011: Newfound Faith where the Physical Meets the Spiritual

What happens when our physical limits are pushed? Well, if you ask Gina Trave, founder of Exalt Fit apparel, our spiritual gets a workout as well. Truly, the business was inspired by her deeper discovery in her faith as she found herself going deeper. Of course, she faces the same challenges as we all face in business, but her perseverance through previous hardships have shown her how to press through during tough times.

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Jake: 00:00 Press and reach episode number 11.

Jake: 00:10 Good morning afternoon or whatever this may be to you. I sure hope and pray that you be found well in spirit my friend. Hey my name is Jake Enriquez and it is a joy honor and a privilege to be your host today so please let me welcome you to press and read a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith. and encouraging others along the way to do the same. Welcome back to press.

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Jake: 00:47 and reach my name is Jake Enriquez and I am your host and a man what an awesome and wonderful morning it is. And we certainly want to thank you for coming out and joining us this morning. You know this morning we have a special guest and it’s a special treat. I’ve got to tell you you guys already know that we’re all about the faith we’re all about faith family and community. And you know we’re going to introduce somebody to you today that is in the process of really bringing her business up and getting it going and getting it going in the right direction. I believe you know as I hear her story that her business is truly inspired and I know that she’s been given a vision she’s going to share the vision and the plan to go forward and how we’re going to move forward in it.

Jake: 01:26 I just want you to welcome her today because truly we are behind her and we support her 100 percent of the way we’re pulling for her praying for her. And we’re asking you guys of course just to do the same thing as she moves forward in this. So now I would like for you guys just to welcome Ms Gina Trave. Gina how are you doing this morning?

Gina: 01:26 I’m good Jake, how are you?

Jake: 01:46 I’m doing well you know and because we want to get to know you want a personal level can you just kind of introduce yourself and where are you from?

Gina: 01:57 Sure my name is Gina Trave and I’m married.

Gina: 01:57 I have two kids. I have a 16 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. I was born and raised in Lansdale Pennsylvania and I started a business a few years ago. kind of see how it played out in the last three months. I

Gina: 02:14 have been at it full time.

Jake: 02:15 OK.

Gina: 02:16 And the name of your company or your business is what now?. it’s Exalt, Exalt Fit And what we do is we started out as a motivational apparel company. But our motivational sayings and ideas come from Scripture.

Gina: 02:33 OK. You know initially it was just time to defeat that the stereotypical vision of a people who are into fitness you know think they’re narcissists who are you know they’re there to into themselves and really that’s not what it is about. Sure.

Gina: 02:50 And we want to encourage people and motivate them and you know that the the brand has has has has grown significantly. since it’s start.

Gina: 03:03 And you know more and more athletes are coaching me. And you know they just they want to see more.

Jake: 03:10 Sure. OK. OK. And the name of the company is Exalt Fit. And I know that you have the apparel line going in those things end like you were just saying there are many more athletes I mean approaching you on it. But here’s the thing. You said that it was built by an athlete for athletes right. You’re

Gina: 03:29 an athlete or an athlete as far as you know I do a lot of strength training. So I’m you know my own competitor.

Gina: 03:38 OK. But you know I do consider myself an athlete.

Jake: 03:41 OK. Absolutely. And here’s something that that I was looking at. I was reading one of your articles. OK and I was looking at some things on there and it said that you were kind of surprised by the more you push yourself physically. I should say you became more spiritually aware I guess because you know it’s you know I think the better you feel the more clear you can think.

Gina: 04:07 So. You know at the time when I was really at a down point in my life you know I started being more disciplined with with my physical activity with my diet. You know I started feeling physically better. And then you know I was also trying to get spiritually fit. So you know I would read I would listen to you know pastors and read scripture and it just kind of all started to come together.

Gina: 04:37 There was that athlete out in L.A. who I was following on Instagram you know Instagram was all new to me and you know I’m 43 years old so you know 40 year old going on instagram it’s kind of like a whole different world. But now it’s like an addiction. So I was following her and she always you know posted you know that fitness isn’t about putting your body part out on Instagram and you know showing how sexy you are. It’s not that. And you know I also that was very powerful. That’s not what an athlete is.

Gina: 05:09 And one day she posted you know faith without action is dead. And I just thought that was a really powerful message if you’re not going to put the work in. You no you’re not going to get anything out of it. Right. And so those kind of noted it all started with like the fitness motivational spiritual thing and then I just kind of everything just kind of started coming together with it you know and you know even like you know daily struggle no not just my fitness but you know I was struggling with my marriage I was struggling you know being it being a good mom and it just you know keeping my faith and really strengthening my relationship with God as has really changed my life. OK. It just having my body and spirit all in sync. You know we were made to be in balance.

