054: Another Chance Ministries, with Joe Daugherty

Today’s guest is originally from Chattanooga, TN and now living in the DFW area.  Mr. Joe Daughertyis the owner of DFW Safety Consulting, LLC, providing evaluations and training of safety protocol for companies throughout North Texas.  He also heads up Another Chance Ministry, reaching out to encourage those whose pasts are causing them to feel defeated, be it in the workplace or their personal lives.  He is especially passionate about motivating them to overcome objections on the way to becoming all that God has called them to be.Most recently, he’s been led in his ministry to assist those struggling with employment.  Listen as Joe shares with us some of his past, and how he walks freed from it today.

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Not Held by the Past

Although God forgives us time and again, the world doesn’t.  Joe often works directly with CEO’s and others at the top of the company chain to get people with criminal backgrounds gainfully employed.  His working relationships with the executives have opened doors for his ministry to provide potential jobs for those who otherwise would not pass a background check.  He’s stepped out in faith to the call.  The first job fair event he organized had only a fourth of the scheduled employers show up, but still, connections were made within the community and people were hired.  Joe continues to walk faithfully in this calling by working with the Community Partnership Council, who will be hosting an even larger job fair, scheduled for later this spring (May 25, 2018).  The event will be sponsored by Haven of Rest ministry and Chains of Grace ministry.

Getting the Root

Joe grew up with his brothers, sisters, and both parents in Tennessee.  His childhood was not a bad one.  His father battled alcoholism, but his brothers stepped in where dad was not able and provided advice and direction for young Joe.  Later, in his twenties, he was introduced to cocaine leading to a seven-year crack addiction.  Unsuccessful with the typical support groups for addiction, Joe was eventually referred to a pastor in Hurst, TX, who helped him get to the root of his addiction.  For Joe, the root was unforgiveness.  Once he dealt with the unforgiveness he was harboring, God delivered him from the drug addiction.

Demonstrated Love

Prior to starting his current business, Joe ran a limousine company that often served the night club and strip club clientele.  Though he was successful, he continued it more so because of the social aspect.  He enjoyed the people his business put him around.  But, when he made the decision to return to the Lord, he recognized that he’d need to leave that way of life.  As he began his new walk as a “baby Christian”, Joe found himself in a situation where he desperately needed a friend.  Though he had Christian friends and a mentor in ministry, it was the people from the night clubs who came to love on Joe with their time and resources.  It was hurtful to feel that the church was “nowhere to be found”, but God would use that situation to show Joe that He uses many people (and not necessarily Christians) for different things.  Joe also learned another valuable lesson in that time; one that would be useful to him moving forward in his ministry.  When ministering to others, listen to what someone has to say and respond out of love.  Though people meant well, Joe knew firsthand how damaging it could be to use the scriptures as ammunition or something to quote at somebody in lieu of listening to them.

Joe’s final words of encouragement for others struggling right now is this:  Seek God’s approval instead of the approval of others.  You are so worthy that God gave His only son for you.  Your best is yet to come.


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Jake Enriquez: 00:00 Good Morning Joe, how you doing this morning man? I’m doing fabulous. Hey brother, thank you for coming out and joining us today and hanging out with us. We greatly, greatly appreciate you and your time, but before we get to know a little bit more about everything that you’re doing out there, man, I would love to get to know each other on a personal level. So go ahead and introduce yourself, who you are and where you’re from.

Joe Daugherty: 00:20 My name is Joe Daugherry. I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee. It’s where I was raised, and I’ve been back and forth to DFW area for the last 20 years, but actually this last time was for good.

Jake Enriquez: 00:32 Chattanooga, Tennessee? I didn’t know that. OK, awesome. All right brother. Well we’re glad to have you in the Dallas Fort Worth.

Joe Daugherty: 00:32 Thank you for having me.

Jake Enriquez: 00:40 You bet. Hey man, listen. I know that you are heading up, um, “Another Chance Ministries”, is that right? Now, Joe, I know that we have probably a lot to talk about it, but just kind of give us first off a brief like scenario. What is “Another Chance Ministry” about?

Joe Daugherty: 00:54 God has given me more chances than there are drops in the ocean. And I know that as long as, uh, and I think God does grace and mercy, I want to bring my, my testimony to society and put myself available, well make myself available to give people another chance, whether it’d be a, their jobs, their relationships, their personal walks, and I want to let them know that they’re worthy of it. Absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 01:23 OK. So, uh, at Another Chance ministry, because you just mentioned several things like their jobs, their ministry, uh, any, any different thing that we could think of because there’s so many.

