046: Surround Yourself with Godly People with Kathleen Glover

Today we have a guest out of New Caney, Texas who comes willingly to share her story of faith. Though childhood was certainly not easy, Kathleen sets her mind on all that God has done. Sometimes we just don’t know or understand the burdens of others or how that has made an impact on their lives. However, when God restores us He puts a brand new song in our hearts, one that we can’t help but sing. Listen in as Kathleen shares her story of growing up in fear, sadness, and brokenness to learning how to simply rejoice in the Lord. She moves forward to Serve, Sing and Stand for Christ!  Welcome to the podcast Jake’s cousin, Kathleen Glover.

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Working as Unto the Lord

Kathleen has a passion for helping people.  She’s worked in the insurance industry for about 30 years and, for her, it’s about serving others and connecting with them.  Her desire is that when clients call, they hear something different in her.  She sees her workplace as an opportunity to minister to her customers as well as her coworkers, so she is mindful of her work ethic and how she carries herself.  She wants to make sure that those around her see Christ in her.  She feels blessed and honored to be the one they call into calm a situation.  She’s able to listen with empathy to bring peace to the situation.

Dark Times

She describes her childhood as having a lot of sadness, brokenness, and loneliness.  Her biological father abused her mother, who eventually divorced him after a particularly frightening ordeal.  She recalls growing up with a lot of fear, as she and her brother and their mother moved quite a bit in case her father tried to find them.  It took a long time, but her mother met someone else and they married.  Unfortunately, that man molested Kathleen for years, threatening to harm her brother and mother if she told anyone.  When her mother finally found out about the abuse, they left him and were on their own again.  At the time, Kathleen didn’t realize the effect of seeing her mother physically abused and the fear it created in herself.  She didn’t understand why, as a preteen, she felt like she wanted to die.  Those feelings affected her decisions as a teenager, leading to drugs, promiscuity, and abortion.  She saw herself as hopeless and unworthy.  She got married and had a little girl, but that relationship turned abusive.  Rather than setting her back on track, Kathleen returned to drugs (specifically, cocaine).  There were many times she thought she should have lost her daughter, should have been arrested.  She didn’t see any way out of the life she was living, until she sat in her car one day and asked God to help her.


Kathleen acknowledges that sometimes people have to go through bad things before they get their lives together.  Sometimes it only takes a slap on the hand to get our attention, other times a 2×4 to the head.  She certainly appreciates the mercy shown her in that she didn’t have to go to jail or lose her daughter in order for things to change.  That first prayer in her car was the turning point for her.  She began to seek God and knew He had something good for her.  HE has filled the void of not having an earthly father.Her past and her experiences have shaped her to be more proactive and positive and to have more faith.  No one is immune to bad things happening.  The main thing is to keep our eyes on the Lord because despite whatever comes at us, God is there and He is the rock that we’re standing on.  She knows that she’s been blessed with much as she remembers what God has delivered her from.

For anyone struggling, we are not intended to go through things alone.  Find a church, a ministry, that can help you meet your needs for encouragement and community.  It’s not about religion, but rather relationship with the Lord.  Surround yourself with godly influences.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:01 Press and Reach episode number 46, surround yourself with godly people with Kathleen.

Jake Enriquez: 00:15 Good morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever this may be you, I sure hope and pray that you be found well in spirit by friend. Hey, my name is Jacob [inaudible] and it is a joy, honor and a privilege to be your host today. So please let me welcome you to press and reach a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way to do the same. welcome back to Press and Reach. My Name’s Jake Enriquez], your host and what an awesome and a great thing just to have you here with us this morning. We thank you for that.

Jake Enriquez: 00:56 I’m looking forward to this day and I’ve got to tell you today we have a guest with us is special to me because she just so happens to be my cousin. My family’s so, uh, I definitely want you guys to get to know her and she’s a blessing and always been a blessing. Matter of fact, we have a shared some times of, uh, of our past and growing up and some of the memories that we get to share. But today I just want to introduce you to her because definitely she is a woman of faith and walking with the Lord and I gotTa tell you, man, she’s come to share her faith with each and every one of us. Hopefully you’d be encouraged by that because I tell you that the whole purpose of the press and reach podcast is encouraged others in their faith as they go along the way we know it’s a, it’s a tough walk out there. So as much encouragement as we can get. So just let the, uh, introduce to you our guest Ms Kathleen Glove, or how are you doing this morning, Kathleen?