Gina: 05:59 Sure. I kind of feel like I’m at a point in my life right now where where I am I am in balance. I mean yeah it mean you’re going to have hard times you’re going to you know I’m going to fall off my diet I’m not going to want to work out I’m going to have fights with my husband. But you know when it comes down to it you know I look towards God for guidance and you know leave me in the right direction. And you know he just he doesn’t fail. It just kind of all comes together. I feel like I’m sure.

Jake: 06:26 And you know I was reading that you said that once those things did come together for you right. You started going deeper meditating praying more and the seed was planted for you to spread the word. So you found you found your piece in The Word of God. Right. I did. Yes. So and actually and actually you know the Scripture says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God that’s how it’s increased. And that’s why that’s why you can actually build upon that and actually just keep going upon it and God always opens up more and more because he says in his scripture that the more that we desire him more that we seek Him with all our heart he’ll be right. He opens that door for us. But here’s the thing I know that that’s how your vision unfolded for this business so you started looking at it and started seeing this it’s this way to go.

Jake: 07:14 And you had an idea and you started running with it. I know that God has already given you that desire in your heart to go forth with it because it is definitely a powerful message that he would carry forward. Right. So let me ask you this though. Why is it so important to you in the physical fitness area?

Gina: 07:31 You know I just want to preface that it’s not my physical appearance that I that I’m not concerned about. OK. You know if I had if I have a couple days where I decide not to do any physical activity I feel tired. I don’t feel motivated. It’s something that just you know I feel like God has given me this body to do things we were meant to move around. You know I always say funny at Christmas time when you know I see people driving around the parking lot. You know for 20 minutes to find a closer parking spot and find the first parking spot even if it’s like a half a mile away. But you know what God me two legs I can I can take that walk. Sure. Yes. You know and I’m thankful for it. You know there are a lot of people who pray that they’ll walk again.

Gina: 08:15 So you know having that ability to be strong you know and feel great. It’s life for me and it’s what gives me motivation for my carelessness. It helps me focus. And you know have energy to be with my kids to do things with my husband and just be active and you know I just enjoy it you know and you know I know for some people it’s people who struggle with trying to get in shape and you know I guess it could be daunting but you know I kind of feel like if you just make one little change and make that you know a habit and you keep growing on it ok. Same thing happens with you know your faith. Sure you take a one little change you start something and you kind of grow up on it and there it is. It’s all discipline. I mean anything in life is a discipline.

Jake: 08:59 OK. Well there it is. I mean I believe that wholeheartedly by the way. I think that you know when our physical means are spiritual that it’s all working together. And when it does work together of course it takes us to different levels and different levels of not only the physical fitness but our spiritual our spiritual understanding. We have a spiritual that really awakens inside each and every one of us.

Jake: 09:23 And I think that’s awesome and you know here’s the thing myself. Hey I got to say I’ve got a struggle.

Jake: 09:30 We you know we’re there sometimes and then you fall off and get back on. For some of us like that I mean what would you what would you say about that what’s the. I mean I know nobody’s perfect. OK Gina I know that. So what are some of the things that help you just to get up and keep going and keep plugging away at it.

Gina: 09:48 You have to make that choice. So every day you know. You know I get up at 5:00 a.m. to go to the gym. Do I feel like it. No I don’t. But I make that conscious effort to do it as far as diet. You know here I go off of it. You know I’m not perfect. But I try to keep you know 80 percent of my diet in check. I do enjoy myself sometimes but I get back I’m sure. I kind of feel like it’s you know just because you de-rail doesn’t mean you don’t get back on and get back on right away. Sure. And you know I think the further away you pull from it it’s hard to get back. Sure. And you know once something is in your routine. That routine it’s hard to break. Absolutely it is.

Gina: 10:32 You know I know it’s easier said than done but you know just you know when people make small little adjustments in their schedule make it make it a habit and you know and you know once it’s it’s it’s something you do. And then you can build upon that you know.

Jake: 10:47 Absolutely. Well this this whole thing putting this business together actually is in. Right. It is in faith to do. And I know it takes a leap of faith to do any of this. So tell me a little bit about your faith and how you arrived here. You know I mean is this something that’s always been with you growing up up until this point.

