002: Learning to Live a Life of Trusting in God with Earl Wright

The scripture says that it rains on the just and the unjust as well. The power comes from learning how to trust God in times of uncertainty. Our friend and brother Earl Wright talks about being raised to trust God. However, when we experience God in a trying time, our faith seems to grow in leaps and bounds.

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Jake: 00:00 Well friends Welcome back. Thank you so much for coming back. You know.

Jake: 01:10 It’s no secret out here that in life we all experience different trials and tribulations ups and downs along the way. And our next guest is no different by any means. As a matter of fact as a business owner I’m sure he’s encountered different struggles along the way no doubt. But I am recalling now time that back in 2008 as he’s going to explain when so many people business owners that is were closing their doors to business. Our next guest found himself standing and trusting in the Lord and that has been a pattern for him if you listen to his story. It’s just been a pattern for him. And part of his life as he’s lived and what a blessing an honor it is to be a part of that just as he shares that because instead of closing his doors actually God opened up many more doors for him back in that season and his business did not diminish.

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Jake: 02:06 It flourished in a time when most again were closing their doors. So now get ready for a special treat. And for me it’s a home cooked meal because this brother is coming out of the same place that I did. Kirbyville Texas He’s an awesome business owner a wonderful husband and an awesome dad. Give

Jake: 02:24 it up for my good friend Mr. Earl Wright. Earl how are you doing today man.

Earl: 02:30 Jake I’m doing great my man. And thank you so much for that wonderful introduction. Thank you and thank you to the Press and Reach ministry as well.

Jake: 02:39 Oh thank you man. Thank you for coming out. You know it’s a it’s an honor and privilege to be out here walking with other brothers like yourself and you know as I see you out there in the community I see what you’re doing man. We greatly appreciate what you do but just tell us a little bit about yourself man introduced to the people you know who you are where you’re from what you do. Sure

Earl: 02:59 absolutely. Well Jake as you know I’m from the same place from which is a wonderful small town called Kirbyville. Oh I don’t know where that is but if has a bearing it’s in between Jasper and Beaumont Texas a tiny country town a wonderful place to live. Absolutely loved it. I moved to Dallas Fort Worth in 1987. Been in Dallas Fort Worth Texas been married to my college sweetheart 23 years and I have two sons ages 11 and 13. I have a high school this year.

Jake: 03:37 So pray for me Jake. Absolutely. We’re going to do that. And you say college sweetheart right. Yes sir. And just for those who are listening. She’s also a classmate of ours grew up together in Kirbyville miss the wonderful Miss Cheryl. And hey we just want to make sure we say hello to her out there what a wonderful lady that she is a URL. You know you talk about coming up in a small town in Kirbyville and you know every time somebody asked me about the small town I do the same thing that you do. I said you know what’s over there by Bouma you know or you know between Jasper and Beaumont if people still don’t you know they they still don’t get over that so I’ll just kind of help back a little bit. How about southeast Texas is on pretty much.

Jake: 04:26 My wife tells me this. You guys are pretty much in Louisiana. Hi all that border. You know Texas Louisiana border southeast. So yeah absolutely. What a great community is it is and to be a part of. But when I’m thinking about these things that we all do and participate in now here you know because the podcast is simply about walking out our faith. And let me just ask you a little bit about what it is you do. I mentioned that you’re a business owner but if you could say you know in your own words what is it that you actually do.

Earl: 05:00 Earl Well I own a company called as good as an LLC. And we repair and install fences in.

Jake: 05:06 OK. So your business is with fencing and. OK. And I know there has to be a busy life especially be in you know a husband and a dad as you’re raising a family and seeing it through. What would you say is the main thing that you focus on out there as a business owner.

Earl: 05:26 Well Jake as you know being a business owner yourself that kind of changes over time you focus on something and then you get back to where you want it to be and then you have to focus on something else. Basically what I focused on initially was just building a great business model. And what I’m focused on now is making sure that my team adhered to that model.

Jake: 05:51 So a great business model coming up in in school. Did you did you have plans on becoming a business owner like when you were going to high school or how did that how did that unfold. How did it come about for you.

Earl: 06:02 Well to be honest with you I started self-employment a long time ago you know I can I can remember when I was probably eight or nine years old I had an old landscaping business. So for me it started in my blood at an early age and I knew I wanted to do something self-employment related but to be honest I did not know what that would be.

Jake: 06:28 So you knew you wanted to do some kind of self-employment So your fence business and the fences and decks did you start actually doing that kind of work. Well what I did and this was back in 1995 Jake I started out.

Earl: 06:42 In the DFW area and I only started out staining wood fences and then in 2008 we expanded to Houston and we added some additional services in addition to the staging We added. Would then repair with instillation iron fence repair and fence painting deck repair that painting and then that that worked out pretty well for us.

