031: Volunteer Opportunities Dallas Fort Worth DFW

There’s enough bad news out there today, and plenty to discourage us.  At Press and Reach we want to focus on the good news, which is the gospel.  We look for people in the community who are doing great things.   We’ve come across several organizations that provide excellent opportunities for any of us to serve.  God is counting on us to go out and carry forth His love into our communities. Here’s a recap of some of those we’ve discovered in our first season of podcasts who are doing things in the name of the Lord and demonstrating the Gospel at work.

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The Dallas Leadership Foundation is a great example of the changes that can happen to improve communities when leadership is built up and cultivated the right way.  NewDay Services of Tarrant and Denton Counties looks to empower parents.  They’re equipping them with tools to improve their parenting and have a positive impact on families.  NewDay keeps at the forefront the best interests of the children within the families they serve.  Bill Dotson shared his heart for Abiding Fathers, which also looks to strengthen families by serving the fathers in the community.  They’re helping dads see that because God’s mercies are new every morning, today is a good day to become a good dad.

We also learned more about the Kairos Prison Ministry, an organization that’s taking the good news of the Gospel into the nation’s prisons.  They aim to show the incarcerated, often forgotten by society, the unconditional love of God.  Tim Frantz of BreakLoose International is another full-time servant taking the message of hope and forgiveness into the prisons.  Their approaches differ, but the goal remains the same – reach as many as possible for the Kingdom.  Gabe Bahlhorn talked with us about Missions.Me and their huge evangelical mission to reach South and Central America with the good news of the Gospel.

Most of us are familiar with the more well-known charitable organizations that serve on a national level, such as The American Red Cross and the United Way.  While these definitely have a purpose, let’s recognize that are smaller groups among us who are also doing what they can to serve their communities.  If you are looking for a place to serve, start on the home front.  Look to the fill the needs of local soup kitchens or animal shelters.  And if God is placing a dream in your heart, pull up alongside someone who is already doing it.  Learn from them.  Remember, don’t try to do this alone.  We aren’t here to serve ourselves, but to pursue and accomplish His will.  “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” (NLT Phil 2:13)

Stay focused on the Good News!

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Speaker 1: 00:00

Jake Enriquez: 00:46 Welcome back to person reach my name is Jake Enriquez your host and I pray and hope you guys are having a wonderful beautiful awesome week so far.

Jake Enriquez: 00:54 You know it is a beautiful Wednesday morning and we’re looking forward to the remainder of the week but. Hope it’s going well for you and your family as we go you know today we’re talking about volunteer opportunities and Dallas Fort Worth area. But you know it’s not just the Dallas Fort Worth area. I’m really thinking about different areas everywhere we go out there. So community is so important to us. You know we focus on faith family and community. But there’s so many different reasons why we do so. You know I like to tell people when they ask me they say hey what is Press and Reach really all about us say listen I know there’s enough bad news out there. I know there’s a lot of things going on that would really discourage people and you know people like to get you to focus on those things and act as if nothing good is really going on out here.

Jake Enriquez: 01:42 But that’s not true. So at Press and we simply want you to focus on the good news which by the way is the gospel as we focus on the good news we look for people in the community who are doing great things to impact the community. So with that being said I want to ask a question you know because this is the same kind of questions that people ask me so why is serving so important. Well number one why is serving so important. I have to say you know God has called each and every one of us to be his feet his hands and the community out here amongst the people that we would go about and certainly go in be the joy of the Lord as we walk amongst the people will be service to the people our communities our families. Everywhere we go. And you know as Christians when we get the great wonderful opportunity of this joy that it may exist each and every one of us. In

Jake Enriquez: 02:36 other words that it would come out of us following a people who would know man that man or woman must be with Jesus serious business you know because that’s the way that the love of God touches people so serving is so important because by serving not only are we blessed but we’re a blessing.

Jake Enriquez: 02:59 I can recall a time I was going to the hospital to visit some people I was really nervous man. I would tell you this right now is really nervous about visiting some people because they’re totally strangers to me and they are total strangers to me and I’ve got to tell you as I was going to the hospital I was driving there and I said lower please. May

Jake Enriquez: 03:17 this be beneficial to somebody. You know I was praying. I said I pray and hope that somebody be blessed in this thing.

