The Christian Way Of Life

Episode 80 with Kevin Bailey

My dear friend in the Lord, Pastor Kevin Bailey has been blessed by God. We met years back and the Lord has blessed us with an awesome friendship. I have seen God do great things through my friend, and have also seen the effect that God’s love has had on this brother. He longs to walk with others and disciple men along the way, always willing to pay the price with the Lord. Today we are talking about the endeavor that God has surely placed on his heart, the Kingdom Living transitional house. The journey from behind prison walls to living as a free man may be long and enduring, but God has surely made it possible.

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During this episode we discuss:

  •  The desire to disciple men [3:10]
  •  The reality of paying the price [4:15]
  •  The mindset that is needed [5:45]
  •  Hanging on to hope [7:15]
  • One day God is going to bring me out [9:45]
  • God show me how to live [12:10]
  •  Proverbs 16:7, He made my enemies be at peace with me [14:20]
  •  Some things are not for us [21:10]
  •  We cannot do it alone [24:45]
  •  Help, serve and walk [28:15]

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Kevin Bailey: Let us walk with you. Let us help you get to that place where God wants you to be so that you can reach back and help somebody else, man, don’t you know, when God delivers you, you can’t help, but want to reach back and help somebody else. Join me now in episode number eighty with pastor Kevin Bailey, as we talk about that Christian way of life,

Jake Enriquez: Let’s go,

Jake Enriquez: Welcome back to press and reach. My name is Jake Enriquez, your host. You know, we’re just out here walking out our faith and encouraging others along

Jake Enriquez: The way to do the same. So get up in this beautiful morning and let’s go walk this thing out.

Jake Enriquez: Welcome back to press and reach. My name is Jake Enriquez, your host. Man, I once again get to hang out and spend my time with a great friend, pastor Kevin Bailey, who just comes in and hang out with us, man. And first and foremost, this guy, he’s just a good friend of mine. So we’re just going to hang out and talk about a couple of things today. And I know that you shall be blessed in our time. So welcome to the show brother Bailey. How are you doing this morning, man?

Kevin Bailey: I’m doing well, man. Thank you for allowing me to be here today. Oh please. Thank you. It’s always good to have your man.

Jake Enriquez: It’s always good to have you, you know, we’re going to focus in on one of these, I would say a new endeavor, but it’s not really new.

Jake Enriquez: It’s just unfolding more and more. So it’s a new chapter, a new part we could say. And that’s the, a transitional home. Okay. All right. We’re with you in it. So as we go through it, man, I just want you to talk to us today a little bit about some things, the transitional home. what does it mean to you, man w what are you hoping will come out from this thing I guess I should ask you.

Kevin Bailey: I’m interested in leadership, building men and discipling them that they can become leaders and that they would know how to acclimate, in society as a functioning leader, and to, instill and impart, such trenches in men that they wouldn’t know how to, pay it forward, you know, and, as servant leaders, that’s what we’ll, we’ll call too. That’s what we’re looking for.

Jake Enriquez: And I believe that if we can get men to, grab a whole to that mind state, then we can, find ourselves in a better environment. Well, everybody, you know, we kind of talked a lot about this before we even got on, but everybody’s not really about a prison ministry. Yes. And actually, when people look at prison ministry, they only see one part of it. Yes. You know, sometimes you’re invited, Hey, would you like to join me in prison ministry We’re going inside. We’re going to go and share a message, or maybe we’re gonna, you know, bring some food, you know, things like that, you know, but there’s a lot of other parts to it. It’s not just that what I want to go through the story real quick, man. And, I want you to walk me through it actually. So I’m just gonna, I’m going to start it off here.

Jake Enriquez: Here’s what happens. This is what I see happening. This is what most people see happening. A man or woman commits a crime, right then a sentence is imposed. And then after the sentence is imposed, you got to go do the time. And brother assisted that goes to do the time and pays for the crime that they committed is on a long road. It’s a long journey, you know, and I know that you have experience in that brother. You know, we met behind them old walls in, so I’m going to ask you what are some of the emotions and the thoughts that a man or woman must first deal with once they go inside and they know and understand they’re about to do a long stretch of time.

Kevin Bailey: I think the first thing that hits a person is a reality that I’m in prison now, you know, I’m no longer, at my home or, and a functioning job or I’m with my family or children. I’m no longer with them. And I’m in a strange place now. And I think reality hits and it brings a person to that environment that they’re now in. And it takes a moment for a person to realize that they actually have to remain here because of the crime that they committed or the sentence that they were given. So it takes time once you in that environment to realize, Hey, I’m in here, I got to stay in here. But, and in the midst of all of that, there are people that are, that have gone before you. And they have already, come to the reality that I’m in prison.

