039:  Being a Dad

No doubt about it – if you’re a dad, you’re going to make mistakes.  You’re going to get it wrong.  The struggles and challenges are different from day to day and family to family.  The good news is, there’s room for improvement.  So whether you’re just getting started in this thing called fatherhood, or you’ve raised all of yours and are watching them become adults, the job is not done and it’s not too late to be a better dad.

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03:41 Outside influences

Social media, friends and followers – they hold our kids’ attention, and have a lot of influence.  As a dad, make sure they understand that what they can’t and shouldn’t believe everything they see online.

Remember that this is spiritual warfare.  The enemy wants to disrupt the family, and social media is an easy way to influence our kids and draw them into the ways of the world.

06:48  Pride

We don’t easily let people in to our lives.  We’re ashamed or embarrassed to even ask for help.  We can’t grow like that.

15:05  Mistakes

Mistakes happen, a lot.  You won’t always get it right.  The key is to recognize when mistakes are made and don’t keep doing it.  Set the example for your kids when you mess up – acknowledge it, accept responsibility, and apologize.



07:08  Accountability

Learn from brothers who are doing it the right way.  Look for godly men who God is placing in your life.  Sit down with them.  Ask for help, be transparent, learn from their mistakes.  Be willing to heed their advice and counsel.

07:46  Pay attention

Monitor what your kids are posting online.  Recognize it as an opportunity for conversation.  Our kids may be posting things they don’t understand or have questions about.  Don’t overlook it.

11:40 Open communication

Kids are curious, and they have questions.  Be available and approachable.  Listen when they’re willing to ask questionsor talk about things they’ve been wondering about.  When you expect questions, you’ll be able to lead them in a discussion and talk to them about it.Be gentle and gracious when they show this vulnerability.

16:36  Desire to get better

When you are willing, the Lord will reveal areas in your life that you struggle with.  Go to Him first, so that HE may help you in that area.

19:03/34:18  Get involved

Start with your local church.  We aren’t supposed to do this alone.  A bible-based church is a good place to find some guys who are trying to do the same as you – grow in the Lord, be a good husband, be a good father, and lead by example.

24:35  Get some Word

Having a life verse can be just what you need when you find yourself in a difficult spot.  When our kids’ choices don’t line up with what we’ve taught them, dads can be negatively affected.  Proverbs 4:23 reminds us to guard our hearts, which is exactly what we need to do when anger or bitterness tries to creep in.  Luke 9:23 can put us back on track when we want to focus more on ourselves rather than spending time with our kids.  Just make sure you’ve got some Word in you!

16:36/35:43  Desire to be better

It comes down to this – do you want to be a better dad, yes or no?  Do you see yourself as the leader of your family?  If you’re going to be in the position to lead your family, and specifically to lead your kids when they go through things, then you have to be following the Lord.  That’s where you start.

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