Kathleen Glover: 01:52 I’m good. I’m good. Thank you.

Jake Enriquez: 01:54 All right, well listen, Kathleen, we, we like to get to know each other on a personal basis, a personal level I should say. So I’m just going to ask you to introduce yourself. You know, just who you are and where you’re from. If you will, go ahead.

Kathleen Glover: 02:06 Sure. My name is Kathleen. Uh, I live in new caney that’s north of Houston. I’m a little past Kingwood. And um, I’ve been married for 27 years. And, uh, I have three beautiful daughters,

Jake Enriquez: 02:21 three beautiful daughters. That’s what I’m talking about. So I know that, uh, you know, just from, from learning from you that you’ve, you’ve been in the insurance business for quite some time as the focus of the business that you work in. A why don’t you tell us a little bit about that and your experience in that?

Kathleen Glover: 02:41 Sure. Um, I’ve been blessed to work in the insurance industry for about 30 years and my passion is just actually just to help people in the insurance industry, but for me it’s about serving and it’s about helping them. So I get to use that, you know, it’s not just about the admin side of things, it’s about connecting with them. And in my downtime I passionate thinking. I find that that’s what brings healing to the inner part of me. I’m serving in seeing both equally, bringing a great amount of joy.

Jake Enriquez: 03:15 Singing. You said, I saw your video on facebook, which was awesome.

Kathleen Glover: 03:24 Thanks.

Jake Enriquez: 03:25 Yeah, definitely. So, so, uh, so the insurance business I know because I’ve got a good buddy of mine over here. He’s an insurance business. Definitely a business of helping people and helping others to come to know and find out, you know, all their needs, the sales business by the way, because you really have to go find the needs and meet the needs of people and find out where they may be. But do you find opportunity to share your faith, uh, throughout your normal course of the work day in that business?

Kathleen Glover: 03:56 Yes, I do. And the thing is, is that um, you know, working in the insurance business where we’re taking care of people with their monetary things, you know, their house, their car, their boat, life insurance and that takes care of everything that they’ve worked hard for in that it gives me the opportunity to connect with people, the public, whether it’s on the phone or it’s in public. And I really feel like when I’m talking to people on the phone and I use that as an opportunity to hopefully I’m captivate them in a way that they sense something different about me and when they come in, you know, I feel like that’s my way to be able to connect with them. I have my, my own desk and my own little area, small space, but nonetheless I had my radio on and it’s a Christian radio station. I had it turned on and it’s kind of low. It’s really just for myself, really blessed because I feel like that’s my opportunity to minister, how I carry myself, how I work in my ethics, not just the people that I am selling to, but also with my coworkers.

Jake Enriquez: 05:08 Well, you know, I mean, I just think that it’s, uh, it is so necessary for us to know as Christians to come to an understanding that, uh, you know, Kinda like what you were just describing. You want people to see something different about you, especially in, in the business world today. It can be cutthroat out there. You know, if somebody sees something different about you, you know, we know that they see Christ in you as you go throughout the day. So what a blessing it is a. But what are some of the challenges that you might find a just throughout that business, what are some of the obstacles that you may have to overcome a dealing with the customers or the people of your ordinary or everyday walk there? I

Kathleen Glover: 05:51 know they have a, um, I think, I think they’re called a cooler whenever things escalating. People hot and I would a lot of times find myself that my boss, he kind of wanted things to go through me before they got to him. So he wanted me to make the attempt to try to cool down the situation. Um, obviously he’s there to take care of them and say if he needs to. But one of the things I feel like I’m really blessed and I’m honored to be a part of in that area is to try to calm the situation. Um, I think that’s one of the really good things about being a Christian, that it’s your opportunity to try to calm the situation, to bring peace to the situation. Whether it’s an escalated claim because they’re unhappy with whatever went wrong or they’re upset because of their rates. You know, you just have to put yourself in their shoes and then tell them what you would like to hear, what you need to hear, you know, if you were that on that side.