Kevin Bailey: I have to do my time. And so they are functioning according to, the, the the, the rules and the demand of prison life. And it takes a moment for a person to realize, okay, I have to do it this way. Now, you know, it’s a mind challenge, you know, to cause your mind, to think in a manner and, and such a way as being incarcerated. And so I think that there are a lot of emotions that I know there’s a lot of emotions. That’s, that’s taken place in a person’s heart. And, you, you, you hear so many stories about prison. And so you only look out for those types of things and you won’t, you won’t to, follow the rules that you don’t get in trouble or anything of that nature there. And it’s, it’s a, I think that, you know, we are creatures of habit. We also have creatures that are able to adjust. And one of the things that you will, come to do in prison is you’re going to adjust to the culture or the setting inside of the prison, you know, and those who don’t adjust, they find themselves in the psych ward or somewhere else, whether they call segregation where you have to spend, 23 hours a day in a sale all by yourself. And, and you’re not allowed to, be amongst the population.

Jake Enriquez: Okay. Let me ask you this then. Cause I know, you know, you from experience had to come upon a time that maybe you felt like giving up. So there was a part of hopelessness there because of what you just talked about, man, I’m going to have to do this much time. This is a long stretch. how hard, how hard is it, man, to hang on to hope

Kevin Bailey: It’s real hard. And I think that throughout your, induration your duration rather of your place of confinement, that you will have to battle and deal with that, that hopeless, spirit that you, that comes up on. Every one, you know, and Jake, I was 19 when I went to prison, you know, still a child, you know, still a kid, in my mind that is, and, I was surrounded by guys, of that same age. And we, we, we look, we try to laugh our way, you know, through, we tried to have fun, and to enjoy, the presence of one another, while we were in prison and to try to escape, you know, those hopeless, moments in bottles that you have to have. And, I assure you that, it happens to everyone inside of that place. And because people become so familiar with it and have to address it, that we help one another, make it through those hopeless times and situations.

Kevin bailey: And, and I know that if it hadn’t been for my mother and my family coming to visit me, right, me and things of this nature here, that it would have been really devastating, but because they took the time out to do that and they, they just, they just didn’t leave me in there. You know, all by myself, even though I committed the crime, had to do the time, they were very instrumental in helping me mature and grow and come to that place where you’re gonna make it here. But everybody don’t have that. Everybody don’t have a family and friends that, take time to invest in them while they’re in prison. And because of that, it’s so crucial, you know, for it’s so hard rather for, for men and women who have to, do it all by themselves, man. And they find themselves, in that hopeless burrow where they just can’t get out of it. And I have to say that it wasn’t until my, early years in prison that, the Lord began to, encourage me while I was in there. And just gave me a sense of hope that in spite of my situation, yeah, come on one day, I’m coming out of here. Even though with 22 years later, I realized that one day that God is gonna bring me out of this place. You know,

Jake Enriquez: Let me, let me ask you right there. cause you, you were talking about how in community, in a comradery with other guys, you said you laughed, you guys laughed. And I understand what you’re saying. We got to, there’s a saying, it is you, you, you gotta laugh to keep from,

Kevin Bailey: Yes, sir.

Jake Enriquez: Encourage one another. We’re here. We’re going to have to do this time. Why not do it together and do the best that we can and lift each other up. So when you, when you were in that place, in those moments, you said God was encouraging you, but what challenged you a little bit more to walk towards the Lord instead of the old,

Kevin Bailey: I realize the, the pull of God, first of all, okay. You know, bringing me closer to him. And I realized that my circumstance and it was devastating. It was a prison is a horrible place, you know, and to try to, go through life in prison and not succumb or yield to the, the forces that are around you is very difficult. You know, you can go inside of prison and say, you know what, I’m not going to never have a fight, you know And that can be true. That can be true. It depends on, the makeup of that person. All it depends on what type of, environment that you had to do your time in. And there are some environments in which I was in that it was mandatory that you have to fight, you know, it, you have to do that, you know, at, but in all of that was the cry that, that I had toward God, God, me, how to live.