Joe Daugherty: 01:36 I think it starts whether no matter who we are, what I’m understanding is what I get the opportunity to discipleship. A lot of people don’t think they’re worthy chance, you know, whether it be the way they’re raised or how our societies teach them. And God has ever made it so clear to me, speaking from personal experience that, uh, I’m a motivator. I’m not a dictator. And my goal is to motivate every person that God gives me, that I crossed paths with, no matter where it’s at, my work, personal life, ministry, whatever. That’s my goal, does not let one person crossed by me that needs motivation.

Jake Enriquez: 02:11 OK, good, good. So I know that you a head up the, we were talking about them earlier – job fairs.

Joe Daugherty: 02:11 Yes sir.

Jake Enriquez: 02:18 And tell me why that’s so important to you right there.

Joe Daugherty: 02:20 Well, this is something I’m very ignorant of. What you know, if we talked about it says if God could use a donkey, he could use me, you know, the scripture is behind that, but I’m about nine months ago. I have felt compelled to assist those that are struggling with employment, you know, um, uh, I have some clients like Lockheed Martin, all these background checks and that’s a big thing now is background checks, employment, and uh, I just chose, I refuse to allow that to be an excuse for those that have a background and I pursued every, we are pursuing every avenue to give those people an opportunity because they’re worth it. God says they’re worth it.

Jake Enriquez: 02:59 Hey let me, let me ask you this because I know what you’re talking about when you say background, but for our listeners who don’t know, what does background mean?

Joe Daugherty: 03:08 It’s our past experiences that we have allowed society to judge us for our mistakes, whether they be criminal or personal, and you know, um, my goal personally is to let those that are walking based, they’re based their current circumstances on past events where we have been criticized one way or another or broken down, whether it be in our childhood or as an adult. We don’t need to be walking in their background, people today that are trying to do God’s will or God’s children do not need to be walking and living in the past.

Jake Enriquez: 03:43 Amen, amen. That’s absolutely right man. You know, you know, the tough part about that Joe? I wanna share this with you real quick is you just made me think about that. God forgives us, right? All we gotta do is come forward and ask him for forgiveness. Um, come and lay it all down and then the Lord sure gives us forgiveness. But you know, the world doesn’t. It’s not so forgiving though, are they? Because watch this man. I had a…you know, I’m not going to try, I’m trying not to just bash on people, but uh, you know, I’ve had, I’ve got a past. I have dwi’s in my past. So when I go get insurance, you know, they’re not so forgiving brother! Well we can’t, we can’t insure you because…and regardless, that might be a, a Christian company. So makes me think about, yes the Lord’s always forgiving. He always forgives us of our sins, but you know, the ol’ world’s not too much forgiving some time. So I get what you’re saying and I could see where you want to push that out. So I think about the job fair. So how does that go when you, you try to get someone to go along with you, like talking to different companies?

Joe Daugherty: 04:48 You know, God showed me this with the clienteles. I have clients in high places that God has put in front of me and I get the opportunity, as we talked about earlier, to where the CEO typically is the one that signs my paycheck and they’re the ones that interview me Well, God showed me that in most cases it’s the CEO’s that have the compassion, not the employees that work for them. So God showed me, you know, I thought, who am I to put together a job fair? I’m struggling getting clients myself. So I thought this for a long time and I noticed that the…so I just said, you know, it started with a conversation with one of my client owners and who has about six or 800 employees. I said, you know, can we work out something where we can employ people so I could take to the prison and jail ministries that God is currently got me in front of, to let them know there’s opportunity?

Joe Daugherty: 05:36 He said sure, I’ll be glad to hire them. He goes, I’ve got some places they can’t go, but…and I noticed client after client has presented their selves being open. So I’ve learned to go to the top because they’re the only ones who can make decisions, a lot of hats. So God has put companies, companies in front of us now as a ministry, as a collective group, taking it to a whole other level. And uh, so that’s how God spoke to me about this. I fought this and I thought, God, why are you telling me this? What do you want me to do with this? And He, He showed me to put together…now this isn’t the first concept of job fairs for people with criminal history. Sure. So I’m not reinventing, well, I guess God’s using this to take it to a whole other level. [Absolutely] So I thought, what am I doing in the first one? Um, there was only four companies that came out, out of expected 20, but there’s a lot of people that got hired and there was a lot of people, you know, from Rachel Yancey, Dr Rick Davis, uh, Congressman Veasey had sent his staff. I mean, I cannot believe the people in high places [that came to help] that came to help. And so it’s just gotten better from this point forward, we’re taking it to a whole other level and I’m going to talk about what’s coming up.