Jake Enriquez: 06:55 Absolutely. Yeah. So providing that peace that surpasses all understanding, right? Yep. Yep. Which leads me up to my next point. You know, what, like I was sharing earlier, the podcast is definitely about helping people walk out their faith, you know, uh, you know, the faith walk is a forever walk, you know, which just kind of brings us up again to our next point in, uh, just kind of sharing with people, you know, this was for you. I know it’s been a long while, but how did it start off for you? How was it like for you as a youngster?

Kathleen Glover: 07:29 I didn’t grow up really in church. Just only knew as a child that we were to be good and God is watching and tell the truth and don’t lie really. All I really knew as a child there was a lot of, uh, sadness and brokenness and a lot of loneliness that I went through. And there’s a lot of things that lot of the family, I never shared any of it with them. I never got the opportunity to, uh, to share that testimony and detail that I really feel blessed now for all the things that I’ve gone through and where God brought me from the things that I have been given now that rightfully so, I don’t really feel alive just her. But God is a good God that he watched all this stuff that was horrible and bad in my past, you know, for me where I am now.

Jake Enriquez: 08:28 Yeah. So you say you didn’t grow up in church. OK. But there was pain and there was suffering. There was definitely some, some sadness there. And brokenness. Was it a curiosity that you had younger? More about God to want to know more?

Kathleen Glover: 08:45 Actually, it was kind of went through a lot of things that kind of pushed me to the point where I woke up to the realization of my meeting him as a child. My, um, my mother, my biological father was, he abused her. And, uh, I recall as a child seeing her a lot of times that she would have a busted lip and, and with the cross her legs because he used to hit her with a belt and um, he would promise to stop and she would forgive him, but it wasn’t until, um, the last time was the last straw for her that he had tied her up and put her in the trunk of his car and he dropped her in Galveston. He had kidnapped me and my brother. And when she got back from the police, she divorced him and she never went back and we used to move from apartment to apartment more really, I think because she was scared he would find us and he would find her.

Kathleen Glover: 09:54 And so a lot of the childhood memories or fear, it took her a long time that she met somebody that she thought would be a good father and a good husband. And uh, unfortunately that proved it to be another disappointment for her. I cannot remember how many years it went on as a child. He had molested me. And he told me that if I ever told that he would beat her in, that he would beat me and my brother and so to protect her, I kept the secret and I didn’t tell her and he would stop for awhile and I would think it was over and then he would start again and do things. But one day that secret finally was exposed and when she found out there again, she took us and we left him and went out on our own again with her. So unfortunately I did not have really good father figures in my life and really thought that it was hopeless.

Kathleen Glover: 11:08 But needless to say, we were on our own for awhile again. And uh, I kind of stepped in to be second launch or to, to help out with things. And I did not realize how seeing the physical abuse that she was going through in my being scared and then being listed how much of an impact that actually was going to affect me. And it really, really did a horrible number on my vision. The word love really messed up a lot of things within me. Not to mention, it really made me feel filthy really bad and uh, I never really understood why I was young and growing to be a teenager. Why I didn’t feel like I wanted to let live. I felt like I wanted to die. Never shared that with anybody, not even my mom and I guess they just, I don’t know, just not dealt with.

Kathleen Glover: 12:05 And so because of that, it just unfortunately rolled into affecting my decisions even as a teenager because I began within the life going into a drugs, promiscuity an abortion because I thought that was what you’re supposed to do to hide then your mistakes if no one knows about it, you know. But I knew I didn’t know how much of an impact that was going to affect me in the end. The change that came along with that horrible decision. But I saw myself as a hopeless and unworthy and I married and had a little girl and then that went into uh, abuse. So I left. You would think that I got it back all together after that. But instead, um, I just returned back to drugs again and should’ve lost my daughter, should’ve gotten arrested many times, but I didn’t, it wasn’t until one day that I was by myself in my car, in my drug of choice was cocaine. And so I sat in my car one day, one time that I called out to him asking for his help. Cause I never, I didn’t see any other way out. Sure. That one prayer that actually turned things around for me

Jake Enriquez: 13:53 when we, when we, you come up with a childhood like that Kathleen then I know that it has to be filled with hopelessness. And you know, like when people look at you today, they look at your childhood, you know, they probably think maybe he just had a great childhood or their life’s just been full of just all great stuff, you know,

