When God Leads The Way

Episode 81 with Charlie Houck

I first met Charlie Houck when he was heading up the discipleship ministry at Fielder Church in Arlington, Texas. With a sincere desire to do the work of the Lord, Charlie shared his vision with me about planting a church in San Diego, California. We hit it off quite easily, being that we both served in the U.S. Navy. Now that he and his wife, Audrey, are finally at the point of reaching San Diego, it hasn’t been so easy. However, isn’t that what we can expect when great things are being done for the Kingdom of God?

As soon as we make a decision to commit to the vision that the good Lord lays upon our hearts, we can surely expect that the enemy won’t be happy. Obstacles and challenges are just part of the pursuit, but God always makes a way in what He wills. Listen in as Charlie Houck shares his family’s journey in planting Cause Church.

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During this episode we discuss:


  •  Falling in love with San Diego [2:15]
  •  God using it for His plan [2:40]
  •  Hesitations and uncertainties [3:48]
  •  Fear of failure [5:10]
  •  Small steps along the way [7:12]
  •  God doesn’t give conflicting callings [11:48]
  •   A calling is sure [13:20]
  •   Insecurities that try to remain [17:20]
  •  He equips the called [18:47]
  •  The vision of  Cause Church [24:50]


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Charlie Houck: But I do think that sometimes we’re so sure that we’ve heard from God with a vocational calling or calling towards ministry, that we can ignore the very plain calling to be of one accord with our wife.

Jake Enriquez: Man, say it again for God is not a God of confusion. Join me now on this next episode with the church planter, Charlie Houck, when God leads the way let’s go, welcome back to press and reach. My name is Jake Enriquez, your host. You know, we’re just out here walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way to do the same. So get up in this beautiful morning and let’s go walk this thing out, welcome back to the press and reach my name’s. Jake Enriquez, your host. And today I’m sitting with a buddy of mine, a friend of mine, and actually a church planter.

Jake Enriquez: Now, mr. Charlie Houck And I’ve asked him just to come hang out on the show and talk to us about this endeavor that he’s embarked upon, which is planting a church in San Diego, California. But before we do Charlie, I just like to ask everyone, man, just, if you would introduce yourself who you are, where you’re from and what you do. Yeah,

Charlie Houck: absolutely. So, yeah, like you said, my name is Charlie Houck. I am currently a church planter headed to San Diego, California. You’re catching me in the transition. So we will be moving into our San Diego apartment about a month from now. So we’re right on the cusp of launching this ministry,

Jake Enriquez: San Diego. So why, why San Diego, California Maybe I should ask that first. Yeah. So that question is really tied up with why church planting, but, for San Diego specifically.

Charlie Houck: So I was born in long beach, just North of San Diego. And I lived in San Diego from the year, I guess, 2000 in 2004, which is all of my middle school years when I was a kid, my dad was stationed there at the Navy base. And the truth is I just fell in love with the city as the middle school, or I was trying to get back there ever since. And so when I met my wife, Audrey, I was 23 and that’s been seven years ago when we got married, we honeymooned in San Diego. I wanted to show her the city I loved. And so we just started going back. We just fell in love with the city together and we’d visit two or three times a year. And we would always joke that, if I wasn’t called to ministry, who wasn’t called to teach God’s word that we would move to San Diego.

Charlie Houck: so then in an ironic twist, God has eventually used, our call to ministry to get us to San Diego because now we’ve realized, used our love for the city. Just throw us into a call towards planting a church there. Okay. Now where, where is Audrey from now So Audrey is also a military brat, but she is from Florida. Her dad was at one base, in your Pensacola, Florida for all of her childhood. So she grew up there. He went to college in Florida and then did not leave Florida until the year that we met. She got a job in Virginia. I was living in Virginia at the time. And so we met when both of us were starting our jobs and got married, but she had spent pretty much all of her life in, in the panhandle of Florida.

Jake Enriquez: Okay. So Navy brats?

Charlie Houck: Yeah. So she’s air force, I’m a Navy brat. I’m a Navy brat and she’s an air force brat. Definitely military brats.

