049: Unconditional Love of God with Robert Wallace

Regardless of how we grow up, the fact of the matter remains that we all grow up differently. Sometimes we come up in an environment that just may harden us to one extreme or another. Our next guest, Robert Wallace is talking with us today about how God brought him from unbelief to full-blown belief and love for God. He has spent quitea bit of his life paying the price for things that he has done. After coming to know the Lord, he expresses remorse for how he has led others down the wrong path. However, Robert knows that his call is to now go and tell all about the One who has saved him and called him home. Listen as our friend and faithful brother in Christ shares his story.

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Good on the Outside

Robert grew up with his grandparents, who took him to their little country church in their small Texas town.  His stepfather was by most standards a fanatical Christian, requiring everyone to read the Bible every day.  They couldn’t have a TV, read secular books or listen to non-Christian music.  Even school functions like dances were off-limits.  His stepdad was over-the-top in his restrictive ways, but he did provide the family with a middle-class life.  Robert was an honors student making all A’s.  He always made himself look like a good guy to his family, trying in particular to please his stepfather.  That was just for appearance’s sake.  In reality, Robert was doing whatever he wanted to do, with no internal sense of right and wrong.  Despite his family’s efforts, Robert didn’t believe in God’s existence, and thought that Christianity was “the biggest scam of mankind”.  It wasn’t long before he found himself on the wrong side of society.

Finding God, Inside

More than 22 years of Robert’s life has been spent in prison.  Living life without limits may have led to trouble in the free world, but in prison, it was considered a virtue.  He moved up quickly in the ranks in a prison gang.  If something illegal was happening in his unit, he had a hand in it.  He lived life on the inside pretty much the same way he had on the outside – with no brakes.  Inhis last assigned prison unit, the Kairos Prison Ministry came through.  Robert just wanted to check it out so he’d have a good idea of how it worked in order to make some money off of it.  Another useful skill he acquired was learning how to read people instantly.  During that Kairos weekend, he saw people who were real about pouring out the unconditional love of God on him and the other inmates.   There, God let Robert know just how real He is.  He experienced the love of Christ, and it was overwhelming.  Giving his life to Christ was not an option; for Robert, there was no other way to go but with Jesus.  His first year after accepting Christ was especially difficult.  He’d never before felt guilty for things he’d done and was doing.  He wanted to understand what was considered “right” or “wrong”, and that drove him into God’s Word.  It was the only thing he trusted to be actual truth.

Faithful, Inside and Out

Once Robert made the decision to give his life to Christ, there was no turning back.  He shared God’s love with others in the unit.  He poured out the love of Christ as a servant to those around him.  Here in the free world, it’s no different.  He’s still faithful.  Robert continues to grow in his faith.  When the everyday trials of life come up, our natural selves tend to worry.  That’s when he and his wife remember that God is in control.  They stand on His Word when He tells us that He is faithful to complete the work He has begun in us.  And they stand on His Word knowing that we can trust God with all of it.  Our flesh is not equipped to fight the spiritual battles we face.  God is.

For those who need encouragement today, Robert points us back to the source:  Seek the Lord.  Know His Word.   When the troubles come, reading the Bible may be the last thing we feel like doing.  But that spiritual food can make all the difference.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:02 Welcome back to Press and Reach, my name’s Jake Enriquez, your host and man, I hope and pray each and every one of you having a great, awesome, Wonderful Day in the Lord out there. And today I gotTa tell you man, I know I’m blessed and I’m having a great morning and today I bring one of my good friends and the guest that has agreed to come on and share his story and talk a little bit about his own faith and his growth in the Lord and, and what God actually means to him in his life. And um, again, he’s a great friend. So I just want to introduce him to you really quick. His name is Robert Wallace and I’ll just a welcome Robert. Welcome to the show this morning. How you doing man? I know people want to know us on a personal level. So, uh, just tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re from.

Robert Wallace: 00:44 Well, first I just want to say how blessed I am to be able to be here with you. I mean, like one of mine, my mentors, you know, sister blessing to be here. So my name’s Robert Wallace, I’m from Paris, Texas, which is my hometown, which I went back to, um, we actually live in the country out there, little five acres with my wife. Uh, yeah. It’s not just building a house. It’s been one blessing after another.

Jake Enriquez: 01:12 OK, good, good. So I didn’t know you had five acres out there, man. That’s come out there. Uh, but right now I know that you are in a retail, right? Yes. OK. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?