Gina: 11:08 I always had faith. I’ve never really lost faith and. I was never outward about it. You know and my husband always likes to say I’m so glad you found your faith. I always laugh because I just never I guess we’ve never talked about our faith. And you know it just never dawned on me. You know I found this business in a rough point in my life and that is strengthen me as a person. And you know just having those conversations with my it’s almost like a bonding between between me and my husband. You know that we can talk about it and share. So I you know I always had faith. I just don’t think it was as strong as it is now. OK. You know I just realized you know as a kid I can remember praying every night before I went to bed.

Gina: 11:57 Sure sure. You know I always felt bad about praying for myself you know. And you know until I read a book Living in Love by Jay HAYZLETT we were then a pastor out in L.A. So it was a 40 day devotional and it was about you know letting God love in you know the shock. You know it changed my perspective on my place with that.

Jake: 12:21 Absolutely. So you’ve always had faith and you just kind of started getting a little bit deeper and deeper and things start to open up for you just a little bit more.

Gina: 12:29 Yeah and I’m reaching for more. You know I love learning from people you know like our previous conversation. You know I enjoy that. Sure. You know I I love to learn it. I love to you know and I love it and you know I just continue to build on it.

Jake: 12:44 Absolutely. Well I tell you what Mr. you know we’re going to take a quick break and we’re going to be right back.

Jake: 12:49 Hey guys it’s Jake. I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact you liked the podcast to come and subscribe rate and review just take a brief moment to do that.

Jake: 12:59 But not only that we asked to come and visit us for us to reach dotcom.

Jake: 13:03 Well we’re all about faith family and community. Listen if you have a story about how your faith in the Lord has seen.

Jake: 13:11 We certainly want to hear from you whether it’s been in your business life your personal life which could be your marriage or dealing with your family whatever it may be.

Jake: 13:21 We know that faith is a daily world. So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all.

Jake: 13:31 Welcome back to the press and read. I am Jake Enriquez and we’re talking to Miss Gina Trave and we’re talking about not only the physical fitness but before the break we’re talking about our faith and how our faith grows as we go. And she has absolutely stepped out in faith to pursue this business and we’re behind her 100 percent by the way as she walks in it and I absolutely love and adore the fact that she is seeking all that she can in the Lord her faith. So as she go forward Ms. Gina I’ve got to ask you a question that I know has not always been that way for each and every one of us. We all go through tough times. There are always some kind of experiences that we encounter that absolutely strengthens our faith along the way. Would you be willing to share a time that maybe was troubling for you or maybe your failure or whatever it might be that helped you to strengthen your faith.

Gina: 14:20 Sure. So you know in our previous discussion you know saying I had you know some hard time. You know it was a struggle and I think every marriage goes through some rough time. And you know I married my high school sweetheart. So I will be 19 years this year and around 2000 a lot and my husband and I had a custom cabinetry manufacturer in Lansdale.

Gina: 14:43 And you know it was the downturn of the economy. Things were just really rough. You know we almost know how house and we were under construction at the time and we had to stop construction because there was just no money we had to take a cut in our pay. He was working all the time. You know we were fighting all the time. You know I felt like I was not a good mom to my kids because of the anger and resentment you know and I you know I would look at my husband every night and say I cannot believe I’m married to this man. We we’re just not in a good place.

Gina: 15:17 You know we the discussion you know we had a discussion about you know a separation you know he left one night and it was terrifying.

Gina: 15:27 You know the kids were upset and then I’m you know feeling like I’m not a good mother you know how could this all happen.

Gina: 15:33 And it was really my husband to be you know amazing. And he fought. He fought for us. You know and it took me a little while to see it. We actually went to we went for counseling.

Gina: 15:52 That didn’t help. It just brought out more anger or resentment. And then there was a lady that used to work for. She was always very spiritual I loved her to death.

Gina: 16:02 And at the downturn we had to let her go because we had to lay off people. So we reached out to her and she. I’m telling you in one in one and like not even a counselor she just took it in and just calm down read some Scripture to her and like we left like literally we left every thought she put them like pixie dust on us or something. It was we were just like oh my god. Like we were so much more at peace. You know it just I couldn’t believe that just in an hour and a half.

Gina: 16:42 You know talking to her, she was very into her faith. How much how comforting it was very freeing.

Gina: 16:46 And you know just listening to her and you know feeling that I just I want it more and you know that’s when I start reaching for for something more in my life I kind of felt like you know we’re putting this addition on our house and you know everything was just it was all like this materialistic stuff. And when you listen to her it was just something. Sure. So that was a rough time and it made us stronger We’re stronger in our faith. Now our relationship with our kids is awesome.