Jake Enriquez: Okay. All right. So a lot of moving around early on, right. And you wanted to get back to San Diego and then when you got back, you wanted to show her the city and show around and, and take your time, move through there. So you said you were saved at what age 20 to 22 years old. Okay. Now I know that, you know, the walk of faith and the journey of faith is a, is a progression as we go. But this call, you know, we’re going to start with where you are right now. So going into planting this church in San Diego, California, where there any hesitations or uncertainties only on your behalf first

Charlie Houck: Well, the answer’s yes. I mean, anytime we’re doing something like this, I think there’s always going to be hesitations and uncertainties. and, there are things in my personality that might seem conflicting. I’m a very ambitious person. I like to think of new ideas and try new things. But I also like to think 20 steps ahead. And so when you’re planning a church, you, you, it’s good to think ahead, but you also have to know that at every step there’s going to be uncertainties and things that are going to change. so for us, when we really started pursuing church planting some of the big challenges I faced and I felt it was really just wrapping my mind around the uncertainty of vocationally of doing something as a career of, of intuiting my ministry career and this entrepreneurial new venture of starting a church where nothing’s guaranteed, where you’re starting from scratch, you’ve got to raise money, you’ve got to raise a team, you’ve got to reach people.

Charlie Houck: You’ve got to start one organization. and there’s, I mean, you can just imagine all the uncertainties that go with that. What happens if you run out of money What happens if the church doesn’t take off What happens if, if, if you’re supporting your supporters fall through or team that stab you in the back. and so those were uncertainties that I face that I think tied up with that. I don’t know if you’ve ever struggled with this, but for me in those uncertainties, I think our insecurities could be exposed. Sure. Because I think the thing I was most afraid of with pursuing church planting was failure. And so I had to really step back and say, well, what is failure in ministry and really get to the point where I realize it’s not a failure. If we don’t start a church, it’s a failure if we’re not faithful to our call. but for me, I mean, it’s been years of wrestling with that to say, am I really willing to take this step of faith and take this risk to start a new venture when nothing’s guaranteed, when all my life, and I know you’re an entrepreneur, but for me all my life up until a year ago, I had a guaranteed paycheck, worked for a solid organization. So to step out of that, it’s a big step, but a huge step we’ve gotten there.

Jake Enriquez: Yeah. Okay. So you’re going into this with a man, I say it’s the right perspective because it is, I mean, you really do have to look it as if I really am starting this thing from scratch. And I really am going to have to rely on other people as well. I know you’re relying on the Lord, but I would say that there’s a building process that comes. So you were just talking about a little bit of it, the fears of this and that, that could occur other people, you know, and the team and maybe some supporters dropping out. So when you were thinking about those things, you know, what helped you to kind of get past that I know you said to answer the call. Yeah. There’s more, I think there’s more to, you know, like for me in our business every day, there’s uncertainties, man, really like you just mentioned, well, we keep pressing through there knowing there’s something on the other side, you know So for you, what was, what was some of that that would help you to continue along the path?

Charlie Houck: Yes, that’s a good question. And I think it’s kind of, it’s interesting cause there’s parallels between calling and faith where I’ve had to realize, you know, I told you when I was 22, is when I really got saved. Didn’t have this call to teach. And as I’ve walked in that calling and taking smaller steps,

Charlie Houck: Yes, the larger and larger, small stuff

Charlie Houck: Towards following it, God has revealed more and more of the calling where I take a small step to start teaching in church, small step to pursue seminary, a small step to step out of my career, into working for a church. Each step gets a little bigger and a little bigger. And as they do the calling is for the clarified. And I think it’s the same way with faith where I can look back now and see that we are my family. We’re taking a huge step of faith. My wife and I both stepped away from a solid W2 jobs that, that gave us a guaranteed paycheck every week to raise money and go to California. And we could not have done that if we hadn’t already taken several steps of faith in our marriage, larger and larger each time and seen God come through. So five years ago, we’re newlyweds.

Charlie Houck: We decide to quit our jobs and Newport news, Virginia, where we’ve met and moved to Fort worth Texas to pursue seminary. And we saw God come through in spades, provide us both with awesome jobs there, provide us with housing. Yeah. Each step of the way. And it was a hundred stories I could tell that God has called us to larger and larger steps of faith and he’s time he has he’s come through. And that’s the only reason we can take a step of faith. This large, we’ve seen a move before. And so we can be confident. He’ll move again.