Robert Wallace: 01:23 The company I worked for just open a new America’s mattress store in Greenville, Texas. And when they went to open it, they came and asked me if I would take it over for him. And what kind of, uh, what kind of experience do you have in sales are our whole life has sales. Everything we do is, is sales. Whether you’re talking to your wife about something, you want everything in our life to sale.

Jake Enriquez: 01:47 Sure, absolutely. It’s definitely a communication is really all it is, but I know that when you came out here, um, you started working, I know you were at a different place now you were, you had some experience in car sales before, right?

Robert Wallace: 02:00 Yeah, well when I got out I’d never been in it before but just jumped into it. And how was that? It had it go for you? Um, it was, it was good. OK. It pushes you to see where your integrity level is because everything’s push, push, push, push for the sale and whatever it takes and my mom mentality, you know, I’m going to try and be the best at whatever it is I’m doing. And so you start edging that line and you know, I just found I was getting too close to getting over that line and that’s not where I wanted to be, that are not who I am anymore. And so I, uh, I had to step out of that

Jake Enriquez: 02:54 man. No doubt. I mean, you know what, that’s that, that, uh, live in out here walking in his business environment wherever we are. I was just telling you before we started this, some of those things that, that come out way, man, definitely we’re always going to be challenged. We’re always going to have to face these different challenges out here, um, when it comes to that, but right now where you are a little bit different now. Right? OK. So it’s more about building and helping to get this thing started where you’re at. Right. All right. So, so now you’re more in a team environment.

Robert Wallace: 03:28 Yes. And the team is a Christian

Robert Wallace: 03:31 team crunchy. So that makes a big difference, right? Yeah, it does. It does say a really, really great, really great people. Hey, hey, I’m, I’m glad to hear that. That’s going well for you right there man. Um, but you know, this podcast is always been about walking out faith and helping others to walk out their faith. Right? And, you know, when I think about you, Robert, I met you a, well, it’s no secret tweet, you brother, you know, I bet you behind bars. And when I met you, man, you were always, you were always on fire for the Lord, you know, but I knew nothing about, you know, past whatever, you know, I always, I always look at, uh, when we’re out here meeting people or whatever, and you might meet somebody, man, you know, you know, they’re high in their spirit, you know, and that’s the person that, you know, that’s the person that you meet.

Jake Enriquez: 04:27 You don’t know anything about anything by myself, but I think about me, you know, in the past, but what a, what a joy it is to be able to fellowship with other believers, right? But knowing and understanding that they too have walked from death unto life. That’s what the word says, right? From death unto life. Now and now you’re living in the Lord. But uh, you know, when I met you, there’s just no way, man. You know what I look at. I said, brothers did. Let’s just rather do it here as cool as the other side of the pillow. Just easy going guy loves the Lord, you know, but, you know, faith, the faith walk is a long wall. So we, everybody wants to know about our own past and childhood I should say. So just kind of tell us about, uh, what was it like for you growing up as a kid? Did you go to church or what? What, what was your childhood like? I should just ask.

Robert Wallace: 05:18 I hadn’t based in different sections in my childhood. I grew up with my grandparents. They went to church. It was what they did because they lived in the country and went to a little country church. Sure, sure. So as a kid I went to the church, hang out with other kids because when you live in a country town where you got everybody around you. Was that in Paris though? Yeah, it was. It was in Paris. And then my mom married my step-dad and he, well, I don’t know about how it would seem now, but then he was just a fanatical. Um, we were forced to read the Bible every day. Um, we didn’t have a TV in the house, we couldn’t read any books, listen to any music that wasn’t Christian Christian movies, music or books or go to any school functions, dances or anything like that. Um, it, but yet on the other side of that, he made good money and we come, you know, my mom struggling to make ends meet every week to actually live in a middle-class life. So me, I didn’t believe there was a god even even then and for me a, this works, you know, it was a lot better than being in the trailer park projects, you know.

Jake Enriquez: 06:39 But this is your step-dad, you said he was on it then. Right? And you didn’t like all that.

Jake Enriquez: 06:47 OK.

Jake Enriquez: 06:48 So what were some of the things? Um, you know, like I think back on my past, my childhood and my ways of showing out, doing different things, you know, because I had great parents, man, you got us some. I did, I had some great parents, but my ways of, you know, opposition, you know, I got out there a little bit, did some things, but what were some of the things I should ask for you? What were some of the things that you would do a lot during high school or something that was it behind their back or they knew about you doing these things or.

