003: Marriage is Meant to be Beautiful with Joey Enriquez

Contrary to popular belief, marriage is an awesome blessing from God.  It should not be considered a secret, but the key has always been submitting to one another out of reverence for the Lord (Eph. 5:21). God’s way always proves to be the resolution for all in any marriage. Let us both look unto the Lord as if we truly do love Him.

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Jake: 00:42 Welcome back to press and reach. My name is Jake Enriquez your host and today I have a special treat for us.

Jake: 00:47 My beautiful wonderful wife Miss Joey is here to join us.

Jake: 00:51 Hi honey how are you. I’m good babe thanks. And the reason why I have my wife come and join us is I want to talk a little bit about marriage for a minute because I think it’s it’s extremely important topic. I want everybody to know. Number one is I’m a happily married man. I have a wonderful marriage an awesome marriage with my wife Joey and I want to give you a little bit about that to begin with right now today. Me and her have seven kids seven kiddos. We’ve been married.

Jake: 01:24 How long to Jo. 13 years 13 here.

Jake: 01:26 We have an awesome relationship. We’re very open and transparent and we’re always on one page. We move on one accord now. When we do veer from that and sometimes we do we can start to you know not be on the same page. It’s easy to recognize now we don’t like when that’s happening but we’re able to bring it back together because of the relationship that we both have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So that’s the reason I wanted to talk about that is because what marriage is to us is everything. And I know that there’s a lot of guys out here and a lot of the ladies out here that love ministry. They love the work of the ministry. But before you can do any of that your first ministry is at home. And we know that we understand it our ministry the first ministry is always at home and it’s with our spouse and with our family.

Jake: 02:20 So we’re going to share a little bit about that today. And just to start off I’ll tell you right now it hasn’t always been that way for us right. Right. What do you think. It’s

Joey: 02:30 been pretty touch and go early on. Touch and Go. Yeah. I mean it wasn’t as hard it was a struggle. Partly because at the time that you and I first got together pretty much immediately lived together. But it wasn’t just you and me we had four little ones between us. So already it was stressful it was hard. We were young. I was a little bit younger. So we just had a lot of everyday life stuff happening that was hard to deal with and because we were not living a Christian life we weren’t churchgoers. We were just you know doing our own thing and doing things our way. It was really really hard.

Jake: 03:14 OK. And what about today. What would you say to us today.

Joey: 03:19 Well you know we still have stuff that comes out because we have as you said something kids six of them still living at the house with us so we still have things that come up and plenty of things that we have to deal with. But

Joey: 03:32 now you and I are able to deal with them together. Like I say you and I are a team and that’s not something I could have said 13 years ago.

Jake: 03:42 OK. So you could have said 13 years ago I wouldn’t have said it. OK. Well I mean I would have said so. OK. This is not a competition.

Jake: 03:54 Understand the reason we come to do this this episode is to number one kind of go off of the introductory episode and continue on from there and just get to and let people get to know a little bit more about us and where we come from and where we stand and some of the things we’ve been through because this whole podcast is about walking out your faith and walking in your faith and how faith applies in everyday life so far one marriage is incredible. It is super important. And when I look out there today and I see marriages I see that a lot of marriages are are really struggling or there’s a lot of suffering going on in different marriages and we often lift up friends in their marriage and in different situations that are going on. But you know we can certainly understand because we’ve been through there ourselves.

Jake: 04:49 Like I said you know our marriage hasn’t always been great. Matter of fact it’s been really tough and I can kind of share with you a little bit about where we were in the beginning. I can only share my side of course. Let Joe share hers. But unless you let me share here know so easy for me. When we got married way back in 2004 right 2004 I really at the time like my wife’s going to tell you that we really were kind of unhappy before we even got married. So

Jake: 05:21 and so I know there’s a lot of people ask the question so why did you get married. Well you know I wish I had all the answers but you know we were just kind of doing things our own way and going as we were we were already living together and you know we could have we came up with a thousand different reasons excuses I should say just to keep doing it our way but we don’t understand now that it’s your wedding the right way.