Jake Enriquez: 06:45 Absolutely. Yeah, let’s do that. But, uh, you know, I think about what you’re saying, brother, I greatly appreciate that and I think it’s perfect. Another Chance Ministry lines up perfect. But, uh, Another Chance Ministry is what you’re doing in a and it greatly involved that with the, with the jobs and everything, job fairs. I think that’s great. And being able. Looks like you’re being able to be the, uh, the lead man in it and go forward. This is what God has shown you to go and lead in that and that’s great. But tell me about it, man. I’m, you know, because I think about where all these things come from. So tell me about more along the lines of growing up childhood because a, you talked about, you said earlier, you know, God’s given you more chances than what drops in the water with your pasta, water, the ocean. But, uh, so tell me about growing up.

Joe Daugherty: 07:32 Growing up as a kid. Um, I have no regrets. You know, my parents loved me the best way I knew how. And uh, my father struggled with alcoholism for many years, the childhood. So my, on my brothers and sisters are familiar with that concept and God’s just blessed me in different ways. Growing up I had one brother that motivated me, how to talk to people. I had another brother that motivated me on certain types of relationships that they all played a part the feeling where my dad couldn’t. Yeah. And so, um, without realizing it, I carried a lot of, with, with my father not having an understanding as a child, I carried a lot of condemnation, a lot of guilt that he didn’t realize he was giving instead of low. So what I had learned is, uh, I struggled with drug addiction to started with cocaine.

Joe Daugherty: 08:29 I might now, let me say this, I wasn’t raised around drugs. My parents, my brothers and sister had no part of it, but when I got exposed to it, I just went knee-deep for many years on the cocaine. Um, then it went to a whole nother level with a crack addiction. Um, um, you know, I got introduced to that working a job in my early twenties up in, up in Baltimore and it’s after one time of trying it, it was a seven year roller coaster from there of nothing but, um, the addiction where it took me and trying to chase that continuous high that has never ending circle. And um,

Jake Enriquez: 09:04 Can I ask you this real quick? You said it the first time you tried it and I’ve heard that, I’ve heard that Joe and I have never tried it, but what do you think is so powerful about that first time that you tried that crack?

Joe Daugherty: 09:15 I tell people this, you know, the cocaine is a very, very addictive drug, very addictive drug. You know, the, the, the, the crack, the cocaine’s on a pee wee football level is if you’re playing peewee football as a child. [Wow] OK. The difference between cocaine and crack is the cracks on the NFL level of addiction versus the pee wee football level. That’s, that’s the intensity of how, um, the first time I smoked it, it’s, it’s a euphoric event that there is no other physical concept that can even compare with the high and uh, and it’s not a very long high, so you’re always trying to chase it to keep it at that level and you will do whatever it takes to make that happen. You know, I stole, um, you know, I allowed myself to be in places that many people run from. I should be dead, you know, the drug dealers that I stole from, whether it’d be in a white population, Hispanic population, black population that I went in and uh, you know, it’s, um, and make a long story short after all society has to offer is rehabs and AA and I just knew there was a better way.

Joe Daugherty: 10:30 I just knew there was a better way. Um, it was a very depressing, you know, NA meetings wanted me, AA meetings, wanted me to, I had to go on antidepressants. There were some [inaudible] I thought this was normal. This is also Saudi has to offer. Well, I met with a pastor who referred me to a, uh, another pastor in Hurst, and he’s in a deliverance ministry of making us where, he gets to the root. And the root was unforgiveness. And once I dealt with that unforgiveness, the crack addiction went out the window.

Jake Enriquez: 11:02 OK. So you at a young age, well, of course you weren’t exposed to that, like in your family that weren’t, they weren’t doing it, but you went out and you exposed yourself, like a lot of us do. We go out there and look for it. So you did that and you ended up being addicted to drugs. Um, but so far as mom and dad were concerned, did they know of any of the things that you were doing?

Joe Daugherty: 11:25 Yeah, they did. You know, that’s, that’s when I experienced the love that my parents wasn’t, that I wasn’t able to receive. They love me the best way I could. But when I was in rehab at that time I was living in Red Oak with my brother. My mother was a stroke patient. My Dad was in his seventies pushing her around a wheelchair everywhere he went. So when I sat in that rehab room and my brother, my family was a big support through that. All of them. I remember my dad pushing my mother into my first open door session where I could have people, visitors, in rehab. And I remember my dad pushing my mother in the wheelchair that came all the way from Tennessee and the high maintenance that came with bringing my mother. And you know, the first time my dad opened up with me about his experience in Korea, which he never talked about and that he shared with me about getting hit by shrapnel and having to have brain surgery and being stuck in a mental institution so they didn’t evaluate him before they would let them out. And so my dad was sharing with me his heart and I always asked myself, why is he sharing? But that was my dad’s method of showing his love. He knew the other way and he felt guilty. My parents felt guilty like they were responsible for that, instead of me. And so that was the first opportunity that I got to see their love.

