I am not perfect. There’s only one person who has been perfect to live on the surface. Then that was Christ and the rest of us are flawed and are making our own mistakes. So as soon as we can admit that we can come to the table, all of us and admit our mistakes, realizing that we’re not proud of them, but allowing them those opportunities to make sure that somebody else doesn’t make the exact same one we made.

Jake Enriquez: 15:51 Absolutely. So looking for the opportunity, being open and available in man want you to set it, man. One of the most important things is that transparency allowed people to come and just share in life, you know, is to go and grow. Well man, I greatly appreciate that and I can certainly understand that. It sounds like to me though, Matt, you’ve been groomed in this thing, so I mean from a young child it sounds like you’ve kinda been groomed in this thing and that’s an awesome thing. But I’d say what we’re going to do man, we’re, it’s like a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 16:27 Welcome back to Press and Reach. We’re hanging out with Mr Matt Fawcett. Matt, thank you again for hanging out with us today and just share and brother, we really appreciate it. Uh, so we were hearing earlier about this before the break about coming up and like I said, it sounds like you’ve been groomed for it and it says sounds like a great life and I greatly appreciate it. But I also do understand just by and live with a little bit out here that we all have times that, you know, maybe we’ve gone through things and maybe we didn’t do so well. And so I’m going to ask you, man, do you have a testimony that you would like to share with our listeners today?

Matt Fawcett: 17:01 Honestly, the past two years have been an insane growing process as far as being a dad and I think it shows a lot more about how much God loves us as His kids. When my first daughter was born, she was absolutely beautiful. We had her for about 24 hours, just absolutely loved her. It was phenomenal. Everything was perfect, you know, pregnancy delivery, everything went by perfectly fine. Everything was great. And then the doctor came in and did a test and uh, some, they thought the machine was wrong wherever. So they took um, our newborn daughter down to the nursery or whatever to try it on a different machine or. And she was gone for about an hour. We didn’t know what was going on. And then the pediatrician that’d been assigned to us basically came in and said, well, here’s what’s wrong with your daughter. At that moment, my wife and my world just fell apart.

Matt Fawcett: 17:58 We had no idea. We didn’t expect anything. We had no idea what was going on. And what had happened was my daughter was born with a gaping hole in her heart. Um, and actually that was part of it, but the main part was her, her heart was wired backwards. Um, so basically the, the arteries that were pumping blood to the lungs, we’re pumping it back to her lungs and the other artery that was basically taking every, all the oxygenated blood to the rest of her body was just pumping on that one side of the heart. So she wasn’t getting enough oxygen to the rest of her body because it was a basically two closed systems except for that huge hole that God allowed for her to be in her heart and a tube that actually connects the two arteries, called the PDA. And what happened was basically she was fine for the first 24 hours because there was enough blood leaking through that huge hole that there was still oxygen getting to the rest of her body.

Matt Fawcett: 19:02 But the PDA, um, after about three days closes up in all newborns in, that’s when trouble would have started; we really would’ve started noticing it. And so she got care flighted down to one of the best hospitals in the nation, um, for babies basically with this issue. And for 16 days we stayed by her side and basically just watched her as she sat there and fought and they figured it out when they could do surgery and everything else. And so when she was 16 days old and she had open-heart surgery and, uh, the doctors went in and basically switched the arteries around the where they were in the right way, closed up the hole in her heart. And eight days after that, uh, we were actually back home, which was absolutely insane. The in fact, we were supposed to move from the step down unit a lot or to the step-down unit from cvs EU a whole lot faster.

Matt Fawcett: 19:58 But the uh, surgeon didn’t want us to move because he was worried that something was going to like, things are going way too well. This isn’t supposed to be going this quickly. And so the doctor that was in charge kept coming in like, well, this is day three that you should be somewhere else, but surgeon won’t let me move you yet because they’re going to, well, that’s something’s going to give. But in that time God taught me a lot more about what it means to truly trust, to be sitting there watching my daughter literally fighting for her life and being able to do absolutely nothing for her was completely helpless. And really the only thing that my wife and I could hold onto the fact that we know, um, because God’s word is true, that He is good, He is faithful and He is sovereign and whatever He was going to choose to do with my daughter – whether she was healed or not- it was going to be for His glory and our ultimate good. Whether we understood that or not and there were a lot of lot of people praying for us and like one of the most touching messages I ever got was from missionary over in Japan. That basically say, hey, when you guys are sleeping at night and don’t worry, I’ve got the night shift. I’ll be praying for your daughter.

