009: Breakloose International with Tim Frantz

Tim Frantz with Breakloose International meets with us to discuss the ministry he’s been given. Based out of the Midwest, Michigan to be exact, they are ready to travel to any prison at any given time.  He celebrates his first anniversary of his marriage as well as the birth of his baby girl, Claire. Life is moving fast for the young servant of the Lord, but he knows that the good Lord sees him through.  Come listen in and enjoy as Tim encourages us along the way.

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Jake: 00:01 Welcome back to press and reach my name is Jake Enriquez I’m your host and what a joy and privilege it is to be with you on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Jake: 00:08 Hey today I’ve got a special guest friend of mine out of Michigan actually he is in the same kind of ministry that I love the most. And I got to introduce him to you because he’s another prison minister. I’d like to welcome Mr. Tim Frantz How are you doing today Tim.

Tim: 00:24 I’m doing well brother. Thank you for having me on today.

Jake: 00:30 Hey you bet. Thank you, and Tim like I was saying early we know you’re not from Texas man you’re from Michigan.

Jake: 00:34 So please just tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

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Tim: 00:38 Absolutely. Go Blue go Michigan. And my name is Tim Frantz founder of Breakloose International here. We’re based in the Midwest. You know we travel around the you know we’ve been to Peru too so it doesn’t really matter. You know if there’s a prison we’ll go to it. But. I reside here in Michigan you know and you know I’m blessed. Today I’m actually celebrating the one year anniversary with my wife.

Tim: 01:02 We have two precious daughters one being a four legged French bulldog and the other being our one week old Claire. So life’s moving pretty fast over here.

Jake: 01:02 All right. Absolutely. Ms. Claire now when was she born?

Tim: 01:16 She was born last Saturday. So she one week old today. Congratulations. Thank you brother.

Jake: 01:22 I know Miss Claire and raising Ms. Claire is not going to be anything like Daisy right.

Tim: 01:28 Not at all. She’s already waking me up a little bit more than Daisy ever has though.

Tim: 01:39 Yeah dad is living on Jesus and coffee, so I get what everyone talks about when he has kids just a little sleep goodbye in comparison or when you’re a single.

Jake: 01:50 Amen, amen I’m a dad of 7, so we’ve been down that road before. All right. Congratulations again to you. Thank you.

Jake: 01:55 I know that you and your wife Kate right, are founders of the Breakloose prison ministry right. Yes sir. OK. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Breakloose prison ministry.

Tim: 02:05 Well absolutely. In 2012 I had this grand idea that I shouldn’t start a prison ministry and it also really stems from my brother. My brother did seven years here in Michigan for a.

Tim: 02:18 For a crime that you know not not proud of but God brought redemption through it. And my brother you know he actually received Christ in prison.

Tim: 02:29 And you know I would go into these prisons to visit him and I would just see the hopelessness and despair on some of the you know men’s face and you know I wanted to make a difference. I

Tim: 02:41 wanted to you know I want to just go in there and just love on these men. Well they’re they’re forgotten people group.

Tim: 02:49 And so that’s why we were founded in 2012. My wife married into it but she has taken in just ran with it and God really you know bless us. And you know the prison that we’re in currently.

Jake: 03:05 OK,now I know, because I know prison ministries there’s there’s so many different ones and a lot of them do things differently, now even though they may focus on sharing the gospel they do it differently

Jake: 03:05 So what do you guys focus on doing

Tim: 03:20 I hope we have the same philosophy that ministries have and that truthfully you know our main purpose and our main goal is for inmates to know not only who they are created to be but I have a relationship with the one who created them.

Tim: 03:33 You know before the formation of the world God designed each inmate for love and we want them to walk in their purpose and our ministry is it’s pretty unique.

Tim: 03:44 We do what not a lot of ministries do. And we our main aspect of our Ministry is Sports outreach where we actually take say a softball team inside the facility and play against the inmates and we’ll take a basketball team inside and you know the main purpose of that is to reach them through a simple sporting you know outreach.

Tim: 04:06 We kind of see it as we do what we love to do with inmates who love to do it and we reach them on the level that they’re at, and you know that it’s been a catalyst really for our ministry and that’s been the avenue that God’s used to open up the door for worship events and you know chapel services and re-entry programs.