Gina: 17:18 I mean are too like they’re just I mean I look at them and I just like beam you know it was a rough time but you know we got through it and we got to look because we have faith. We persevered. You know we’re better we’re better for it.

Jake: 17:31 Absolutely. That’s perseverance. That’s faith. That’s endurance and all of those things are working together right and God sees that and he absolutely blesses us in it. Maybe it was a rough time but as you think about it now there’s going to be times that can remind us of this. So do you ever do you ever struggle with some of those thoughts but go back to hey we almost lost our house. It was a really rough time. Can you can reflect sometimes on that say But you know what we made it.

Gina: 18:00 I do. And you know it actually you know a change in my thinking. You know really honest answer how. But you know what. Even if we did we didn’t lose you know anything precious. Yeah. And I was OK. I even now you know we were we were we you know after a meeting with this woman Donna I came back and I’m like I’m OK if we get this out I’m ok with that it’s almost we’re all healthy. It really doesn’t matter if we don’t take a lot for granted anymore. Amen amen. I mean it was just fun. It was it was a rough time. I mean everything you know thinking of leaving our house you know our marriage you know our relationship with our kids it’s just I mean that was everything and saying we’re making you work for. And you know we don’t take it for granted and I don’t think we ever will.

Jake: 18:48 Oh that’s awesome awesome. I love to hear that. And I do see and I do know and understand by listening to you as you’re walking in this thing your faith is absolutely being strengthened. And again we encourage you to keep going because I want to. I want to touch on this for a minute. Our Lord doesn’t make any mistakes OK. He gives each and everybody their own task he has always said before each and every one of us something. So you touched on it a while ago and you didn’t really realize those things were there. You said your faith has always been there. Right. But that’s why the scripture says that you know God didn’t give us the spirit of fear but of power love and of a sound mind and as Paul told young Timothy he said you have to stir up the gift thats already in you. And see I can absolutely see that somewhere along the lines for you. Your gift was stirred up. Right

Jake: 19:42 now you’re going to run into Miss Jean and you’re going to run into a lot of naysayers. You’re going to run into a lot of people that will tell you by the way hey that old business never worked. So I want to encourage you in this thing because we did share some things earlier that it might not be everything in the business that you’re in.

Jake: 20:00 But it’s the plan that unfolds before you. God has a plan for you. In other words he started you off in this in this business but you know your specialty might be different areas of the business. You know I can absolutely see you sharing your story in front of a lot of people. OK. So you have to remember that as you go forward just keep pressing in in your faith because he’s the one that’s absolutely seen you through. As a matter of fact the Scriptures say that is God. It’s both his will and his way and for his own good pleasure that he works in. So as you go forward I just want you to recall that remember that. I mean there’s going to be naysayers. There’s always that you know there are always naysayers and you know I actually love them to be honest. I

Jake: 20:44 like when they say you can’t do this can’t do that. It encourages me but I just want you to have her say Oh yes I can better believe it. So

Jake: 20:53 in that you know I think about some of those traits that were developed I hear for myself I hear that you have a great sense of discipline and perseverance but are there any others that you want to share that you may have that would help us along the way.

Jake: 21:10 I think strength. I’ve always been pretty strong. I have always been a motivator and I always push myself to do things outside the box. You know and I try to do that with my kids too. You know you don’t have to follow the pack. you know you do you and God will lead you in the right direction. There’s a funny quote on one of the churches by us it said if you eat forbidden grapes it’ll put you in many jams. Yeah. So you know I tell them you know look you know you just have to be great.

Jake: 21:42 Absolutely absolutely. That’s awesome. You know I do see that. I always encourage our own brothers and sisters out here read and actually you shared it I ask you to share it again if there was a book that you would recommend to our readers. You

Jake: 21:57 know as they go along the same journey you’re going along and we’re all going along by the way is the journey in faith. What would that book be.

Gina: 22:05 Living in LA it’s a 40 day devotional and it’s put out by Pastor Jay Hayzlett. And this book we don’t even read I kind of put me back on track. You know I was once in a blue moon. Opened it up and I’ll read more of an emotional you know.

Jake: 22:25 Sure. No no that’s good.

Jake: 22:28 Yeah. OK. And speaking of which you know I think that as you keep doing this thing you’re going to you’re going to keep writing into different people. And I know that God’s going to show you different people along the way and I’ll put you in their path as well. But where could we find you along the way as we continue to go like on the Web site or Instagram.