Matt Fawcett: 21:13 And just seeing, seeing the body of Christ come together to where we knew that even if God chose to take her home, that He would be glorified in and through it. Which made six months later that much more difficult when my bass player had to say goodbye to his daughter three days after she was born. Because I thought all the world to me that, you know, we were surrounded by great Christian people. We, we love her, but we, you know, if God chooses to take her home, I think we’ll be OK and we can survive this. And he allowed us to keep her. But six months later we had to say goodbye to a beautiful young girl that we barely got a chance to meet. And that was just as trying, realizing how to be a friend to somebody who had just lost and was going through grieving of their child without really any explanation as to why.

Jake Enriquez: 22:11 And in a time like that, Matt, people always ask this question, OK: What do you say? You know, what do you say?

Matt Fawcett: 22:20 A lot of it is nothing. You sit there and you cry. And that was honestly, that’s where the one song “Emerie” came from because they, they have a tough time listening to Christian radio because there was a lot of stuff that was on there that everything’s going to be OK. And, and we, we like to see the bright side of Christianity because it is so full of hope. And when you lose somebody that, that, that’s, that close to you and you’re going literally through the fire, there’s not really a whole lot you get to say, um, but you learn to empathize. You learn to sit there and say nothing at all and just cry and cry with them.

Jake Enriquez: 22:57 Absolutely. Yeah. I hate to hear the, uh, you know, the tough stuff like that, you know, because I can only imagine. I mean, I really should say I can’t even imagine the pain, you know, starting from, you know, your experience with, with your daughter. So let me ask you this and I just, yeah, just shoot it straight it. What were some of them, maybe some of the negative things that came to your buyer immediately. It did, was over the challenging thoughts it tried to get to you during that time.

Matt Fawcett: 23:30 A lot of it was why questioning like, God, I’ve done everything in my power to serve and honor you sir. Why? The response back is a lot of same, of what job experience to when he asked God, why is like because I’m God and it has nothing to do with what you’ve done. For me. Every thing that happens is again, to point back to God as the sovereign creator of the entire universe and he allows certain things to happen in. In some ways it’s a beautiful form of wasted grace. He allowed my daughter to go through that to the beginning of her life, if only just so one person would be able to hear the gospel in a way that they would understand and the beauty of it is I may never know who that person is and my daughter may never know who that person is used that specific incense to touch the doctors, the nurses, the people that were reading our Facebook blog, all that stuff to basically point back to and say, you know what, if I, if I put, allow things to happen to individuals that are not what we would consider to be good but good can come from it.

Matt Fawcett: 24:51 There’s only one reason for it and that’s because the Bible is true. Christ is real and His sacrifice for us and our salvation is what truly matters.

Jake Enriquez: 24:51 Absolutely. Yes, sir.

Matt Fawcett: 25:08 Yeah…because all those questions that come through and all the negativity and everything else that you deal with in those times are going to be real and it’s like a thousand pounds on bricks piled on your shoulders. You can really hold on to is if I believe the Bible is true. I know I can make it through this and I can see another day because God allows me to all the other questions that society is going to ask and everybody’s going to be pressing on me don’t matter, because I know that my faith is in Christ, not in what I think or I feel.