Earl: 07:07 So in 2011 we went and did the same thing in Austin.

Jake: 07:11 So you’ve expanded quite a bit then right a little bit.

Earl: 07:16 So when we started out again in Dallas-Fort Worth 95 and in 2008 to Houston 2011 we went Austin. Now let me let’s kind of get back down to this point real quick because.

Jake: 07:30 I really love the fact that you have moved on in your own business and you grew that business and I love the way that you set that business model. So we had to start with you had to actually start with you as you pursue this business of yours right. Correct.

Jake: 07:45 So when I when we hear sometimes other people that are doing things like the small business or even a bigger business whatever it might be even a ministry you know sometimes people look back and they say well that’s easy for Earl. That

Jake: 08:02 must have been easy for Earl because well Earl you know he never had to go through x or he never probably had to deal with this. You know those kind of things and people honestly we just kind of start you know assuming this and that so we don’t really know too much about someone as they have gone through this thing called life. And because the podcast is simply about walking out our faith. Let me let me ask you just a little bit about your childhood and coming up because a lot of what we do and what we’ve become comes from our childhood. So let me ask you Did you did you actually grow up in church or what was that life like for you.

Earl: 08:41 Oh yeah Jake absolutely I did grow up in church. I have I had what I commonly refer to as a drug problem. My

Earl: 08:50 mom drug my Sunday School Sunday worship. She drove me to evening worship she drove me mid-week every time the church doors opened she drug me there. You know what Jake. Thank God for mom.

Jake: 09:04 Absolutely. Absolutely so. Hey I think that our moms may have gone to the same school. That’s an awesome thing though isn’t it though.

Earl: 09:13 It absolutely is. And by building that the foundation of the church even after I moved out of the house I still continued to go to church every Sunday. Now part of the reason was I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that later that some day or sometime the beginning of that week mom was going to call me. And the first thing that she was going to ask me was Did you go to church. I did not want to disappoint mom.

Jake: 09:45 That’s awesome. I like that. I mean you know what. If nothing else we just didn’t want to disappoint our mother right. Right. That’s a good thing. And so that’s that’s awesome I mean of course a lot of us feel as kiddoes like and we were really having to go through this thing because I remember the same thing you know my mother had us in church man every Sunday believe it was every Monday week after school we’d go you know and to think about it. Mom was adamant about it. You know you’re going to get this kind of thing you know that was that was her attitude about it even my dad. You know she drugged my dad and stuff. So we all know that. But so as a as a kid man and you you’re coming up like that. And that’s a great thing. What else can you think of in your childhood was it an average childhood or did you want to veer off into different things. What was going on with you as a youngster out there.

Earl: 10:38 Well to be honest with you Jake my childhood was probably a combination of both average and unusual. If that makes sense you can say that is because that is pretty average up into the age of about 9. When I was about 9, my parents got separated and got divorced and then at that point in time it became somewhat unusual.

Jake: 11:03 OK.

Earl: 11:03 right it started out as average and later became unusual.

Earl: 11:10 So that’s why I say it was a combination of both average and you know I think about coming up and you know oftentimes early when I look at it I do know some of our like our friends and that group we grew up with and you know their parents ended up getting divorced. And when I look back on it you know my mother and father they stayed married until my mother passed away in 2008. Honestly I kind of took that for granted. You know like it was always just supposed to be that’s how I came up thinking you know but I never experienced like divorce and coming up in that. So definitely I can understand where it would be a big change for you at that time. So as a kid man you guys before that or even during that time how was it financially financially OK you have any hardships as a kid. Well

Earl: 12:06 you know Jake financially we were OK and until my dad left and after he left we did experience some financial difficulties. But you know God doesn’t make any mistakes. Everything is for a reason.

Earl: 12:20 And it was around about that time and after that time that I started developing the work ethic that I have now I had not gone through that struggle. Who

Earl: 12:33 knows maybe would not have developed the work ethic that I had. Again everything happens for a reason God doesn’t make any mistakes. Absolutely. Me personally how I’ve changed. I’m not much different now than I was then when I was a kid. I loved the Lord J. And I also enjoyed cracking jokes I enjoyed making people laugh.

Jake: 12:33 Yes. I remember

Earl: 13:01 And as an adult as an adult I still put God first in everything that I do and I still enjoy making people smile. You know and I believe because of the work ethic that I developed when I was a kid I still believe that the only place you can find success before work is in the dictionary.

Jake: 13:22 I like that Earl I tell you what we’re going to take a quick break and we’re going to be right back with Mr. Earl Wright now talking about his childhood growing up and we’ll be back in just a moment.

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Jake: 13:44 But not only that we asked to come and visit us on Press and Reach dotcom.

Jake: 13:48 Well we’re all about faith family and community. Listen if you have a story about how your faith in the Lord has seen you.