Jake: 05:43 But we do thank God for saving our marriage and certainly really bringing our marriage will bring in life I should say into our marriage. So from my end from my standpoint I was I actually went to my mother about a year into our marriage and told my mother you know because she was my my spiritual guide she was my counselor. She was everything that I could talk to her about anything.

Jake: 06:09 And I told her that I was really looking to get divorced and Manjo we were going to be divorced. Yes Jo. Go ahead.

Joey: 06:18 Well I just wanted to say you know I know that everybody like you said struggles but I kind of feel like we need to let people know what it was like for you and I at that time and when we say it wasn’t good we were arguing a lot arguing men saying ugly things to one another.

Joey: 06:39 It meant storming out the front door leaving coming back later that day yelling in front of the kids saying ugly things in front of the kids to each other. So

Joey: 06:52 you know I just felt like I kind of needed to add that because not getting along looks different for everybody. And so for you know for us to say that even that whole engagement period was still unhappy and I was like well this is next. The next step or so this is what we’re supposed to do because we’re together we haven’t broken up so we’re going to do the next thing which is get married. But it was like I said earlier it was hard because we had kids already. And so there was a lot of arguing back and forth about how we do things you know we never had a sit down with Hey how are we going to raise kids. We already had kids who were in the midst of being raised. So already our situation was pretty difficult even more so because we didn’t have the guidance and wisdom of the Lord and we were doing it just trial and error and usually error.

Joey: 07:48 But like I said I just wanted to point that out that us not getting along was that that was the bulk of it it was. I knew how to push your buttons and I would you know say ugly things to you and and you know a lot. There are plenty of times that I did I would pick fights with you and because unfortunately that’s kind of what I had grown accustomed to and not because that’s how I grew up but that’s just you know just high drama really is what it was and that’s how we were living so we were you know trying to raise these four little people. But when we say that we weren’t getting along that’s what was happening and it wasn’t it wasn’t really a matter of one person did something terribly bad to the other.

Joey: 08:37 We’re just always arguing and just lots of disagreements you want to things your way. I wanted things my way and when it didn’t happen. Mad Man. Yeah. So then you had to go talk to your mom cause you were ready to leave me.

Jake: 08:51 Yes I went and spoke with my mother because yes I was ready to leave you and you know I was at that point now that I really didn’t care. So I really felt that way anyway at the time and because we had grown really cold towards one another. But anyhow. And my mother I told her I was ready to get a divorce. And the funny part about all that though is this is that during that time I had really sought after peace and I had you know I really wanted a relationship with Christ.

Jake: 09:21 And this is what’s really strange to me is that in doing that and finding this relationship with God with Jesus Christ I should say that now wanted the divorce so they didn’t really make any sense and I went and told my mother I said you know she knew that about me she knew that’s where I was in my life at that time. But when I told her I wanted to divorce it was really puzzling to her because she said that I don’t see how you could want to divorce but at the same time you’re trying to draw yourself close to God. So I explained to her I said I’m trying to draw close to God. I’m trying to do it God’s way. But she’s not. That’s how I saw it. And because she’s not going to let her go.

Jake: 10:03 It’s just the way it is. I can’t I can’t do this with her.

Joey: 10:07 No I was dead weight. You know it was tough it was really tough. So it was tough. And

Jake: 10:15 my mother explained to me that know what you need instead is you’re working on the wrong relationship she said you need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and you need to work on that relationship so you need to be all in with that. Matter of fact she said you need to fall in love with Jesus. And so she encouraged me to go back she said and and really seek after that relationship you know don’t worry about the other one that’s the relationship where you are with your wife right now.

Jake: 10:41 It’s already where it’s at. Seek this other relationship for her. So anyhow I did. I went back.

