Who Are You In Fellowship With Today?

Often times we may ask ourselves a question? What has me so down? Why am I so mad, angry, upset, or just unsettled? Well, most of the times it’s not a what, but a who. Who has me in this state of being?

The battle of spiritual warfare is real and has always been. It brings us to today’s question, “Who are you in fellowship with today?”

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Jake: 00:48 Welcome back to press and reach my name is Jake Enriquez your host in what a beautiful awesome wonderful Wednesday morning. It really is. And I got to tell you I love Wednesday because you know we’re halfway through the week but you know like I’ve said before many times we certainly don’t view it as hump day around here. Hey we look at his glory days. OK. What an awesome thing it is to be found in the Lord on this day my friend so we’re going to talk about something today. It’s a question I just want to ask you. It’s a question I’d like to ask myself so I see the reason why I’m asking is who are you in fellowship with today. The reason why I ask the question is real simple. You know sometimes we certainly find ourselves struggling and warring through the everyday walk of life. And you know we really have to rely on our faith to pull us through.

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Jake: 01:36 And there’s different ways it will go about doing that and I just want to share them with you real quick as we go through. First is just the acknowledgement of Christ in who he is and what he’s done for us as we go through it. But number two is turn the lights on Brother you’ve got to turn brother or sister I should say you’ve got to really be able to turn the lights on and take a look around you. But number three is tell the truth. I to tell you the truth seems to be the hardest part sometimes. But what what I’m really talking about here this morning is is the fellowship. We think about the fellowship with God. OK the fellowship with Christ Jesus we really pull this out of the scripture today which is found in first John chapter one verses one through 10 that is.

Jake: 02:17 And you know the very first part of it is acknowledging you John is acknowledging who Christ is. He’s acknowledged the mere fact that hey he’s saying hey we laid hands on him. We heard him. We saw him and now we declare unto you each and every one the same truth. And you know I’ve got to tell you sometimes what I think we just forget. I just think we forget about the greatness of God we forget about the wonderful awesome sacrifice of Christ Jesus. I think we forget about our very own redemption that we forget about being saved. I think we forget about the grace of God and what that really means to us. And I got to tell you that any time we turn around and view it or think about it it’s easy then to recall and celebrate this life in Christ Jesus.

Jake: 03:02 You know I love the third verse in the third verse says that we too may have fellowship with them which means to have fellowship with God in Christ Jesus. So I think about the fellowship and that’s the reason why by the way we’re asking about who are we in fellowship with today because if it fact we’ve been given the opportunity to have fellowship Either we are or we’re not in fellowship with God so is something to think about today when I ask the question is Who are we in fellowship today with man you know what we can be in fellowship with a whole lot of things that might not be of the Lord right. And the only way we can do that is we just simply acknowledge who Christ is in our lives. So if we’re coming to the truth and we’re coming to the understanding of who he is as Lord and Savior risen king we better be celebrating that truth and that true fact.

Jake: 03:50 So I hope and pray that each and every one of us of course can acknowledge that in this beautiful day. But not only that every once in a while we have to really turn the lights on. What does that mean to turn the lights on. You know we stated before our faith is an every day walk in you know an everyday walk means everyday our life can be filled with different circumstances different pressures from the world different situations. And there’s a whole lot of different everything is there. And this is where it actually gets really good. I believe that it gets really good. I say that because this is where our faith is going to be tested and tried and some days you know you got to know and understand that the darkness is just simply unsolicited.

Jake: 04:29 Nobody ever calls for it or ask for the darkness to come about. Do they even know that darkness may come we also know that the truth is that the joy of the Lord is our strength so I’m going to try to just stay on that for just a second here because the joy of the Lord is truly our strength and if we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Speaker 6: 04:48 That may mean if I’m not joyful today I’m relying on my own strength. I’m just telling you the truth because if I’m not found to be joyful in this day that must mean I’m relying on something or someone else. And

Jake: 05:04 you know I know that we don’t really like to hear that so much sometimes but it’s the truth and you know the Scripture says that the joy of the Lord is our strength and I believe that to be true.

