032:  Make Way Ministries with Dustin Renz

Dustin Renz is the founder of Make Way Ministries.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries and currently serves as an associate pastor for a church in Ohio.  He’s also an author and speaker, as well as husband to Brittany and dad to Abigail and Claire.  He’s on the podcast today talking about the freedom he’s found in living a transparent life fully surrendered to Jesus Christ.

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Wake Up, Grow Up, Rise Up

Dustin began Make Way Ministries a few years ago as the Lord spoke to him about the heart of today’s church.  We, the Church, need to wake up to the days we are now living in and to the responsibility we have to those around us to share the message of repentance.  We need to grow in spiritual maturity and press in deeper to the Lord.  Rising up is encouraging the Church to get outside of the physical walls of comfort and go out into the world to reach the lost.  Make Way Ministries is about wanting to see the Church active before Christ’s return.  Time is short, and we need to be motivated to share Jesus Christ in the workplace, in the marketplace, and on the streets.

Running from God

Dustin grew up going to church.  His mom, a believer from an early age, took him and his siblings to church regularly.  But life changed for him when his parents divorced when he was 11.  That time in his life was the start of a long history of rebellion – drugs, alcohol, etc.  When he was 18, he ended up in a Teen Challenge facility for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  The unaddressed pain from his parents’ divorce had him trying to get away from his Christian roots.  He knew the truth of the gospel, but ran from it because of the hurt he felt in that dark time.  He came to the end of self while in Teen Challenge, where he desperately cried out to the Lord.  God answered in a powerful way and changed his life, from night to day.

A Heart Divided

Although he’d given his life to Christ at that low point, he began to revisit a previous struggle.  He spent a few more years again running away from the Lord as he became engulfed in pornography.  His fiancé (now wife) confronted him and he made the decision not only to continue in sexual sin but also to lie about it.  As a student in Bible college, and then married, and even later while serving as a missionary overseas, he continued to carry those secrets.  “I was not being real and transparent with people.  I just put up this mask of spirituality and everybody thought I was a very godly person…But in secret I lived a completely different life.”  At that point, he’d confessed it all to his wife, but was unrepentant.  Seven years ago, Dustin entered Pure Life Ministries, a program in Kentucky for men in sexual sin.  It was the last resort for him and his marriage.  It was in that time at Pure Life that the Lord restored his soul, his marriage, and his ministry.  Dustin finally walked through a true surrender of everything, and true repentance.  Prior to Pure Life, he’d been living a divided life.  Now, with a real relationship with Christ, everything is out in the light.

Our takeaway is this:  Sin is a big deal – it’s the thing that separates us from God.  Sin kept in the dark just grows.  True repentance calls for the willingness to expose our sin so that we can be freed from it.  Be honest, be transparent, and be real.  Let the body of Christ around you help you out.  God has given us this gift of  fellowship with believers, so that we would not walk alone.  Let the Lord be your strength.  He’s not mad at you, and He hasn’t turned His back on you.  He WANTS you to run to Him.  We all struggle with different things at different times.  You’re not abnormal because you are being tested in your faith!

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Jake Enriquez: 00:01 Press and reach episode number 32. Dustin Renz, the real life.

Jake Enriquez: 00:17 Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Whatever this may be to you. I sure hope and pray that you’d be found well in spirit, my friend. Hey my name is Jake Enríquez and it is a joy, honor, and a privilege to be your host today. So please let me welcome you to press and reach, a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way to do the same.

Jake Enriquez: 00:51 Welcome back to press and reach, my name is Jake Enriquez, your host. And what a joy and delight it is to once again be with you on this beautiful morning. And I’m just sitting here thinking about wrapping up 2017 and we’re getting ready to walk into. By the way by the grace of God that is into 2018. And I know and understand that oftentimes you know we can look back and say maybe we did or maybe we didn’t have such a great year. But I can tell you this you know you can do me a favor right now if it’s bad for you for it’s been maybe disappointing for you. Just look at it one more time and say and let it go. So let that stuff alone. And now it’s time to move on because we do remind ourselves it is the one thing by the way that we do is forget about that past which lay behind now press on into the forward part which is the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. And what a great time it is to be in the Lord and man today I got a special guest with us from make way ministries by the way. And I know these guys are they’re focused on the church to awaken, mature and arise and I just want you to welcome our guest this morning Mr. Dustin Renz. How are you doing Dustin?