Jake Enriquez: 12:45 But you got to see it, right?

Joe Daugherty: 12:45 I got to see it, yeah.

Jake Enriquez: 12:50 Praise God,man. Well, man you know, I know we all can be tough about our past and maybe sometimes we hold our parents responsible for a lot of things. And you know forgiveness though, you just spoke on it, man. We gotta have that forgiveness brother.

Joe Daugherty: 13:01 I had to fake it till I made it, got on my knees when I was praying, but I got it in the crack. Addiction was the hardest thing I ever went through. Nine out of 10 people don’t ever get off of it because. And I remember being told that and Rehab and they went out the window. Eventually it just went out the window. And I never touched the crack again, haven’t touched it since the late nineties.

Jake Enriquez: 13:22 Oh Man. It’s awesome that you were delivered from that. And I know it’s the Lord who delivered you in that and now you have Another Chance Ministry and Joe, you got another chance, right? Thank you for opening up about your own childhood and your past. I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do, man will take a really quick break and then we’re going to be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 13:40 All right, welcome back. We’re hanging out with joe daughter and Joe was talking about earlier, a childhood coming up and different things you know, that pertained to his life and one of the things that really spoke to me is that being, having an unforgiveness in our hearts and man we all can have that and I’m praying, I really do pray and hope that if you, as a listener are struggling with that today, that you would come to that understanding about forgiveness and really start to let things go and there’s only one that can help us by the way. And that’s the Lord Jesus Christ can certainly help each and every one of us in that. Joe, uh, I was, I was telling you earlier, you know, we all have a story of faith or a testimony where God really revealed some things to us, man. And I’m just going to ask you, you know, is there a, is there a testimony that you’d like to share today?

Joe Daugherty: 14:30 When I moved back to Dallas? And ran from the Lord. I was knee deep, living in society, uh, owning and running a limo business. OK. And, um, with that being said, I was knee deep into the world at every night club and strip club that went along with that business. Uh, they’re getting point where it wasn’t even about the money, it was about the social – that becoming normal to me. And so when I had chosen to get out of that and come back to the Lord, Glory to God for that, when I started getting out there was, there was people that was recognizing that didn’t had a lack of understanding why. I actually had one gentleman who was a very professional. We met in the nightclubs. He said, Joe, I want to do what you’re doing because I’ve left the Lord and want to come back.

Joe Daugherty: 15:14 How are you doing it? So we spent some time together, went to church together. Um, I received a phone call on Thursday afternoon about 5:00 in. His name was, his name was Cass was his name. And uh, he said, Joe, you know, I just knew something wasn’t right. He was struggling, you know, didn’t want to be alone, um, and so I wasn’t sure what to do with that other than pray for him. So he prayed and he received it. So I called my pastor, who’s my mentor still to this day down in Florida. And I said, yeah, I just want to let you know, I feel led to share this. We said, OK, well, I get another call from Cass about 8:00 at night and I’m just getting back myself. So I didn’t think I was capable of having an understanding what I’m supposed to do with this Lord.

Joe Daugherty: 15:56 I’m coming back. I don’t, I’m, I’m a baby again. So, uh, he wanted to come over, he didn’t want to be alone and I knew something wasn’t right. So, um, I called my pastor and I said, what am I supposed to do this? He said, well, Joe, this is an opportunity to love people through the situation, just as God has given you another chance. And uh, so I go and pick him up. And um, for the first time in his life in 14 years, he had went backwards and was on, was on drugs and uh, [he stumbled and he fell] he stumbled and he fell. And when I, when I got to his house that night, it took me 30 minutes to get him out of his house. He wasn’t here, mentally, so we drove around for a couple hours and uh, I stopped to get him something to eat. He wasn’t hungry of course.

Joe Daugherty: 16:42 So I’ll bring them back to the house and we talked. I, even under the current circumstances when you don’t know what to do with it, you just pray. And I was, and I had almost had forgotten where I came from. And so not knowing what to do, I just prayed and we talked and he received Christ. And um, I remember laying in my bed that night, because I had to be at work the next morning and I told him big stuff, comfortable he could stay. He, I remember I was laying in bed and he was coming out of the spare bathroom and he said, you know, Joe, I’m, I’m concerned right now. I don’t know what to do with it. Um, he goes, I think, you know, I just want to, I just want it to be over with. I said, brother, today’s another day, you know, you know, you made some big steps, big strides and today’s another day or tomorrow’s another day.

