020: How Long Will You Wait?

Less than a week ago, the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs met unspeakable grief.  In times when evil seems so prevalent, we may find ourselves wondering “Lord, how long will You wait?” or “Lord, how long must we deal with this?”  The minor prophet Habakkuk surely asked the same.  And what God told Habakkuk then is still true for us today, which is “the just shall live by faith”.  We don’t have all the answers, but we do have the promises of God to rely on.  The situation may not be “OK”, but we can still trust that “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  We won’t always understand it, but we can surely testify to what becomes of it.  Today’s podcast begins with our host sharing some of his experience in a time of loss and grief, asking “why?”, and finding that God’s still at work.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:27 If you’re a believer and I pray that you are by the way.

Jake Enriquez: 00:30 It’s a question I know that just so happens to be in the back of all of our minds that is if we’re believers that is you know the amazing thing is is that we always ask of God Lord how long are you going to wait.

Jake Enriquez: 00:44 How long are you going to hold back how long will you let things continue to take place.

Jake Enriquez: 00:52 You know recently here in the great state of Texas we had a tragic incident that took place and you may have heard it on the news here recently that somebody had walked into a church down in Sutherland Springs Texas and took the lives of many innocent people.

Jake Enriquez: 01:08 And you know that saddens us it really does break our heart. So as believers and I got to tell you as people. OK. As a family as a state as a nation as God’s people we simply lift up those who are in need in those who are hurting those who are going through it today. A

Jake Enriquez: 01:27 lot our prayers are for them today. All those family members. And we do pray now that that peace that surpass all understanding be with our brothers and sisters and their families there in Sutherlands Springs Texas. You know what a horrible thing that took place. And you know really I know a lot of people have a lot of questions right about now and truth be told. You know as people we just don’t have all those answers but we can simply rely on the scriptures and we can rely on the promises of God and we do know you know the Scripture says that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are being called according to his purpose. Now that doesn’t mean we always understand it or it’s always OK this and that or everything’s OK. We are supposed to mourn and we are supposed to grieve.

Jake Enriquez: 02:16 We are supposed to go through that with one another. You know as a family but she had to know a lot of people asked the question today is why. And you know I don’t know the answer to that question. I don’t know how to answer that question of why. But I do know in a time like this what happens OK and I’ll share this personal experience with you. You know back in 2008 I know I’ve shared with me before but we lost our mother. Right now our mother was a God fearing woman. She was awesome and great. I’m telling you man we are blessed to have had a mother like her. Seriously. OK. And we lost her to ovarian cancer back in 2008.

Jake Enriquez: 02:54 Now no this my mother never touched alcohol or drugs or smoke nothing year mean lived lived her life for God. Now all the rest of the family experimented with something. My goodness. Yes we all do it. But mother left first and you already know the question that went through our minds why her. You know and even though we could sit and think and think a million different reasons why we don’t ask that question anymore. What we do know and understand is what happened because of it because she left early. We were drawn closer to God. Praise God thank you Lord. We were drawn closer to God as a family so I can’t tell you why. But what does become of it is real. Because the scripture says that godly grief leads to repentance therefore salvation but that worldly grief you already know now that leads to death. So when these things happen we are to simply draw close to God with everything that we’ve got.

Jake Enriquez: 04:01 But you know the world simply doesn’t make it easier does it. Because I’ve heard out here in movie land here recently you know the guys at a movieland are speaking up again and this time they’re speaking very boldly before God.

Jake Enriquez: 04:17 A lot of them tweeted a lot of them had it some things to say that were ruthless in their time like this. They said prayer didn’t work. What does that get you. I think Stephen King even said something like it’s time to stop praying and start legislating. And there was another one who’s in.

Jake Enriquez: 04:34 I only want to repeat what he said about prayer but do not be discouraged in this day with when things are said like that. You have to remember this though. You know the scripture easily tells us you know that during this time we should always remember this OK. Is For The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us are being saved it is the power of God. Stand firm in your faith. Believers stand strong and do not lose heart and do not be discouraged during this time. Do know and understand that God’s plan is at work fully at work. He knows what he’s doing and trust in the Lord with all our heart at this time at this time especially you know. But you know let’s just be real today. It seems like we as believers always have that question of God seriously we always had that question and Lord how long is this going to take place.