Dustin Renz: 02:04 I’m doing great Jake, thanks for having me today.

Jake Enriquez: 02:06 Oh brother. Thank you for joining us. You know it’s always good to have someone come on and share with us. But I know you’re involved in make way ministries and you guys you’re the founder of that but before we get started you know on a personal level we just want to get to know you a little bit. So can you just kind of introduce yourself just let us know who you are where are you from.

Dustin Renz: 02:25 As you said my name is Dustin Renz. Grew up in Florida but now I’m in freezing cold Dayton, Ohio and I’m married. I’ve been married almost 13 years and have two beautiful girls 7 and 3. Abigail and Claire and I’m surrounded by women in the household but I love it.

Jake Enriquez: 02:45 OK. Hey Claire, it’s great. All right I’ll tell you what. I had another guest on here his daughter’s name was Claire. But I tell you what you said you’re in Ohio but from Florida.

Dustin Renz: 02:54 Yeah I grew up in Florida.

Jake Enriquez: 02:57 Man it sounds like you move the opposite direction most people move from from Ohio to Florida. You know

Dustin Renz: 03:04 Yeah, my wife is from this area. So we ended up moving closer to the in-laws so we made the trek this way.

Jake Enriquez: 03:09 OK. Well great. Great. I know it’s nice and cold there probably today but our colds are not the same. But anyhow tell us a little bit about make way ministries. Man what are you guys all about over there.

Dustin Renz: 03:26 Sure it’s a ministry we started. It’s been in our hearts the last few years and the Lord really just spoke to us about the heart of the church about the church needing to wake up, to grow up, and to rise up. So that’s really our mission statement. And what that is is wake up. We just need to wake up to the days we are living in and our responsibility to those around us which we have a message of repentance. Growing up is just about spiritual maturity present deeper to the Lord and the rising up is really in this ministry of encouraging the church out of the four walls and out into the world really reached the lost and our day our time’s running short we believe and so we want to see the church active before the return of Christ.

Jake Enriquez: 04:08 OK. OK. Awesome. I think about what you’re saying right there. So it sounds like let’s get church on the street. In other words outside the walls of of all the comfort. Right.

Dustin Renz: 04:19 Absolutely. Yes. For too long I think we’ve been hiding in our churches and we need to get out there because we’ve got the answer is Jesus Christ. And unfortunately the world’s calling out for it. But often the Church we find it’s kinda hiding in between the four walls of the church and we want to see the church really get you know motivated to get out there and share the workplaces in the marketplaces and on the streets.

Jake Enriquez: 04:44 OK. You know I think about that we just sent marketplace. You know myself I’m a real estate investor and you know I do know and understand what you’re saying Mark. So far as US marketplace you know our line of work as well as any line of work out here as a matter of fact it’s in the marketplace. I mean it’s much needed out here. You know for us to be able to stand strong in our faith to be able to share the gospel in the ways that we’re allowed to do so. And I got to tell you even in the ways that maybe not might not be allowed to do so but I enjoy I enjoy being who I am in the Lord and I know that I’m free in the LORD and he certainly allows me so much to go out here and share so that’s a great thing. It really is. But let me ask you this. You know we were kind of talking a little bit earlier about some of the things that you guys may be experiencing in your local area. So what I should ask you what specific areas do you see maybe that are areas of concern more so than others. For example for me over here I see a lot with youth but for you there we’re talking about the issue with the drugs that may be going on in your area. What are some of those areas that really concern you that you really want to get to and reach?

