010: 3 Strong Stances of Faith

Without a doubt, this is a time to take a strong stance in faith. It seems that every time we turn on the news we are hearing about some type of tragic incident, like that which occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shortly before that we experienced the devastation hurricanes, like Harvey, Irma, and Maria. May we be reminded to focus on the unseen, and take a strong stance in faith.

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00:02 Press and reach episode number 10.

00:12 Good morning afternoon or evening whatever this may be to you. I sure hope and pray that you be found well in spirit my friend. Hey my name is Jake Enriquez and it is a joy honor and a privilege to be your host today, so please let me welcome you to press and read a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith.

00:37 And encouraging others along the way.

00:37 Welcome back to Press and Reach.

00:47 My name is Jake Enriquez and I am your host once again I mean what a joy and pleasure it is again to be with you on this wonderful Wednesday morning and in this morning. It is my joy and delight to be able to discuss with you an issue that I think that we can all benefit from and that is three strong stances of faith. And I know some people might ask well what’s a stance on faith or a stance of faith. Well if you think about the word stance it’s just simply a position it’s where you stand. Right. So we’re going to talk about three strong stances of Faith today because I know they’re extremely important especially in a time like this so let’s just think about it for a minute and I’m going to ask you the question why do you think faith is much needed today.

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01:31 You know what I don’t really think that’s a hard question to answer. When we take a look around at all the things that are happening today we’re seeing a lot of destruction a lot of division a lot of discord there are a whole bunch of things that are happening today. And I know that people have a question about all of it. It’s a matter of fact that a friend of mine that came into my office not long ago it was a newfound friend. I have to say because he came to to install some things and he was one of the cable guys and you know he asked me a question. It was shortly after the shooting that took place in Dallas. And what happened was some police officers I don’t know if you remember this or not but some police officers were killed in downtown Dallas in a riot.

02:18 And the very next day me and this man we’re talking here in the office and he was shaking his head and I could tell that he was really really down about all about everything that was going on and he looked really saw a Bible on my desk. He said Man are you a preacher. I said I’m not a man I’m not a preacher in the pulpit. Brother but I’ll preach a word in a heartbeat. But here’s the thing. If you’re asking for a word I got it. What’s on your heart? And he started asking me about the things that took place. And he started asking me about the division that takes place today.

02:48 I said you know all of these things that happen in today’s time are really no different than those things that happened long long ago.

02:59 As a matter of fact there was a prophet by the name of Habakkuk who spoke to God about those things and he was told in the infamous words and you’ll probably look it up if you look at Habakkuk says that God told him that the just shall live by faith and if you think about the just living by faith that’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes because what we think about is what are all the things we have to go through to live by faith and you know when we let’s just think about this for a minute. This this week as a matter of fact and Las Vegas we know that there was a tragic incident that took place where a gunman shot and killed 59 people.

03:37 And I can’t even tell you what the number was I know it was over 400 and something that were injured. And you know that causes people to have a feeling of retaliation. And I am I can’t blame anybody. It’s just the part that we that’s just the thing that we get in us we want to retaliate we get something to say we want to do something about it you know. But that’s not all that’s taking place when we take a look at the hurricanes and people have a lot of questions about how the water all these hurricanes happening and all these these issues taking place where there’s a great there’s a great devastation that takes place in a city you know in a lot of things get wiped out.

04:13 So there’s a bunch of questions that we have when it comes to what’s going on out here but there is the thing that’s the reason why our faith is much needed in this time.

04:23 So I’m going to talk today about just these three strong stances of faith that we have.

04:28 And there’s plenty more by the way. We’re going to do three because I’m already over the time limit but anyhow so we’re just talk about those briefly and the very first one. You know the very first when we talk about is prayer.

04:39 Man I’ve got to know. I just ask this question because you know by now we would think that we would no longer ask this question but why is it that we do not take prayer serious. I mean it has to be the most neglected thing that we have out here as believers in prayer. You know you think about prayer for me and the power of prayer. I should say what really takes place in it. You know what is prayer. Prayer is simply a conversation with God to be in that an ongoing I should say conversation with our Lord. So here it is I think about we can always use Jesus as the example right. You know the Lord any time he was going to accomplish something he was in prayer anytime after something was accomplished. He was back in prayer. He was always in communication with the father.