Tim: 04:27 Honestly you know you name it we do it. Our main purpose and our main goal like I said is to have a relationship with God, and you know that’s that’s why we do it. We don’t just go in there to play a sports game. It’s fun though. I mean these inmates are good. Some of them are. I’ve ran across some that actually had college scholarships and whatnot and they found themselves a little trouble, and you know you know Jake we we like it as we have to look at them as people. My philosophy is when when we put them into a separate group I think we’ve already lost it.

Tim: 05:05 You know we we can’t just see him as inmates. We can’t just see him as people who have messed up but we have to see who God created them to be. We have to see them as an individual because you know Jesus whenever he walked on this earth he reached the individual.

Tim: 05:21 He touched them in a personal way and that’s what we want to do and that’s what we strive to do with our outreaches.

Tim: 05:28 So, yes the main thing we do in sports outreaches it’s fun and it’s it’s a way for me to relive my high school days.

Jake: 05:40 OK I like that, and that’s good. You

Jake: 05:40 know I don’t know about our guys round here that we go into the prisons with we might have to do some two days before we do that. But you know to practice all that that’s I think that’s an awesome thing to be able to do a an outreach like that where you get to go in place for a man your right person the relationships that they have with one another.

Jake: 06:01 There is a connecting, ministry is all about connecting to one another connecting to others just so a little bit more about that. So Tim you said that you kind of happened or got started with 2012 you kind of started the ball rolling you and your wife she kind of jumped in.

Tim: 06:20 Yes sir. So you know I know a lot of guys down here.

Jake: 06:23 Trying to do their own ministry and to get it and get it going. Tell us a little bit about the operations of because I know it’s a nonprofit but at the ministry.

Jake: 06:34 Hey some guys do it part time some guys do it full time or are you full time?

Tim: 06:38 Yes sir. I am.

Jake: 06:42 Okay. So here’s one of the things that people always want to know how do you find the ability to maintain and keep going.

Jake: 06:48 I know a lot of it comes from donations and people donate to your ministry that you’re in. Yes. So

Jake: 06:55 tell us a little bit about the operations of it if you will.

Tim: 06:58 Yeah I really did feel God calling me to do this full time and before I jumped into it I had a very nice job. I had a 401k. I was in a great place. You know there there was really no reason for me to really go for it except it was the Lord who said hey is this what I want you to do. So you know in the end the natural you know everything was already lined up. You know the big cat was looking nice. I had the car. You know it was good. You know I was driving a new Lincoln at that time all at 24 you know so I was doing pretty well for myself and the Lord said You know I just felt it in my spirit the Holy Spirit.

Tim: 07:38 It’s time it’s time to really take this to the next level and you know the operations a lot of times people will see you and share with operations here a lot of times they’ll see what we post on Facebook this the social media and how you know we’re doing these great and awesome things right.

Tim: 07:57 But you know it’s it is a it is a this when starting out it is a grind it really is. It never stops.

Tim: 08:07 You know when I started off I was the accountant. I was a graphic designer. I was the web. I updated the website you know because when you’re starting off there’s not many donations that come in. For me you know, for me it was kind of like people wanted to say hey is this the real deal. I just you know what what’s your heart behind this. You know a couple of years later you know because and I appreciated that about people you know they’re not here to give a handout they’re like you know but you have those people that just rally behind you.

Tim: 08:40 I know five specific people that I could tell them hey we’re going to go to Thailand and this is what we’re doing and they’re off for it. You know and they just love it. But the operation don’t reinvent the wheel.

Tim: 08:54 I had I had to humble myself and just learn from other ministries. You know there’s not a lot of ministries out there that are doing what we do. Sometimes people say well why do you do prison ministry and I’m like. For me the answer is simple I just look to the scripture I’m go to John 3:16 and I point them to that and I show them for God so loved the world right? So ever you know as far as day to day operations just don’t reinvent the wheel learn from other ministries. You know if you want to if you want to start a ministry that deals with orphans find a ministry that deals with orphans and learn from them. Take what you love and take what you like. You know I served under three prison ministries. When we first started because I just wanted to see what they did and how they operated and day to day operations starts with just loving Jesus and you know starting off with this.