Dustin Renz: 06:05 Yeah, right now. The last I heard Dayton the city of Dayton in Ohio is the number one drug overdose capital of the U.S.. It’s really sad out here people are dying right and left overdosing on drugs and are right on the i 75 corridor or so we really got a heart with my past. I came out of drug addiction so we we try to take groups from our church or sometimes I had a friend down there and we just walked the streets and shared the love of christ with people. But definitely the drug epidemic. It’s not just in our city it’s all around the country it’s really sad to see how the enemy is kind of winning the battle in that area. And that’s one area we really love to see the church step up even more and get out there and get involved in people’s lives. You know drug addicts are searching for something and they’re just looking in the wrong place. We’ve got the answer for them.

Jake Enriquez: 07:00 Sure sure. Do you think you know. Because you said you came from. If I’m correct you said you came from some type of drug addiction and such.

Dustin Renz: 07:00 Yes.

Jake Enriquez: 07:11 OK. So you may have just a little bit more of a keen eye, Dustin. You may be able to see that just a little bit better that a lot of other people just you know it’s unfortunate but fortunate unfortunate that you had that but fortunate that you’re able to see it and be able to help people with it so do you think that that might be more personal for you or maybe. Go ahead.

Dustin Renz: 07:35 Yeah I think it absolutely. I think when and it gives me you know I believe Romans 8:28 God can turn around all the evil stuff that we’ve done even our own sin and use or his glory and I see that when we’re out in the streets be unable to share a story that I can connect with people that are right there. And I used to be there and this is what the Lord did in my life and so it’s definitely I’m you know obviously it wasn’t the Lord’s will for me to walk through that but he’s using it for his glory and it gives me an opportunity to really minister to people in a way maybe other people wouldn’t be able to.

Jake Enriquez: 08:07 Yeah yeah. And they know that it’s probably pretty tough to do. But I think about this because right now you happen to be an associate pastor is that right.

Dustin Renz: 08:07 That’s right.

Jake Enriquez: 08:19 OK. So if somebody looks at you they said well this guy you know he’s an associate pastor he’s in the ministry he’s in the church he preaches you know. He knows all about Christ Jesus. But when they look at you they say well you know it must have always been that way. So sometimes it’s hard to make that connection for people. And I would say that because I believe that we’re disconnected out here. In other words there’s so much barrier that lies within. We can’t really reach one another a lot of times. So when I see you and I think about what you’re talking about and your openness and your willingness to share the struggle of the past and you go forward and share it with those guys. I have to ask you this because. Did you. Because people I know they want to know this kind of stuff. But did you grow up in church or did you stumble and fall. What was it like for you as a kid. Oh I mean parents wise were they always around for you. Did they embrace you encourage you and teach you. And did you just grow up in it or are you just so happened to come out of something else.

Dustin Renz: 09:26 Sure sure. Yeah. My mom was a born again believer she got saved years and years ago and so she raised me and my brother and sister in the church and we were a part of Xim library church every day that we actually druggists out there what we wanted to go or not but really for me it was always something that I did not force to do but I never really surrendered my heart to the Lord. And so my parents got divorced. I was 11 years old. And that kind of really started a long history of rebellion, drugs, and alcohol and all kinds of stuff. And so I was about 18 and I ended up in that Teen Challenge facility drug and alcohol rehab program and that’s where I came to know the Lord in a personal way.

Jake Enriquez: 10:09 Wow. OK. OK. So you actually did go through that. Now here’s the here’s the thing for me because this should be by the way for the listeners a word of encouragement and what I mean by that is you said your your mother drug you around in the church is that right.

Dustin Renz: 10:09 That’s right.

Jake Enriquez: 10:29 OK. So for the parents out there listening today, keep dragging them. Keep taking them. It’s working. All right. In due time but you got to give God it’s time. Got to. Got to come in God’s time. And that’s an encouragement to me as I listen by the way. But I know and understand that somewhere along the way we fall off of that path. But also the rebellion you were talking about as a kiddo, a kiddo that’s rebellious. Can you kind of tell us a little bit about what that’s like because those parents out here I’m thinking about the parents right now. That’s so kind of tell us the truth if you will. So what is somebody looking at, you know as a kid when they’re being drug around in church you know they’re brought around and they want. The parents are trying to feed it to them. The kid doesn’t want it. And what takes place inside the heart of a kid at that time?