Jake Enriquez: 25:39 Absolutely. That’s good stuff, good stuff. And you know, we, we’ve got to war through that we really do. And we, uh, you know, there’s, to me, there’s levels each of us, each of us go through in belief. We’re always praying. God, help us with our unbelief in these different areas so that we may, you know, experience and understand more and to experience God in these different areas because what a blessing it really is when he shows us some different things, but sometimes, you know, like you said, you, you, you won’t get to see why you won’t get to see those things. On the other hand, the other side, whatever it might be, but that faith is trusting and knowing that, uh, it is for good reason that God calls us to through it. But, so let me ask you this, Matt, I mean along the way, I know, uh, you know, traits were developed in us, each and every one of us, you know, like, um, perseverance or whatever it might be, but what do you think just from those two experiences and that not only just yours but your friend, um, and the loss there, w, what do you think has been developed more in you because of those things?

Matt Fawcett: 26:42 Honestly, it’s a lot of just, um, in some ways patience and um, in, in that, um, being OK with the unknown and I don’t really know if there’s one specific characteristic that kind of comes from that. But there were a lot of times in my life where I just wanted to know what the next step was. I wanted her to know that for sure this is what’s happening. I don’t want to plan. I want everything to go as it’s supposed to be. And after being through. I remember after the first time we saw our daughter after they took us for that test before they care flighted her. So we were holding her in all swaddling clothes. And then the next time we saw her, she had what seemed like a million tubes on our underneath this light that was keeping her warm and we weren’t allowed to touch her.

Matt Fawcett: 27:28 And in that moment, like I was so worried about money too. Like, Oh man, how much is it going to cost all this stuff? And I remember just in my mind saying to God, you know what? I don’t even care. I do not care. Because they came in and like, oh we gotta care fighter and stuff. I got my first thing that went through my most ching like, yeah, I can pay for that. There is no way in. The second thought was, you know, I don’t have to worry about that right now because all I needed to worry about and I, I, I truly do believe this way. All I need to be worried about is what people think of who God is. And if I’m actually doing a good job of being a representative for him, no matter what circumstance that is because they’re even in work.

Matt Fawcett: 28:11 And I struggle with that daily to where I’ll work specifically with individuals because we’re all flawed and human beings and that, that’s been frustrating to, I’m sure people are frustrated working with me all the time too. But realizing like there, there’s so much more to life than just what I can accomplish in being patient there. The part in the Bible that I really wish was there on some level and God’s sovereignty didn’t allow it to be. There was all the waiting periods that the heroes of the faith were in. Like, because we read it, we were reading the highlight reel. We’re not reading the years in between there. Um, even with Abraham and waiting for his son. I mean we’ve read that there were three years, but we don’t read his daily Journal of, well, here’s day number two after God promised me and we have to wait 10 years before something else happens.

Jake Enriquez: 29:01 Yeah, you’re right. It’s easy to say, but it’s easy to hear it. Let’s go through it in your mind because you know, we go through a day and you think, you know, listen thing, you’d have a long day, hard day, just one day, which, you know, those years. You’re right man. Uh, and I’m glad, you know, at the time that we’d get the highlight reel because it really pumps it into, for sure. That’s a thing. Stay faithful in it. Right? So I’m sure there’s uncertainties in their certainties, but what I hear you saying is that, uh, you know, yes, we don’t have to know everything and how it all turns out, but we do know certainty in Christ is still risen. He’s being and that he is still our creator. God is our creator and all of these things work together for good, for those who love the Lord and have been called according to his purpose.

Jake Enriquez: 29:57 And you know, we, we look at those things and sometimes we might not understand it, but you know, again, when we get hit in the gut, we might be thrown off, you know, again, like you said, OK, the money that’s in the worry about whatever. But for those who have the Lord that, that you get to bounce back in is in faith. What you do know, what you can be centered on is a, God is still with us, you know, as we go through in this thing. So I greatly appreciate you sharing that. Really do man, you know, I find that readers are leaders and we find that to be the truth man. So I asked you why you have any books that you’d like to share with our listeners that maybe it’s something that’s inspired you along the way, a good read that you would recommend to somebody?

Matt Fawcett: 30:49 The good thing is, there’s lots of them. One of them that I honestly like absolutely love is, this one is especially for guys going back to our earlier conversation, Kingdom Man by Tony Evans was a phenomenal book about just really what, what true biblical manhood looks like and how to really step up into that. That was a huge one for me personally.

