040:  Christ is the Motivation

Miriam-Webster provides this as one of the definitions of “motivation”: the condition of being eager to act or work.  A condition that, more often than not, is temporary.  Motivation definitely has its place and serves a purpose.  But motivation only gets you so far.  It’s like a shot of adrenaline, one whose effects gradually fade away.  After the motivation wears off, you come back to reality and not much has changed.  So, what do you do to get motivated in your marriage or motivated in your business?  Realize this – you’re not really looking for motivation; you’re looking for an understanding.

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Who You are in Christ

If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then you have the relationship that’s good for anything. Without Him, we place our hope in other people.   Without Him, everything else you’re pursuing can easily fall apart.  The truth is none of those other things will suffice.  Without the firm foundation of Christ, we don’t have anything solid to stand on.  The same is true of our businesses – motivation only lasts for a brief moment.  We can find ourselves always looking for the next motivational speech to pump us up and give us a reason to keep going.  Again, the motivation is fleeting.  What, or rather, Who, we need is Jesus.

Pursuing the Right Relationship

How do we pursue that relationship, the one on which all others can stand?  We need to make Jesus Christ both Lord and Savior. Everybody wants a Savior because nobody wants to go to hell.  We don’t want a lord because that would mean having to submit to Him.  We don’t get to choose one without the other.  That’s not the way it works.  We are to surrender to Christ, knowing and understanding that we need Him as Lord AND Savior.  He gives us the Holy Spirit to lead us, guide us, and counsel us.  Pursuing this relationship with Christ will make way for us to be guided in those other areas – marriage, relationships, business, finance.

Christ is the Motivation

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.’  Fear of the Lord is reverence for God.  Do you know the Holy One?  If you don’t know Him, then you don’t have the understanding that you’ve been seeking.  This is the starting point.  Know Jesus Christ, make Him Lord and Savior of your life, and begin to gain the understanding. Understand that Christ came to give us life and give it more abundantly.  Understand that the enemy is a thief who is here to steal, kill, and destroy.  If you’re losing hope, the enemy is doing his job of robbing you of your joy and your peace.  If we’ll take what God has already given us and adhere to it and walk with Him and trust Him, we won’t need any more motivational speeches

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Jake Enriquez: 00:01 Press and Reach episode number 40. Christ is the motivation.

Jake Enriquez: 00:01 Good

Jake Enriquez: 00:12 morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever this may be to you, I sure hope and pray that you’d be found well in spirit, my friend. Hey, my name is Jake Enriquez and it is a joy, honor and a privilege to be your host today. So please let me welcome you to press and reach a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way. Do the same.

Jake Enriquez: 00:45 welcome back to president reached. My name’s Jake Enriquez your host and hey man I hope and pray each and every one of you are having a

Speaker 1: 00:52 absolutely wonderful and blessed morning this morning. I know it was Friday morning and I know everyone looks forward to Friday, but you know, as this Friday morning approaches, you have to know and understand if it’s been a good week, praise God. And if it’s been a tough week, well praise God, praise God either which way, right? So, uh, I know it’s been a great week. I’m going to go ahead and say that for everybody. I know we’ve had some things in the news that, uh, we want to remain in prayer about for the families that are suffering across the country. You today. Um, we do take into consideration each and every one who go through things and, uh, we always want to keep them on the forefront of our minds and remain in prayer for everybody. Always. Well, you know, this morning we were going to talk about a couple of things and it made me, somebody had called me not so long ago and made me think about this, so we just decided to put it out there and uh, just make little episode of it here on press and reach.

Speaker 1: 01:55 But, you know, uh, this morning I was taking my daughter to school so I’m going to go ahead and put her out there and put her on blast. But, uh, we were, uh, go up and down the road. I was getting ready to take her into the school and I had my music blaring and, you know, I like to put the windows down for the Kiddos. And um, she seems to get a little bit embarrassed. So, uh, for her, you know, praise God, I just want to wish her a absolutely wonderful, blessed morning today. I didn’t, I didn’t Blair the music, I didn’t let it go. I was just playing with her. So I just want to wish her a blessed morning today. Miss Carson, Elizabeth, you have a blessed morning girl, blessed day and I enjoy yourself. You know, your daddy likes to play around like that.

