013: How a Christian Business Shares it’s Faith

There is never a need to shy away from sharing our faith as a business owner. However, we believe there may be some clarification needed on how to share. Christianity has always played a large role in business from the beginning of time. Now is no different for Christians to be involved in what takes place in the business world.

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Jake: 00:00 Hey welcome back to Press and Reach my name is Jake Enriquez and

Jake: 00:46 What an honor it is to once again be your host on this beautiful Saturday morning. I hope that you are found. Well in spirit on this wonderful beautiful Saturday morning my friend. I think all is well here so praying the same for you. You know today we’re going to talk about a topic that I Love Actually and it’s how a Christian business shares its faith. Now you know what we ought to have a lot of fun on this one because this should be a lot of fun. And the reason I say that is because you know if you look around anywhere today there’s just so much division discord all kinds of things going on out here that you know what is just not so easy to move around for some people. And you know I just want to discuss this issue today just in hopes of encouraging others out there who are in business as Christians who are at work as Christians.

Jake: 01:41 And we just kind of discuss the ways to go about sharing faith. So again the discussion today is how a Christian business shares its faith. And really I’m just going to touch on three things. OK. They are number one honor God number two. Stop drawing a line. And number three is real simple allow the Spirit to work. So let’s get started. Number one is honor God. And what I mean by that is you know we have to look for ways out here that we would honor God with our business. All right. You know the scripture tells us that He allows us or he gives us the ability to gain wealth so that His covenant would actually be established and we know that we look at that we see that.

Jake: 02:22 So how do we go about doing that. So we’re looking at things that would bring honor to God. So you just think about a couple of ways in a couple of different things that some companies may do out here right now. It makes me think about a restaurant business. You know I know a restaurant business that’s closed on Sunday. They do that to honor God. You know also I don’t know about you but I love going to a restaurant and when I get the receipt you know you get the receipt. It has a Scripture verse on it. That’s awesome to me. I absolutely love that. So those are just little ways that these guys find to honor God just bring honor to God through their business and use that platform for that.

Jake: 03:00 But myself you know we me and my brother were real estate investors so couple of different ways that we loved to honor God. Number one is we just simply love to serve in the community. So we volunteer in different areas of our community. We look to go to different areas myself. I love prison ministry I like to go and serve in the prison ministry. My brother he actually serves. He loves to spend time in the hospice. And you know just visit with people in that area. So you know you can think of different areas for yourself that I’m sure that you can bring honor to God by going out and serving in or just different areas there are different things that you can go and do. But you know one thing I will say about doing this.

Jake: 03:39 OK. We do not go out and do it as a advertisement for our business now. Yes sometimes people are going to ask us hey what are you guys doing. We’ll share it with them. You know what we do in our line of work and everything. That’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is we don’t go out there to volunteer or serve with an attempt to prospect for new business. That’s just not what we do. We just loved to serve and serving the Lord is something we love to do so in our service we do it in that manner. But not only that we think about some other things. Me and my brother we definitely would like to shut it down on Sunday. I don’t know about you but we do that. And number one it is to honor God but we don’t do that from a legal standpoint.

Jake: 04:25 We do that because you know what we need rest and God said we need rest so he asked us to rest. He tells us actually rest. So not only that but rest and spend time with our family. We know that these things are extremely important. So definitely so. That’s just another way that we bring honor to God. But how about this podcast you know we were real estate investors you know really to do with the podcast thing but you know the thing about it is we love to encourage others who are in the faith doing business or in their own ministry as they go forth. So that’s what this podcast is simply all about is a Christian podcast. You know we want to just continue to encourage others as you may know a lot of people come on here and share stories of faith.

Jake: 05:10 You know so definitely we like to do that and that we know that brings honor to God. And you know what By the way if you know of somebody who would benefit from hearing the podcast if you think they would like it simply share with them share it with a friend share it with a family member just share the episode. You can start like that we do it because we like to build community and building community allows each and every one of us to kind of share these ideas and share these things that would encourage one another to keep moving on. So that’s bringing honor to God. But number two is stop drawing a line. This is what I mean by stop drawing a line by the way it seems to be that WERE some reason or another we know we get you know especially that day and now day I should say there there’s a lot of things that are going on and people taken stances on this and stands on that.

Speaker 5: 05:59 But as a Christian if you’re a business owner and a Christian we have to remember is you opened up that business to serve people so serve them.

Jake: 06:10 You don’t open up your business to serve only Christians. And I know I know people kind of get this a little bit maybe they get just a little bit confused on. Here’s the thing. As a Christian I love to serve everybody and that that may mean that they’re not a Christian. That may mean there’s somebody else another belief and that’s that’s OK with me I love that I’m called to be in the world with this ministry with this business whatever it is that I’m doing. I’m called to be in the lives of people. That’s what we’re called to walk by the way. So

Jake: 06:47 we recall that business is about serving people so we definitely want to serve each and every one that we can. You know it gives us an opportunity by the way you know this business may afford us an opportunity to share with someone the love of God. All right. So definitely don’t want to count that out. That’s why I say we don’t we need to stop drawing the line. You know a good friend of mine by the way asked me a long time ago well would you rent to so and so. And actually it made me think about a lot of different things because I found myself maybe thinking about drawing a line and I can’t do that. You know I really can’t do that and neither can anybody else. As believers we’re called to serve people period. So we’re called to stand firm in who we are but don’t look down on others right.