Jake: 05:14 But you know before going any further I do know that it’s very important to point this out. I am not talking about grief. I am not talking about being in mourning. You know the scripture said we should take the time to mourn we should take the time to grieve. Talk talking about right now of the loss of a loved one or something like that. So we’re not talking about the same thing when I talk about somebody is the enemy stealing your joy. I’m talking about our state of mind and state of being from dealing with this every day circumstance and these everyday issues of the world. But here’s the deal if I’m not joyful that I know are relying on something or somebody else. But here hold on. Let’s put it to you a little bit differently this morning. Think about it this way.

Jake: 05:56 Now I know we don’t like to hear this. I know one person in particular that never likes to hear when I tell them this but I’m only telling the truth OK so I’m going to share it with you the same way I share it with him.

Jake: 06:07 And for those of you who don’t think this is a spiritual warfare brother sister think again because this has always been a spiritual warfare. So I want you to think about this right now. If I find myself without joy I remember the enemy has done his job. You know he says that the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. That’s in John 10 10. But thankfully I can stand on a promise of God and the promise of God says that Christ came to give me life. But not only give me life give me what more abundantly. So if the enemy came to steal kill and destroy. But Christ came to give life and give it more abundantly. I’m going to ask this question again.

Jake: 06:50 Who am I fellowship with today. It’s got to be said that I can truly answer from the heart. It’s got to be something I can truly answer from the heart because I have to learn how to number three tell the truth tell the truth in this day OK we’re all quick to turn from the truth in the most needed time. You know you know what I’m talking about you know you get to a place and you know that you’re mad about something or you’re discouraged about something in one of your brothers or sisters they come along and they say hey you know what men. Of the Lord is your strength. And we don’t want to hear that right now do we. Because we’re focused on somebody else. We’re focused on why we’re mad. We’re focused on why we’re envious or why we’re resentful or why we’re prideful whatever that might be.

Jake: 07:36 We’re focused on that. So I mean I can certainly get it understand it because it’s a lot easier for us just to be that way. But you know how about at work so or in your business I want to know about that real quick because faith is an everyday walk. It applies to everyday circumstances we know that. So what about it. Now I’ll share this with you in the real estate business. I’m a real estate investor and I deal with people on an everyday basis and some of those people don’t have our best interests at heart. I don’t understand that. We also deal because we rent properties we also deal with tenants who I don’t know sometimes they just might not be quite truthful and I’ve got to go through a process of eviction. Well man listen I just had to follow a process doesn’t mean I have to get angry or upset about it. But you know what and this week I’ve had a tough week dealing with one.

Jake: 08:25 But you know I’m quick to recall. Do not let that in me come in and steal kill and destroy because he surely wants to do that. He surely wants to do that. That’s in my business I don’t know about your business or where you may work you know but I’m sure that it will apply to you somewhere along the line because somewhere guess what you might get frustrated with someone. So what about at home now. What about what about at home.

Jake: 08:52 Good friends. What about at home or things go on right at home because you know what at home is supposed to be the place where we love to be the most right. We’re supposed to be able to come home you know take it easy relax be joyful hang out with the family.

Jake: 09:10 And I got to tell you something if it ain’t going well at home that bad we have a then again allowed the enemy to come in and steal kill and destroy.

Jake: 09:21 And we got to make a decision you know what we’re going to do. Keep allowing that to happen. Are we going to turn and live the life more abundantly that’s been given to us by Christ Jesus. Or how about your family the other family members you know on top about we all have family members that maybe we go through a trying time with them or maybe we don’t see eye to eye or we don’t actually you know see things the same way I should just say we have disagreements.

Jake: 09:52 So maybe these family members and we’re dealing with one another. It becomes a very trying time it becomes very difficult. Well it’s in this time that we have to remember again as the joy of the Lord is our strength and my fellowship with God or with the enemy because if I’m allowing these things to take place and I’m allowing myself to come out of character if I’m allowing all of these things to manifest in me then I have to remember as a believer as a faith Walker by the way that I’m being taken out again that way. So I just want to encourage you in this day that as you go along the way to be mindful of the fellowship that you’re in today. So I know the question that comes next because I hear it often. Well Jake you just can’t be joyful in the Lord and forget about everything else because there really is real life happening out here and I understand and understand that my brother and my sister.

Jake: 10:47 But I promise you it’s easier God’s way. So what then do we do. Well I would encourage just to go to the he’ll you know the scripture asks. And I believe it’s the 24th song Psalm 24 I believe it’s verse 3 it says who’s going to ascend into the holy hill of the Lord who’s going to stand on his holy place. It

Jake: 11:10 says he with clean hands and a pure heart you know what that means. That means he who confesses he who tells the truth he who goes forward is is God I’m not right in this area.