Jake Enriquez: 03:24 I pray and hope Lord God that it put a smile on somebody’s face you know and that I’d be able to encourage or lift somebody up just by doing this. And I’m like a lie. I was nervous about doing it. And so what I go in and start visiting with these people at the hospital I had such a great time. Seriously

Jake Enriquez: 03:44 I had such a great time that when I left I was laughing because all those things I had prayed I became I was the one blessed I was the one smile and I was the one to laugh and I was the one filled with joy.

Jake Enriquez: 03:59 And you know I don’t tell you that for a selfish reason that you would go do it for that reason.

Jake Enriquez: 04:04 But I will tell you this when you bless others with the presence of God you can’t even help but be blessed in it. So I would encourage each and every one of you as it go forward in this year to come be a blessing to someone. Hey if you are able get up and go and be a blessing to somebody. It really matters. It really counts. God is counting on each and every one of us to carry forth his love into these communities in these places and really serve it up and bring forth the joy that he has given to each and every one of us. So service is so important because it brings forth the presence of God wherever we are. And I love that I absolutely love that. So as we go forth I just want to remind you this past year you know we got started on pressin reach.

Jake Enriquez: 04:55 We were mad we are so blessed just to be able to get out here with the community and find out what they’re doing. And I can’t say how joyful it’s been just to be able to interact with so many different people get together with them find out what they’re doing and man what an impact a lot of these groups are really having in our local communities. And my question is why don’t we ever hear so much about them. So we here at present reach have decided hey I’ll tell you what let’s go make sure that the spotlight is on them. And when I say the spotlight is on them I’m talking about the good news. In other words the Gospel at work.

Jake Enriquez: 05:32 Let’s go take a look at what the gospel looks like in action when people are actually going out there and doing things in the name of the Lord and going forth and seeking his will to do his will and impact the community. So

Jake Enriquez: 05:47 we’ve had such a great time in doing it and I look forward. I really do I look forward to the year to come. We’ve got so many different things that we want to do of course. But you know we’re going to go the way of the Lord for sure. We’re not going to try to get ahead of ourselves but hey we have so many different things we want to go do with the community we’re having a lot of fun doing it and we really really want you guys to get involved to get engaged man hey if you have somebody in your community and you want us to know about them and have somebody that’s really doing some things and you think that this is a blessing this is really me. What these guys go and do let’s put them guys on the map.

Jake Enriquez: 06:22 In other words let’s let’s put the spotlight on them let’s show what God is doing through them. Let’s go forth and do that. We want to hear from you so if you just go out to press and reach Dotcom is a contact form and we want to hear from you. Let

Jake Enriquez: 06:35 us know who that is because we want to we definitely want to put them on the map. Serious business man. I love these guys doing these great things so. But so far you know we think back about 2017 I think about all the different ministries I think about all the different places. So I had someone asked me just the other day an area that they could serve in. So that brought to mind this next question is Where can I get involved serving. Where can I go get involved and serving. Well man trust me we’re trying hard to get all the places that we can together so you can see them and bring them all to a central point so you’d be able to see those areas. But so far you know we were sitting not not long ago with the Dallas Leadership Foundation and man in the Dallas area.

Jake Enriquez: 07:25 What did impact these guys are doing or having their go and forth in the community and they’re building up leadership. And I got to tell you something man that’s a hard thing to do. It really is a hard thing to do. You have to understand that when leadership is built up it’s cultivated the right way. It makes change and when leadership is really working the way it should. It brings about great change. So did Dallas Leadership Foundation. There are so many different ways you can go get involved with these guys. They’re all over the community. We do have their contact information in the show notes. So that’s one of the areas that you can go and I would definitely suggest to you that you get involved with those guys. If you’re in the Dallas area.

Jake Enriquez: 08:07 Great place to be. Once again the Dallas Leadership Foundation but not only them you know recently we had the opportunity to sit with NEW DAY services out in Fort Worth. Now they also have New Day Services also has a branch out and Denton County. So they’re growing and expanding that continue to move about. They have a program called the Fatherhood effect program but it’s not just fathers. They look to empower parents and these different tools and aspects of being a parent and helping out the family and just really building up a family. You know they do focus on the children.