Joe Daugherty: 17:25 And um, when he walked out, remember him walking down my hall was the next morning I get up at 6:00 in the morning. I do my routine. I noticed he was laying on the couch where he had went to bed. So I knew he was under the influence. So I went outside looking for him that morning. I couldn’t find him. I come back in the house. Well, I go into my laundry room and open the door and he had a committed suicide by hanging. And uh, he has, uh, you know, I don’t mean to get more of a detail, but he had the belt around, my belt, around his neck, and he had the other end on the door jam. And so when I opened the door, he fell on me and uh, you know, and the Lord showed me, you know, looking back,

Joe Daugherty: 18:10 looking back, when that happened, I called the police, I called the police and I called my pastor and it was a pretty hysterical when the police got there, you know, they, they did, they had to do a job they had a job to do. And I was in my boxer shorts and a tank top, you know, and I, I, I was in shock. And so they, they asked me to leave my house at this time, this is a murder investigation. And so they put the crime scene tape around my house, my neighbors driving by going back and forth to work. And I’m pacing back and forth outside on the sidewalk, on the phone. Didn’t know who to call, trying to wrap my mind around this and a, the. And when the word got out, his pastor had called me and I was like, thank God, I need… First of all, let me say the chaplain came out and prayed with me and he left, but his, Cass’ pastor had called me, and uh, who he had a relationship with, he was also a fighter, professional fighter. Anyways, his first question to me was, and I was so thankful to hear from somebody, I just needed someone to love me through it. Well, his first question was ‘Joe, what kind of drugs were y’all doing that night?’ And so I was trying to wrap my mind around this. How am I supposed to answer that? And I just knew, you know, hey, we didn’t do drugs that night, you know, he was struggling. We got through it, we prayed, you know, and that’s basically all you wanted to hear. And so when, when

Joe Daugherty: 19:23 I needed someone to love me through the situation, everybody, every method that I had of resource at the time were Christians, they, the best they could do to love me through it was quote scripture. And that’s not what I needed. Well, in my business, in my business side of the limo I had, I had stopped going to the nightclubs and strip clubs. When they got word of this, um, uh, they had actually instantly just a matter of minutes, come up with a plan to lure me out of my house, invite me to a lunch, which one of my lady friends had vitamin. She was working at that one of the restaurants that come have lunch with me, let me buy you lunch. And I receive it because I didn’t know where else to go at the time. The investigation just finished. And uh, they lured me out of my house in the nightclubs and strip clubs. Uh, W, w one of them, you know, I don’t need to say who they are. God knows who they are. Uh, had shut down that day, the only day that place had ever shut down, they, they, they chose to come love on me than make money. The only day in history have they ever shut down and they had come to my house and stock my cabinets full of groceries, they did my laundry, made my beds, cleaned my sheets. They spent four or five hours at my house and bought 15-20 bags of dog food.

Joe Daugherty: 20:37 When I walked into my house that…nobody has ever loved on me like that before, nobody has ever loved me like that before and I didn’t know what to do with that because of my mindset, the church was nowhere to be found, but the strip club and the dance clubs came to love me through it and I almost chose not to receive that. I called my pastor, Pastor Eddie Robbins in Florida, and I said, what am I supposed to do with this? I can’t wrap my mind around this. He said, Joe, God uses many people for different things and they don’t necessarily have to be Christians. You need to receive the love from those people at the strip clubs. That’s who God’s using. Love you through this. And, and, and it doesn’t make sense. That’s not how we’re raised. The church don’t preach that, you know. And uh, he said, I said, well, what am I supposed to do from this point forward?

Joe Daugherty: 21:28 Go back into night clubs? He said, no, those people are your ministry. Those are the people that’s gonna be watching from this point forward, what you do, what you post on social media, how you act by your actions that they could see this without you having to go back in the nightclubs and word’s going to get out. God’s going to make sure that that word gets out to the unbelievers. And, uh, you know, I chose to receive the love and then God has been speaking to me from there to the first thing the Lord told me and you know, he was a…I’ll share this real quick – he was a UFC fighter and money wasn’t an object with him and he had this lifestyle that nobody knew about. It was about 1200 people at his funeral that hadn’t, didn’t have an understanding of this. I actually had one of the UFC fighters call me in her office at the viewing and his words were, Joe, why did you let this happen man?

Joe Daugherty: 22:16 How’d you let our homeboy die like this? Holy Spirit said, let Me take over this conversation. The Holy Spirit, and I’m not capable of coming up with this, Holy Spirit let him know that the cage that I fight in don’t have rules, and that’s exactly what I told him and does the devil does when the Holy Spirit steps and he fled. OK, and he’s a very well-known UFC fighter. Sure, but the Holy Spirit, let him, He had His way with him and he fled. I promise you he’s never run from anybody any faster than what he ran out of that room. So the Lord let me know right then. Don’t ask why or how come as you mature Joe in your walk, I will start showing you the why’s and how comes. And God showed me that I was, through discipleship with my pastor Eddie that I talk about, and pastor Robert Greene’s another one here in Hurst, and together they have showed me that I was where I needed to be.

