001: Press and Reach Podcast Introduction

The Christian Faith – Our faith means everything to us on a daily basis. It is what helps us to walk accordingly and joyfully in our everyday lives. We express our Christianity, not to appear above the rest, but to be held accountable with and to others. The world presents its daily temptations to us all, which we all have to learn to conquer and avoid. Fortunately though, we don’t have to do it alone. One of the main reasons for this Christian podcast is to provide support to others along the way. We joyfully share stories of faith with others that are willing to share and listen.

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Jake: 00:00 My name is Jake enríquez And yes I’m going to be your host from week to week.

Jake: 00:51 And what a joy and honor it is to be sitting with you from week to week. So I’m just going to take this time to do this introductory episode and briefly tell you what we’re all about here at Press and Reach number one. I’m a Christian. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart.

Jake: 01:08 That means everything to me. My faith means everything to me. My relationship with Christ Jesus is everything to me so anything and everything that I do out here I make sure that lines up with my faith.

Jake: 01:22 That way I know that I’ll walk accordingly not only accordingly but I walk joyfully. Now that does not mean that I do everything perfect. Ok so I don’t think that that’s what this means so. But I tell you that I’m a Christian so you’ll know how you can hold me accountable Okay. And I hope and pray that nothing I ever say and or do takes away from our testimony our walk. So please do hold me accountable. I love interaction and I love to work with other Christians. Number two I’m a family man. I’m a happily married man to my wonderful beautiful wife. Ms. Joey and together we have seven kids. We are a blended family. So what a joy and delight it’s always been to have a blended family and learning one another in learning how to walk together and learning how to strengthen up as a family.

Jake: 02:16 It’s been a blessing no doubt. It’s always been a blessing to us. Now it hasn’t always been easy. So we’ve learned a lot of things along the way because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We were able to draw close together an absolutely incredible what he has done with our family so we give him all the glory. And then number three I’m a business owner so me and my brother we own a business we’re real estate investors and we still do currently buy and sell houses we fix them up sell them. We hold rental properties and we do anything and everything real estate is our business. Now the reason I tell you these three things is because they really do coincide with what we believe are the most foundational and fundamental elements for a beautiful wonderful life and that is faith family and community.

Jake: 03:11 So I believe by strengthening our community with our faith and family we all prosper. So this podcast is simply about walking out your faith. And the reason why is because I believe that faith is the most foundational of all.

Jake: 03:27 So it’s the basic support of every last bit of it. So I also know that there are different walks of life out here. Everybody is going through different struggles different things and we all live a life like that by the way we might be great in one area for a little while and then something else come along and it’ll have a struggling here or there but our faith is what sees us through and that’s that relationship with Christ Jesus.

Jake: 03:51 And I’m not afraid to speak about that talk about that with people and encourage others on that. So that’s the real reason for the podcast. It’s about everyday life with everyday people dealing with everyday struggles. And how do we deal with that with our faith. So again I believe that faith is the most foundational basic fundamental thing that supports every last bit of what we stand for. So again Faith Family and Community. Now I hope you join us because we’ll be getting together twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday. And sometimes I’ll do it on my own but most times I’ll have somebody else with me. And I look forward to speaking with people about their faith that I’m praying and hoping that their testimony and what God has done in the lives of each and every one of us would have an impact on those that are listening.

Jake: 04:46 And that would encourage and help those maybe in different situations that they might be in. I know for a fact that it has always helped me and I have been encouraged and inspired by others that are around me. So we absolutely look forward to interacting with the community around us and being engaged we want to hear from you interact with you as a matter of fact let me say this before we go I think about influence and influence is everything out here because there are so many things that can influence us.

Jake: 05:14 One of the things I tell my kiddos is that pay attention to what you allow to influence you whether that be by what you see or what you hear but so many people out here play a big part in influence. So when I think about influence I’m thinking about who influences us for the better. And to me my answer to that question is really simple. Those who walk in faith those who walk faith are the real heroes out here. So I don’t need it. I don’t need to be influenced by money because I’m not I don’t need to be influenced by power because I’m not what I’m influenced by are those who stand firm in their faith and those who stand firm in their faith. I believe influence many in different areas of our lives. So even with that being said I want you to think of this is how you can help us in this.

Jake: 06:13 I want you to think of somebody who has been most influential to you in a personal relationship because of how they stood firm in their faith and maybe they actually helped you in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jake: 06:27 Or maybe they spent time with you and you began to have a better and a greater relationship with Christ because of them. So those people had been most influential to you. I want you to think about them people and I want you to go to press and reach them and let us know about them if you let me know about them I’d love to have them on as a guest on our show so that not only would they influence and inspire you maybe they can come and influence and inspire a lot more of us as we go. I really do. I really do want you to do that for us and please take the time to do that I think about our lives out here I think about who we are and you know I mentioned to you earlier that I’m in the business world but you know as a business owner we get to be involved with so many people in so many different areas of their lives.

Jake: 07:15 So I love being in business. But the real reason I love being in business is the amount of opportunity it affords me to walk into other people’s lives and share the love of God with them. So that’s the real reason we come out here to do this podcast. We love the Lord. We love moving in the community with the love of God. And I’m praying and hoping that you do the same and if in fact you want to do the same and join us in this. And please I ask you to go over and subscribe follow along with us and join us as we go down this venture. Also make sure your rate and review of those earliest is only the first episode.

Jake: 07:54 But as it comes up you know you would write and review and subscribe. All right. We do ask that you visit us on Pressandreach.com give us your feedback because we really really want to hear from you. I thank God for you my friend and I absolutely look forward to speaking with you again.

The Love for the Family

From a personal standpoint, I am married and the father of seven awesome children, who all have their own unique personality. We are, what some would say, a blended family. Our own journey of marriage has not always been an easy one, but thankfully the Lord has redeemed our marriage beyond belief. It is our hope, of course, to render support to anyone else who may go through the same thing.

God has worked an awesome work in our lives and we unashamedly share with all to hear, for we know that the power of testimony works a great work in us all. Truly our family is the result of trusting in Him. Speaking of family, my brother and I own a real estate business that we have been operating since 2007. As brothers and business owners we have seen first-hand what the pressures of the world can bring while operating in business.

A Faithful Influence

In business we have seen many succumb to the pressures of worldly tactics and ways, in hopes of achieving success. However, success will never come by way of short cuts and scams. Hard work, faith, and honesty will always be cornerstones of our business. We surely pray and hope that it would be for you too as you continue along the way.

Let us not be influenced by power, fame, or money. Let us be influenced by the faithful who walk according to the word of God. For after all, the scriptures states that the grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God endures forever (Is. 40:8). As we move forward, we look to strength our faith, family, and community. These are the keys to building life together as we go.

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