Jake Enriquez: Okay. So step by step Charlie.

Jake Enriquez: So when you get in that and you get into yeah.

Jake Enriquez: Taking those steps, in fact, I’m glad you mentioned that because, you know, oftentimes we were hesitant about taking those steps because maybe we’re just so unsure and when you know faith, that’s the way it operates. You know, you go through it a little bit and he shows you a little bit in a little bit more, you know, like you’re talking about and describing those steps of faith. So when you get called to do this, you know, and I know the story, I’ve heard you tell the story about fielder church. And I’d like for you to share that story about, you know, how you wanted to do that, you know, you were called to do that. And then you go, I’ll let you tell the story. Yeah. So

Charlie Houck: This is a great one of those steps of faith. So, the story of my call to church planting really, really, really three and a half years ago now I was at a meeting about church planting at Southwestern seminary. And I just felt called to plant. I felt, God, let my heart on fire for church planting. And at the end of that meeting, they showed a list of cities that needed churches and San Diego was on the list. So I said, Hey, I love that city already. This is what I’m doing with my life I’m in. But at that time I thought it was several years in the future. And so I kind of put it on the back burner. It was my future plan. I actually took a job at another church, a student pastor. So a year goes by now we’re two and a half years ago and God shook me up and really told me, Hey, you got to do this right now.

Charlie Houck: This is what I’m calling you to do. If you’re going to be obedient, take steps towards it. And I did not know how to do that. I was really wrestling with it. I felt like I needed to leave my student pastor job. I was in because it wasn’t growing me towards church planting. And I’ll never forget. I was at another meeting, still at the seminary, a luncheon to learn more about church planting, connect with churches. And I’m talking to this missionary, who’s in charge of all church planting in Michigan. And he’s like, look, man, you’re obviously called. What you need to do is to find a healthy sending church that can prepare you to learn how to plan a church. Well, and I’ll never forget. I looked at him. I said, man, I think his name was Tim. I said, Tim, how am I supposed to find that church I’ve been in Texas for years

Charlie Houck: I know all the local churches. There’s no churches like that, that I know of. That would accept me for just a couple years as one of their own. And then send me out and has an not making this up. As we’re talking, the next speaker at this lunch gets up and it’s a lead pastor field or church Jason predator. And he cast this huge vision about planting all 40 churches in 10 years, all over the world. And then he gives an invitation, Hey, if you’re here and you want to plant a church, come, come meet us. We want you to feel better. And so I ended up leaving a paid job at another church, had just become a member at field or because I was in on that vision. And I knew that it was the place I needed to be, to be prepared for what God was calling us to.

Jake Enriquez: Wow. Wow. That’s awesome right there. So, so God had already moved and shown you something. He put it in place. So again, it just lines up with the process of taking the steps of faith and he’s already there waiting on you, right Yeah, no, it’s true. I think it’s awesome. So you get this call and you’re going to go do this. And this is a, you know, this is a certain thing that you know, that you’ve been called to do this. Charlie and I want to ask you about this, cause I know this is a tough one. for a lot of us out here, maybe we feel the call and want to answer the call, but the wife didn’t really feel like this might not be the time to go do this. So how do you respond And maybe you can tell us a little bit about how that was for you and your experience with you and your wife.

Charlie Houck: So something that God taught me a few years ago that has been so helpful with this whole process. Cause I think, you know, and I’ll share Audrey and I have had to walk through some difficulties in this calling in terms of alignment and, and us being one heart towards it. God doesn’t give conflicting Collins. Okay. So when we get married, we understand the logically. We understand practically in our marriage that our, our call to our spouse is now above any other worldly calling. So it’s above any vocational calling it’s above any calling to lead in the church. It’s above even our calling to our church and our call to our spouse is, is first it’s after our call to love Lord, our God, with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength right after that is my call to love Adrias as myself to lay down my life for her.