Robert Wallace: 07:25 Man Jake I was slick man, what, when you’re talking about like, you know, because God really blessed me a knowledge level that um, I guess I didn’t realize what I was blessed with. Um, so school was not a problem for me and I made straight a’s all honors classes and you know, did had struggled for it or nothing, you know? So I always made myself look like a good guy to my family, you know, perfect. And I always tried to please him because that will pay attention basically what they wanted or is looking for in me. That’s what they think. OK. Well what I did was what I wanted to. And of course it was always turn and funny thing. My, my step dad used to tell me, man, you can’t con con event, I’m the best. And it was all tell him sitting there nodding my head, they can, you know, you don’t know about nothing, know what’s going on. And here you are trying to say this is your last.

Jake Enriquez: 08:31 So the smart goes both ways. In other words, not only have, you know, we get maybe the intellect on the, uh, what we call the book smarts. Book smarts is one thing, but what you’re saying is you also, he blessed you in a different way, give you insight or different things, right? So, uh, let’s see, if I think about that, I think about, uh, being able to maneuver in it

Jake Enriquez: 08:57 crafty way, a crafty way. And you know, man, I mean it could be good and bad especially, you know, today for me, I think about, you know, the same kind of stuff that you’re talking about, like forging my own report card or whatever and get my mom sign it. She’d always ask why, why does it always this way? So don’t worry about all that. But, you know, there were different things, but it was a whole lot of different stuff, you know, for ourselves, but that’s childhood and coming up, you know, uh, so you came up with your Stepdad then was in church and trying to, I guess he was trying to force that word down you to make you have it. OK. You really didn’t want it, but you were definitely book smart. You could. Your grades were no problem. You were straight a student and I didn’t know that he was straight a student and you know, I wouldn’t, I was a c student all the way.

Robert Wallace: 09:47 But uh, so even in that, you came up that way and that was often the country. Right. And parents know, uh, when we got with my Stepdad, we ended up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Oh, OK, OK. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Yeah. And the education system up there is self paced. For me it was, it was great. We got up there without my fifth grade year to halfway through my eighth grade year when we came back from tech of, from up there. And my mom, we ended up getting taken from the home and then my mom got us back, but coming back to Texas, come back to Texas and I have went through the eighth grade year. I had already completed everything. Texas had the twelfth grade. Oh Wow. OK. So in there trying to put me in classes, stuff that I did when I was in the fifth grade. That’s when, as you know, just boring and ridiculous to me. A waste of time. So I’ll just skip classes. Stone, you know, too much time on your hands and what that is, right? Yeah.

Jake Enriquez: 11:04 Well I’ll tell you what, man, we’re gonna uh, we’re talking to Robert Wallace and there’s a reason why I want you to know Robert, number one, he’s a good friend of mine, but I’m also. Robert has definitely had a change in his life that occurred, but we’re going to talk about that when we get back. We’re going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 11:22 All right guys, welcome back to pressing reach. We’re hanging out with my brother Robert Wallace this morning and what a joy and honor it truly is to hang out with him. A Robert, I want you to, I want to just let you go, man, and let you, uh, tell your story, you know, and in all honesty, I’ll just have you man, just give testimony, you know, you can kind of bring it in how you want to, but um, you know, as we go through life, kind of like what you were describing before coming up as a youngster, you know, we all experienced different things and maybe sometimes we feel it upon us, whatever it might be, but there comes a time when God calls upon you and changes our life. So I’ll let you just share your story, man. Wherever you want to begin. You go ahead.

Robert Wallace: 12:07 I guess one of the things, main things is that even as a child, I didn’t believe there was a guy, like I didn’t understand it. Uh, I didn’t have a, a co a conscious and I didn’t understand what a conscience was because I didn’t see there being good or bad. It is to me there everything was the same. Yeah. So I mean, my friends around me better understand the breaks that they had, you know, they don’t know about that. What you mean. Yeah. No, I didn’t understand a lot of that. Of course. Because of that I had no breaks, uh, didn’t take me long before I was on the wrong side of society.