05:28 And I think about how much he was always in communication with the father I think about we can easily think about the garden of Gethsemane and there it says that he prayed so hard until his sweat became like blood. And this was actually that night that he was betrayed. You know I got to wonder though if we ever prayed so hard that we even get a head ache or something. I mean I’m serious. You know here’s Jesus you know Son of God the example for all he’s praying so hard that the sweat his sweat became like blood. Well think about Jesus for this reason though and when it comes to prayer and this is why I think about this stance of faith. In other words he shows us how to stand in prayer.

06:14 Jesus had the power to stop all of it and he could have done so with one word but he didn’t. Instead he prayed in his prayer. By the way was not that his will be done but the Father’s will be done and sometimes out here when we come up on stuff that’s very very difficult for us. Each and every one of us. Our first notion is to run tuck and run. I’m serious when we come up on something is really really tough. You know we say man I’m out here I’m not going to do this. And we miss out on something so powerful. You know God is about to absolutely strengthen us in faith when we come up into a thing like into a circumstance. And we continue to pray through it and ask of God and God actually grows us in leaps and bounds in our faith when we’re trusting it in that way but it comes by way of prayer our we can now we could think about how the Apostle Paul put it you know he said hey the Apostle Paul reminded us now just to simply pray without ceasing.

07:13 For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for us. That’s amazing. So we would continue to pray without ceasing. But you know one of the guys I think about also is you know the prophet Elijah. Now James reminds us of Elijah. Now I’ll want you to pay attention to this for a minute. And again we’re talking about taking a stance and prayer there in tough times because it’s something that we must do and stop neglecting. So James reminds us of a Elijah. He said Listen Elijah was of the same nature as we are.

07:46 And he prayed and he caused it to stop raining and then he prayed again and cause it to start raining. But James was saying that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. And this is I think sometimes the problem we run into is people out here we start thinking well I’m not a righteous man or I’m not a righteous person we’re not talking about self righteousness. No. OK. So remember that Scripture does not mean about self righteous. So a lot of people are are actually fearful of saying I’m righteous. But hold on a minute.

08:21 Remember something now the scripture tells us that God says that he made Him who knew no sin to become sin so that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Speaking of Jesus by the way. So our belief in Christ Jesus makes us the righteousness of God in him. So if you’re a believer and you’re believing in standing on Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you have to know and understand this OK. That you’re effective fervent prayer avails much.

08:57 It fact it moves plenty. So with that I’m saying listen we have to stop neglecting prayer so much prayer is everything for us. We should be walking around in prayer. Brother and Sister series business you know we’re out here dealing in a world that’s absolutely trying to tear us apart. They absolutely try and divide us. Absolute trying to do things that we know better than you know as believers were to stand firm in this faith. And

09:27 speaking of faith prayer is a strong stance of faith. So

09:33 I would I would encourage each and every one of us out here to remember to equip ourselves with prayer as we go forth not only to equip ourselves with prayer become a prayer warrior. May that be something that is always on our heart is to be in prayer. Friends praise God I tell you what. Be in prayer for me as I take a really quick break. Hey

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10:27 We know that faith is a daily walk.

10:31 So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all.

10:37 Hey welcome back guys. And we’ve been talking about prayer. But now let’s talk about another strong stance of faith is simply a desire to please God. Now I know that might not sound like a whole lot because you know you know if you just said it right off the tip of your tongue you say hey I’ve got a desire to please God. But is that true?

10:59 And let’s just find out real quick if we’re believers and we are and we’re of the faith and we are and we’re trusting in God and I pray that we are that our desire should be simply to be pleasing to God.

11:12 And what does that mean by the way. Well you know there’s a psalm I think it’s Psalm 51 verses 16 and 17 somewhere in there. The

11:22 Scripture says that the sacrifices of God are broken and contrite heart.

11:26 In other words a lowly spirit a broken spirit not not a haughty spirit but a broken spirit to be of God and the desires of God. Now I want you to think about that for a minute because when we think about being pleasing to God to have a desire to please God. OK. That means we have a desire to be pleasing in all aspects of our lives. Those things that please God should be something that pleases us.