Dustin Renz: 11:25 Sure. Yeah. You know at times as a child if someone were to ask me if I was a Christian I would have said yes. I just don’t think I really understood what that was. I was actually exposed pornography a very young age but 7 years old was kind of planted the seed there that eventually kind of took root. But I went through a really dark time as a teenager after the divorce kind of I didn’t realize how bad it hurt me. I kind of try to pretend it was no big deal but I really ended up just trying to get away from my Christian roots and I really got into rock music and in the Marilyn Manson and nine inch nails and that was kind of a rebellion for me because there were anti Christian and religious. You know I was I was I think from growing up in a church I knew the truth really running from it because I was hurt and I was you know I just I want a really dark time of this kind of running from the Lord I would have called it that but that’s really what it was trying to do anything that I could to kind of you know kind of buck against the system of my roots.

Jake Enriquez: 12:32 Yeah. And that’s kind of crazy isn’t it when we think about it now. You know it’s easy to look back now but it was of course difficult at the time because I’m thinking about when we as youngsters would run and I think about how damaging that could be you know because it makes me think about this and I hope this is OK to ask you this. But what was your relationship like with your dad.

Dustin Renz: 12:32 It was rocky.

Jake Enriquez: 12:32 OK.

Dustin Renz: 13:04 Now there are some things that went on. I don’t I don’t talk about it as much now because me and my dad have a great relationship you know. But yeah growing up it was it was pretty difficult at times. He worked a lot and we did not have the best relationship and I think that did that did affect me. And also he was not a Christian and so he was not very supportive of my mom’s faith. And so that caused a lot of turmoil and their relationship in our household.

Jake Enriquez: 13:04 What about now?

Dustin Renz: 13:36 Now he’s very open to the Gospel more than he’s ever been. God’s called down a miracle and we’re just praying for the day I get that phone call. When he’s really surrendered it all.

Jake Enriquez: 13:48 Praise God, man. We’re praying too, you know what you know I think about that and the reason I bring that up is because oftentimes we look at that relationship and the reason I bring that up I should say is that’s a father son relationship. And we are saying right now today Dustin me and you we’ve got we’re the sons and we look to the father who we still look to the father you know that relationship in the Lord that is. And you know I think about the mending process for our heart. You know as we grow older and the process that it really requires for for you know being younger going through those things and now coming to this point in your life can kind of give us a brief description of getting to peace with them you know with the Lord as He ministers to you. What’s it kind of been like?

Dustin Renz: 14:40 Yeah, my story’s pretty messy because when I came to the Lord on teen challenge I mean I I really got to a place where I was just I was at the end of myself. I didn’t know what to do. I was at that point a cocaine addict. I’d lived on the, lived in a car for a while and had nothing left. And so God didn’t really I just had a desperate cry out to the Lord prayer Lord if your real show yourself to me. You’ve got to prove it or I’m just going to go back out on the streets. And so he really came to me in a powerful way and changed my life. I mean people couldn’t imagine that I was the same person. It was like a night and day difference. But after I got out of teen challenge. I began to dabble with pornography again. And actually the next few years it’s really another story of running away from the Lord. But while I was in ministry and while I was in Bible school and even married. I carried some secrets with me for years and that wasn’t until about seven years ago that really set me free.

Jake Enriquez: 15:39 OK so definitely a process, right?

Dustin Renz: 15:39 Absolutely process.