Jake: 11:25 GOD I’M MAD RIGHT NOW. Lord forgive me I fall in to this pride or this temptation and I know I’m not right. Right now it’s got me twisted it’s got me stirred. But all I know is I can stand honest promise of God that you Lord Jesus have come into Give me life and give it to me or abundantly for I know Lord God that if I confess my sins you are faithful you are faithful to forgive me of my sins and cleanse me of all right. Yes. And you know you’ve got to start speaking life in these circumstances in these situations. And that’s what makes the enemy fully stand on the word of God. And he’s got to go. We’re still talking about first John you know verse 4 he says and these things we write to you that your joy may be full.

Jake: 12:14 So friends if we say as the Scripture says if we say we’re in the light but we’re walking around in darkness oh we lie and we do not practice the true. But if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with one another. But verse 9 it says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all righteousness.

Jake: 12:42 So with that I’m going to ask you again this question. Who are you in fellowship with today man. Who are you in fellowship with today sister. Hate is the devil got you twisted. Does he get angry. As he got you upset. Does it get you resentful. Is there bitterness on your heart for another brother or another sister. Is Pride holding you down. Again the scripture says it’s really easy if we say we have fellowship with him but we’re walking around in darkness and that is the darkness. By

Jake: 13:09 the way we’re lying right now and we need to come out and tell the truth tell God the truth because he sure wants to hear it from each and every one of us say I’m going to tell you this much. I had a really tough week. OK I’m sorry I told you before I’m no super Jake. My name is Jake Enriquez man and I’m just regular old do you know.

Jake: 13:27 But in that toughness that we go through. God surely blessed me with his word. He did and he reminded me to stand in that fellowship with him. And this by speaking the truth and coming forth and raising up my hands and saying Lord forgive me in this and that and help me with this and that hey there’s nothing more precious than to be right with God. Remember that that is more precious than to be in fellowship with Him. Because if I’m in fellowship with Him I can surely be joyful in this day. Praise God I’m praying and hoping my brother my sister. It’s to be found in fellowship with God and his beautiful awesome wonderful Wednesday.

Jake: 14:07 It is a joy to be found in the Lord. Hey listen if you enjoy the podcast do me a favor. Make sure you share it with a friend or share it with a family member. If you’re on your phone it’s real simple to go down there and doing just share it with somebody either on Facebook or straight directly to their phone. Whatever it might be. Of course we always ask that you come over and visit us on Preston reached dotcom. But for the show notes for this show go to Press and reach dot com forward slash PR 12.

Speaker 2: 14:36 Once again it’s been a joy. Hanging out with you.

Speaker 3: 14:39 So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone. For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

The Acknowledgment of Christ

The same that sun that shines on us today is the same sun that has always shined. Just as we know this to be true, so do we know that Christ is still King.  Some days we just have to recall how awesome He truly is. I love to tell anyone that will listen that sometimes we just need to remember when we surrendered to Him.

John speaks of the mere fact that they laid hands on Him. They heard Him and seen Him and now declare the same truths unto each and every one of us. This is not only the good news but the great news! Awesome is the truth that lies in the third verse, for it says that we may have fellowship with Him.

Turn the Lights On

 Because of certain circumstances, some weeks or days may just be harder than others. This is where it gets good. I say that because this is where our faith will be tested and tried. Some days just simply bring about an unsolicited darkness. We all know it to be true; however, we also know that the Joy of the Lord is our strength!

If I am not so joyful in this day then I have allowed the enemy to do what he does. The scripture says that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). The promise of God is quite different, though. I am so thankful that He has come to give us life more abundantly, which is to be filled with His joy.

 Tell the Truth

  We are all quick with turning from the truth in the most needed times. I certainly do get it, for it is a lot easier. How about at work or in your business? What about at home? What about the rest of the family? If you’re a parent, then you get a double dose. These are the times that really matter the most in our daily walk.

There is only one way out. Tell the Lord the truth, for He wants to hear from you. Lord I’m mad, angry, resentful, prideful, or just struggling right now. You see, these things we know are not from Him. Seek Him and take refuge while allowing your spirit to be drawn close. It’s truly a humbling experience and it should be. It brings back to the question, “Who are you in fellowship with today?”


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