Tim: 09:53 So I wanted to do everything and I and I just didn’t have the capacity to do it. Just love on Jesus and he’ll show you the way and just rely on Holy Spirit everything that we’re doing right now I didn’t think we’d be doing it. I always thought we’d do Crusades sites and prison yards and you know a big crusade but you know the Lord had other plans so just rely on Him and surround yourself. In a nutshell surround yourself with people who have been there and done that and don’t be afraid to learn from people you know they say leader you know leaders are readers so just dig deep you know just you know just dig deep and just you know surround yourself with people that are influential in a nutshell.

Jake: 10:39 So let me ask you this. You know coming up as a kiddo did you ever. Yes. see yourself doing any of this right here.

Tim: 10:45 Not even close. You know growing up I always thought I’d be a wrestler but I’d be in the WWF. And then my reality set in and you know I always wanted to be a cop. And I never saw myself as a full time ordained minister. Going into prison. That would have probably been the last thing on my checklist or my on my bucket list to do so to speak.

Jake: 11:12 Well how was that for you as a kiddo I mean did you come up in church ?

Tim: 11:18 Early on you know in life. My parents believed in God. You know as a family we believe in God but we were your typical Easter Christmas church goers. You know we had about a two year stretch when I was about 10 to 12 then we went to church four times a week. We all got saved. We were all just that we got saved we repented and turned from our sins and you know due to a few happenings at the church. You know my parents left and they left the church and they had a hard time. They had a hard time trusting someone as a pastor to lead them because you know it had something to do with the pastor and what you know however it’s all different now and they saw the church really is not just a man that’s leading.

Tim: 12:04 But it is people that are they know who they are and you know with all the hands and feet. So now you know those things turn. As a kid. We were we were the typical church goers we believed you know we we believed that this didn’t happen by accident. There

Tim: 12:20 is an up there somewhere.

Tim: 12:21 We were a typical church goers.

Jake: 12:26 All right. Well things have certainly changed from being a kid to now right. Absolutely

Tim: 12:31 right. Absolutely right.

Jake: 12:33 Listen we’re talking with the prison minister Mr. Tim Frantz. And what we’re going to do right now as we take a real quick break we’ll be right back.

Tim: 12:42 Well gosh that would have been would have been in 2009 Jake. I was on a path that I wanted to commit suicide.

Tim: 12:51 You know I had I had gone through at that time I was 21 but I thought my world was over and I thought that you know do the circumstances that been in my life that I wasn’t good enough.

Tim: 13:05 You know the enemy came in and tried to try to steal a lot from me and you know never forget January 4th of 2009. I was on a I was driving my car looking to find a bridge drive a car off of it.

Tim: 13:19 You know I told I told the Lord I’m like hey you know I know you’re out there but you know if you’re really real Give me a give me a sign and someone that I haven’t talked to for a couple of years called me out of the blue and you know said seven words and I’ll never forget him he said “the Lord put you on my heart. ”

Tim: 13:38 And in that moment I realized that it’s not about me anymore my my shortcomings my what I thought you know was what I thought was over. You know I it’s crazy to think how the enemy and the I let the enemy just come in and steal so much from me.

Tim: 14:00 But in that moment I knew that there was a specific design for specific purpose that God had for me if he would if he would answer that cry.

Tim: 14:11 In that moment of me driving my car off that I knew there was so much more. So you know the next the next day I accepted Christ. You know I rededicated my life. January 5th of 2009. And

Tim: 14:24 you know in second if I if I may starting Breakloose was a time to strengthen my faith as well. And you know I. Like I stated before you know having the secure job and having all those things , starting a ministry or starting a business in general for me was foreign language. You know I had.

Tim: 14:42 I’d always worked for other people and I had always just been involved in you know certain programs or outreaches or events that our job was putting out. But starting Breakloose was it was very very challenging for me because I didn’t know where to start. You know I have buddies who do world missions and they travel around the world and do great things. They’ve never done a prison ministry.

Tim: 15:03 And so you know that’s strengthened my faith. So I’m like God I just left my job. I just did this you’re all

Tim: 15:11 I have. You know Jake October 22nd 2012 we went full time I stood on a stage in front of 200 people and I said hey this is what we’re going to do.

Tim: 15:23 This is what God put on my heart.

Tim: 15:26 And we weren’t even in a prison yet. And I’m asking all of these you know and I and I’m just spouting off and spouting off and I’m telling all these people like we’re going to jail or going into prison we’re going to see inmates radically saved and we’re going to make disciples. And I got off this stage.