Speaker 1: 02:38 But as we, uh, go in to this day, I’m just thinking about others who get so caught up and different things, you know, my, like I was saying, my buddy called me a while back talking about some issues so I know and understand he’s not the only one. When these things come to mind, it often makes me think of of many different things, but I will go ahead and dive into it. The issue at hand was that he was going through a hard time and uh, going through a hard time with this business and going through a hard time in his marriage. And I’m not gonna put any names out there. I’m not putting them on business than the street. But, uh, it did make me think about it because I do know that, you know, oftentimes we can go through these things, but if we’re not lined up right, will start looking for the answers in all the wrong places, man.

Speaker 1: 03:29 So I tell you what problem was, he said, hey jake, I got to ask you a question. And I said, OK, do you ever have a problem with motivating getting motivated about certain things in your life? Like, you know, I’m not really so motivated. He said about my marriage. And I was like, OK, I understand he goes into and I know that it’s affecting my business. All right, well if it’s affecting your business then you really have a problem. Um, and I can totally understand that. And you know, when I think about that, I think you know, that he’s not the only one that may have, you know, this issue, you know, because think about this, you know, I see a lot of times these hashtag motivation Monday, right? That’s great. You know, motivation is a great thing. I think it’s awesome. We should all be motivated in what we’re doing.

Speaker 1: 04:22 And no doubt there should be some type of motivation that exist for each and every one of us. We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. But I think about that and I said, well, what gets you motivated? And he said, well, I’m having a problem even understanding how to get motivated. I said, OK, well here’s the thing that I think about the most when it comes to motivation. Motivation is about as good. Um, it’s just a shot of adrenaline for you, uh, just for about love for different people at last. A different amount of time, you know, motivation Monday might carry the lunchtime and if you hit lunchtime and you’d run out of motivation or brother or sister, I tell you why, you know, it doesn’t really get that easy after that does it, you know, but for some people, motivation and they may hear something that’s motivating or inspiring when they hear someone talk about something and you know, that might carry it a Wednesday.

Speaker 1: 05:20 And then we’ve got this thing that people develop called Hump Day. That means I’m barely getting over the middle of the week. So I don’t know, motivation is good for some things, you know, I think it’s the good kickstart, but it’s surely not a place to, uh, it’s surely not something that you would put emphasis on in your marriage or in your business because if you’re doing that, you’re going to have more problems than you can imagine. So motivation again guys, I think it’s only going to get you so far and it gives you just a little bit down the road and then, uh, once you come back to reality and an understanding of where you are, you still have to go home to maybe an unhappy marriage or you still have to go back to the business that’s not performing well. And uh, you know, the motivation and again, it’s only good for a moment. So when he was asking me, he said, so what do you do about being motivated in your marriage or motivated in your business wise? And maneless and motivation is one thing, but understanding is different. You’re not really looking for motivation, brother. So what you’re looking for is an understanding. And here’s what I mean by that. When you come into an understanding of who you are in Christ,

Speaker 1: 06:49 then everything else can fall by the wayside. Now, I know people might look at it a little bit differently, but let me kind of explain it to you for you. Get on to me, but I want you to think about it this way. First and foremost, if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then you have the relationship that’s good for anything. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, everything else that you’re pursuing can easily fall apart. In other words, let’s look at it this way. I’m thinking about a young man this morning who’s desperately chasing a girl. Now, this youngster, this youngster puts all his hope in this young lady. Now she halfway, halfway, doesn’t. She plays games left and right with him, but he puts all his hope in that girl. Now grown folks listening today, so let. Let me ask you a question. What then is going to happen when a girl gets tired of playing games with this young man?

Speaker 1: 08:10 Well, we all know that he’s probably gonna get his heart broke, right? Because all his hope is in her and she really, she just continues to play games well, but the same thing can be said, uh, the other way around. What if it’s a young lady? Because I know a bunch of young ladies out there who chase who they think is the dream catch or, or the man of their dreams, I should say. But I gotta tell you young lady, he is not Christ and you cannot put your hope in other people like that. Am I saying don’t chase or pursue relationships? No, I’m not saying that. I believe that, uh, relationships are great. I believe that those relationships are, are fun, but you must have exercise caution in the relationship building because if you don’t have the right relationship in place with Christ, all those other things will not suffice.