Joey: 10:48 You know honey I think that’s a good point right now is is to remember because it’s not just in times where we’re on the verge of ending a relationship especially one as big as a marriage. But look at the difference it made that you could go to your mom and get godly counsel. You know because a lot of times we’re not paying attention to who we ask or who we talk to you know. Sure. And you could have just as easily have gotten the advice from someone else. You’re right you should have left about six months ago. You know I’m so thankful that you know you had your mom and she would be thankful that she told you don’t leave me not yet. Hold on but like I said just what a difference it makes when we have someone in our lives that we can get.

Joey: 11:41 Right counsel from someone who’s going to tell us the truth and point us in the right direction. Sure.

Jake: 11:47 And you know and I did I went after that sought after a relationship with Christ and I began to open up the word of God and really began to explore I should say the word of God and had a good friend of mine tell me you know to pray because I’ve been struggling with these. But I always pray before you read and study the word you know really pray and ask God to open up your heart and ask God to give it to you. And I did. And it really did make a huge difference and I began to see things of course differently because that’s what the word of God does it helps us to see that. But I recall that I was in the book of John. I think the 21st chapter and the passage was where Jesus is asking Peter if he loved him and he asked him three times and course Peter said yes he loved them and Jesus would say feed my sheep and he’d also say to follow him follow me you know.

Jake: 12:39 You know the Scripture says that Jesus told Peter that to show him that he would live his life in a way that would glorify God. And after that the only thing that Peter could ask is What about him.

Jake: 12:53 He was asking about John. In other words what about John. And I think it’s funny that I was stuck right there. I can’t read that because Jesus replied to Peter he said listen if he should remain until I return. What’s that to you. You follow me. And that’s one of the most powerful passages that I think that I’ve ever read in my life and it still sticks with me today and everything that I do when it comes to dealing with people period. Jesus said if he’s to if he’s to remain until I return. What’s that to you. You follow me. And I really felt like God was telling me the same thing at the time because my question in prayer to God was I’m doing everything I can here.

Jake: 13:35 I really want to live a life for you. But what about my wife because I don’t feel like she wants to.

Jake: 13:43 So I felt like God was telling me in that time seriously is that whatever it is you follow me. Don’t look at her. You follow me. And it was tough like you were saying earlier it was very tough because he did say some things that were discouraging and you did say it you really made it extra hard on me and you know I just kept trying to focus on that. And there were times that I said you know I know I cried out to God said you know what the same for me.

Jake: 14:08 I’m not going to do is man arguing I was talking about. That

Joey: 14:12 was before you even embarked on this journey of your faith. Then I really amped it up and really came at you. And

Joey: 14:21 along those fiery darts at you when you were literally Bible open and I would call you names like holy Jake. Oh you.

Joey: 14:32 And it just is so so ugly to you as your eyes I can see that you’re trying to do the right thing and do what you needed to do. And I just you know I think at first sure I was just in such a state of rebellion that you know I also because I grew up in church even though it sure didn’t look like it at the time. I knew that what you were doing and the change that was taking place I knew that I was going to have to change too.

Joey: 15:07 Like I knew that once I accept this as long as I’m fighting you then I don’t have to I can keep putting that wall up and I am I don’t have to change what I’m doing I don’t have to start reading the Bible and going to church and getting up early on Sundays.

Joey: 15:24 And when I went to sleep and you know so I think some of that had to do with well if I accept this then I really have to get on board and I’m going to have to be responsible for what I am doing to night. So but to be honest I didn’t know about the conversation that you had with your mom. I didn’t know that you had gone to her. I didn’t know that. You were really so close to.

Joey: 15:52 Calling it quits. Like I said I knew that we weren’t getting along. I mean there were plenty of days where we we either were arguing or just not talking at all. So it just ended up being pretty separate feeling.

Joey: 16:05 What I do know you know for me it got to the point where I just thought again this is where I was because having grown up in church it’s like I knew better and I knew I knew some of this stuff.