Tim: 15:42 I went home that night and I sat there on my bed and I’m like where do I start. And

Tim: 15:47 so you know where I started I started on my knees and I said Lord you are all I have in this moment. I said these people just wrote me checks. They they just gave me some money. Lord let’s do this. And Jake I promised within a couple of months we were in 12 prisons and then we were in 30 prison. Now we’re in 100.

Tim: 16:07 So yes sorry Breakloose was definitely the the biggest faith strength. You know it stretched me brother.

Jake: 16:17 You know what we when we realize that God is all that we have, I love how it’s put, we realize that God is all that we need.

Jake: 16:25 So as we walk through this thing definitely we remember that. But you know I tell you what. You know we all come from something and I can certainly understand what you’re saying earlier.

Jake: 16:36 And I want to re-iterate that something you just said you’re driving 2009 or some of this you have to call.

Jake: 16:45 Yeah. So those seven words. Lord yes.

Jake: 16:48 Now for our listeners. When the Lord puts money on your heart make the call.

Jake: 16:59 So I mean reach out do whatever it takes.

Tim: 17:02 Amen, thats not by coincidence. Yes. God works.

Tim: 17:07 And you know its the spirit of God because you haven’t thought about that person in two years.

Tim: 17:12 You know or three years and you know I’ve had it brother where the Lord to have when you get the little nudge and he says hey go talk to some but go talk to that person over there and you don’t do it and the way you feel afterwards it’s better to it’s better to go over there and tell them that Jesus loves them and for them to tell you to be quiet rather than you not to do it at all. Isn’t that true. Yes sir.

Jake: 17:40 So absolutely I appreciate that. And you know I know we took a leap of faith with you to get out there.

Tim: 17:48 Yes it is true.

Jake: 17:49 Like you were saying you know you really did have a place to start you kind of go.

Tim: 17:53 Yes. But you know what God’s God’s plan always prevails is. Yes sir.

Jake: 18:01 You know during that time I know there are things that have helped you along the way.

Tim: 18:06 Yes.

Jake: 18:07 You say or some of the traits that he’s developed through time I know perseverance has to be one but anything else that comes to mind that strengthens for you over time. You

Tim: 18:17 know one of them would be authenticity. You know I’ve I’ve always wanted to be real and I’ve always wanted to learn from others but never lose my authentic voice my opinion. And also only how I make decisions you know and I’ve always wanted to be authentic with people. And you know I’m very transparent as well. And you know I believe in that I believe in being real just because I lead a prison ministry and just because Lord’s doing some amazing things I’ll never forget where I came from. Never forget now. You know I’ll never forget those days where I was struggling. And you know another one for me would be passion. You know you lead by example not because you feel like it’s what you do with because it’s it’s your way of life.

Tim: 19:08 You know when I wake up in the morning I’m passionate about prison ministry and I’m passionate about being a husband. I’m passionate now about being a dad because my way of life you know and I’m passionate about changing lives it’s because it’s my DNA.

Tim: 19:22 You know when we were the first place where we see that DNA and you know for us for our listeners this is the biggest one it was integrity man. And if you focus on being authentic in all of your interactions that will rub off on your business that will rub off on the people that you have day to day interactions with. And you can at all we’re establishing a culture as well. And you know having integrity and have a passion I can’t expect anyone else to get past error about Prison ministry if I’m not passionate myself. And you know I just want to I want to live a life of integrity not because of the prison ministry because this what Jesus has called us to be. And you know I really believe that Jesus has called us to be passionate to have integrity and be authentic in everything we do too. And you know one thing if I may that that hurt me in the beginning was comparison. I was comparing myself with others. So are always inferior.

Tim: 20:24 So I’m always only comparison of the others. When we compare ourselves to others. We find ourselves superior to them and mostly we instead of focusing on our own unique qualities we make the quality of others the yardstick of how we measure up.

Tim: 20:42 Where I just need to stay in my lane I needed to know where God had placed me and I would never, why am I going to compare myself to Kenneth Copeland or to T.D. Jakes and all these brothers who have been doing it for years, I’m Tim Frantz.

Tim: 20:58 I go in the prisons you know. And then you know mostly I had to realize who God created me to be. And that was just to love him.