Jake Enriquez: 15:44 I think about the sanctification process for sure. And you know for for people that listen in I think about this you know here’s an issue we have today OK. When we struggle, people look at us or they may look at one another you know we all look at one another and we might have this thing we want to say that guy’s not a Christian. He’s not who he says he is. You know I do prison ministry man and go in the prisons and I’ve got to tell you sometimes before I leave I get guys that come up to me and they’ll tell me Hey Jake man, I got to talk to you about something. I said OK. And they’ll say you know I’m just going to use a name Billy over there Billy’s not really who he says he is man I just want you to know that. So they start telling me these things right because Billy’s dobe food out of the stove commissary from somebody. And I’m thinking to myself man brother listen this is a process that we all go through. You know we’re slowly and steadily be administered to by God in the spirit of God is continuing to work because what this brother didn’t realize and understand that he’s fallen apart behind what he just did again you know. So I look at the sanctification process. I look at the process that the Spirit of God works in us and continues to work. But we’ve got to remember this is a long walk sometimes right. Right. Those things that we did our past we didn’t just do them overnight. That’s a process that we participated in as well. So I’m listening to you man. I hear you walk in praising God for it and I’m glad that you came to share openly with us today and for this make way ministries because definitely we’re excited about what you’re doing and definitely going to get behind you and support you as you go forward brother but right now what we’re going to use words like a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 17:38 Hey guys it’s Jake. Hey I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact you like the podcast to come and subscribe, rate, and review. Just take a brief moment to do that. But not only that we asked you to come and visit us on Pressandreach.com. We’re all about faith family and community. Listen if you have a story about how your faith in the Lord has seen you we certainly want to hear from you whether it’s been in your business life your personal life which could be your marriage or dealing with your family whatever it may be. We know that faith is a daily walk. So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all the glory.

Jake Enriquez: 18:22 All right guys welcome back to press and reach we’re sitting here hanging out with Mr. Dustin Ran’s from make way ministries and just got talking about life man talking about some different things that we all go through. And in the ministry as well as you know from past to present can be a long walk you know and sometimes it’s good though I have to tell you to look back and reflect upon your life because what happens is you can really look and reflect upon what God has done in our lives. So Dustin I got to ask you this though man you know along the way we all make mistakes and we all stumble. We’ve got to get back up man. And you know our faith is actually strengthened in that. So could you man just share a time of testimony if you will of how your faith was absolutely strengthened from something that was very difficult.

Dustin Renz: 19:11 Yeah that’s the latter half of my testimony. As I said after teen Challenge was pretty rocky. I ended up really my issue was that was I started to dabble in things in the past. When I went to Bible school I met my wife and she made it very clear that there is no future for us if I didn’t get help and so I tried to get some counseling and it just didn’t seem to be working so I made the wrong choice and decided to start lying about it. And so I began to lie to my at the time fiance and we got married went to go into ministry and ended up lying to get my credentials. And we went overseas even as missionaries and I just had this track I had all the stuff in the secret and I was not being real and transparent with people. I just put up this mask of spirituality and so everybody thought I was a very godly person that I was very sincere. But in secret I lived a completely different life and so seven years ago I ended up at a program in Dry Ridge, Kentucky called pure life ministries which is for men in sexual sin. Well since that point our marriage was almost over. My wife pretty much this was the last resort I had come clean overseas and confessed everything and I was just really unrepentant. I was just in a very dark place and so I went to pure life hoping that something would happen and not really believe in God to do something for me and it was in that time where the Lord really came to me in a powerful way and restored not only my soul but my marriage and eventually to the ministry. And it was then that time I really walked through a true surrender of everything. And a true repentance for him. And that was really one of the most defining moments of my life and my ministry with that time there.

Jake Enriquez: 21:09 OK. And I got to know this part. I mean what was it like to have that taken away from you that burden lifted?

Dustin Renz: 21:19 It was like Man it was like it was like being born again and again it sort of felt like I don’t know how to explain it but it was you know I tell people before I went to pure life my heart was divided. I really live the divided life in the last few years has been what you see it what you get. Everything is out in the light. And you know I I’ve got a real relationship with Christ and he really is my all and all. And you know it’s amazing.

Jake Enriquez: 21:47 Yeah yeah absolutely man. You know and it’s making me think about the freedom in that you know. Because when we when we come to that we’re talking about a different type of freedom. And it reminds me of the freedom that one of my favorite scripture verses 2 Corinthians 3:17. Now the Lord you know is the spirit and spirit of the Lord is there is freedom liberty by the way. And you know that’s when we turn all the way in you know and just let him have it all. And and I know you know sometimes it’s not easy to do. So I’m thinking about the struggle. So a couple of things just came to mind. Number one you told me earlier that that started when you were seven.