Robert Wallace: 13:02 Sure. Um, you know, I ended up in the penitentiary and cir over over 22 years of my life on the inside a starting when I was 15, 14, right before I turn to food and it’s just, of course live in, laugh on the inside. I don’t know, hey, y’all know how that works, but on the inside, if you don’t have no breaks, that’s a plus. You know, people see that as a, uh, as a virtue in there because of that I ended up in the game and not only in the gangs but because even those people, they had brakes, you know, there’s only so far they would go as well. Of course I didn’t understand it and I didn’t. So I need to know blowing past everybody through the ranks until I was one of the top ranking members and then pushing the guys under me past their points of where they, you know, would want to know.

Robert Wallace: 14:07 I don’t know about that, but because I didn’t understand it, I did the same thing with my friends. Sure. You know, or I say my friends, my running my running mate and be out when we, whenever I’d have my few weeks or months out between, between times a break, I will put an impasse there, you know, because I didn’t understand it and I was trying to see. We didn’t make no sense to me. So what you’re saying, if I’m hearing you right correctly, is that they really didn’t really didn’t see a, a barrier, so to speak. I could pretty much do whatever I want and it’s not really. There’s not really a governing thing me that says I can’t do this or I can’t do that and say, why would you not do it?

Robert Wallace: 15:01 Tell me what was right or wrong when really you’re just know God. You know, we live this life that we live just like a bean plant. It lives its life cycle and it’s dead. And another one, you know, comes from it. Everybody to meet it was all equal, right? So how could you tell me what I should do or how could I tell you what you should do?

Jake Enriquez: 15:29 You know, so that kind of a mentality that kind of living through the old, uh, a TDCJ, right? Yes. Which by the way for listeners is uh, the Department of criminal justice, a wonderful place to be. But so you went there in that and you’re living mentality. That’s the same thing that you’d been doing before is still going on for you now in prison now. So you still live in that way. So, uh, eventually how does it change ?

Robert Wallace: 16:05 Well, I’m the last unit, not the last year. Um, you know, I spent my last time I did 15 years, 12 years of that I spent on the boy DNA. Everything illegal that went on, on that unit I had my hand in. OK, let me, cause of my writing in the gangs. So Kairos came onto the unit and it was something that I wanted my end in, you know, there’s something happening on my unit. I wanted to know about it. Yeah. Yeah. And I wanted to see how I could explain it, you know, how I can make, make a buck off of it, you know, this is good.

Jake Enriquez: 16:45 So for those who don’t know, Kairos is a prison ministry that goes into prison. And really the true, um, I guess strength behind the Kairos prison ministry is they show they put on full display, the unconditional love of God. That’s what they do. So I’m just going to break that in there so they know what you’re talking about, but go ahead.

Robert Wallace: 17:06 Um, but it was at that true feeling of love from Kairos. When I ended up going through a walk that, that love of Christ that surrounded me. Yeah, it was so real to me. I’m one of the things you learn in there. I mean as a survival instinct is how to read people instantly because sometimes it’s a matter of life or death. Join. You know, how somebody is about to act or react or write the type of person that they are, um, being able to read data instantly makes a difference. But going into Kairos and seeing that these people were real and feeling this love of Christ that was so real kind of, I mean was overwhelming and it was during that time, which God let me know just how real He was.

Robert Wallace: 17:58 And that was a. I Actually, I mean, it was a scary experience and realized that there was a guy realizes how wrong I was and I thought I had everything figured out. You know, I was on top of the world in my world, getting the, uh, just the, uh, how wrong I was the teachings and I’d learned as a kid, of course came all Washington back to me, made me realize this, you know, is why you know, why I need Jesus or you know, there’s no, there’s no other way. And given my life to Christ, uh, to me it wasn’t an option. I mean, it was, there was no other way for me for me to go because I would the, you know, I was the worst, whatever I grew up. I mean, I even went by the name demons until I was 35 years old at the time I was 14. They gave you, they used to call you demon. Yeah, nickname. OK. And I lived up to that name, understand fully and completely, um, they, the way God got ahold of me and just shook me out, you know, with uh, I think about that

Jake Enriquez: 19:27 in God’s unconditional love man, to know that the creator of Heaven and earth of all that is seen and unseen, really loves us on a personal level and really wants a relationship with us no matter what we’ve ever done. And that’s incredible because I think about it, Robert. I think what’s the hardest part? You know, I think to myself, what’s the hardest part for us to come into that realization? You know, and it’s hard because we make it hard, you know, we think, you know, I spoke with a youngster not long

Jake Enriquez: 20:03 and he probably just hit the nail on the head. He said he asked me.