Jake: 13:55 We certainly want to hear from you whether it’s been in your business life your personal life which could be your marriage or dealing with your family whatever it may be. We

Jake: 14:05 know that faith is a daily walk. So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all.

Jake: 14:16 Hey welcome back. We’re continuing along now with Mr.. All right good friend from home. And coming up with this brother was always a pleasure. He’s always been a pleasure to be around. As a youngster when we were kids and even in the community when I move around and see him today he is a true blessing to be around. And Earl was just giving us a breakdown of coming up as a child and how he actually grew up in church because of the drug problem he had with his mother actually dragged him to church. And I think that’s an awesome drug problem to by the way brothers. So Earl we thank you for that. Man Hey let me ask you Is there a time that you can share or could you share a time when your faith was actually strengthened something that you went through. And you know that God truly strengthened you in your faith because of what you did or how you were faithful in it.

Earl: 15:08 Well to be honest I have these type of experiences on a daily basis a weekly basis. If I had to think about one experience in particular I would probably say it would be in 2008. I don’t know if you can remember this or not Jake you probably can but in 2008. The economy wasn’t very good. It wasn’t very good for. Construction type businesses wasn’t very good for the housing market and wasn’t very good for my business as well. Our sales were down in 2008 probably in excess of 50 60 percent. God could have easily had allowed the business to fail. Know But instead he expanded our territory by allowing us to not only survive but to regress and expand. And in situations like this that continually show me that God is real and that he is there to be able to provide everything that we need. If we just trust in him to do.

Jake: 16:13 Absolutely. Yeah it was pretty tough. And I do remember the economy did take a turn for the worse and there were a lot of guys out here and gals out here that were struggling in the business and then in that time you know you know we kind of have the same testimony God sure prospered us he surely saw us through. And for that of course we’re so thankful. And you know what the Scripture does say that we do lean not on our own understanding and you just said Trust in the Lord with all our heart. So in business you know because business is up and down. Right.

Jake: 16:46 That is correct. So do you find yourself struggling at times or different times out there with maybe you know thinking about those things or allow those thoughts to creep in here and there?

Earl: 16:57 I don’t Jake to be honest with you doing this as long as I’ve been doing it. You

Earl: 17:03 see different trends you see different times of the year when business goes up different times of the year when business goes down.

Earl: 17:11 And over time you’ll learn to trust the process you learn to trust in God that he’s going to continue to do what he has always done provided you do what you have always done. I believe that it will take one step down take two steps. So I don’t worry about anything at this point Jake. I’ll just continue to take my step and I continue to trust that God is going to take his two steps.

Jake: 17:39 I like that man. All right. So we take one and He takes two.

Earl: 17:43 Absolutely. And sometimes he’ll take more than that Jake. But you got to take that first.

Jake: 17:49 Absolutely. Hey that’s a that’s a nugget right there. You have to take the first one I love. I love telling people that myself and you have to get out there and step out in faith. Is it not. Absolutely. So let me ask you this question as we’re coming down towards wrapping it up. What are three character traits that you would say define you. They help walk out your faith and that’s tough. Jake

Earl: 18:14 I absolutely hate talking about myself. I wish you could interview me about someone else instead of talking about God that I hate talking about.

Earl: 18:26 Well I will say that the real character traits that find me I will say I’m passionate I’m committed and I’m dedicated. And how that applies to. My faith is. As you know I love you and I’m passionate about my faith and I’m made it and dedicated to being the best Christian that I can be.

Jake: 18:53 Absolutely. And being the best you know we I think that you just hit the nail on the head and that is the best that we as ourselves can be not trying to compare or keep up with somebody else. But that’s a personal relationship that you’re describing with Jesus Christ. And I think that’s that’s most of importance has that we’re all in. And I believe actually when we look at that that scripture that says that we would be conform not conform to the world but transform continued renewing of our mind.

Jake: 19:26 You know that Scripture in Romans is talking about being all in it all in and you just described it actually in those three those three things those traits. I think that’s awesome I greatly appreciate it. Hey Earl. We

Jake: 19:40 are believers here that readers are leaders you hear that say And right there that reading your leaders I haven’t read it. Absolutely. OK.

Jake: 19:48 All right. So what book would you recommend to our listeners and why.

Earl: 19:53 My favorite book is a book by a gentleman named Carl Sewell. He’s the guy that owns the chain in various cities and the name of the book is what. That’s that’s my read it numerous times. If you haven’t read it Jake I recommend you get it and take a look at it. Anyone in any type of service or business in this case could benefit more customers for life by Carl Sewell.

Jake: 20:31 OK Carl Sewell. Absolutely man yeah we’ll put it out there as well. Now Earl how can we in the community find you through social media whatnot. Your web site. What are some of those ways we could reach out to you.