11:54 So here it is and when I think about the most. Let’s just talk about because we can go all day with just talk about division today. Let’s just talk about where our society seems to to really like to take things today and by the way I don’t believe by the way that everyone’s out there trying to buy it. I don’t think that way. No way. Matter of fact I know that the enemy is trying to divide everybody so desire to please God. Think about it this way if it is my brother or if it is my sister who is troubled in an area my desire is to hear them out. OK. Not to come over the top and claim my ways better than your way. Think about the Lord Jesus. Jesus was a listener. So Jesus was a listener he always listened to the people. He would walk amongst the people listened to the people and be with the people. So

12:46 the same thing applies for each and every one of us to do the same thing. You see what takes place today though is every time something upsets us. And you can see this all over social media. Every time someone is invading my rights we jump up and start yelling and screaming about this and that never knowing and or understanding that we too are sowing discord and division.

13:13 And that’s a big deal. It really is because we then become a part of the problem not a solution. We’re not we’re not we’re not providing a solution when we say things that are like that or we start defending our own way or defending our own rights. What we’re what we’re really doing is is becoming a bigger part of the problem which is a bigger divide. Most people don’t have a problem with one another. When you get on social media. Strength in numbers is ridiculous and things start going to array. People love to just post something in there that makes it makes hatred and division take off. And you know what’s amazing to me is there’s a lot of brothers and sisters out here that know better. And so into that discord and division even more. No one you understand that you are claiming the faith but not walking in faith when you do that.

14:07 I know it can be hurtful man. But listen I’m talking about strong stances of faith. And one of the strong stances of faith is to be found pleasing to God always. So you got to simply ask yourself this question.

14:20 When some of these things take place will this glorify God. Is this pleasing to God. If I say this and or do this does it bring pleasure to God. It’s that simple. You know we can’t. We have to stop trying to make things so difficult.

14:39 They’re so difficult we make them difficult people we make them difficult. That’s why God was so much about longsuffering that we would suffer along with one another brothers and sisters. So I just tell you that you know another one of those strong stances of faith is the desire to please God. But last but not least is trusting in God. And yet how many times I hear people say that’s so cliche but you know what I also know they miss it. Trusting

15:06 in God is everything. How many times you think we run up on a situation run up on a circumstance in our lives. God is trying to refine us like silver so say his word. He’s trying to bring us through. He’s a brings us to something so he can strengthen us in it. And as soon as we get there and we don’t like it we don’t like the situation. We want to tuck and run.

15:30 That’s not trusting in God is trust in ourselves and the Scripture says Cursed is the man who trust in his own flesh my friend. But blessed is the man who trust in the Lord. So what does it look like out here today to trust in God and trust in the Lord. Well you might be in a situation right now where things just don’t make any sense. I’m serious they just don’t make any sense. No matter how many times you’ve looked at it it doesn’t make any sense. It’s a real difficult situation. You may even feel like you’re right that other person is wrong. In this circumstance you shouldn’t even be involved. Well here let me explain a little bit of that real quick. So

16:11 think about it this way the overall plan versus my plan when we’re talking about trust in God we have to start looking at the different plan.

16:21 OK. Because you know our plan versus God’s plan are quite different.

16:27 And there is no way that we could absolutely see God’s overall plan. So more trusting in God and we’re not saying that hey whatever takes place whatever takes place. No you’re called to use your senses your call to use your common sense. You’re called to use what he gives you when it comes to your intellect but you also were also called Remember this. Sometimes things are not going to make too much sense and there are those times we’re called to just simply stand on his word which says Trust in God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. But if I’m trusting God and I am I’m trusting that his plan is greater than mine during this time when I trust in God. You have to remember this. It has to be one of the strongest stances of faith.

17:18 It really is because what I’m doing is I’m rendering control over to God. I’m giving it to him as you know what man I can’t I don’t really know how. I trust you in your way. Now I’m a believer and I’m standing firm in my faith and I’m going to give you this situation because I sure don’t know how to move in this thing. But at a prayer watch this out of prayer and out of a desire to please my Heavenly Father. I know that I can trust him and these things will move by his hand and his hand alone. But I got to believe that and we’ve spoke about belief before I got to believe that with all my heart and know it and understand it so they it take its place. Here’s the thing. Today we have a whole lot of trust in self rather than trusting in God when we run up on a situation you know what I mean I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m super Jake because I’m not, one of the things that happens to us always is we just want to say just one little thing or say one little thing but watch this of the flesh.

18:26 That’s what we got to pull back. That’s what we got to say. No not what God wants. Any time we we raise up like that any time we’re in anger. We need to recall this we’re coming in the wrong spirit. God says what. Quick to listen slow to speak. So let us be there. Let us be quick to listen slow to speak slow to anger and stand firm in our faith and trust in him that he has this thing.