Charlie Houck: And so when God called me to plant in San Diego, Audrey was not lined up with it at first. And if I’m honest, it scared her. She was so uncertain her and I was so excited about it. I was pursuing it full speed. We ended up coming to fielder church and we joined field or knowing we’re coming to, to learn how to plant. And I’ll never forget about a month into it. She says, Hey, if you don’t stop talking about church planting, I’m gonna lose my mind. You need to put a pin in it and hit the brakes because God hadn’t yet revealed that calling to her. And so I had to take a step back and say, well, if God doesn’t give conflicting callings, I know that he’s called me to love my wife and to live in alignment with her to United of one spirit in one heart.

Charlie Houck: So if she’s not called to this and I’m not called to it right now, and maybe God’s calling for me as something in the future, maybe I haven’t understood it correctly. Cause I know I’ve understood him correctly. Then I’m called to love my wife and to serve my wife. And so we took several months and it took another six months for God to really unite us in it. And without anything that I did God gradually eased Audrey spheres and called her into the same radical calling towards church planting. But I do think that sometimes we’re so sure that we’ve heard from God with a vocational calling or calling towards ministry, that we can ignore the very plain calling to be of one accord with our wife. And so I just had to learn that that, you know, regardless of what I might feel and the other thing last thing I’ll say with, I don’t want to get, take up too much time on this, but I think in our church culture, we focus so much on hearing from God through the kind of internal urge of the Holy spirit.

Charlie Houck: And we missed that in the Bible. There’s a lot of different ways that God gives calling. God gives calling through his word. He gives calling through his model for the church, his model for family. He gives callings through our family and through the church. So for me, I always tell people, look, I did feel the urging, the Holy spirit to go to San Diego, but equally important to that is the fact that my wife is on board with this equally important to that is the fact that my church has laid hands on me and commissioned me to this. Cause both of those things are also, God’s speaking. They’re also God’s calling. But I think if we focus only on kind of that, that internal feeling that makes us wonder, Hey, is it the Holy spirit or is it the pizza, urging us towards something we miss out on all these other ways that God speaks to us. And so by understanding the hierarchy of calling, understanding the things that God has already called us to, and then kind of vetting what we think we’re feeling against the things God’s already given us. I think it helps us to discern

Charlie Houck: And walk through stuff. So in our testimony, I can say, honestly, that we’re United in this now Audrey is excited to go to San Diego, even with all the difficulties we faced. And if I had rushed forward when she wasn’t ready, I don’t like, I don’t even want to think about what that would have done to our marriage and eventually it done to this ministry.

Charlie Houck: Man. That’s awesome. Hey, I really appreciate you sharing that. Charlie, cause we have to first stand on what we know. Yes. That’s a much simpler way of saying what I just kinda talked around. So no, I loved it. I loved how you explained it, man. And I really appreciate it, but I’ll tell you what we’re going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back. Okay.

Jake Enriquez: Hey guys, it’s Jake. And I just want to number one, say, thank you. Thank you for listening in on the podcast. But number two, I want to invite you invite you to come back to the press and reach Facebook page. Man. We’re just putting all the podcasts and the videos up on the page. We’re still learning how to do this. So please just like it and share it if you will. But number three, I want to enlist you to join us in this journey. share these stories and, and actively participating as we go out and show the world. Hey man, the good news is still alive and well let’s go

Jake Enriquez: Welcome back from the break man. I’m handing, hanging out with Mr.Charlie Houck church planting in San Diego, California with Cause Church. And before the break, Charlie was just talking about some of the things about the calling and responding and how to respond to the call and moving forward. And Charlie, I want to ask you some other questions now as we move forward in this man, because I’m often think about how the road is not always so smooth and there are always obstacles in our way. I know we’re addressing where you’re at now, which is going to San Diego, but can you tell me some of the more challenging parts for you in your walk of faith And the reason why I asked you this question is because I know that somewhere out there, somebody listening, someone sitting and they’ve been called maybe into a ministry and they’ve been called actually just the call of God on their heart.

Jake Enriquez: But along the way, there’s going to be these challenges. What’s been most challenging to you in your walk of faith and this journey of faith.