Kathleen Glover: 14:14 I’m sure it looks like she’s got it all together. What it looks like now I might look like, you know, I, I work in a professional atmosphere so it might look like the hair and makeup for the jewelry, all professional looking and you know, your insurance stuff blindfolded, you know, jeopardy. And and, and when money there with insurance, but when you look at me on the outside, you wouldn’t know any of that horrible stuff was going on on the inside of me for a long time ago. Oh,

Jake Enriquez: 14:49 absolutely. Absolutely. Totally understand that. But I’ll tell you what, you know, as we walked through our past walk through our childhood, I know it can be tough sometimes, but that’s, that’s the reason we asked you to share it because I know that there’s others that walked through the same thing, but I’ll tell you what, we’re going to take a really quick break and then we’ll come right back and talk about, hey, the brand new you. How about that?

Kathleen Glover: 15:13 Sure.

Jake Enriquez: 15:14 Hey guys, it’s Jacob. Hey, I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact you liked the podcast to come and subscribe, rate, and review. Just take a brief moment to do that, but not only that, we asked that you come and visit us on progressing, reached out. Cause what we’re all about, faith, family and community listening. If you have a story about how your faith and the Lord has seen you through, we certainly want to hear from you whether it’s been in your business life, your personal life, which could be your marriage or dealing with your family, whatever it may be. We know that faith is a daily walk. So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all the glory.

Jake Enriquez: 15:57 Welcome back guys. Thanks for coming back. We’re hanging out with my cousin Kathleen Glover and, and we were just talking about earlier the childhood and the effects by the way of childhood. And you know, as Christians we know that hey, you know, there’s the good news and there’s the bad news. You know, in order to have the good news you got to know the bad news and the bad news is that we have all fallen short of have past as a matter of fact. And you know, those old things really do affect us in, have affected us. But now as we were saying before the break, you know, Christ makes all things new. And Kathleen, I want to ask you, you know, as you know, you’ve been redeemed in the Lord, I know, but there is always a time and you were touching base on it earlier before we went to the break. Uh, you know, just about that prayer and you crying out, calling out to God and you know, that God answered you in that, but share a little bit more of that if you will, and talk about how your faith has been strengthened in that.

Kathleen Glover: 16:59 Well, that particular day that I was in my car and that’s when I really do feel like things changed for me and I had prayed and asked God to help me because I knew I was headed down a really bad road and I should’ve gotten stopped many times in, you know, in the midst of all of that. But I’m so thankful that it, you know, I don’t, I don’t like hearing people going through bad things before they get it together. Sometimes I think as, as we go through our walk that sometimes we can get a slap on the hand and if that doesn’t get our attention a 2×4 to the head, it’s kind of like whatever it takes to get you there. And I know that I’m so thankful that I wasn’t in jail. I didn’t get arrested, I didn’t lose my daughter. I’m so thankful for that.

Kathleen Glover: 17:52 And I’m so thankful that, that one prayer, that was the start of it all, that the, um, the, the, the ball started changing for me and I started, um, seeking God and knowing that he had, that there was something good for me. You know, I had shared about how my childhood, I didn’t have a good father and my mother married a third time and when she married that man, he was a good man. Don’t this last husband, his name was John. She was a good man and I finally got to experience what it was like to have a good earthly father here, you know, while while he was alive, he died 26 years ago with cancer. But I finally got to experience that and God gave that to me, but I think in the midst of all of that, he was trying to show me my true father.

Jake Enriquez: 18:53 Sure, sure.

Kathleen Glover: 18:57 While I may not have had a good experience with man, here is the role model of a father. It made me seek him. So while even still to this day, I don’t have a father and he’s become my everything.

Jake Enriquez: 19:16 Sure. Absolutely. I totally agree. You know,I mean he is our everything and he actually literally tells us that he would be the father to all. So it’s amazing. I’m glad. I’m glad you bring that up and I’m glad you share that as you continue along your walk, you know, um, like you said earlier, you don’t like to see people have to come to that. Like uh, you know, they don’t have to reach the bottom, they’ll have to go through all that. So, so tell me a little bit about maybe some of your own. I mean, do you still struggle with some of those things like seeing that in people or what are some of the things that you may struggle with still today because of maybe past experiences?