Dustin Renz: 21:47 Yeah.

Jake Enriquez: 22:32 OK so the seed was planted took off and we do know that that’s how it really works. And you know like if you turned around and tried to tell somebody else Hey brother you know you might not want to be looking at that stuff. You know that you know you try to give it to them softly. Knowing and understanding it just doesn’t convey so easily. So what are some of the ways what are some of the things that help you to minister to somebody who takes it lightly like that.

Dustin Renz: 23:01 Yeah I mean part of what I do with our ministry is to travel around to share my story. I meet people in churches and Bible schools in America overseas that people like you said in the prison. They’ll pull me side after a meeting they’ll say listen I’m stuck and I’m in a place like you were. And when they hear my story and all the pain and all the things I had to walk through they’ll say I want to get this out in the light now because I don’t want to end up you know going I don’t want to carry it as far. You carried it. So I think just being real with people and saying this is a real issue. And it’s you know sin is a big deal. And I think a lot of times in the church we’re trying it too lightly nowadays and trying to sugarcoat it and make it not such a big deal. But that’s the thing that separates us from God. And God paid the highest price in order to take care of that. And so he’s done all the work but we need to be willing to really be repentant and sensitive to the Lord.

Jake Enriquez: 24:00 Absolutely. Absolutely. And you’re right on. And those things you’re talking about you right. Sitting in the middle of church today. But it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere and some type of level we could look at it as this some type of level of people feel hypocrisy. In other words I’m here. I’m doing this lifting up my hands when I go home and I’m doing something else. And that’s that’s war within. That’s a war that takes place within. And it really really rips us apart out here. And you know you can we can talk about pornography we can talk about addictions to drugs and alcohol. But the same thing goes for you know any of it because we think about the fruit of the spirit it’s encompassed all as one right. So either we have or we don’t. But you know here we go. We we can go home and be a you know I just heard today as a matter of fact this this morning I think it was Chuck Swindal was talking about you know the tongue the power of the tongue you know man go and preach a great message and then go home and treat his family harsh and kill him with the tongue. So you know this this stuff that we’re talking about that’s part of what you guys are. I see. Anyway from your ministry the awaken mature and arise. In other words put a light on it really bring it to the Lord and really desire to go after God. Seek God and all these things and let this really this life be opened up. In other words and live it openly. Man as beautiful and greatly man. We do appreciate you sharing your story and that. But for those who are going through it right now let’s talk about that. For those who are going through it right now what would you say. You know because right now somebody is in the middle of the same kind of thing in church and people view them as maybe high up hey this guy’s great but he’s really in a dark place at home. So what do you say to somebody like that?

Dustin Renz: 26:04 Sure, Yeah. The biggest thing that I actually wrote a book called Pile of masks exposing Christian hypocrisy and it’s really my story of how the Lord brought me from that place the divided heart of a life into unity and where my life in Christ really my true life. And one of the points I bring out in the book that is huge is exposure being willing to expose the sin because when we go you cannot keep sin in the dark it’s going to. It just grows. It’s impossible to really handle it. And that’s my story. I try to handle it between me and God. I kept on going to him and crying out and confessing and saying I need help. And nothing seemed to ever really happen and I realized looking back it was because I wasn’t willing to be open and honest. So when it comes to issues like sexual sin and especially I tell people if you’re married your spouse you have got your spouse you cannot. You cannot keep that in secret. You’ve got to bring that to your wife or your husband you’ve got to say this is the real deal. This is what’s going on. You got to find a pastor or someone before you don’t need to broadcast your sin on Facebook and tell everybody that you know that you need to find somebody who you can be real with and say listen this is you might think this of me. But here’s the reality of what’s going on and that’s the first step, really of repentance of being willing to work on it is to be honest with somebody as people try to say well I’m just going to deal with this. Between me and God you can look at my story and it took years and years of that fall into that really bring it out and when I did. That’s really what first for them or were they able to really conquer them.