Tim: 21:06 You know number one God treated me for love. He created me to love. And so you know Don’t compare yourself have integrity have passion and be authentic. Absolutely.

Jake: 21:19 And you know we say and you said it earlier that you know readers are leaders.

Jake: 21:24 Yes. And that if we choose what books would you recommend to our listeners if you had a chance.

Tim: 21:32 Well I’m going to have a broad list and i’m going to ……..the book that radically changed my life. Number

Tim: 21:40 one was the Bible anything by C.S. Lewis.

Tim: 21:43 DL Moody and John De Vere those three authors of radically change my outlook on life you know and of course think and grow rich was great for me. You know especially if you want to start a ministry or start a business that think and grow rich that really cost me and it didn’t work in my heart. Did it work in my thinking and you know one other book that you know really is a good book is you know recommended a book come out in December titled Breakloose ; Gaining the Fathers Heart for Inmates, so you know those were you know those three authors C.S. Lewis the moody John De Vere

Tim: 22:27 And like I said things grow rich. Those are those are authors who you know when I read their book and I’ve actually Reinhard Bunky as an autobiography that I read and you know those those books you can just sense the passion and just sense the Holy Spirit when they’re reading them because I like reading books by authors.

Tim: 22:46 You know they just spent time in the secret place.

Tim: 22:51 Absolutely.

Tim: 22:53 You know they’re not just writing a book to just write a book and become a bestseller on Amazon but they’re writing a book because the Holy Spirit said this is a word in season for my people so that they can grow into an you know an identity with me and to reach others. And so those authors changed my life brother.

Jake: 22:53 Hey Okay, and thank you for that.

Jake: 23:13 You know we definitely want to help contribute to your ministry and sow into your ministry to grow as people reach you. Where would they be able to find you.

Tim: 23:27 Absolutely. Our Web site is Breakloose.me

Tim: 23:36 So www.breakloose.me , and also you know they can find us on Instagram Facebook Twitter even Pinterest under the handle break loose ministry. And you know we post a lot of our outreaches and everything. So you know not only you know our finances donations really awesome but people you know if you want to come into a prison and you have a heart you know maybe maybe in Texas. But you know we can we can connect you with the ministry. There you have it you know you’re connected. So you know just just remember it’s not just always about money money money definitely sends people the money sends us to prison. You know a lot of times we lose people as well. So if you’re listening and you have a heart for for inmates and for you know going into prisons please do contact us contact Brother Jake and can come in here and that’s less chance to live together. That’s right.

Jake: 24:32 I thought you’d say it or I heard you say it when you were in front of a church on the video you said you want everyone to be locked up right.

Tim: 24:40 Yes.

Tim: 24:43 Hey I can get you into prison. I’m not sure I can get you out but I know how to get you in man. Listen. Absolutely.

Jake: 24:43 hey we greatly appreciate it and your time that you spent with us.

Jake: 24:54 Hey listen before we go I mean let’s just ask each and everybody to do this for us if there’s some one that you know or maybe you don’t know but it maybe it’s the listener or someone struggling in their faith today struggling in their walk. What would be a word of encouragement that you would have for them today.

Tim: 25:11 Absolutely brother. Well I’m going to be very simple and step one is this walk in love you know. Even when we’re struggling even when you know things come against us when we walk in love we see things change and we see we see the we can set the atmosphere either.

Tim: 25:29 You know I heard a one time either where the where the thermostat where the thermometer in there we set the temperature or we gauge it or we read it and you know everywhere Jesus walk everywhere Jesus went.

Tim: 25:41 Things changed. You’ll

Tim: 25:42 never find in the Bible that Jesus stayed in a spot something didn’t happen or there was a change in the atmosphere. So

Tim: 25:50 even when even when you’re struggling even when you’re down even keep trusting him.

Tim: 25:55 I mean my brother you know we started off. It was so rough.

Tim: 25:59 You know as I was eating hot dogs and macaroni and cheese every day because it was the cheapest thing I could possibly find.

Tim: 26:05 But I knew and I knew that God had called me and I knew that he wouldn’t leave me when they forsake me and you know if he can calm the winds you can pay your bills.

Tim: 26:13 You know if he can if he you know if he can calm the wind he can help in any circumstance or situation that you’re going to. I know it might be cliche to some listeners but keep trusting him. That’s how we grow. Just keep. keep trusting him. His plan and ways are above our ways. And man he he always comes through.