Kathleen Glover: 19:56 There’s always going to be something that I’m going to struggle with and I can’t right now. I mean, I could, I could tell you it’s my husband’s struggle with depression because we bear that burden together because we’re one. So it whatever affects them affects me. And so I could say that that’s part of a struggle. Um, but I, I, so much I cannot emphasize enough. I feel like I saw so much bad that I know there’s good and I and I try to be more proactive and positive and have more faith. I know that bad things are gonna happen this year. Next year it will be. There is, you know, the enemy has no respecter of persons and so he’s going to try to hit below the belt. He does not even care. And so I know that that’s something we’re all subject to put. The main thing is is, is to keep our eyes on the Lord because despite whatever tries to hit us below the belt, God is right there, the rock that we’re standing on to help us so that we won’t see, you know, in the midst of all these things that tried to knock us down and I, and I really try to be that way. I might make people, I might, you know how some people say, I just can’t be around that person. She’s just a little bit too happy.

Jake Enriquez: 21:22 Yeah.

Kathleen Glover: 21:24 I’m, I’m, I’m not a morning person. Some people say that I need my coffee first and I understand that, but I really, really try to look at things more in a positive way because we’re become, I feel sometimes a very spoiled people. God has given us so much and we complain about the drive through taking too long, but what about the house that you get to drive home to like we had? Oh my gosh, I could go on, but it’s just. I just feel so blessed with so much that we had. When I hear about things that are going on in the world with shootings and in our world and catastrophes and in the deaths that are occurring out there that I know my stuff is important to God. I know what I know. My struggle with my husband’s depression is important to God, but when I compare myself to what other I am, I feel so blessed because I know not only where he bought me from what you say, sleep from what he’s given me. So I really try to look at that more so than the struggle.

Jake Enriquez: 22:35 Absolutely. So looking, looking on to those good things or the good news, so to speak, the gospel as matter of fact. But you know, the scripture says, you know, whatever things are true are noble, whatever things are just pure, you know, he’s telling us to, uh, to meditate on the whatever’s praiseworthy exactly what you’re saying and uh, and to make it a habit and to continue that way, you know, that way we could be our awareness increases, you know, of what all God has done, like you’re talking about. No, I do think that’s awesome. I think it’s what we should all, as a matter of fact, practice more up along the way as you’ve grown a in your walk and use, continue this wall. There are some things that you know, uh, maybe has developed in you and we call those character traits and traits that have a, you know, grown to define us. What would you say some of those traits are for you?

Kathleen Glover: 23:28 It’s, so where do you tell you? You asked that question because when I was thinking about things that define me and I’m going to do this little task, it’s like discovering your gifts and so it made me about the traits in relation to that and I would have to say that mine are to serve him, to sing his praises and to stay. And I was like that like three ss. That’s like

Jake Enriquez: 23:28 you like that huh,

Kathleen Glover: 24:10 yeah Serve, Sing and Stand and when you feel like you can’t stand and sing and if you feel like you can’t, you don’t have it in you to see like, oh my gosh, like God gave me. That blows my mind because those are the three things I think that I can do all three of them, but as long as I’m doing one of those three, you know,

Jake Enriquez: 24:35 yeah, ignites the love that thing. But, you know, uh, I always got to praise him by heart. So definitely.

Jake Enriquez: 24:48 I bet you can. You probably sound like George Strait

Jake Enriquez: 24:55 No, no. Not Me, but, uh, you know, we find the same readers are leaders. So what about you Kathleen? Do you have books that you’d like to read or what I should ask? What would it be a book that you may like to recommend to the listeners?

Kathleen Glover: 25:11 Oh my gosh, there’s so many books out there, but I have to say first, the one book that really is where I gravitate to is the book of Psalms in the Bible, and I know you’re talking about a book from an author from the Bible because it speaks of our hearts. Emotions, it praises him. It helps you because it also gives scriptures relating to pain, which is a lot of sometimes what we struggle with and there’s worship in their prayers, but it’s not just prayers, it’s prayers and songs that were put into his hands and stuff. And so I would have to say that, but the other one, as far as buying alder is the one by Joyce Meyers, the battlefield of the mind is a good book because it really talks about how the mind is the, is where the war is, you know, and, and, uh, the place where if we are always having the mind of Christ,

Jake Enriquez: 26:30 you know, we will overcome the mind is definitely the battlefield, you know. Uh, Yep. You certainly can’t allow the devil to take what’s already yours though. He tries to plant seeds of doubt. We know that he comes to steal, kill and destroy, but we also know that Christ comes to give life and give it more abundantly. So definitely I agree with that. You know, the battlefield. So I know that was a great books and the song, by the way, I mean, I totally agree with you on that. I mean that’s a, it’s a beautiful book, Book of Psalms is because I know I love the Book of Psalms, I love the psalms because they mainly come from a broken man king. So that’s happened in the fall that he writes. All of those, you know, are most of them, but I think about that, you know, and that’s an awesome thing and you know, just sit there and listen.