Earl: 20:43 The best way to find me is as good as new fence.com

Jake: 20:47 OK as good as new fence dotcom. That sounds awesome and will definitely put you your information on the show notes as we go forward and we appreciate all the work that you do in the community. But we want a little final word if we can just have you for one more moment brother. All right let’s just say that somebody one of your friends people that you know OK somebody comes up and it’s a relationship that you have and they’re struggling in their face. And we know there’s so many different areas that we can struggle in. What would be a word of encouragement that you would share with our listeners today.

Earl: 21:20 Well this happens to me on a regular basis and I’m always excited when it does happen and what I do is I tell them to read the Bible Jake. The solution to all of our troubles and problems is doing God’s word. And if you believe and if you believe in God and trust in His Word then you can find the solution to all of your problems in his word.

Jake: 21:47 Absolutely. I can’t think of any other are greater words of encouragement you know because that is God’s letter to his people is his word. That’s absolutely wonderful. Hey Erol man thank you so much for coming out and joining us today and sharing with us today we we we just thank you for all that you do out there in the community. We look forward to continue to serve with you brother if you haven’t heard it. I don’t want to be the first to tell it to you. I hope Cheryll told it to you but we sure do love you all right.

Earl: 22:18 Thank you sir and again thank you to the press and reach ministry. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a great work in the community as well. And I love you all so brother. Thanks

Jake: 22:29 a lot man. We’ll

Earl: 22:30 talk to you right about it.

Jake: 22:32 You know guys there are a few things that really stand out to me today in our conversation with Earl. And number one is how he referred back to his mother and how his mother brought him up in the faith. His mother made sure that he got to church. His mother was a wonderful impact on his life. So I want to point that out because I know that out there right now today some of you may be single moms or single dads and tires tirelessly trying to do this thing and I just don’t want you to lose heart. Know that your work is not in vain. I want you to know that is so important. What a great thing that you’re doing bringing up your kid or your child. I should say in the faith. So keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t lose heart.

Jake: 23:20 Look at the impact that it has on people today. Like my brother Earl his mother and what she did made a huge impact. But number two think about this are always refer back to a business model so the first thing that it took in order to develop that business model he had to work on him. So it started with him. And once he did that he then took what he knew and he taught it to others. So the business model was built up and then taught. So that’s a great way to go about any business that you’re out there doing. But number three the most important one to me though is the process and Earl talked about trusting the process and what he was saying is as he was trusting God it was a process of trusting God over and over and over dear in his life and he continues to do that today.

Jake: 24:09 So that’s a I think that is great for each and every one of us today is just that we could soundly remember this as we go about walking out our faith. It’s simple trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding. So continue to do that. Good friends and listen as you go out today and you want to know a little bit more about Earl come on over to press and reach dotcom to the Web site and you can find out some more information about him we have his Web site address link down there and also you’ll look at the show notes for some of the things that he may have mentioned and I’m forgetting to do right now so please give out press and reach them. And we ask now that as you continue walking out your faith just remember to give God all the glory. We love you and thank you.

Jake: 24:54 Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you.

Jake: 24:57 So please keep pressing and reaching and remember that you’re not walking out your faith alone. For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Business from a Young Age

Earl recalls the times of working in his youth. He actually enjoyed the opportunities afforded to him in his youth and recalls this as the starting point of his entrepreneurship. Focusing on a sound solid business model was the key for him. Now, the focus is to see that his team focuses on adhering to that solid business model.

Things change along the way in every business, so Earl makes sure that he remains flexible. Experience tells us that in any industry we may experience changes along the way. For Earl, trusting God is the one thing that cannot change.

Raise Up a Child in the Way He should Go

From early childhood, Earl talks about the drug problem that he had. His dear mother “ drug him” to church every time she had a chance. Earl found himself in church on numerous occasions. He recalls that if the church doors were open they were going to be there.

Earl gives thanks for the love of his mother and what she instilled in him as he was growing up. It was in his youth that he began learning a life of trusting God.  Later he found himself seeking more from God for himself.

Moments of Truth

In 2008, when the economy took a drastic turn for the worse, Earl found himself in a challenging position. Like anyone else in business during that time, he was experiencing the pressures of a fallen economy. Sales were down fifty to sixty percent.

Many businesses were forced to close their doors and fold up their business. It was in this time that Earl experienced the favor of God as his territory for business as actually expanded. Earl gives God all the glory in his business as well as his life. Earl as seen too many times what God can do and in troubled times he simply chooses to trust in Him. Earl reminds us that if we take the first step in faith, God surely takes the next.

When asked of the character traits that he may have developed over time. Earl just simply sees himself as passionate, committed, and dedicated. He works on being the very best that he can be as a Christian and doesn’t look to compare himself with others.

Resources :  Customers for Life by Carl Sewel

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