Tim: 26:33 The Lord always comes through so if you’re going through this challenges at home or anything just please just keep walking and love. If your relationship struggling walk in love if works going good. Love your boss is where you are. We were designed for love we were created for love so moral of the story.

Tim: 26:58 Love Jesus and love others. Amen, amen we greatly appreciate that.

Jake: 26:59 Tim thank you so much for hanging out with us today and sharing with us today.

Jake: 27:04 You know if you haven’t heard it in a while we say this before we go but I know that you have but I to say it anyway man. Hey we love you and we thank God for you.

Tim: 27:12 Absolutely. Brother appreciate you having me on and appreciate you all listening to the story. God bless. Appreciate you all.

Jake: 27:20 Hey once again. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. And you know as I’m thinking about some of the things that Tim said and he shared with us. Number one is I had to think back on this when he shared this he said. Hey When the Lord puts somebody on your heart make a move the words make a call check on him whatever it might be because the Spirit of God does move that way. He moves that way so just remember it when God does put somebody on your heart. Reach out to him please do. Also that trusting in God is always going to be something that we continue to do as Tim was talking about. Just trust in God trust in what he’s given us trust in what he’s put before us as we go. And it’s always beautiful when we do the things that God does in his plan and the things that God unfolds for us right in front of our very eyes.

Jake: 28:10 It’s amazing to see but. Also last I want to think about how he talked about don’t reinvent the wheel as you proceed move forward in whatever endeavor it is you are pursuing. Don’t reinvent the wheel get around others that are good at it have been doing it a while. Just take the time to really learn. We love you we thank you and thank you for spending time with us today and for the show notes on this episode. Simply go to www.pressandreach/pr09. Once again that’s www.pressandreach/pr09


Make a Difference by Building Relationships

Tim points out that his desire to make a difference got him started in the ministry. There are so many groups of people that seem to be forgotten out here. Our overall desire should be to consider others as God would consider each of us. So, the way Breakloose International is doing that is by administering their sports outreach to the prisons. This gives them a way to create entry, share the gospel, and continue to disciple their new brothers along the way. After all, building relationships is what ministry is all about.

Answer the Call and Rely on God

When starting out in a ministry, the first step is understanding the call. It never looks the same as it used to because different things will be required of you. You may seem to be doing everything all at one time, but remember other people will rally behind you when you truly believe in what you are doing. The lord guides us and shows us through others what we will need to know.

Use the experience and wisdom of others as they share their expertise with you. As Tim points out, make sure to surround yourself with others who are already doing it. The everyday operation of any business or ministry is simple; love on Jesus. This is actually scriptural, for the word tells us to cast our cares upon Him (1 Pet. 5: 7).

Answering the call will certainly show us changes along the way, but we must recall that God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). The amazing thing that happens in time is simply experiencing the journey along the way.

Tim actually speaks of a time when a friend of his intervened in a timely manner of his own life. So, when God puts someone on our heart, we are reminded that this is not by coincidence, but actually the spirit of God which moves in us.

Strengthening Our Faith

There will come a time in our lives that our faith will be absolutely strengthened. For Tim it started with seven words from a friend, “The Lord put you on my heart.” How many times have we heard this and took it for granted. Friend, God loves you and He cares about you in all that you are doing. I pray that you too hear from the Lord today.

Tim also points out a sobering moment when he found himself solely relying on God. These are the times when find out just how Much God can do when we get out of the way. Tim’s ministry prevailed because In all actuality it belonged to the Lord and still does. The proverb remind us about our own plans and Gods counsel (Prov. 19:21). Because God showed Tim that He would work through him, he started developing more traits and strengths. Authenticity, passion, and integrity are at the top of his list as he continues to move through this ministry and life.

As our faith in God is strengthened, our reliance on self begins to relent. As Tim pointed out, he was able to stop comparing himself with others so much. This seems to be one the greatest obstacles that we must all overcome. For some reason or another we use someone else as way of measuring ourselves. As Tim pointed out, this completely takes us out of the race. This was a true blessing for Tim to realize as he began to stay in his own lane and realize who he was in the Lord. We can all certainly learn from this as well.


C.S. Lewis

D.L. Moody

Think and Grow Rich

Living a Life of Fire, Reinhard Bonnke

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