Joe Daugherty: 23:13 God used me. [Absolutely. Yeah] So God ordained these steps for Cass and he allowed me to be intervened with this. He was gonna, it was gonna happen anyway, and God wanted it to happen at my house.

Jake Enriquez: 23:22 Wow. You know, I think about what you’re saying right now, and the, the, the main thing that I hear, OK, through all of that and just reminds me of something else we were talking about is He clearly tells you, love them through it. We’re to love people through it, no matter what. No know better what you know. He shows you his love. He showed you his love. He uses, like you said, he was anybody’s. Show us

Jake Enriquez: 23:46 his love and he sure did demonstrate that to you in your house or, and show you at that time that was really needed. You know, because we need to be loved through these things and these things. Things are tough. These times are tough and it just lines up to your ministry, Another Chance Ministry. So I believe that, you know, God had to show you and take you and show you that she had the heart for it because you’re going to have to have a heart for it to go forward in another chance ministry because we were going to make some things. We’re going to be some folks that have a lot of other stories and we want to continue to help them write. They just continue to help them and you’re going to have to have that heart and only God can give you the heart for it. And he certainly has brother. But uh, so what do you, what are your struggles then in dealing with that? Because I’m talking about a [inaudible] that’s a very touchy situation. OK. So do you still struggle with church or anything?

Joe Daugherty: 24:37 You know, I almost went back into knee deep in society of all the wrong places. When this happened, the devil tried to use this to say, Joe, see how the church is working for you? So you know, the devil tried to use us to say, Hey, my world was better and he know that actually for a minute there I started to make sense to me and then. But God prevailed and showed me he had a better plan [Amen, amen] And to learn how to have an understanding when someone, when we witness to someone as a Christian using Bible scripture is not ammunition. And that’s what I received ammunition, because that didn’t love me through it. The word is to educate us in our walk in those things is be a witness and quoting scripture and walking off. It’s not a method of wetness. So God used this method to show me, listen, listen to what somebody has to say and respond out of love. And if I don’t know how you could ever go wrong with praying for him,

Jake Enriquez: 25:35 man, yeah, Jesus told Peter, I believe you know I’m thinking about it right now. I’m just missing it. But he said, put away that sword right away, that sort those who live by the die by it, and you know what I take from that as, hey, watch, I use that word and that word is is used to edify, not to slay. So we’re to use that word of God to edify, and you’re exactly right. That word. We should be speaking that word into us or we get there. We know how to open up and love because that’s called a demonstrated word of God. That’s a demonstrated word to God when they come in there and just love you up through. So man, that’s awesome. I’d say Jo, uh, we, we learn along the way. We really do in God’s always showing us different things, you know, and I, I gotta, I gotTa admit that sometimes we don’t, we don’t want to really go through this part and it seems like the parts that are the toughest God really wants us to trust him and come on through there, man. You know what? I don’t want to be around that area. Wouldn’t come through here. I want to show this to you, you know, and it might just be coming against us at times. You have to use the discernment were God gives us the discernment. So he’s certainly walk us through. But let me ask you this man, in time, as you’ve gone through, um, what would you say is one of the character traits that maybe you’ve developed over time and God’s given you?

Joe Daugherty: 26:55 He has given me the understanding of – people receive love differently and it’s according to how our earthly father, earthly mother raised us to receive love. And sometimes, um, if what joe thinks is a way they should receive it, isn’t necessarily the way that God thinks they should receive it. And sometimes I have to back up and ask for discernment. So one of the things about my business has allowed me to do it’s, it’s allowed me to be able to give an understanding of people in the Labor level,

Jake Enriquez: 27:25 OK?

Joe Daugherty: 27:26 And go take that through to people on the CEO level. So I’ve, I think that the benefits as God has allowed me to have discernment and that you have to listen. Absolutely. You’re not listening to that well yet. Listen to them and listen to God and how to be a witness and every person is different and how they receive love. Every witness has to be received differently. And I know one thing, if I know what I know, what I know, what I know on my case

Jake Enriquez: 27:49 using scripture as ammunition will make them run.

New Speaker: 27:52 Absolutely. That’s a great word. That’s a great word to is Joe. Absolutely. But to no harm. And of course using it, hey, we should take that scripture to write it here. You know, uh, we should be,

Joe Daugherty: 28:06 I didn’t want to take that away, but in my message here, if you were to ask me, is being a witness showing God’s love,

Jake Enriquez: 28:16 we put God in a box and how I show one person love one way

Joe Daugherty: 28:22 versus a whole different human being, it might be two different ways. Absolutely. Right. And so the only way we can know that is discerning listener.