Joey: 16:20 So what I needed was an excuse to be able to leave the marriage and I don’t know if I ever told you this but I really did. There was a point where I thought if he just cheated on me then I could leave. And of course you know now how devastated I would be if that had been the case. But at the time because it was so hard because I was so unhappy but I thought I’m not supposed to get a divorce. I’m not supposed to. We’re married now so even if it feels like garbage that’s it we’re married. And that’s really how I looked at it and I thought. But wait I do have an out.

Joey: 17:03 If he cheats on me I get to leave and then I’m you know I’m not the bad guy. So.

Jake: 17:11 Well during that time I had been asking you know when I was studying I did ask if you’d go to church with us because.

Jake: 17:20 And you said no you don’t want to go. And I did take our kids though and we would go to church so I was taking my kiddos and we would go to church and I really did trust in the Lord. I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew is I was really really trust in God. And it really felt miserable.

Jake: 17:40 You know and I think that a lot of times when people say well hey you know you’ve got to trust God you’ve got to trust God and all these things and I was but I felt lonely I felt miserable I felt like this is never going to work you know.

Jake: 17:51 But then I would cry out to him because I was not used to it. None of this stuff was not used to any of it. God was surely showing me and I know that that passage was there for a reason to follow him just keep following him. So you know one Sunday morning when I did ask no I didn’t ask him anymore because he could stop asking you to go. But once any morning I had the kids ready and I was getting ready to get in the car to go and you came out of the bedroom when you asked if you could go with us to church. So

Jake: 18:22 . So praise God. That is a first time that’s the first time for me that I really really ever experienced faith faith at work because I was believing in what God was saying I did not know and or understand how he was going to do it. I really didn’t but I had such a drawl to god my heart was such it was so drawn to God that I just wanted to do what he said to do. Now later you know now today I do know and understand that you know the scripture says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. That’s no I can stand on that word today. But I couldn’t at the time. I was just learning. I was just learning. But that was the first time I experienced that part of faith for me. And you started coming to church with us and things started to change but it wasn’t just like easy from then on wasn’t it.

Joey: 19:20 No no it wasn’t. But what I remember you know like I said before I don’t remember you know the order of events. I remember visiting churches.

Joey: 19:33 I remember visiting churches before we actually got married because I would look around and think this would be a pretty place to get married because you grew up Catholic I grew up Baptist so we were trying to find somewhere to go that kind of fit.

Joey: 19:49 Both of us so we were trying lots of different places and so do you remember that. But the closer you got and once you really did start to seek a relationship with Jesus that’s when you know I pretty much turned away and went the opposite direction I guess. But when I had that breakthrough for you. Well what I remember is being in our bedroom at home and being in there standing by our bedroom window and just really praying and like I said I had before that just said you know if only this then I could leave. But as I got to the point where I just you know I didn’t have anything left. And I just said God please give me the heart for my husband that I’m supposed to have because I already knew that this wasn’t the marriage that God had intended.

Joey: 20:45 I knew this wasn’t how marriage was supposed to be. I didn’t grow up in a house full of strife. So it’s not like I had a bad example I knew that this wasn’t it.

Joey: 20:59 But it was just finally that point of surrendering marriage our marriage to God and just saying you know not fix him not God please make this stop or take this away.

Joey: 21:13 But just I knew I needed him to change my heart that I would be able to love you the way I was supposed to the way God intended for wives to love their husbands. And that was the turning point that I remember that I know from that point on I know that he answered that prayer a hundred percent I know he did. Because I love you.

Jake: 21:38 All right.

Jake: 21:40 So we’re talking about marriage we’re talking about the before and after type of marriage. And by that I mean a before and after a surrendered life to Christ Jesus so we’ll be right back in just a moment.

Jake: 22:37 OK we’re back. Thank you for coming back with us. We’re talking about marriage again the before and after and we kind of went over our testimony before you know breaking through in a really really tough marriage and here’s what I know about marriages that are tough because we come from it is that when you’re going through it you sure feel like you’re all alone.