Speaker 1: 09:10 You see, in the same thing goes for us in business. It was telling them, I go back to my buddy. I was telling him, I said, man, you know the problem with being motivated again, remember it’s like a little bit of a jump of something and then you got to come back to reality. And if you don’t have anything to stand on, well then you don’t get anything out of it. You’ll still be always needing to be motivated. How do you know people that they’re always looking for some type of motivation speech or a motivation, a motivational speaker to speak into their lives they love when somebody speaks with a motivation and then after that they go right back to doing what they’re doing. So it only lasts for a brief moment, right?

Jake Enriquez: 10:01 Hey guys, it’s Jamie. Hey, I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact you liked the podcast to come and subscribe, rate, and review. Just take a brief moment to do that, but not only that, we ask that you come and visit us on press reached [inaudible]. What we’re all about, faith, family, and community. Listen to. If you have a story about how your faith and the Lord has seen you through, we certainly want to hear from you whether it’s been in your business life, your personal life, which could be your marriage or dealing with your family, whatever it may be. We know that faith is a daily walk, so come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all the glory.

Speaker 1: 10:43 So again, uh, when I think about relationships, first off, if you don’t have a relationship with Christ Jesus and an understanding of who you are in Christ, those other ones will just simply fall by the wayside. So somebody said, well, you know what I’m thinking about trying a different religion. So, OK, well, I mean, I understand that I’m not going to run anybody off of, of their, um, their pursuit or their search or their own journey. Certainly I’m not, you know, and I wouldn’t do that. I, I think that people as people, we’re all on our own journey and we should of course pursue it with everything we have. But here’s the thing, I go back to the relationship with Christ when I was telling him as a man, if you don’t have a relationship with Christ Jesus, you won’t have an understanding of all these things, even if it’s religion.

Speaker 1: 11:47 But, um, so he says, I like this. So how do you go about, um, a really engaging in that relationship? How do you go about a really pursuing that? So I’m glad you asked. First and foremost, I’ve got to ask, is Christ your Lord and Savior? And that’s a two fold question. You see, everybody wants to save your right because nobody wants to go to hale friends but anybody, but everybody wants to save. You don’t want to Lord. And that’s the truth. See, if I can just have a savior and I don’t have to have lord, that means I don’t have to submit anything. However I’m saved. And that’s not how it works for him. That’s not the way it works is we surrender to Christ Jesus known and understanding that we need him as Lord and Savior in our lives. And when we draw close to Christ, he begins to teach us everything there is.

Speaker 1: 12:53 When it comes to relationships, when it comes to business, when it comes to a finance, it doesn’t matter. He teaches us everything we need to know about these things and it’s slowly develops in as the more we pursue Christ because he gives us the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit as our lead. He’s our counselor. He’s our guide. Nobody can take those things away from us. So then we began to be guided in that and lead by Christ in our decision making, not only in our decision making that we have in our business, but in our marriage. We learn how to submit to the Lord, and from, from man, we learn how to love our wives the way Christ loved the church, and that’s going to take true compassion. So, uh, but other things just start to fall by the wayside. What seemed to be so important before, no longer so important now.

Speaker 1: 13:56 So if I’m having this understanding and I do have cry, who Christ is to me and who I am in Christ, I no longer need to go for a pep rally began to grab, isn’t understanding. You see, the scripture says that the understanding. Well, let me put it to you this way. The scripture says that the, um, I’m looking for the scripture right, right off hand, but, uh, it, it’s a two part verse. It says that the hand, my goodness, I’m, it’s slipping my mind right now. But regardless, I’ll look for it real quick. It says that the wisdom. I’m thinking about wisdom. Uh, yeah, the fear of the Lord. There you go. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So we think about the of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, right? Well, the fear of the Lord, what that is, is reverence for God. Number one. So when we have reverence for God, when we can, when we began to have reverence for God, in other words, knowing and understanding who god really is, it says that’s the beginning of wisdom for us.