Jake Enriquez: 05:30 Lord how long do I have to go through this. Lord how long will you wait. You know but you have to know and understand this is not an uncommon to God and it’s nothing uncommon to God’s people as a matter of fact Habakkuk wants to ask. He’s he said God you can’t even look upon wickedness however you let this stuff take place you’re letting this stuff happen and God told Habakkuk some about a work a work in your day that you would not even believe even if I told you so but he said listen the just shall live by faith and that my friends has not changed. That just will always live by faith. But you know enough of the question that we have because you know as believers again we have the question first how long will you wait.

Jake Enriquez: 06:15 And that you know we asked that have gone. But you know we can’t be so bold. We have to know trust and understand that his plans at work because you do know and understand I pray and hope that is that the same question is asked of us. God wants to know. No brother or sister. How long now will you wait.

Jake Enriquez: 06:39 And you know I know that’s a question that most of us do not really want to answer. You know over and Josh Joshua 18. Verse 3 says how long will you neglect. This is Joshua asking people is it how long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you.

Jake Enriquez: 06:58 Oh glory.

Jake Enriquez: 06:58 And you know what he asks us the same thing over and Peter was first or second period. I don’t recall which one right now but he says God’s already given you everything that we need. When it pertains to life and godliness he’s given us everything that we already need. So when we ask the question the question is really is asked of us.

Jake Enriquez: 07:17 How long now will you wait. So let me ask you this question as we move forward in this day.

Jake Enriquez: 07:22 Because I want to know it for sure. Has God called you to go do something great something awesome whatever it may be. Has God called you to go and do something. Maybe it’s a ministry has God placed something on your heart. Has he placed a ministry on your heart that’s been there for quite some time and you may have been like way out or they don’t know which way to go how to move about it. Maybe we haven’t really gotten serious about it. We just haven’t moved in faith on it. And

Jake Enriquez: 07:49 so certainly that’s one of the things we must ask of ourselves are we moving forward and that which God has called us to move. How about a business. Is

Jake Enriquez: 08:00 it a business that God has called you to one that brings truly brings about a resolve and some area that you have an expertise in that God knows he can use you in to resolve situations to resolve problems that he would call you into that area that you would be that like bring in the light of the Lord straight into a place like that in a much needed area. Have you been called you know to go do this business some certain business that’s been on your mind and in your heart. And I think about that often you know because when it comes to the marketplace I’m telling you right now we certainly lack the strong presence of godly men and women out here who are putting God first.

Jake Enriquez: 08:43 We need help out here in this area surely we do. And in business it should be as such. But not only in ministry or business what about just volunteering in service. Is there something on your heart that God has called you to go do serve in a certain area or volunteer in a certain place you know often think about it. I’ve asked this question a million times. Really if money had nothing to do with it if it wasn’t about a business it wasn’t about a job. Not even a ministry of any special place. Is there something that you would really like to go serve in her area that you feel called to go in and be a part of.

Jake Enriquez: 09:24 I ask that question Sometimes I’m amazed at some of the things that people answer and they’ll tell me some of the different things and I’m like well what stops you really what stops you from going to do that. Watch this. If you’ve always wanted to go and serve the homeless do you know there’s a ton of different places that you can go today to do that. If you’ve always wanted to be a part of prison ministry. Man Oh my goodness. I

Jake Enriquez: 09:53 tell you there’s so many places you can go get involved in and we got a lot of them here with us. As a matter of fact one of our most recent guest Tim Francis with break loose ministries or break lose international. It’s a prison ministry and they go all over the place in prisons and man them guys go in there and play ball with the inmates that are there and they fellowship they do anything and everything that they can to bring the Gospel in and share the love with the Lord. So what an awesome thing that is. But not only that I mean we also have some other guys that do a different prison ministry right around locally for us it’s called called Chiro’s prison ministry. As these guys go in and out and show the unconditional love of God what a great ministry that is to be a part of.