Jake: 22:56 And one of the things I point out is that if you you heard both testimonies as I never knew that she had even been praying. I just felt like nobody was praying. And she never knew where I was at in my relationship. She just felt alone where she was. And the reason I pointed out is because in a marriage you might be in a marriage today where you feel like you’re alone you feel like man there’s just no hope. And I you know I can’t stress enough to to anyone today who’s going through that to pray and to just seek God fervently with all your heart to seek Him in all that you’re doing and don’t think that you’re alone because the scripture says he’ll never leave you know forsake you at any time so trust in God with all your heart. But

Jake: 23:44 anyhow from that point now we can we leave that point and come into now what marriage is today for us. So what do you think. What would you say that looks like for us today.

Joey: 23:56 Well I think it’s what you talked about earlier how we you know try to be on the same page. But you know that you and I are a team that we work together that we know our roles as husband and wife and that we each seek God’s counsel that we look to the Bible as our guide for because it’s in there you know he tells us what he has in mind for marriage and how it should look so that you know you submit you answer to God you know as head of our family and that I would you know submit to you. So that’s definitely I think where we are and what we you know some days are better than others. We don’t always get it right. But I just it makes a world of difference when we know that that’s where we are and that that’s what we’re striving for.

Jake: 24:50 So in today’s in as we move today in marriage you know we talk about you know be the roles and all that kind of stuff. But I think there’s confusion when it comes to roles. I think there’s a lot of confusion because people look at it like I don’t want to have to give anything up type of thing. I mean you know I’m in a lot of circles of the men and we talk about different things in the role. I should say of a man. But the Scripture says that he would love his wife like Christ loved the church. The Scripture says that we would submit unto the Lord. So when we get around people talking about roles there are a lot of people that can confuse each and every one of us.

Jake: 25:35 And I believe that if you just guide yourself by the Word of God by the Word of God you can never go wrong.

Joey: 25:43 Well you know I think it reminds me that once you and I did start to move together finding a church home that we did start with that we went to a couples class and which was good stuff but that helped us in that kind of started to lay things out for us. And

Joey: 26:06 here’s what it looks like you know because I really I didn’t know I hadn’t studied the Word to see what am I suppose. I just knew how I was doing it before wasn’t the right way. Sure. You

Joey: 26:18 know so I feel like it kind of started there that we both knew we needed to be in church because we both grew up in church and we knew that our kids were supposed to be going to church and we could just drop them off. We had to take them. So you know it was kind of like First things first and then we ended up going to a class in that evening class led to a Sunday class and you know so for me I think what it looks like is kind of starting with with that that we would be learning together together. Right. Yeah that we both want what’s what’s best for our family and what’s best for our family is God’s will. All right. So that’s what we started looking at and striving for.

Jake: 27:03 Well let’s you know I tell you what. That’s a really good point. In

Jake: 27:07 other words if if you’re not moving together you’re going in a separate direction. So here’s what I want to I want to point out because I think it’s important. I you know at one time I had gone to God to you know you just pointed out I came up Catholic you came up Baptist. What a combination. But anyway I had gone to this morning’s service mass over at Forget St. Joseph I think and asked to speak with the deacon at the time. And afterwards you know he saw me in the back and he asked What’s on my heart what’s going on and I told him I said you know I came up Catholic my wife came up Baptist and I just don’t know which way to go kind of thing. And he told me he said listen don’t let religion hamper your relationship with God.

Jake: 27:59 You and your wife go together and go seek a Bible teaching church that you will know when you get there that’s going to guide you by the Word of God. This is incredible for me because I asked him I said well how will you know. He starts laughing goes you’ll know you’ll absolutely no now for me always you know I don’t like that kind of stuff I hate when people say you’ll know and all you know they you to know the and. I need to know what you’re talking about. But he told me you know he was deacon Dean. He came up Baptist and now he’s in a Catholic church and he said listen don’t let religion hamper your relationship with God. How you choose to worship God is different so he told me to go and seek that we ended up at Crossroads Christian church with you know Pastor Barry and when we first walked in one of the very first the very first things I heard was the preacher say you go straight to hell if you if you’re thinking or doing something that way I wasn’t really clear on it.