Charlie Houck: Yeah, that’s a good question. It’s one I’ve been thinking about, I think for me over the last several years, the biggest challenge in my walk of faith and in my calling is my own insecurities. I think that for good reason, when you walk towards church play, if you walk towards church planting or missions, work with a healthy organization behind you, there’s going to be a long assessment process that, that you, that that know kind of prize into some areas of your life to see if you’ve got what it takes and if you’re healthy enough to do a ministry. And what’s interesting is as you’ve walked through that process and my wife and I Adrina, we’ve now been vetted and we’ve been approved by our mission board, the planet church we’ve met with, I mean, long, long discern that process. I’ve been ordained by our Cindy church through all of that. I had to face it security that I wasn’t good enough. from the fact that for me, like, I’ll you an example in my,

Charlie Houck: My spiritual disciplines, quiet time has always been a struggle for me. And I think it’s a struggle for a lot of other young guys, especially guys with young families as well, where we just walk in this almost constant state of guilt, cause we’re not getting up every single morning and reading the Bible and praying, but it’s, it’s more sporadic and it’s spread throughout the day or, or random times. So there were these little insecurities I felt where I had this model of what I thought a church planter should be of what I thought a pastor should be. And it was based on my own insecurities, but also maybe based on some ideal idealized versions of pastors, I had seen, through books or through even the internet where I’m comparing myself to an unrealistic expectation of what God expects for ministry. And then always coming up short in my own mind and falling to this place where I said, well, I can’t do anything for God.

Charlie Houck: so while it’s true, that Christ calls us to holiness and especially in ministry and as a pastor and leader, there is a higher standard and I always need to grow in my faith. I had to recognize that just you’ve heard this saying before God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called and my holiness. My sanctification process is not in about anything that I do, whether it’s about me being seen as Christ to the father. And so when God calls you to something, he will give you what you need to succeed in it. So overcome my own insecurity has been a big challenge. And then more recently the challenge has been, honestly just personal attacks of the adversary. You know, I’ll never forget Jake. About two years ago, we were in San Diego. It was our first, church planting trip to the city.

Charlie Houck: We visited all the time on vacation, but this was the first time we visited San Diego specifically to start praying through planting a church. And I sat down with the pastor. He’s probably about your age. He planted a church for years before and he said, Charlie, if you’re serious about this, if you’re going to do this, go home right now and get a prayer team together. Because if you’re serious about stepping into enemy territory, you will come under the attack of the enemy. And I honestly, I wish I’d taken his advice. I didn’t, we didn’t start our prayer team until a few months ago. Okay. But the last two years have been the most difficult two years of our lives for any number of reasons. We face legal challenges. We face career channel. I mean, about a week after that, pastor told me that my wife was laid off from her job.

Charlie Houck: I mean, just immediately we started facing these challenges and call it like, they kind of, peaked with the fact that we’ve lost two babies in the last two years. We lost the pregnancy last year. And then we ended up losing our newborn, this year, minutes after he was born. And so that has really given Uber and reminder of the cost of following Christ. And I’m still all in on following Jesus. But, but I also take it much more seriously. Now people talk about the cost. I think sometimes in American Christianity, we kind of have it pretty good and pretty easy. Yeah. And so we really understand the cost of following Christ. It’s, it’s a challenge in our faith journey and it forces us to find a deeper faith than maybe the superficial faith we’ve been raised with in the American church, if we’re really going to sustain in ministry.

Jake Enriquez: Sure, sure. So, you know, you spoke earlier about that. You’re an ambitious person, you know, and I, and then there’s the insecurities and I can relate to some of the things you’re talking about. So ambition, you know, the ambitious person he wants to go and he wants to achieve and he wants to accomplish, it’s a natural part. So in that there’s a challenge also, am I doing too much me and not letting the Lord do it or what’s really going on. Right. So when you run into those challenges and you run into those issues, what helps you to sit down and refocus I understand about quiet time too. Charlie, trust me, it’s always busy. We’re running around all this kind of stuff. Well, what, what brings you to a point it’s as God says, man, I need you to sit down and talk to me a minute. Yeah.