Kevin bailey: Because if you don’t show me how to live, I’m going to self-destruct in this place. And because of that, crying out to God in the midst of all of that, that was that push that cause me to pursue after him because he began to now I’m beginning to experience his peace. I’m becoming stronger if I could say, and I’m abstaining from, my own, behaviors, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m humbling myself now. I’m not, I’m not acting out as a child anymore. You know, I’m just, I think the word for it is I’m, I’m, I’m coming to maturity by the grace of God.

Jake Enriquez: So when you do come to that and that’s that surrender.

Kevin Bailey: Yes, yes, yes. It’s somewhat starting to lay it out. Yeah.

jake Enriquez: It’s surrender that old way, that old life and follow the Lord in it. What are some of the first things that you began to see doing it his way

Kevin Bailey: Well, every one that I used to Crip, you know, and, and, and all of that stuff, you know, and, but God brought me out of that mind state. And even though I was out of it, those individuals that knew my past, they would often try to bring it up. And because they knew that I wasn’t involved in that life anymore, that those individuals would try to provoke me, you know, to see if I was about that life. And, and, and sometimes they used to get me, you know, sometimes, sometimes they used to pull and be out there and, you know, but, but I learned that, that, that in one particular situation, I was really trying to, abstain and, from it, and this little guy, he, he really provoked at me and we was about to go to war, you know, and I didn’t really want a war with him or nothing like that.

Kevin bailey: But this flesh, you know, was getting the best of me. And I realized that I stepped over, I stepped out, I stepped on my own. Let me say that I stepped into this flesh, you know, but God was, was in it all, you know, and after I cried out to God afterward, and that individual, had got, arrested while in prison, you know, big contraband, or he was doing some things that he wasn’t supposed to do. And, and I, I never forget it. This guy came to me afterward and asked me to pray for him because of the simple fact that he was in trouble, you know, and I realized then that God would fight my battles if I would allow him to. And that was a daily pursuit, law fight. My battles, Lord helped me, you know, and he just began to graciously. So me that he was for me and not me, you know Yeah. And me bumping my head against the wall several times, I quickly come to the understanding. I need God, you know, if God don’t intervene, I’m going to mess this situation up, you know But, but God was gracious.

jake Enriquez: I greatly appreciate that praise. And you know, you’re what you’re talking about is the story inside for you. But we’re going to take a really quick break and we’re going to come right back. And when we do, we’re going to talk about what it looks like coming out of there now. Okay Sure. Hey guys, it’s Jay. And I just want to number one, say, thank you. Thank you for listening in on the podcast. But number two, I want to invite you invite you to come back to the press and reach Facebook page. Man. We’re just putting all the podcasts and the videos up on the page. We’re still learning how to do this. So please just like it and share it if you will. But number three, I want to enlist you to join us in this journey. I share these stories and actively participating as we go out and show the world, Hey man, the good news is still alive and well, let’s go welcome back from the break, man. We’re hanging out with pastor Kevin Bailey and brother Bailey, you know, before the break, you know, you were talking about what it was like on the inside. And I really do appreciate you sharing, man. I really do. I know it can’t be easy sometimes just to go back and have to think about those things is you’re in a, you’re in a brand new day now, right Yeah,

kevin bailey: Sir. All things new praise

Jake Enriquez: A bit. So let me ask you this. Now you’re coming out, Right? You’re coming out of this place. You’ve been in for quite some time. What are the first things that are going through your mind coming out of that place

Kevin bailey: Fear, fear of not knowing what’s about to happen. Okay. Battling that fear. Amen.

Jake Enriquez: Even though you’ve been walking with the Lord inside, there’s a new, there’s a new era, a new season now we’ll wait you so fear.

KEVIN BAILEY: I think that the fear of failing had tried to, appear to me. Okay. Because of only inside, you hear of so many people coming back to prison and they talk about how hard it is. Only outside to adjust. And me being gone since I was 19 years old, I did 22 years. Approximately I got out at 42. So here I am decades inside of prison. Yeah. I come out and I’m living by faith. This is all I have. Yeah, my God, God, show me how to live. And when I got out, I paroled to my brother’s house. I thank God for him that he opened up his doors for me, to come his house. And, but immediately, I had to, not only, find out what parole had in store for me that I had to attain and do.

KEVIN BAILEY: Right. But I also got out with a $2,600 bill. You know what I’m saying You know, so, so, and so I got out in the red, you know, and not having a job or the particular type of updated skills that one needs to, you know, begin to progress in the work. You know So those are some of the challenges that you faced coming out from that place. Ben been in for quite some time now, there’s like you just said, some new skills updated skills that maybe you do, or you don’t have, and you got to come out here and get a job just like anybody else. So what was it like trying to find a job Tell me about some of those interviews you went off. Yes. Yes. I would love to. I, I think that, first of all, I want to say that when men get out of prison that, some doors would be shut, in the, at these companies because that’s not for you.