Jake Enriquez: 27:39 OK. That’s really good brother. I mean you’re talking about confessing sin. And you know we know the scripture says he is faithful to cleanse us of the whole sin and unrighteousness right when we go through there and that’s part of that process. Confessing not only I’m glad you brought that point up. We don’t only confess to God. We need to bring that forth. You know if you really want to do this thing by the way anybody not only to God God who God put great people around you he really does he brings great people into our lives and we have to be willing to openly share those things. Hey this is a struggle for me. This is what’s been going on with me. You know when when we can do that when we can be real. Like you said with somebody and you have someone praying with you checking on you. How are you walking. You know that kind of stuff. Somebody by the way is not going to go back and you know take this thing lightly you’ll know who it is man. You know I believe that God shows us who these people are you know trusted friends whoever it might be someone who is actually willing to tell you the truth right.

Dustin Renz: 28:47 Yeah absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 28:49 Well let me ask you this just because I know the issue is real. So what do you do now to safeguard yourself from those things. I mean because you ever have those struggles that you want to come back to you. And if you do. What are what are some of those safeguards you put in place now for yourself.

Dustin Renz: 29:11 Sure. Yeah I mean I’ve lived a very life full of boundaries and I love it because I’m free. Say you put up too many boundaries and you’re not free. I say well the Bible’s a book of boundaries and if you live within the boundaries you’re totally free so God gives us boundaries. And so I live with my wife has a laptop computer and it has wireless Internet in our house. She’s got the password to it. I need to use the Internet. She’ll be there with me. She’ll let me into the computer and I’ll be there. I’m about a smart phone but I don’t have Safari on it so I can’t get on I can’t browse on the Web and the only computer I use with internet if my work computer they’ve got company eyes installed on there. And so the accountability report that print that gets sent out as well as a filter. I pretty much close. I tell people when they come to me with the issue. The first thing I ask where’s the open door. If you have access to it then you’ve got too many open doors. And if that’s an issue just find a way to close the doors in a way so so I don’t know yeah that’d be off my mind. I’ve got to deal with my eyes and all those things. Of course it’s an issue, I’m a man and you know I walk through some of that but as far as the access either shut every door where if I was going to fall back into that I’d have to go really far out of my way and really try and so I found freedom really and the boundaries that I set up and you know several years and I love it. It’s like it’s amazing just to be able to not have to worry about. Well you know white knuckle net and I’m just I know I’m not going to walk in the Lords.

Jake Enriquez: 30:46 Man that’s good stuff right there brother yes. So hey for those of us you know looking for an answer for that. I know this may sound like it may be too simple but no it’s not. I’ll tell you this much it’s not start closing the door to those things and take away the access and that’s a great way to put it and a great thing to say because I think that we all need to be reminded of that often. You know it’s sometimes we want to say why I continue to struggle with this or that and it’s a great way just to open that up in conversation where is open door why do we. Why do we keep going back in and won’t close it. It’s time to close that off you know and I just believe that’s a great thing that would encourage each and every one of us men. So let me ask you this along the way you had to develop character traits or character traits were developed in you and I know that you know the Lord does that you know he develops those things in us. But what are some of the traits you think that have been developed in you along the way in this recovery. This being redeemed and God just lifted you back up.

Dustin Renz: 31:55 One of the biggest ones which we talked a little bit about is this transparency. I think in one way I feel like the Lord called me to a ministry of transparency. Everywhere I go I’m sharing just being real and people come to me afterwards and say thank you for just opening up your heart and being real that we need more of that in the church. Transparency is huge in life of a christian and we don’t we’re so good at putting up the Christian mask and hey this is you know pretending everything’s okay when it’s not. That’s a huge advantage. Also perseverance has been a huge one for me. I think anyone who really endeavors live the Christian life you’re going to walk through some disappointments and discouragement and rather than letting those things take you down you need persevered in order that he’ll help us overcome and so kind of fight the good fight and faith and stay consistent in that. Has also been huge advantage.