Gina: 22:47 Go ahead. So the Web site is exalt fit dot com. My Instagram is exact fit And then the Facebook is exalt fit apparel.

Jake: 22:58 So we’ll have that in the show notes for you as well.

Jake: 23:02 And I have to ask you you know I have to ask anybody else you know you got a great story by the way and I know that God is absolutely blessed you in it. There’s so many different ways that I see you helping other people. And you know I shared this with you a little bit before. Sometimes our friends don’t know different things about us. OK. Right. What would you say to one of your friends that may be struggling in their faith right now.

Jake: 23:29 Remember you spoke to somebody and that somebody that councilor blessed you guys you and your husband. So

Jake: 23:37 what would you say that you would offer as an encouraging word for anybody who needs to be encouraged in this day to persevere. You

Gina: 23:45 know you have to I really think you need to go through the trouble to get to that glory. And you know you have to have the you have to continuously pray and you know for God to lead you. Sure. And you just you have to you know just you you have to say Sure OK. And

Jake: 24:07 you know you know here’s the thing. Nobody likes to have problems in our marriage. OK. We don’t. But the fact of the matter is Gina you’re not the only one who has ever struggled in marriage. I know I did. Along the way and I’ve shared that right. And so were those things that you’ve gone through. I’m telling you right now. Ms Gina I do see it and you see it for you. Yes. The exalt is your avenue and your platform but see it for more than that because God has given you a vision and you place it in your heart. And as you go in this thing we do pray that you are encouraged and to keep moving forward. Thank you. We thank you and as a matter of fact as we like to tell anybody and everybody that comes and participates with us we do absolutely love you and appreciate you we thank God for you and all that you’re doing for the community. God

Gina: 24:53 bless. All right. Thank you. Bye bye Bye bye.

Jake: 24:56 Once again that’s Gina Travis A What an awesome awesome lady she is. And we’re so very proud of her as she walks through this thing called life as she is really starting to experience her faith but these are the things that I just kind of that kind of stood out to me during this time that we got to spend together. Number one is that she was telling us how her physical absolutely stretched her spiritual In other words they came together and actually helped her to flourish in both. Now you’ll hear Gina’s speak of body mind and spirit all together working together as one. And she was really experiencing God in those areas so what a beautiful thing that was. But not only that number two is that her faith really began to grow. She started to experience it she began to go deeper in it and just as the scripture says you know when we seek God with all our heart he says there he’ll be.

Jake: 25:49 And that’s what’s really happening for our guest our friend Ms. Gina as she was walking forward she continues to walk forward. That’s exactly what she’s experiencing today. Well not only that last but not least you know MS Jean is talking about pressing through any struggle. Perseverance. And she wouldn’t trade it for the world she knows now as she went through it then that pressing through a she’ll surely be seen through by God so we hope you enjoyed her. Ms Gina Trave once again the show notes will be on our Web site if you go to pressandreach.com/pr11. You’ll be able to find the show notes again it’s pressandreach.com/pr11

Speaker 2: 26:31 Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you.

Jake: 26:34 So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone here. For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Pushing the Physical in Order to Reach the Spiritual

In a low point of life, Gina found herself searching to become, not only physically better, but more spiritually sound. This came through acts of self-discipline as she recalls a scripture verse that “faith without works is dead.” This message becomes the driving force behind discovering more truths for herself.

The physical fitness aspect is of great importance to Gina, but not because of a certain desire to look a certain way. Her physical fitness is of great importance because her energy and strength levels increase. This is what gives her such a motivation to push forward and move on.

Going a Little Deeper

Discovery brought about a desire more in her faith. While her husband was happy for her new found faith, Gina explains that she has always had faith. She and her husband were both finding ways to talk more about faith as well as bond through it.

Certainly we don’t do it alone, and she gives thanks to a 40 day devotional by Jay Haizlip titled Living in Love. This helped to change Gina’s perspective on God’s love and what it meant in her life.

Moments of Truth

In life no one gets a pass from trials or tribulations. The scripture actually says that in this world we will have trouble but to take heart, for Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33). Gina talks about her most troubling times in marriage, family, and business.

At times we may feel that we have really failed, God has a way of seeing us through. Gina recalls a time when they reached out to a friend and former employee who simply comforted them with God’s word. This is the moment that she knew that she wanted more for her life.


The one thing that Gina would say to anyone experiencing difficult times in their faith is to learn how to persevere. Put the faith to work and know that God is able to see you through. It won’t always be easy but you have to make a choice to move forward.


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