Jake: 29:04 But all I knew is isher was fire in his words. Right. And he went to preaching on different things and man I tell you what one of the things was about our own religion my religion I grew up with. And he was talking about really that it’s not in religion either. Just

Jake: 29:19 like Deacon Dean had already pointed out and it really woke me up because I remember Deacon Dean say oh you’re going to know. So when Pastor Barry started preaching it made me really want to go find out.

Jake: 29:36 And I don’t know if I was looking to prove him wrong or what but I sure wanted to go find out where he was at and read it for myself. So

Jake: 29:42 that’s one of the things I point out is that when you start seeking God with all your heart the scripture says there he will be and he will be waiting on you there. And we move together and then as we moved as a family as a couple as you know and marriage and we just started moving together in it and yeah all those things like the different classes serving together all that. What a joy being. But here’s the thing I’ll point out though you have to want a beautiful marriage if you don’t want that then you won’t have that. I

Jake: 30:16 mean that with all my heart I mean if you’re somebodies husband and you don’t want that my man you’re not going to have that if you’re a wife and you’re not really looking for that. OK. You’re not going to get that. In

Jake: 30:34 other words if you’re if marriage is not that important to you then to always be on a back burner. But I can promise you this marriage is beautiful and God intended it for it to be beautiful. And whenever a wife truly seeks after the Lord Jesus Christ in relationship she can’t help but fall in love with God fall in love with the word of God and fall in love with her husband and the same goes for a man. My brother’s out there. If you fall in love with Jesus Christ watch this if you fall in love with Jesus you can’t help but fall in love with your wife. And I just truly believe that to be that the God honest truth that’s just really where it’s at. So

Joey: 31:19 yeah I just think about the things that we missed out on I think about the blessings that we would have missed out on. You know at that time how I thought that you and I at one point were going to have any kids together you know and as we do we got to have two more kids actually who. So it’s just hot.

Joey: 31:41 Again that mindset I had of when this doesn’t work. I just needed you know the last I had to tote out with me the better basically. So

Joey: 31:50 to be able to say you know that we were trying at that time and to be able to tell my mom you know that’s not how I that’s not how I want to be in my marriage but I don’t want to live my marriage that way. I don’t want to live thinking I have an out. Sure. You know that I was dedicated to our marriage and that I didn’t want a divorce and I wanted us to work out. And like you were saying that makes such a big difference when you’re committed to this is going to work you know and we try it our way sometimes and it wears us out for sure. But once we get on board with God’s plan and what he intended marriage to be we definitely you know he shows us the blessing and that he has to make us wait. All

Jake: 32:42 right. So with that I would say that you know it all comes back down to this. I mean number one I would say that in marriage one does fall in love with Jesus because he is still he’s still the Redeemer he’s still the provider.

Jake: 33:00 He’s still the one who has all the answers. You know it’s not going to be in your body down the street you know hanging out and drinking a cup of coffee or a beer is not going to be in there. I mean yes there are men and women out here that are godly and you can always tell that because they can always point you back to God.

Jake: 33:23 They point you back to the word as a matter of fact when anybody ask me anything about that. I always ask them the same question. What say the Lord what about God. What does God say in that. Because when I’m asking that that question is I’m asking him what do you see in the word of God. In other words are you seeking that answer from the only one who can really give you the answer. So first and foremost I’d say seek God with all your heart in this thing but not this that is that there are plenty of people out here like you were talking about when we started coming up in our marriage and we started participating in interacting with other people who wanted the same thing. So serving in those areas serving those capacities and opening up in relationship with others.