Jake Enriquez: 20:09 I mean, is it too late? Because I’ve done a lot of stuff. Started laugh as though. But you know what? That’s the, I think that is probably what gets into our mind. You’re too far gone. You can’t, there’s no forgiving you. You know what I mean? We start thinking that way as youngsters. You think you had any of that going on for you then?

Robert Wallace: 20:31 Yeah. Took me from absolutely not even believe he existed to knowing and realizing just how wrong I was and that there was only one way me because of what had been taught as a kid even though I didn’t believe none of it was a bunch of stories and. Yeah. And then I grew to believe that Christianity was the biggest scam of mankind and it was used to control the masses. I mean this was, mine thought narcissistic, you know? Sure. Belief system and having never felt guilt before in my life for anything. What accepted Christ. That was the one thing that really scared me the most. Um, that first year I was really. I spend tears, uh, because it’s for the first time in my life I’m feeling guilt for things I’m doing just on an everyday basis. I didn’t really know what right or wrong was and that drove me into the word because it was the only thing that I trusted to be actual truth.

Robert Wallace: 21:42 And so I was in my Bible and my Bible and trying to, you know, what is right, what is wrong because I hadn’t. Sure, sure, you know, Marla had no understanding of what was really right and what was really wrong. And then I started film guilt, which I’d never felt before when I’d start feeling guilty for something, I just stop completely. Don’t know what I’m trying to get into word. Trying to find out, you know, what I’m doing is completely wrong. Or if there’s just a part of it that I’m doing this wrong or I don’t know why I’m doing it the wrong way. Or was it just handed down or you know, come to realize the time I got up in the morning to the time I went to sleep at night, I was completely wrong. I was just so I was pros and just kind of veer and didn’t just.

Robert Wallace: 22:32 Of course, that drove me into my word more and more and more. And then the guilt of all the things that I’ve done on the chaos, all the pain, all the lives that. I mean, I’d look back and just see how I’d come in contact with somebody’s life. And then there’s the spiral out of control. It that guilt, you know, Marcel me, any, like I said, it was just eating me alive. Know as it got more and more and more on my word. And as I got more and more that word I saw, you know, all of that that I’d done was why Christ had to do what he did so that I could be back in contact with God. And you know, that’s, that’s where that realization is really hit. Deepen me of how much that I need. Jesus Christ every second of every day and how much you know, what it was that he truly done for me, you know, that cross the glory of the Cross. You know, we, we’re supposed to boast in the cross. Yeah, absolutely. But I mean, what does that mean? You don’t boast and somebody’s getting strung up or going to the electric chair, but it’s what he did on that cross for me, for you, for things we do every day.

Robert Wallace: 23:58 Nothing I mentioned just make things, but because we are such a disgrace to our God who our creator and who we are and what we do and what we find our joy and our satisfaction and you know, God created us to glorify him. That was why he created us. Yeah, but how come, how do we most glorify him? You know, I say, you know God be most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. When we find all of our joy, all of our satisfaction, all of our being in him, not in the things of this world, right? When we find that satisfaction and joy in him, that is when he is most glorified, when we’re not finding that satisfaction in him, when we’re not doing things in a way that honors and glorifies him, when we’re finding our satisfaction and something else that is idolatry. Sure, sure. You know, and that is, I mean, just a slap in the face to God who created us wonderful beings that he’s created.

Robert Wallace: 25:07 Awesome. And the way that were made and we’ll automatically, we, I mean just, it’s amazing, uh, in the, in the mines and the intellect that we have to reason that we’ve used to reason against the

Jake Enriquez: 25:22 creator that created us to be able to do so. Absolutely ran yet that returned it back to him though, after you come to know him and uh, that relationship we’re talking about, we want to turn it back to him, you know, but I, I think about your, uh, coming to know the Lord and surrendering to Christ. So after that, after that took place for you, what kind of ride did you have in the prison then? I mean, if you were involved at all those things I think about, because I know if you’re involved with all those other ways of living

Robert Wallace: 25:57 thing is of course knew that I was in his blood in blood out of a couple of weeks after I gave my life to Christ. Confrontation came. I knew it was coming, not gone because I mean it is just the way it is.

Jake Enriquez: 26:14 Right?

Robert Wallace: 26:16 But I stood still before. I’m from Christ, you know, this is what it is. You know, I, I’m not willing to any longer to serve that shield because it’s just not cohesive with what I am in Christ and rather than taking me out, they both laid it down. Who were the only other ones on, on the unit who could take out for stepping out. And it was two weeks after I accepted Christ in song first, and if I stand for Christ that he’s going to stand for me.