Charlie Houck: Yeah. Well, I think it’s insightful of you to kind of talk, talk about it. I think what you’re talking about is pride. You know, you talk about ambition. I think a lot of times for ambitious guys, for guys with that kind of, I would say that apostolic gifting, that, that entrepreneurial spirit there, it goes along often with the challenge of pride. And so I’ve struggled with pride my whole life and I’ve prayed for God to take it away. And if I’m honest, recently, so I know the answer, I know the theological answer, I know the right answer, right The right answer to what, to what refocuses me when I get too caught up in what I’m doing is to remind myself of my own state in front of God and to remind myself of who I really am of the sin that I was born into of the sin that I lived out of the place I was in when I was radically saved at the age of 22, by gracious savior to remind myself that everything I could offer God is but filthy rags.

Charlie Houck: And the only thing I could ever do is the things he can do through me. What I will say practically recently, what I’ve noticed God doing when I pray for him to help with my pride is that he just goes and does stuff without me, and then shows it to me. And so an example of this right now, we’re in the fundraising journey. I like to think I’m decent at making presentations to people. I’m good at talking to people. And so I figured, Hey, this fundraising journey will be really straightforward and it has been, but what I’ve noticed is it’s not because of me. It’s because of God. So three weeks ago we were getting ready to hand this head to San Diego for 10 days and lead a vision trip. and I was really stressed out cause they hate that’s 10 days away from raising money.

Charlie Houck: What am I going to do the day before that trip We got an unsolicited monthly donation of several hundred dollars a month on solicited from people we barely knew. And we hadn’t even asked them for money. And so that’s God saying, Hey, I’ve got this. Even when you’re not working on it, I’ll go make progress on it. I’ll move this forward. Cause remember after remind myself, it’s not about us starting a church, it’s about God expanding his kingdom and inviting us to be a part of the work that he’s already doing in San Diego. So for me practically, what helps me with my pride is just all the things I’ve seen God do without my help. That reminds me I can’t do it. It has to be him. And he’s so much than me anyway. So it’s fun to sit back and watch sometimes.

Jake Enriquez: I think that’s amazing. That’s a great reminder. You know, it really makes me think again, of the scripture, I love so much, which is it is the Lord, our God who works in a spoke to will and to do so good pleasure. He’s the one really doing it, but I know we can get caught up in it. We can’t help it, man. We like it.

Jake Enriquez: I like it. We enjoy it, you know, but yes, you just mentioned all those things that it takes to move this thing along. We know it takes

Jake Enriquez: People. We know it’s going to take money. We know it takes time. But the amazing thing about it is God has all that to get. He’s got all that to give. So Charlie, I think it’s great, man. I greatly appreciate you coming out and hanging out with us about and talking to us about church planting because church and we’re excited for you, man. as you walk off into this thing though, man, let, let me ask you this, you know, as we move a little bit further along and, and wrap it up,

Jake Enriquez: What do you see Cause

Jake Enriquez: Church looking like down the road. I mean, do you have a vision for it I mean, if you could describe it. What does it look like?

Charlie Houck: When I think of what we want to see down the road, we want to be a church. That’s unleashing people to pursue. God’s calling their life and advance the great commission across San Diego. That’s what the name Costes church is all about. We believe that the cause of Christ that the great commission is our cause. And if you notice that’s a word that a lot of people are using right now, no one uses the word commission, they all talk about their causes. And so we’re saying, Hey, we’ve got the cause worth getting behind us, the great commission. And then furthermore, we believe that each person has a calling within that. Cause if they’re sick that God’s given them unique and supernatural giftings, and they’re called to use those giftings to pursue their calling within the cause of Christ to pursue their cause within the cause.

Charlie Houck: And so what that means is the church is we want to be a church where everything we do is about unlocking people to pursue their calling with a community of others in our city. And so the vision longterm looks like a awesome Sunday morning service or we’re getting together every Sunday, we’re worshiping God, we’re teaching the word or we’re solid in our theology. And we’ve got even, even having great kids ministry. Cause we know we’re a military community, a military community needs good kids ministry on Sunday morning. But throughout the week we want our people mobilized like special forces teams with their community groups involved in their specific calling throughout the city. So just to give you an example of some of the callings we’re seeing pop up on our team right now, we have a couple team members that feel very, very strongly called the border ministry.