Jake: 34:09 You know as is so important you know to tell the truth don’t go around a women’s group or a men’s group just to sit back and not say anything. Open up and share the good guys and they’re really really going to give you some some really great stuff. And what God has done in their lives. So I would encourage that as well. And of course again is it what you want. Because marriage is beautiful marriage is absolutely beautiful.

Joey: 34:35 I just you know again we share this today because it is our testimony it’s what we have seen firsthand how God has taken the brokenness of our marriage and made it into something beautiful that he. He’s done that right before our very eyes. And that’s not for us to keep to ourselves because as you said any so many people are hurting in their marriages. I mean fellow believers and we’re even talking about those outside of the faith. I mean believers who are having such a tough time and it hurts to see that because we have been there because we know what those words do to each other but we also know the redemption that comes when we surrender it fully to the Lord and let him do the work that he wants to do when we get out of the way. So not just to share for people who are hurting but also as a reminder that you know our friends our family the people that we know in those situations they can go to the break room at work and get all kinds of bad advice.

Joey: 35:53 They can always find somebody who’s going to tell them what they want to hear about. Like I said Yeah go ahead you’re right. You don’t have to take that time to get up out of there. But we also have a responsibility to be sure that we are pointing others back and like you said what says the Lord when it comes to these issues you know that we need to make sure that we are giving that sound advice as well that we are reminding people that God is there and he can still take the mass and he can work a miracle and it appears that we do.

Joey: 36:31 There’s a lot to endure but we already know in this life he has not promised us an easy way. He didn’t say it was going to be a piece of cake and especially not when it comes to marriage. Sure. So you know we do have to endorse some things but it’s all for our good and His glory and not so we have to remember right.

Jake: 36:55 Well we certainly thank you so much for hanging out with us today. We just wanted to share that as we go because I do think that marriage is such a beautiful thing and it is given by God and intended by God to be beautiful. So just before we go we just want to let you know that we’re praying for you and your marriage. And if in fact you do have issues or anything that are going on your marriage do not be disheartened. Do not be dismayed. Trust in God with all your heart. We want to hear from you. Go to press unreached dot com. We’d love to hear anything and everything you might have as a something you want to share or comment on again just go out to Press aN and you can submit any questions or just comments and we’d love to share with other people as well.

Jake: 37:39 We thank you for today and look forward to speaking with you again next week. Take care.

Jake: 37:45 Bye. Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you. So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone out here.

Jake: 37:57 For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

A Surrendered Marriage

When we look at our marriage today, we have the privilege of smiling. That’s only because we live with the understanding that our marriage has been fully surrendered to God. Why? Well, because it belongs to Him. To be on one accord and move together as a team sure feels better than being at war with one another.

Sure, we still have issues that come up that will certainly challenge us. Since we still have 6 children that still live at home, we can foresee many more to come. The difference today is that we move together as a team and for that, we thank God!

Making a Choice

Making a decision to follow Christ does not consist of category selections. It’s either all in or not in at all. The journey will always consist of making choices in some areas that probably won’t look to be favorable. The beauty in it is that Christ always invites us to trust in Him, especially when we don’t understand.

Most of us look at our position on issues and try to justify it with tradition or some other worldly view. I will certainly admit that doing things God’s way is going to take some time. However, once we make the choice to do so, we start seeing things from a different perspective. Remember, turning to God means going in a completely different direction.

Surround Yourself with Godly Counsel

For us, going forward in marriage means to work in unity. However, we now recall that the unity is between us and the Lord. I know that for many people it may sound cliché, but God’s answers are in His word. So, my best counsel will always come from the bible.

What about our friends? Absolutely surround yourself with friends who are not afraid to point you back to the word of God (Prov. 27:6). This walk won’t always be easy, but trusting in the Lord will always be real. Being honest with our roles is a must as we lift each other up along the way. We make every attempt to bring any and all issues under the subjection of His word. Consider one another, and  do it in love.

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