Speaker 1: 15:12 But see the two part, the second part is knowledge of the holy one is understanding. So if knowledge of the holy one is understanding, friend, I’ve got to ask you a question today. Do you know the holy one? Because if you don’t know the holy one, you don’t have the understanding. That understanding, I promise you, goes into each and every part of your life. So relationship with Christ. Jesus is everything. Relationship with Christ. Jesus is everything and I’m thinking about that for you and me this morning, that we would remain in him and he in us, uh, and with that understanding, we could walk through this thing called life in the best way possible. You know, god is already equipped each and every one of us for such a journey. He’s already given us all that we need. You know, the scripture tells us that if we’re to take what God has already given us and adhere to it and walk with him and trust him, I promise you you don’t need any more little motivational speeches.

Speaker 1: 16:32 You need to come to an understanding that Christ is the motivation because at the knowledge of the holy one is understanding that we now know the holy one. Glory to God. I promise you this right now. Your life will be an abundant life for after all Christ came to give us life and give it more abundantly and we know and understand that the enemy came to steal, kill, and destroy, and if you know that already and you understand that already, when you go throughout that day and let’s just say you hit a rocky road or a tough spot in your day, you already know and understand that you don’t have to abide by that. Remember, remember this, the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy. So if you’re losing hope, as the enemy doing his job, he’s trying to rob you of your joy and your peace.

Speaker 1: 17:26 Did you got to quickly revert your mind to understanding this, but in Christ he gave, give us life and give it more abundantly. Hey Man, I’m praying for you. I’m thanking God for you. As you go throughout your week and I pray that you have a blessed weekend. As you continue to go throughout this time, we want to make sure we welcome you again over to a pressing reached [inaudible] where we continue to just lift it up in faith, family, and community. We focus on that. We focus on our community out here. We keep people lifted up in prayer and man, listen, I know that as we’re walking around out here, it seems like so many times we can get discouraged. You get discouraged because people always have so much bad news, so I’m going to remind us each and every one this morning, focus on the good news.

Speaker 1: 18:19 Focus on the good news. That’s that Gospel. Remember focused on the good news. As you go throughout this week, go throughout this weekend for Christ is with you. Remember this now, if God is with you, who in the world can be against you and God is with us. He tells us, believer, he tells us that he is with us and he will never leave us nor forsake us. So make sure that you grab that understanding because you sure don’t need another motivational speech. What we need is an understanding of what and who the holy one. Once we have the understanding of Christ, you’ll know and understand that Christ is the motivation to all we ever need because he’s already with us. Hey guys, I’m praying for you. I’m asking God to simply bless you. Throughout this time. If you have any questions and or concerns, please reach out to us on press and reached, and even on this little episode you can go over to precedent reached.com, forward slash pr four zero, I believe.

Speaker 1: 19:26 Yeah, per [inaudible]. So Hey, we’d love to have you. If you’re a business owner, I’m going to reach out to you right now. If you’re a business owner and I don’t really care what area you might be in, and if you, if you work your business with God in mind first, OK with Christ, you’re living on a Christ centered path and that’s how you conduct your business. We want to hear from you. Come hang out with us on precedent reached. We want to tell people about your business and we want to tell people most importantly about what Christ means to you. Not only that, but if a eaton as you don’t have to be a business owner, if you’re a ministry and you’ve got started, man, we want to help you get going, so let us know here at Bresson, reached out how we can help you as you continue to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for all that he is, because the scripture says, remember friend, the scripture says this, if he is lifted from all of the earth, will draw all people’s unto himself. So at precedent reach honestly, we’re here to make Jesus famous again at press and reach. All we want to do is lift up the name of Jesus, and if you are on that in and lifting up the name of the Lord, we want to go with you. I know and understand that the unity God said, that’s where the blessings flow. So Hey, have a great weekend. Have a great day. God bless you, and each and every one of you in all your endeavors. We love you and we thank God for you. Take care

Jake Enriquez: 20:55 once again. It’s been a joy hanging out with you, so please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone, out here for he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Jake Enriquez: 21:16 Um.


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