Jake Enriquez: 08:39 But the amazing thing is all the different ways they do it through empowering the parents. So definitely another place that you can get involved if you’re in the Fort Worth area. I would look up The New Day services and you could find them guys on our Web site as well we have the show notes actually on this show. We’ll have the show notes there.

Jake Enriquez: 08:58 But when I think about fatherhood man I think about the importance of it you know oftentimes you’ll hear about people not have a male presence in their lives growing up his kiddos. You know I think about the youth right now or they think about a father they never had this man this is so damaging to the youth. And there’s a guy by the name of Bill Dotson and we did a we did a program or an episode with him called abiding fathers. If you haven’t heard that episode take it Take a listen to it. Bill is sold out. Man about fatherhood and he understands you know he said hey everything comes down to real fatherhood. That’s another place that you can go serve and there’s so many different things that you can do.

Jake Enriquez: 09:44 But the Fatherhood program that he has in place called abiding fathers and they’re concentrating on the fathers in the community and maybe they have got it right as a dad. But don’t you worry about that. You

Jake Enriquez: 09:56 know the scripture says his mercies are new every morning. And you know we can we can start today so I would look at that program as well with Mr. Bill Dodson called abiding fathers what an awesome thing that is. But you know for me personally I love prison ministry. Right. And you know what a lot of these things just tied together. So I serve in different prison ministries all around. But there was one called the Kairos prison ministry and we were part of that we serve in that awesome prison ministry. And I tell you what. There’s no better one at putting on display the unconditional love of God. And if you’ve never served in prison ministry and you’ve always thought about it he’s the man I want to go into prison ministry. Hey come check out the Kyros prison ministry. You can see them guys on the show notes as well we’ll put them in here. Take

Jake Enriquez: 10:46 a look at them. Get involved. I tell you it’s a blessing. A lot of fun. By the way it’s not what you think a prison measure is not what people think. If you’ve ever had. If you’ve ever had a thought about prison ministry let’s say it’s a great way to get involved. It really is. So take a look at that one as well. But you know I think about not just the Dallas area. Even though we were focusing on this episode volunteer opportunities in Dallas Fort Worth there are so many different places you can get involved you know I think about missions not me. These guys go all over the world right to carry forth the gospel of Jesus Christ. And man I tell you what we’re really looking at trying to get involved in that ourselves and go with those guys.

Jake Enriquez: 11:29 So if you haven’t heard of missions done me go look at them again. You can find them on our show notes. We did an episode with Gabe Bellhorn out there and that guy man until he’s always on fire for the Lord. But listen in an episode and definitely take a look at it you know. Take a look into that. But then again I think about Tim Frantz over there with break loose international. You know you can get involved right here even though those guys are in a different state they’re not in Dallas. I promise you this much. If you have a desire to play ball inside of prison you could hook up with Tim Frantz and them guys over break loose international and I guarantee you man they can get you involved. What a great thing to do and maybe with the joy in their heart.

Jake Enriquez: 12:16 I can tell you that Tim is always on fire. He’s always joyful and loves what he does man. So take a listen if you haven’t heard that episode. Take a listen to Tim France and that’s with break loose international. So definitely there’s so many different ways that you can get involved. But you know when I think about is there are so many different organizations there’s so many different ways. Or I should say outlets of community service. You know when I think about different ways of getting involved in anything why does it always seem to take a catastrophe of sorts to really move us around and find these things. You

Jake Enriquez: 12:56 know I think about Hurricane Harvey for example and you know we would say it’s it’s a small example but it was no small example it was huge. Right

Jake Enriquez: 13:04 . So you think about Hurricane Harvey and all the damage that that hurricane caused.

Jake Enriquez: 13:11 But look at all the organizations look at all the community service that came together. You see oftentimes I believe that people think that big organizations like Red Cross are united way though there are good services and good organizations. They’re not the only ones out there. Right. So when you do see a big event or a big event when you do see something like Hurricane Harvey take place and you start seeing other people that are moving around who have been doing things like this forever. So once again think about the volunteer opportunities here in Dallas Fort Worth that we’ve covered. We’ve looked into and you know what we look forward to so many different ones but I just simply reflect upon hurricane Harvey. And you know it was us here in the Dallas Fort Worth area that made such a huge impact though there were plenty from here that either contributed or went forward and volunteered. I’m just thinking about organizations community service wherever you are today. I’m thinking about that and I want to bring those groups out.