18:56 You know we’re talking about three strong stances of Faith this morning because I know our faith is going to be much needed in the days to come friend. I’m standing with you and I’m praying with you. You know I know a lot of guys who have their own business out here and they have questions about how things are going. And it’s no different from business to your personal life standing firm in your faith is no different. Trusting God is the same everywhere. Having faith is the same everywhere. Remember this. It means that we walk by faith not by sight. Right. And if we’re walking by faith not by sight that means this.

19:39 Don’t look at the things and say Look at that circumstance how great it is it’s OK to view that things but trust the unseen. For the Scripture says we do not look upon the things that are seen but those that are unseen because of things that are seen are temporary but the things that are unseen eternal last forever.

20:05 So we’re trusting in God and those times for that reason we know that he’s got it. His plan has it and we follow his plan his will and his way everything is going to go according to the plan of God. Please come by and visit us at www.pressandreach.com

20:19 We’d love to hear from you any questions and or concerns you might have. Please let us know. Again we’re praying for you and pulling for you. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

20:30 Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you.

20:33 So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone out here.

20:40 For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.


What is it about this obvious stance of faith that we fail to understand? How many more examples do we need before we begin to believe in the power of prayer? We can easily start with Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. This is the infamous place where Jesus prayed until His sweat became like great drops of blood falling to the ground (Luke 22:44). This is, of course, the night He was betrayed.

Do you think that would have been the opportune time for Him to run? I mean, really, the Lord knew that in this great display of betrayal and mockery, He had the power to stop it. However, His prayer was that the Father’s will be done, not His own. What about the apostle Paul? As he spoke with the church in Thessalonica, he was urgent in reminding them of continuing on in the faith. He was affectionate towards them as he saw them pressing though a time of persecution. We should all be reminded to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for us.

Maybe we just need to be reminded of our very own position. This is what James does as he reminds us that the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16).  He was speaking of the prophet Elijah.  James makes sure to point out that our nature is no different than Elijah’s was. I know that a lot people think that they may not be righteous enough, but that is not the case.  Stand on the Word, for it tells us that we became the righteousness of God in Christ (2 Cor. 5:21). If you are in Him, and He in you, then pray.  Mountains have been moved, but a lot more than mountains have been moved with this stance of faith.  If you have not already become one, then now is the time – become a prayer warrior! (2 Chron. 7:14)

Desire to Please God

            When I think of pleasing God, I have to admit it seems like it would be quite difficult. This is another reason that I thank God for His Word.  How many times do we think of what may be found pleasing to God?  The Word tells us that the sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite heart (Ps. 51:16-17).  With that being said, has that kind of spirit manifested itself in us?  Or are we just dead-set on getting our way, expressing our thoughts, or claiming our rights?

Our society provides us with an abundance of opportunities to please God.  However, for some reason or another, we are broken over nothing.  Every time the enemy uses a tool for division and discord we are quick to take the bait.  We jump to the right to please ourselves over argument and treat one another with disdain.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the Lord finds that to be pleasing in His eyes.  A strong faith is built on an unrelenting desire to please God.  The issue for most is that in order to please God, we must relent of self (John 15:13).

 Trusting in God

This is the saying that will send some into a fit. I’ve actually been told that “trust in God” sounds like a Sunday School answer – one you give when you can’t come up with something better.  What does “trust in God” even mean?  Well, let’s take a look at that word – “trust”.  Merriam-Webster says trust is the “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something”.  So when I say that I am trusting in God, I’m saying that I am relying on His ability, His strength, and His truths. Why? Because my own strength isn’t enough to face the trials of this world.  It doesn’t take much for me to recall the failures I’ve experienced in different areas of my life that were the result of me not trusting God.  But, praise God, I can also tell you about the many times that I’ve relied solely on Him and He saw me through.

What about you?  Has God seen you through, and you’ve forgotten? I’m reminded of young David, volunteering to go against the Philistine giant.  David’s preparation for victory came as he recalled that it was the Lord who had delivered him in the past, and that He would certainly do it again (1 Sam. 17:37).  We should be no different when it comes to recalling past victories. The problem comes when we take our eyes off the Lord and start looking upon that which we see – the physical and the immediate. For this reason, Scripture tells us that we are to look not upon the things which are seen, which are temporary, but of the things unseen, which are eternal (2 Cor. 4:18).  Trusting in God is a solid stance of faith, for we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor.5:7).

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