Jake Enriquez: 10:36 But maybe it’s not prison ministry maybe it’s not a maybe it’s not volunteering with the homeless maybe it’s something different maybe it’s volunteering at a hospice center. Do

Jake Enriquez: 10:46 you know what that takes. All you have to do is go find out the right steps in the process and just become a volunteer in some of those areas. What about a hospital bed. I got to tell you hospitals and hospitals are in great need of volunteers just to go spend time with people. So those are the volunteering aspects of it. Just going in joining in on that. But definitely you have to know and understand. OK. God does his awesome work through willing available vessels. Hands down. That’s how he gets That’s how he does his greatest work out here is through the people he loves to use people that are humble and faithful those who won’t be turned back or dismay those who just simply count on GOD. I got to tell you be a willing and available vessel to start with.

Jake Enriquez: 11:39 And that way you can go and participate in some of these things. There’s something else though I got to ask you a question. What are the roadblocks. OK. Because there are plenty of them but what would you consider some of the roadblocks and maybe you can see this or see some of these things in ourselves as we go forward. But number one the number one roadblock for anything and everything out here is pride. We cannot say or the Lord our God full of pride. We just cannot do it. God’s

Jake Enriquez: 12:06 not going to use men and women who are puffed up and filled with pride to go out there and freely serve him and I really shouldn’t shouldn’t he say it like that because he’ll use it still for his glory. It is a different way.

Jake Enriquez: 12:19 But he’s not going to sit there and say OK yeah. What a great man you are what a great woman you are filled with pride. Let me use you. That’s

Jake Enriquez: 12:25 not how it works. So when we’re full of pride we hinder the work of God going forward. So it’s it’s in our best interest to humble ourselves as we go forward always find our place in humility always find peace with God. Seek it every single day that we would not be filled with pride but be a humble servant of the Lord our God. But number two the next stumbling block is fear. You know a long time ago I had spoke with a brother of mine a friend of mine and he asked me why I didn’t go do this one thing and I said man I don’t know man I’m just kind of scared. I’ll just tell you the truth. And my brother said listen. Fear is not the law. He reminded me of that and he was so right because God never gave us the spirit of fear you already know this. He

Jake Enriquez: 13:20 didn’t give us the spirit of fear but of power love and of sound mind that stumbling block number two stumbling block number three is just resentment or refusing to reduce that status. In other words people don’t mind serving as long as they get to do what they consider the most important part. And when that happens I got to tell you something that’s not that’s not really truly serving the Lord a certain self. So those are stumbling blocks and obstacles that look out for those are the things that start to get in our way prevent us from truly going and serving God in these different ways. And

Jake Enriquez: 13:56 those are the things that keep us in the weight. By the way. But you know you’ve got to ask yourself this question. How do I get started today. What can I go do today. That’s going to help me to get going and start doing this thing start working in the Lord start seeking the Lord and these things because remember we’re talking about this question we’re asking this question How long will you wait. What

Jake Enriquez: 14:20 keeps us held back what keeps us what prevents us from moving forward in serving God. So what can you do today to get started. Well number one if it’s me I’ve got to tell you. Started a local church started the church that you attend starts serving in a different area. Well maybe some of you are saying why don’t go to church with brother or sister. Maybe it’s time to start. Maybe it’s time to start moving in that direction. You know we just take one step at a time. But if you in church and you’re you have a home church maybe it’s time to start serving there. If you don’t if you already do. I’m not talking about that but I remember me mean a friend of mine this brother we used to serve in the children’s ministry on Wednesday night. OK. I got to tell you that was quite hectic but I loved it. He

Jake Enriquez: 15:08 loved it. We always had a good time do it. But yeah it is definitely it can take a toll on you. There was a lot of work to be done when you’re when you’re with the kiddos you know. But one thing my brother asked for was he was seeking help from other guys and he asked them to come help and I remember the response of one of the guys the guy said you know I really don’t feel like that’s my calling. My friend said we’re not talking about Zarqawi we’re asking could you just come help. So all of things you can do in your local church is just start serving somewhere. Where

Jake Enriquez: 15:42 are you serving in your local church. You

Jake Enriquez: 15:44 know the churches were there to gather that were remember this the body moves together and everyone comes to serve you know come to serve in some different capacity or area. It’s a great place to get started.