Jake Enriquez: 26:54 So that’s how it went for you afterwards is a stood for Christ, period. The end. And not think about that because I remember this is the one thing that, that they could put one word on you, Robert is can be faithfulness. Seriously man, you know, cause I remember going with the guys on Friday nights. OK, I’d go in the, you know, what was it [inaudible] or whatever. I go in there and you know, we’d do a little stepping up series, I believe, but we were going in there and fellowship and whether we’d all go through a lesson together and uh, those guys, they were the faith-based dorm. So they asked me, a chaplain’s Smith asked me to come and do a service one time, so I was going to go lead the service on a Saturday night.

Jake Enriquez: 27:42 so I went out there on Saturday night and I didn’t tell them guys I was coming. So in other words, for the listeners that’s church were, were the ones who can believe in church that day, you know, we, we get to where they invited the gas to come bring the message. So we’ll go in. There were all these guys from the door brother where they add or they weren’t there. It was just very few of them there, you know. But it was pouring down raining. It was pouring down rain in one of the bosses. They said, hey, hold on, we got one more. It already had. It was coming right out here, man. Just try to make it into gate, you know, so uh, faithfulness man is, is the word that comes to mind when I think about your brother, you know, you, you described it, you wanted more and more of it.

Jake Enriquez: 28:30 You want it to understand it from God. And that’s really when we, what you’re really describing is that that relationship we seek the Lord, he tells us when we seek all our hearts, be there, he’ll be. And definitely that’s what I think about when to think about your walk, you know, in a, in there, and even out here. Now I know we’re going to go through a struggles out here. Robert, all of us do, brother, I was describing to you this morning for me. But um, what do you think you may steal? You mean? Do you have struggles? Did you come upon that? You think, man, this thing is really trying to get ahold of how, if in, in those times, how do you break through for yourself,

Robert Wallace: 29:12 what you’re saying? Faithfulness. I mean, what does that faith, what does that faithfulness in God trusting and knowing God is who he is and God’s going to do what he said he was going to do. Hey man, um, that perseverance tend to stand strong in that faith

Jake Enriquez: 29:34 OK?

Robert Wallace: 29:35 OK? And this is something me and my wife was talking about when you get to where in worrying about the bills, worrying about getting to know everything going on. How are we going to do this? How are we going to do that? Um, and you had to step back and realize God’s in control. We are not in control. God is in control. Sure, sure. And God says, this is what he’s going do, and you’re going to complete the work that it began in us. That’s his word. Standing on that, accepting it and realizing it, there should be nowhere. Which is why in Philippians it says, don’t worry, don’t worry about your clothes when you’re gonna, eat any, any of that. It’s all the same thing. That faithfulness, that trusting in God, being out here in the world, everything around you is about self survival. It’s about self survival.

Robert Wallace: 30:32 You’ve got to do for yourself, you’ve got to do for yourself. You got to look out for number one. Number one has to be you, or you’re going to sink, realizing you have to walk in a way that keeps your mindset set on who God is. God’s in control. We’re not in control and the battles that we fight, it tells us that it’s a spiritual battle. We’re not battling against flesh and blood, so how are we even able to fight that battle, man. That’s good. Yeah. You know, that’s not, it’s not about a week and even stand against. I mean it as a human being, you know, we can’t, we couldn’t stand against the leases of the, in the spiritual world because you know, there’s just no, there’s no comparison. This is not a battle that we can ever win. Yeah. We have to realize that that’s metal, that Christ is already fought for us. It needs to. And he said, yeah, in this world, you’re going to have some. No, no, that he is who he is in rest on that because anytime that we start losing faith, we start trying to, you know, I had to do this, I had to do that or I’m going to do or this is going to happen.

Jake Enriquez: 31:47 Yeah,

Jake Enriquez: 31:49 well, I mean I think, and you just mentioned some of them, but a character traits along the way that are built up and I just think about perseverance and going through it, but also, um, that faithfulness part that, uh, that living with that assurance and that’s a blessing sure is that you’re speaking to them. The assurance is in the Lord and as we walked through there and know it can be tough. I know there’s going to be different things that come our way and you know, sometimes we, again, when we start worrying, what’d you say, you start, you know, I need to trust me in this thing. So that’s how we kind of come off the path, you know, but to set our mind on the Lord and his everything. Just to be able to set our mind on the lower. Because I, I think about a [inaudible] walk is different and everybody’s going to go through a different thing, period. The end. It’s not a one size fits all type of, you know, trial and tribulation that we get to cover it. So definitely to be able to stand in the Lord is to stand on his word on his promise is what you were talking about. So I always say that readers are leaders, man. So let me ask you this. What is, what will be one of your favorite books in the Bible that you like to read a study on? Or maybe that’s where you draw close to. What might that be?