Jake Enriquez: 28:30 That’s good man. I’m glad and I’m glad you share that with us today. Well, we always say, man, readers are leaders, brother. We’re, you know, love to read, love to really get out there and a soak up some knowledge. Um, uh, it, was there a book man that you can think of that maybe has been helpful to you other than, of course our word, but that maybe has been helpful to you that you’d share with the listeners today.

Joe Daugherty: 28:58 Well, um, being from Tennessee, you know, with a twelfth grade education, grammar is not one of my strong suits. You know, it’s funny, uh, when people look at, uh, you know, you asked me to type up a paper, it’s full of red ink you know. But, uh, the Lord led me to write a book, [All right, great!] and the name of the book is From Crack Addict to Corporate Executive: What Rehab Don’t Teach.

Jake Enriquez: 29:14 OK, I like it. So we’re going to put that at the shows we had. Seriously. Yeah. Get it out there,

Joe Daugherty: 29:20 you know, and I’m struggling right now with the production of the book because I am a bold about my experience in Rehab where I went to rehab at and I walked out of. There are many rehabs every rehab being on more drugs than I was before I walked in.

Jake Enriquez: 29:34 Yeah,

Joe Daugherty: 29:35 I’m honest about that in the book. So I’m having struggles with the production. I’m going to stick to my guns on the system and the reason being is not hitting on the system, but let them know there’s other ways. There’s, there’s only one way to fill this void with our lord and Savior. Jesus Christ.

Jake Enriquez: 29:51 Man, a man. Hey, let me ask you this show. How can people reach out to you? How can they connect with you? It on social media?

Joe Daugherty: 29:58 They can, they can connect with me. Um, to start with, I have a, with my counseling from Change of Grace and Haven of Rest ministries, they led, we all, with the Holy Spirit, led me to have a job hotline. There’s a job hotline number? [Sure, absolutely man] And if there was a struggling side of this hotline, and we’ll talk about that a, if a person is interested in work, they need to call me themselves. And a lot of that is because lack of confidence.

Jake Enriquez: 30:25 I heard you say that. And so let, let’s let, let me, let me ask about that real quick. What does that mean when you’re talking about somebody else making a call for somebody, but go ahead.

Joe Daugherty: 30:34 You know, um, I’ve received calls from significant others and society calls them baby Mama’s baby. Daddy’s term nowadays are, you know, and I actually had to put a post. If you’re a baby mama or sugar mama, please do not call if you’re man doesn’t want to. You want a job where he’s at, leave it alone, but it’s difficult to receive a call from a significant other or a mother or father that takes away the witness or ministry that’s supposed to be ministering to. And so I have never yet to have a follow up when there is somebody in the way of allowing their man or the woman or their son or daughter being blessed, you know, as parents, they get in the way and don’t realize it, you know, if my conversation doesn’t exceed Mama’s approval, the son or daughter is not going to have an understanding because the mother or daughter has something in their mind the way it should be. Sure, sure. And so my job. So that’s why I want to encourage, if you’re looking for the job, call me personally. I can’t motivate you through your mother, your father, your girlfriend, your wife, whatever. Significant.

Jake Enriquez: 31:38 Yeah. So what’s, what you have the number or you want to put on there because what we could do is I’ll go ahead and, uh, put the number out here. We’re going to put it in the, a website on the show notes for this episode. But what I’m going to do right now is just go ahead and read it if you have it.

Joe Daugherty: 31:53 Yeah. The number is six eight two, five five two, five seven nine nine.

Jake Enriquez: 31:59 OK. And we’ll have that in the show notes so they can call.

Joe Daugherty: 32:02 Yeah, I’ll just ask. Give me 24 hours to respond. Absolutely. Is a opera. Please leave me a voicemail because that screens out a lot of the calls from significant others. And please leave a voicemail.

Jake Enriquez: 32:16 So for the listener, let, let’s just get this down right. If you’re looking for a job or looking for some help in that way, make the call. Don’t have mom do I don’t have my wife do it, my daughter. You know, what we’re looking to do, what Joe was saying is hey, if you’re looking for that help, if you’re really looking, come with it. Come on yourself because, uh, like Joe was talking about, this is ministry first, so they wanna talk. We’re going talk about some things first and move people in the direction and area that they may need to go. So I think it’s awesome. Joe, let me ask you this. What would be, uh, uh, the job fair that you’ve got coming up?