Jake Enriquez: 15:56 But not only that and let’s just say that there’s other places that we spoke of earlier to start volunteering in look into these other ministries look into these other areas. Have you always thought about maybe maybe God’s trying to show you to go about and start a prison ministry. Well get around the guys that are already doing it right now. Get used to that serve with these guys get involved get plugged in. How do they do it. Maybe it’s a ministry for the homeless. Go get involved. I promise you right now everywhere you go in your city you will find some homeless. OK.

Jake Enriquez: 16:33 So maybe it’s not that maybe it’s something else maybe like when we talked about earlier maybe it’s hospitals maybe it’s a hospice whatever it may be. Remember to move forward and become involved in it already.

Jake Enriquez: 16:45 That’s how we can resolve the waiting issue that we have. We don’t have to wait any more. God’s already called us to it and if you feel like he’s calling you to go do something get up and start moving and it’s time today to start moving in the Lord. Listen we pray and hope that you’d come and join us on Preston reached dotcom. You know the show notes for this episode will be at Preston reach dot com forward slash PR 20 where you would be able to get the show notes and we’ll be putting some links into for some different areas where you could probably go plug in. But also I would just simply encourage you to do this if you know of areas that are in need. Put them in the comment section if you know areas for your local area that are in need.

Jake Enriquez: 17:31 We’d love to hear from you. That way we’ll put it on the Facebook page by the way it’s Press and reach on Facebook and maybe we can share it like that. But there are so many different areas out here guys that we could start plugging into. There’s really no need to wait any longer. I hope and pray that you have a blessed week. I look forward to meeting with you. Again. You make me. Happy. You’re. All.

How Long Will YOU Wait?

Trials and tragedies often leave us with more questions than answers.  We aren’t the only ones with questions though.  Perhaps God is asking the same of us – “How long now will you wait?”  Has He called you to go and do something?  Is it a ministry He’s placed on your heart, and it’s time you got serious about it?   Is He calling you to start a business, so that you can shine His light in the marketplace?  Is He asking you to give of your time and talents in a volunteer capacity?  You can feed the homeless, serve alongside a prison ministry (such as BreakLoose International), or visit residents in hospice.  Whatever it is, know this – God does awesome work through willing and available vessels.  He’s waiting on an answer.   Are we moving forward in that which God has called us to move?

Things That Keep Us in the Wait

If you know what He’s calling you to do, what’s holding you back?  Recognize these common roadblocks:

  • Pride – being “puffed up” can hinder the work of God going forward; seek humility daily so that you can serve Him freely
  • Fear – you might be afraid to really step out there in faith, but remember this, He has not given us a spirit of fear!
  • Resentment – some are only willing to show up if theirs is a big enough part, or if there’s a title attached. If that’s the case, we’re now serving “self” rather than the Lord.

Look out for these stumbling blocks, as they can keep us from truly going out and serving God in the places He’s calling us to.

How to Stop Waiting and Start Moving

Start at church.  If you don’t go to church, maybe it’s time to start moving in that direction.  If you do have a home church, start serving there.  It doesn’t have to be your “calling”; man, just go help!  There are also plenty of volunteer opportunities out in the community.  Find people who are already serving in the areas you have interest in.  The best way to find out about the ministries you’re considering is to get in there with the people and get plugged in.

Whatever it is that God is calling you to go and do, let today be the day you STOP the wait and START moving in faith.  Finally, find courage in Peter’s words – “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” God’s already given you everything you need.  How long will you wait?


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