KEVIN BAILEY: I went to one particular job and, actually a friend of mine, a brother of mine had told me to come up there and his supervisor would harm me. And I went up there and I fill out the application and right when I filled out the application, the secretary, I believe that’s who she was, that she took my application and she began to, ask me questions about my application. It wasn’t my name or anything of that nature there, but she immediately went to the fact, have you ever had a felony Okay. And I said, reluctantly, yes, I have. And she said, okay, was it over seven years ago Because on the application it says that, you know, it got to be over seven years ago. I mean, so, seven year I said, yes, ma’am it, it has been over seven years since the felony.

KEVIN BAILEY: And she said, well, how long has it been And I said, reluctantly, you know, well, it’s, it’s been, a little over 22 years since the felony was committed. And she said, okay. And I knew that I wasn’t going to get the job. She said, okay, smiling and things of this nature there. But I knew that she threw my application away that day. The next day, my friend called me and asked me, did I fill out the application I say, yes, I did. And the lady up front, she did a little interview on me and he said, what And he said, she wasn’t supposed to do no interview. My boss had already hired you. And he went and told his boss and called me back. And his boss told me to come back up there and fill out another application and he’ll be up there. But I didn’t go, I didn’t go back up there because of the simple fact that I didn’t want to be in that environment. Sure. You know, I didn’t, I didn’t want to be in that environment where, I would be looked at in that manner. You know

Jake Enriquez: So those are, you know, that’s experience that you had. And when you’re sharing that, that’s an experience that most will have. I mean, maybe not the exact experience, but what I’m saying is there’s going to be a challenge for guys coming out and having to go through that process of getting a job hop, you know, and you’re saying right now, pastor Bailey that not every job is for you to absolutely acknowledge that it’s not and move on and continue to apply in different places. But challenging. It is. You also mentioned that when you came out, you had your brother. Yes. So you stayed there and housing with him. So what about the guys that don’t have that

KEVIN BAILEY: Oh, it’s, it’s, it’s horrible for men who have been incarcerated, living in a structured environment for some time and to come out here and have no one or no world to go. The only thing that they can result back to is survival. How do I survive And the average person that comes out, he, his way of surviving is to cry. He goes, he go back into that environment that, that want he wants was in prior to getting incarcerated in that environment. It takes him alive, you know And he began to do the same, same thing that he was doing prior to him getting incarcerated, you know, another form of hopelessness, another form of hopeless.

Jake Enriquez: And you know, it seems like, you know, I’ve heard it, I’ve read it somewhere before where some guy and I don’t remember his name, but he, the article was about him and an interview that he did. And he went back to prison. And the reason why he went back to prison is just exactly what you’re talking about. He didn’t feel like he could do it out here. He committed a crime on purpose to go back to a place that he could go to. So we’re talking about challenges of, employment, housing, but there’s also an issue of how does somebody come get up and start to really walk this thing out because there’s a lot of educational issues. And once I’m an educational issue. So I’m talking about a regular old things of living life out here, how to maintain a, a checking account, how to get transportation to, and from all the challenges are the same for anybody and everybody out here doing life. So in that housing that you’re talking about, the transitional house, what do you hope to accomplish with those guys, man How do you want to bring them together to see it Know it, understand it and move through it. Yeah.

KEVIN BAILEY: Well actually it doesn’t begin in the house. As you already know that we go inside of the prisons. We disciple men. We walk with them while they own the inside. Instilling hope, hoping that they would see I do a Lord save you the goodness of God and that they would renew their mind. And that when that day do come, that they come out, that they would pretty much be grounded in faith. And once they out a whole lot objective deals, let me walk with you hand in hand, because experience has shown me the best way is for you to have assistance. You need help on the outside. You can’t do this alone. And man, and that’s where the transitional home come in at our sole objective is to wrap our arms around the men, to walk with them because of the simple fact, they’re going to have to acclimate back out here in society.

KEVIN BAILEY: So we want to be that revenue of source resources for them. So that those individuals that they can know, okay, we have a job awaiting up on you here. Yeah. We know you need to your ID, your identification. That is, we know you need driving license. We know that you need all of those basic things. Let us be the one that provide that for you because of the simple fact that it’ll make your load just a little bit easier. Yeah. Because I hold sole purpose here. I don’t want the person getting overwhelmed in this period of transition this season, this season. Absolutely. Cause if he gets overwhelmed, he’s going to go back to thinking like the children of his real. We had it better in Egypt instead of either. He’ll be saying I had it belly in prison and I’ve heard in the bigger walls, literally say this, that I had it better in prison and that’s not true.