Robert Wallace: 33:08 There’s a lot that are like Romans, Romans itself is a complete consolidation from beginning to end. I love Rome was a study in enrollments. There’s just so much in it, but I guess the one verse that I could say encompasses everything from good to, for artists to live by faith. The last part of that first that everybody knows, the first part of that verse that leads into it. It be hauled his soul as puffed up. Nothing but pride. Pride, a lot of bright in here are Brian, of course, makes us not feel right. He says, but the righteous shall live by faith is that faith that, that trusting and knowing that God is who he is and the guide being who he, who he is is not going to turn from what he is saying.

Jake Enriquez: 34:09 Yes sir. Absolutely. I greatly appreciate that. Robert, on you’re walking along your way, man. Um, you know, we, we try to stay connected out here much as we can. Man. Do you have a. are you on facebook or would you like people to reach out to you and connect with you? Are you on facebook

Robert Wallace: 34:28 personally? I’m on. I’m on facebook just under Robert. Robert Wallace in Paris, Texas. You’ll see me.

Jake Enriquez: 34:36 Good. I’ll put it out there in the show notes.

Robert Wallace: 34:38 Matter of fact, I think. I think my profile picture, I still got a, a funny peach shirt on.

Jake Enriquez: 34:45 Good, good. Very. Let’s see, the final word of encouragement. So let’s just say you, you, you, one of the listeners is going through something today and maybe one of the listeners might be caught up in a situation like similar to yours. Uh, how would you encourage them today to break on through their man and keep, keep moving? What would you say to just lift them up and encourage them today?

Robert Wallace: 35:10 Well Jake, for me, I don’t know anything to be absolute truth to, you know, stand on anything other than the word of God. Being in that way to get that word is living a, we needed each and every day and I need it more than when I’m reading it now myself even. But our strength in our spirit comes from reading that word. How do we know what God says God is saying? Promising is, you know, how do we know who god is fully rather than being in his word? Sure. We can face anything without knowing, you know? That’s right. Absolutely didn’t know him is to know his word. Sure. Jesus is the word. The word is live and it infuses us as we read it. I mean, it was the spiritual food for, for our spirit, we are not feeding in is just as if you’re not feeding your body, your body, you’re going to grow wheat.

Robert Wallace: 36:16 That spirit is going to grow a week and you’re gonna walk in failure to walk in the spirit and walking in the strength of the Lord. Absolutely. So rating that word when you said readers are leaders, you know, there’s nothing [inaudible]. There’s nothing that I also, that I turned to mean I have you. Um, I have people I can call, but I need to. And you know what I trust that you, each, you, curtis combs, you know Mike Wiley, alter me straight to the word. Sure. What does God’s word say about it? You know, this, this is so whether I’m going to you and go into the Bible, that word makes a difference. Absolutely. That makes all the difference in the world. So, uh, absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 37:05 In a nutshell, we were telling him what you’re telling anybody and everybody is in a time like that, in a time of discouragement, in a time of this dismay, or you are going through a hard time, seek the Lord,

Robert Wallace: 37:20 and that’s the hardest time to just be still and know that I am guys. Yes, yes, absolutely. When you’re going into those troubles, you’re trying to fight it yourself. You wouldn’t be going through the troubles if you wasn’t. Honestly, I’ve come to realize this for myself. This last thing do you want to do is sit down and read the word for me the hardest thing for me to do, but when I do it makes all the difference.

Jake Enriquez: 37:48 Amen, hey, listen, we greatly appreciate you man. I love you. I thank God for you always a, hey, stay strong in your faith, in your walk. I do know me and trust me, I do know that you have a true impact out there on the people that you’re around.

Jake Enriquez: 38:03 I know they see it in you. You know? I know they have to see it

Speaker 1: 38:06 and that by the way, is a Christ in us that they see so may as you walk along the way, man, just continuing to give God all the glory. We just thank God for you Robert. Appreciate you today.

Speaker 2: 38:17 Thank you. Thank you and definitely thank God for you to take the.


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