Jake: 07:35 So you know another thing about drawing a line is there’s nothing wrong with you standing firm in your faith. And we should actually we should always stand firm in our faith and the way we do that. By the way is simply understanding who we are in Christ Jesus. So if I know and understand who I am in Christ Jesus than what somebody else is shouldn’t throw me off. It really shouldn’t mean I should be able to stand firm in that regardless. So another thing that I tell you about when we draw a line. So I say stop drawing a line. We’re certainly not out there seek an argument OK in business especially we’re not out here trying to seek argument with somebody prove somebody’s wrong prove our way right. This and That. Remember

Jake: 08:22 we’re walking into the lives of people and I tell you something about business though. I can’t think of a better way to minister to people than through business. I mean I absolutely love it myself. Here’s the thing. We actually did an episode on how your business is your ministry will actually put that in the notes the show notes but your business is a ministry it gives you an opportunity to serve people from all walks of life. And when they meet you know you have to remember that’s an opportunity to share the love of God right.

Jake: 08:55 So whatever you do don’t be baited into arguments are better arguments are looking to stand firm in the wrong ways. It’s all in love right. Which of course brings me to my next point which is number three allow the Spirit to work.

Jake: 09:12 Now here’s what I mean by that. You know as the title of the episode is how a Christian business shares its faith. OK. So what you think about it from this standpoint.

Jake: 09:25 We have to actually step back and let God do the work. If we’re a believer and we’re honoring God right as we say we are and we’re a believer and we’re not drawing a line as we should not be then there should be absolutely no problem in allowing the Spirit of God to work. So

Jake: 09:47 here’s what I mean by that. We know about the fruit of the spirit. We’ve got love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness and self-control in all things we know that’s a fruit of the spirit that we’re talking about. So allow those things right to come out. People get to experience them. You see people that are really drawn close to us as people they’re drawn close to the Spirit of God as it works through us. So remember that you have to allow the Spirit of God to work. So just allow it to work in you and through you. And that’s how. By the way people are drawn to God. So you know absolutely and every business out there every business I don’t care what business you’re in. You have the opportunity to do that. But not only that I mean we have the opportunity to do that but also this you know the scripture says by this everyone will know that you are my disciples that you love one another.

Jake: 10:48 Hey man I’m telling you we can’t not get away from that. So displaying love to one another and doing things in love and out of love is one of the greatest ways to share our faith out here. So you may notice it already in some of the Christian businesses that you see that this I could go down the line and name them. But here’s the thing. Look for it. But more importantly as you go forth in your business today look for the different ways you can share your fa. I mean what are those ways. What are some of those things you know sort of a friend of mine once told me in ministry it’s always about time talent and treasure that are shared and those things help grow in advance the Kingdom of God.

Jake: 11:31 So maybe there are some different things that you can go about doing today that would absolutely help you share your faith as a Christian business. But you know what we’re praying for you we’re pulling for you.

Jake: 11:42 No doubt as you go forth on this beautiful weekend this beautiful Saturday I’m thinking to myself many different ways we can go about today share in our faith. I love it. I absolutely love the opportunity to do so. And as we go forth in this day hey we also welcome you and invite you over to press unreached on the Web site where we have all the show notes as a matter of fact the show notes on this Web site. It’s real simple it’s www.pressandreach.com/pr13.And that’s where you’ll find the show notes. But make sure you go over to the Web site take a look around and sign up for the newsletter because always kick something out on Saturdays it’s just a little something inspirational to anybody on the newsletter. And we like to encourage community so we like to involve community.

Jake: 12:22 I really want to find out what you may be doing and the things that you have going on in the area that you’re in because we love to lift you up. We love to encourage you along the way. And we want to share whatever it is you’re doing out here with others so other people can become involved either in your business or your ministry and they may be able to hear about you. So that’s that’s what this ministry is all about. We love to grow it. We love to expand. And we really definitely want to share with others what you may have going on today. All right. Once again it’s wonderful it’s beautiful to hang out with you. May the good Lord bless you in this day. I’m praying for you and pulling for you and all that you do.

Honor God

The scripture states that He gives us the ability to gain wealth, so that His covenant may be established (Deut. 8:18). If we can remember that it is for His purpose, then we can find creative ways to bring Him glory. We think about a couple of restaurant businesses that either close their stores on Sunday, or share scripture verses on their receipts. Although they are different with their approach, the goal is the same. They consciously, creatively, and openly share their faith in a dying world. What about us?

How do we share our faith in this world of business? In all honesty, we can think of a countless number of ways to do so. Maybe becoming involved in an outreach or ministry may be do-able for you, or maybe look for other ways. We started this Christian podcast on sharing stories of faith in hopes of encouraging others along the way. We love the Lord our God and are certainly not ashamed to say so.

Stop Drawing a Line

The true purpose of a business is to bring value to the market place. As Christian business owners we should be delighted in serving customers from all walks of life, for it affords us the wonderful opportunity to share the love of God with someone. All too often we separate ourselves from the glorious opportunity from sharing our faith with the right intention in mind.

In a previous episode entitled, “Your Business is Your Ministry” we went into further detail. If you haven’t heard it, then we would encourage you to listen in. Can you imagine the questions that we all have when it pertains to current events? There is so much going on in this old world today that so many people are found in search of that peace that surpasses all understanding. I can’t think of a better way to tell someone about the Lord. After all, it’s not our will but His.

Allow the Spirit to Work

With all these things in mind, we can simply rest assured that it is the Lord that does all the work. I don’t know about you, but it surely puts me at ease knowing that He is on my side. People are naturally drawn in by the fruit of the spirit. So in every circumstance or situation, we look for people to taste how good the Lord really is (Psalm 34:8). Remaining in the spirit of God will always be more beneficial than coming out of character.

Walking in love is a must for us all if we are going to share our faith. This should not be an issue that is forced, but rather a trait that is displayed openly. The scripture tells us that all will know that we are His disciples by our love for one another. I choose to stand on that promise today and always.

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