Jake Enriquez: 31:07 Going through that, definitely Kingdom Man. We did the study ourselves, a great book man, and a great study to get together with some guys and share and open that up because man, what it’s like, ah. I just remember one thing make Tony made me laugh about, he said he was doing because we had a little video series with it and everything. He said, how does man walk around with another man’s name on his back? He’s talking about the jerseys. So we were laughing, but you know, uh, you know, the whole thing is that we would line up, you know, line up in that order, which is, you know, the father, the son and where to line up in Christ and then, you know, our wives go with us of course, but that, that whole lineup, you know, he’s talking to him about the alignment of and that’s how you really make it, how you make it work out.

Jake Enriquez: 31:59 So it is a great book. It’s great for. I would highly recommend it for any and every guy who has not read it yet. So we’ll put that there and the show notes. So let me ask you this, um, how, how do our listeners reach out to you? Because I definitely want to encourage them to reach out to you. But before you mentioned that, because the re, the reason I encourage them to reach out to you, because I know you do a newsletter, right, and it’s very encouraging. I subscribe to that newsletter. I appreciate you man. You got a great encouragement and you share insights of life and brother. I greatly appreciate it. So how would people go and reach out to you and that just connect with you?

Matt Fawcett: 32:40 Yeah, the best way honestly is ah, I am on social media both twitter and instagram and facebook, but if people go to my website, they can actually sign up for the newsletter. When they do, I send them a free copy of my “Trade it All” record, completely for free. I love getting it in the hands of people to listen to and hear their thoughts on it. Some people may love it, some people may hate it, and that’s totally fine, but that’s, that’s really my heart cry and my passion is to, to encourage other people in and to really challenge people too at the same time.

Jake Enriquez: 33:13 Well definitely. We’ll put that in there man. I mean, we’ll put all those connection points in the show notes because I do want people to connect with you there. Uh, I just greatly appreciate what you’re doing. So let me ask you this. Uh, last question for you. Word of encouragement. Let’s just say that you, um, have someone, one of the listeners, maybe they’re going through some, some tough stuff right now. What would be a word of encouragement that you would offer them in this day?

Matt Fawcett: 33:39 As far as what you’re going through – There will be tons of unknowns and there will be tons of things that you wish you knew, never lose faith in what you know to be true. Never turn your back on God. He is, He will never, ever leave you. My mom used to. I was always scared of the dark as a young kid and she used to take my hand and all fingers. Every finger would represent a word. She’s like, “Remember God’s promise: I will never leave you.” If you ever get scared, always remember: “I will never leave you”. God will never leave you, even in the silence. Um, even when you feel like you’re all alone, you aren’t. here is no place that you can run. There’s no place that you can hide that is too far for the love of God to reach out and, and to comfort you. And no matter what you’re going through, you can always wrestle the fact to know that this is true, that God is sovereign and He is good and everything and all things are continually working for his ultimate glory and our ultimate good. Even if we don’t understand it.

Jake Enriquez: 34:40 I greatly appreciate that and I have to use that. I will never leave like it. So God will never leave us nor forsake us, man. Absolutely. Matt, um, we really greatly appreciate what you do, man. We love you. We thank God for you always. And uh, thank you so much again for coming out here and sharing and I encourage the listeners today – go and check out Matt. Connect with him. He’s a great connection on twitter by the way. He’s active and loves to interact with people, man. So go out there and connect with him. Definitely do this, do that. Because, uh, and we all look to advance the kingdom God together in unity I should say as we go forward, we should be looking to encourage one another in this thing. So again, that’s Matt Fawcett and you can find the show notes here if you just go to press and reach dot com forward slash pr 62, you’ll find them there. And Matt is anything else you to say before we get outta here, man?

Matt Fawcett: 35:40 I appreciate you guys, thank you for those listening, be encouraged. We are, we’re all in this together. I think, uh, as a red green show used to say that all the time and we’re all in this together and I’m pulling for you.

Jake Enriquez: 35:54 Thank you so much. I appreciate you. All right.

Matt Fawcett: 35:54 Hey, my pleasure.


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Kingdom Man: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream, by Tony Evans

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