Jake Enriquez: 27:28 You can meditate on the psalms and it actually lines up to your character traits and your triple s there it lines right up to it, you know. So uh, I think about that as well. So I think it’s great, you know, and I appreciate that. Will definitely will note that, you know, in the show notes as well. So let me ask you this, Kathleen, is it a, are you in a place where you want people to reach out to you? Um, is that what you want? I mean, if so we can, we can put your facebook on there. If you want or you have instagram or anything like that,

Kathleen Glover: 27:59 facebook, you can find any. You can tag me in.

Jake Enriquez: 28:02 OK, we’ll put it on there that way. So let me ask you this because you know we’re, we’re going to wrap it up, but what would you say would be a final word of encouragement? Not now. I ask people this all the time because you know, ask people to end with this. I want you to think about somebody who may be going through some of the things that you may have experienced or some of the things that they struggle with their faith today. If somebody you can actually see struggling with their faith. So what would you say to them? If you were sitting with him today, what would be your final words of encouragement today?

Speaker 4: 28:39 First, I would have to say too, I know it can be really hard to separate yourself from bad influences, but if you’re struggling with whatever it is, you know, drugs and alcohol and partying. Back in the day, I didn’t have good influences. I had worldly influence and so I would encourage you to find a church. Find a ministry, there’s, I’m administering that part of, um, at the church called break every chain. It helps people dealing with addictions, pornography and child abuse, depression. I mean, whatever chain is, is trying to hold you down and to try to find that ministry in people because if you do that, it will help strengthen you that we have enough around us, it’s trying to discourage us and break us and keep us down. But if we look in the right places, there are areas that we can get the needs met to help encourage us and strengthen us with whatever it is we’re struggling with.

Kathleen Glover: 29:56 I know that I’m, one of the things I was thinking about was, you know, people going through marriage problems, loneliness, depression, financial hardship in whatever struggle with is that you’re having. It’s not intended for you to go through those things alone. I know that that’s why I was the way I was back then because I didn’t have a good influence. Um, and, and I’m thankful that I do. Now I have. So I’ve been blessed with so many good, wonderful friends who are believers, don’t believe in religion, but you know, I believe in relationship with the Lord and with fellow believers and uh, and I, I’m, I’m where I am right now, and my faith because of the Lord blessing me with those people.

Jake Enriquez: 30:54 Sound, sound, word of encouragement or tasting, you know, definitely. For the listeners, you know, my cousin is a, an Ito. Surround yourself with godly influences. You don’t have to do this thing alone for God was certainly put those people around you. So absolutely. Hey Kathleen, listen, we love you. We thank God for you. I thank you so much for coming on here and sharing. And for the listeners, I gotta tell you, it takes courage to share your faith. It takes courage to open up a, but we can’t do it alone. And I can tell you this much. Uh, we’re always led by the Holy Spirit to do so. For we know the impact that it will take on somebody else. And that is God and God alone. That leads us into it to do so. So Kathleen, thank you so much again for coming out and hanging out with us and sharing your story and sharing your faith.

Kathleen Glover: 31:46 Thank you so much for calling on me to to be a part of this. I really hope and pray that what I’ve shared touches, it doesn’t matter if it’s just the one person that one person is just like his word says he leaves the 99 for the one.

Jake Enriquez: 32:04 Absolutely.

Speaker 4: 32:06 He’ll do that for your listeners.

Jake Enriquez: 32:07 Absolutely. Thank you so much. And for the listeners to the show notes on this episode, you just simply go to www that press and reached forward slash per 46.

Speaker 3: 32:21 Once again, it’s been a joy hanging out with you, so please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone, out here for he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day ahead.


NKJV Large Print Personal Size Reference Bible, Brown LeatherTouch, by Holman Bible Staff

Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind, by Joyce Meyer

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