Joe Daugherty: 32:52 First of all, I want to talk about the host of the job fair? [Please do. Yes.] The host is Community Partnership Council. OK. Uh, this involves a number of many people from the parole board to separate ministries all through the Fort Worth area, primarily the fort worth area. And, um, our monthly meetings that thankfully I’ve been invited to by my sponsors. This, it takes place it over the parole board’s office every once a month. Thank you for the host to this. Ah, the two sponsors are Chains of Grace ministries by Dr Rick Davis. OK. And the, the, the lady who I have the upmost respect for, who has, she has taken me under her wing, whether if she wants to or not. I think the world of her and I look at her as a mentor. That’s Rachael Yancey of Haven of Rest ministries. And uh, I, uh, whether she knows it or not, I’m gonna be her adopted son.

Jake Enriquez: 33:54 Let me ask this first before you go. When is it? When is the job fair?

Joe Daugherty: 33:54 May 25.

Jake Enriquez: 33:54 OK. May 25th. And it’s going to be held at?

Joe Daugherty: 33:54 Forest Hill Convention Center. It’s off 20 and Wichita.

Jake Enriquez: 34:08 Forest Hill Convention Center? Yes sir. Is there a certain time that star 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM? So 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM over at the Forest Hill Convention Center on May Twenty Fifth, uh, definitely be there and they’re going to be some different. But how many different companies would you say?

Joe Daugherty: 34:26 With our resources that Rachael and Chains of Grace have pulled in, and myself…let me first of all say this isn’t going to be any job fair. This is going to be the job fair of all job fairs. [OK] God has made it ever so clear because it’s about His business, not about us. We’re just being obedient and um, we don’t have an exact number of companies yet, but I believe if I were to ask Rachel or Dr Rick Davis, uh, I believe our goal is at least 30 companies. I mean, I would like to see 30 companies, nothing short of that. I believe that they would back me up on that. Now, will that many be there? You know, we’re not going to put God in a box. We’d like to have 40 or 50 companies.

Jake Enriquez: 35:03 Are you asking them to be, uh, ex-offender friendly?

Joe Daugherty: 35:07 Oh, that’s the only option, period. They’re not going to be there if they’re not ex-offender friendly.

Jake Enriquez: 35:12 So let’s just put it out there right now. If you’re a listener and you happen to know a, a business owner, a company, or maybe you are the business owner, I don’t know, and you want to participate, then you can contact Joe. Joe, how would they contact you, first off?

Joe Daugherty: 35:12 The number that I gave on the job fair hotline would be a number.

Jake Enriquez: 35:31 OK, the job fair hotline that we just mentioned earlier, but you can definitely contact that number and be a part of it. We’re definitely looking for people to come out and join us on that Saturday, but here’s the thing. It is ex-offender friendly. So if you desire, of course, if you have that in your heart that you would want to be a part of Another Chance ministries, which is giving people a second chance, and really considering it…

Jake Enriquez: 35:55 I mean, if you’re in the Lord and the Lord in you and you’re moving into and God’s moving that on your heart to do that, definitely what we want you to reach out and connect with it so you’ll be able to do it here on the show notes as well as you’ll be able to reach out to. Joe will definitely give you plenty of ways to connect, so definitely do that. If in fact you are led to do so. So Joe, I hope and pray, man, we’ll be praying for that as well. But let me ask you this. What would be your final word of encouragement? And we’re always about helping people walk in their face and you say, you have a guy out there who’s struggling right now, maybe who doesn’t feel worthy, Joe, uh, what would you share with them in this moment?

Joe Daugherty: 36:33 I want to encourage you, you’re where you’re at right now because of what you’ve chosen to listen to, what you’ve chosen to watch. And some of it was out of circumstance that we couldn’t help. But as you’re an adult, we make decisions to listen and choose who we hang around with, what we listened to only watch. And if you’re on the receiving end of negative TV, things that aren’t fruitful in the music things, people that the, the biggest struggle I see as the people we hang around because you are who you hang around. And if you, I could take a look who you’re hanging around. I can pretty much tell you what your future is going to be. Sure. And so as a word of encouragement, all that being said, I encourage you to seek God’s approval instead of the approval of others because God’s grace and mercy has a lot deeper pockets than the people we hang around.

Joe Daugherty: 37:24 and the people who have broken us down. So know that you are worthy. The God, the Father, his Son, I mean God where are so worthy of being blessed and being motivated that uh, you know, God gave his only son to show that we’re worth it. I mean, our self-worth, we base it on what society says, what the TV says, and what our parents say, and our friends. And I want to encourage you to know that you are so worthy of being blessed. I just want to pray for you to know that your best is yet to come home.

Jake Enriquez: 37:57 Amen and Amen. Praise God. Joe. Hey man, we’re behind you all the way. So yeah, absolutely man. And again, we love you and thank you brother. Just keep moving forward.



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