Jake Enriquez: 14:16 I want to bring more light to those guys who are doing something they are in the local area. So wherever you are you are definitely we want to hear from them. We want to hear about what they’re doing. You know we’re faith based we do everything in the name of the Lord. Serious business. That’s how we move. OK. And we lift up the name of the Lord and all glory credit honor be given to God no doubt. You know and that’s just the way it is for us so I think about that and you know I think about Dallas Fort Worth again you know when people think about getting involved when you get involved right.

Jake Enriquez: 14:48 How do I get involved and serving I’m thinking about you know I know I just so happen to know that there is probably a soup kitchen opened up near you. It doesn’t take much to find a place to serve. You know when’s the last time my brother or my sister that you missed a meal seriously. And I think about soup kitchens and places like that all over the Metroplex I think about the areas that are available to go serve in you know think about the homeless count. You know we were once involved in a just count and homeless and getting out in community and looking for different ways to serve the homeless.

Jake Enriquez: 15:28 And I got to tell you it’s it’s amazing to see what really goes on out here and sometimes we just take life for granted. You know we just move on we go about our lives in a busy busy manner. You know we have made we have our own business maybe we have our own ministry maybe we have our own job where we’re at.

Jake Enriquez: 15:46 We’re looking to just do life. You know what the volunteer opportunities. I’m thinking about today what a blessing it is to get involved and. I would encourage each and every one of you if you’re not involved somewhere get involved because being involved and you know I I really you don’t fire when it comes to this stuff I do because I know of so many different organizations and ways of community service that we never think about you know even during Hurricane Harby I’ll go back to that for a second. You know how many animal shelters came into place and really kicked up a notch and started serving and were able to help out animal shelters. Now

Jake Enriquez: 16:28 you know what I’m just being very honest I don’t think about animal shelters often. But you know when when things like this happen you think about the blessing that they really are and how they really helped us out. So hey listen I’m thinking about this morning. You know I’m sharing these things with you because this is what’s on our heart it’s what’s on our mind. We’re reflecting back in 2017 we were able to go out move in the community and certainly we look forward to doing more in 2018. You know really putting a light upon people that are doing these things I love it. I absolutely love it man. And I look forward to doing that. It’s just our way of serving you know. So as we go forward maybe you have a dream in your heart maybe you have an idea of a ministry you want to start out or a business you want to start.

Jake Enriquez: 17:16 I don’t know what it is you might have a dream that you’re cultivating in your heart so you know that’s the last question I have is how do I cultivate this dream in my heart to go about and be an impact.

Jake Enriquez: 17:27 How do I go about doing it. You know different ways and when we think about that there are so many different ways to get involved. But the number one way for me that I think about always is get involved with somebody who’s already doing it. You can pull up alongside and look at what they’re doing. Look at the impact they’re having. And how do you go about putting all these little things together never try to do this thing alone. That’s just rule number one never try to do this thing alone. It is not about me doing this wonderful great thing. Remember the scripture for you it is God who works in us both to will and to do for his good pleasure. So make sure that as you have this dream in your heart maybe you have a dream in your heart and a desire to go and do something great.

Jake Enriquez: 18:19 No one understand that God has put it there. So move in according to the Lord. Pull yourself up alongside somebody who’s already doing things like that and just gain wisdom and knowledge and knowing and understanding as you go. So we look forward to serving you in the community we look forward to continuing along the way other volunteer opportunities in Dallas Fort Worth I’m thinking about today are not just Dallas Fort Worth are actually interconnected everywhere. So listen we look forward to doing in 2018 and even more. We look forward to serving new and different areas that we can and I’m going to pray and I hope that you guys pray that these things be advanced and of course we all look to advance the Kingdom of God. But as we go forward stay focused my friends on the good news. You know what I’m talking about. That’s that gospel man. Hey I’m praying and hoping that you have a great week. I’m

Jake Enriquez: 19:17 praying and hoping that you and your family have a wonderful awesome. Merry Christmas my friends. God bless you I love you and I thank God for you always. Hey. And for the show notes on this episode just simply go to press and reach Dom forward slash PR 31.

Speaker 2: 19:35 Once again it’s been a joy. Hanging out with you. So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you’re not walking out your face alone. Here. For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

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