Charlie Houck: And so they’re looking for international partners that are doing ministry South of the border and TJ and Tijuana, just South of San Diego where they can go down a couple of times a month and help that ministry minister to refugees and minister to those who are being trafficked, everything else at the border. We’ve got another group that’s interested in homeless ministry where they’re saying, Hey, how can we as a community come together as a group and miss or the homeless in our city. And then finally for Audrey and I, we believe that the community group, that the cause group that will lead will likely be focused on ministering to young military families in our neighborhood and finding ways to bless them when they’re moving into the city from other places, finding to give the, the essentially single parents, whether the parents deployed a night off once in a while, where we can help provide childcare.

Charlie Houck: And so we’re just passionate about seeing people find their calling in the city and then doing church in such a way that gives them the time to pursue it. Cause I think sometimes we do church in a way where we’re so concerned with finding volunteers to fill programs that people just don’t have the time to do what their heart’s really about. So we want to help people find the calling God has on their heart and then give them the time to get after it.

Jake Enriquez: Amen. Amen. That sounds great, man. Charlie, Hey, let me ask you this. As we wrap this up, what about the guys that can hear this, that are hearing this or listening to this podcast today How could they get in and help you guys out Where would they go to learn more about cause church maybe plug in and help out

Charlie Houck: Yeah. So the thing I’d say is if you’re watching this, you want to learn more. I would just go to our website. So our website’s easy to remember because our website is caused.church. So if you remember the name cos church, that’s the website, www.cost.church. And on that site, you can learn more about our vision, but you can also learn about two specific teams that invite you to explore. When you’re on the site, you’re going to see a popup and invite you to join our mailing list. If you’re on our email list, that means you’re on our prayer list. You’re going to get prayer updates from us about at least every other month, but most months, every single month throughout the year, updating on the ministry and giving you specific things you can pray for. And then you’ll also see a little button right at the front of the right at the front of the site.

Charlie Houck: When you first land that says give now, and you can actually score that we’re raising two separate giving teams right now, one that we’re raising a onetime launching fund to get our family to San Diego and get settled. But we have a team of people who’ve given one time gifts and he worked from 50 to $5,000. And then we have a team of regular monthly givers that are committed to giving for the next up to four years to help provide for our families cost of living as we launched this ministry. And so that team right now, as a, as we sit here talking is about 65% funded. So we’re praying in jesus’ name that by October 1st and just a few weeks, we moved to San Diego. We’ll have that team up to a hundred percent so that we can start well in ministry. Having our family’s income needs provided for while we launched this.

Charlie Houck: So if you’re watching this, you want to learn more. I invite you to check out the website and if you have any questions, you can also just email me. Website’s easy. Cause.church , my email address is easy as well. It’s just charlie@cause.church. I’d love to hear from you love to talk with you and share more amen.

Jake Enriquez: And by the way, all of those, those links will be in the show notes. So if you want to get in touch with Charlie we’ll have it in the show notes that you could reach out to him and make sure that you join up and get involved. Just, just because you’re maybe here in the state of Texas, like me doesn’t mean you can’t help out in California or Charlie and the guys that go. And so I think it’d be great and definitely something to look into.

Jake Enriquez: Charlie’s a great guy. I’ve known him for a while now. And man, it’s always a blessing to be around them. And by the way, brother, you always preach a great sermon. That’s so good. That’s a big compliment. I appreciate it. And then just got tenure forward in that, you know, so preach the truth, man. Do me a favor, Charlie, if you would, as we wrap it up, man, could you pray us out

Charlie Houck: Father Thank you for this time to just chat with my brother and be a part of, of this, this ministry to share a little of my heart. And more importantly, to share more of your story. The Lord, I pray that you will, just use the ministry of this podcast and ministry of our conversation today. And all the other conversations that’ll happen to expand your kingdom, to make disciples and to build leaders who are passionate about expanding and sharing your gospel. I thank you for Jake and for this ministry, I pray your blessings upon them. And I pray that everyone who’s watching this will have been inspired to find a little bit more of your calling and plan for their lives as they live it out today. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

Jake Enriquez: Hey, it’s been a joy hanging out with you once again. Please remember as you go out in this day that you are not walking out your faith,

Jake Enriquez: Keep pressing, keep reaching and remember, we sure do love you.


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