KEVIN BAILEY: That’s not true. So we want to walk with those guys. We want to get them to a place where they become confident that they can live a productive life out here as citizens not committing a crime. We want to help them build their self esteem and let them know that, Hey, everybody messes up. It’s you got the call and the call. You’ve just got a call. And so say, get out, you know, and, and so that you can move in your purpose. Sure. Okay, brother, Bailey. I gotta ask you this question, man. Please probably be the last one. Maybe I might listen. What was it like when you did experience the hand of God and his help as he helped you along the way, do you have any about the bulb, but would you said, man, I want to do that. I want to be able to do that for somebody.

Jake Enriquez: Tell me about that moment for you, man. I think that, that my walking with God, in prison, you know, kinda kind of, encouraged me out here, you know, to know some of the ways of God and when God brought, people across my path, such as yourself, other individuals, when he brought you guys across my path, I didn’t know what was going to take place, but I do know that I was trusting God. And to see the hands of God at work in my life, over my life, through you brothers that encouraged me. And I knew, then this is the way I got to move and operate in this way. And so God stirred my heart alone the way, you know, help serve. You know, though, there are people who were in all in the same situation that you are in reach back and bring them out of that situation, man.

KEVIN BAILEY: That’s what God has been putting in my heart. Cause I was out of prison 15 months and I went back into the prison. Many people would say, why would you rush to go back I had to get back because God was stirring my heart toward those that I left behind and to bring them out and to help and assist them along the way, just like I needed that help and assistance. And to clarify real quick, you were out of prison 15 months and you went back, but you went back to pre yes. I went back to, to preach the word of the Lord to share the hope of the Lord with men. So that they’ll know that man, if God brought this brother out, he can bring me out. And if this brother is still standing, I give God the glory. If this brother is still standing on the outside, then I can do it too. Yeah, you go because God has no respect of person. And that’s the hope that we bring to the brothers. Only inside that if God done it for us, then he can do it for you. Let us walk with you, let us help you get to that place where God wants you to be so that you can reach back and help somebody else, man. Amen. Amen. Yeah,

Jake Enriquez: Brother. We’re, we’re super excited for you man. Seriously, because you know what I think about this whole thing, you know, transitional home, discipleship. I know it’s faith-based I know it’s an, an Avenue of being able to discipleship men in that place who come out. So we’re, we’re plenty excited about it for you and with you and man, what a privilege and honor it is to yoke up with you and do this thing, man. You know what, I, I can’t think of a better guy that can help walk alongside of guys on their way out of that place. Man, our friends need a place to stay, huh Raise the girl, go and grow in the Lord, man, can you do me a favor You know, we gonna, we gonna take off. But first off I got to know how can people reach back and maybe sow into this ministry Where would they go You can go to cash app.

KEVIN BAILEY: Okay. Luke six 38as always. And you can also, email and you can always, be a part of what God is doing in the life of it.

Jake Enriquez: We’ll have that on the show notes and brother Bailey. I need ask you, man, if you would, please, could you close us out in prayer, man Yes.

KEVIN BAILEY: Well, I can, father Lord God, humble. We are in your presence thankful for allowing us to be here. just thank you for, brother Jake and press and reach, carrying out your God, given assignment in the earth, that your people can be encouraged to remain steadfast and unmovable in that what you have called them to thank you for allowing me the privilege to share, your life, with him and the audience. And we just thank you father for all that you have done and that you’re doing. We thank you for your blessing up on the transitional home. We thank you for our brothers that are incarcerated and sisters and those who are, about to be released and, and to join us in community. We thank you for every need being met. Thank you for your wonderful kindness shown toward them and that they lack nothing. And just thank you for the body of believers coming to, this knowledge that, we, have to love up on our brothers and sisters as they come home and to celebrate them and to wrap our arms around them. And we give you all the glory, it’s

Jake Enriquez: Your doing And we thank you. And it’s in Christ’s name. We pray that he man. Amen. Thank you brother. Hey, it’s been a joy hanging out with you once again. Please remember. As you go out in this day, it’s you are not walking out your faith,

Jake Enriquez: Keep pressing, keep reaching and remember who we sure do Love you.



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