Jake Enriquez: 32:49 And hey I appreciate your transparency. I really do. And I’m hey I’m all in with that transparency to me man is this big deal. You know if we can’t be real if we can’t just let it go and let people have it you know then what are we doing honestly. That’s how I feel about it because if I’m hiding something if I’m not letting it go if I’m not if I’m not telling the truth about all the then really to me God doesn’t get all the glory in that. But if you if you let it go because you can see what God has done and that’s where all the glory goes and that’s where great things happen especially for somebody who’s being ministered to somebody who receives that will receive that well because then they can say man that’s what God can do. And you know that’s what makes us want to come through there man. So absolutely I really appreciate that. You know we often say Dustin that readers are leaders. And I find that to be very true. You know I love to read, I love to study. I mean I love the word of God. But outside the word of God let me ask you this. Have you had books that maybe have been inspirational to you have maybe taught you some things that you would like to share with the listeners today.

Dustin Renz: 34:00 Sure. I’m an avid reader. My wife will ask if I’m always going to eight or ten books at a time little by little so I’ve got all kinds of books but I always encourage people to find books that really ignite their passion in the Lord. And for me reading the biographies and autobiographies of Saints just set a fire in me to see that God can do more. So I just got done reading a biography on John praying Hyde. And every time I read one of his stories it’s like I’m so hungry to intercede and increase my prayer life. I also read Hannah Smith’s book The Christian secret of a happy life and that’s an old book. It’s one of the classics but I would highly recommend it. She talks about living a life of complete surrender and consecration to the Lord. It was I just got done reading that and powerfully impacted me. Just look at my life and to really examine what are the areas I’m still holding back and really commit them to the world to trust them.

Jake Enriquez: 35:02 Yeah yeah. Man I appreciate that. We’re going to put that in the show notes. And you know what I’m thinking about you just had me thinking about something when you were telling us about the book. I always do this I always ask it you know any guest about the books that they may read and to share them with everybody. But you know it just helps me build a great library. I always go back. I love to read. So I appreciate you sharing that. But for the listeners today and you know we want to we want to walk along side of you man and follow you and encourage you along the way and be with you. We greatly appreciate what you’re doing. So tell me how can someone connect to you. You have a Web site. Are you on Facebook Instagram. What’s the best way to connect to them.

Dustin Renz: 35:47 Our main page where everything goes through is makewayministries.com I post blogs on their articles videos got our story on there with aerials and also you can find us on Facebook Facebook.com/makewayministries and our Twitter handle is @makewaymin and contact us.

Jake Enriquez: 36:10 We will definitely put all of those on the show notes as well. Greatly we appreciate you coming out with us. Dustin let me ask you this man because one final word I would ask you if someone came up to you today. Let’s just pretend like well someone pulled you to the side and said man you spoke to them and they’re struggling right now in their faith. What would be your final word of encouragement in this day.

Dustin Renz: 36:34 I would just tell them just be real. Let the body of Christ around you help you out. And you know that God’s given us this fellowship with believers. So I’m deeply transparent with that walk alone with you. You don’t have to. You don’t have to put on that mask and pretend everything’s OK if it’s a strong one then reach out to people and especially to the Lord and let the Lord be your strength through the time that he’s there for. He’s not mad at you. He’s not you know turned his back on you. He wants it to run to him. And you know we all struggle at different times. So you’re not you’re not abnormal because you’re being tested in your faith. So that’s why we need each other and we need a lot of really perseverance this time a man.

Jake Enriquez: 37:17 Amen, I greatly appreciate that. Well Dustin it’s been a pleasure man. Thank you so much again for hanging out with us again guys. Dustin Renz with make way ministries and Dustin like I tell anybody that I know who’s out here lift up the name of the Lord and moving forward in what God calls them to do. We love you man and we thank God for you and what you’re doing for the Kingdom of God.

Dustin Renz: 37:40 Thanks. Jake. It’s been a blessing to be with you.

Jake Enriquez: 37:42 Thank you. So for the show notes guys on this episode it’s simple just go to pressandreach.com/PR32. Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you. So please keep pressing and reaching and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone out here. For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.


Pile of Masks: Exposing Christian Hypocrisy, by Dustin Renz

Praying Hyde, Apostle of Prayer: The Life Story of John Hyde, by E G Carre

The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, by Hannah Whitall Smith

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