038: Godly Friendships with Brother Daryl Monmouth

Our host met today’s guest back in 2011, when he was serving in the Kairos Prison Ministry.  At that meeting, Brother Daryl Monmouth got up and shared a word.  Jake recognized that Daryl was a minister within the walls of that unit.  A friendship formed between these brothers in Christ.  Now a “liberated ex-con”, Daryl served 21 years and six months in prison and is married, working full time, and excited about living life and continuing to get “reacquainted with society”.  Brother Daryl’s joy is contagious, and he’s on the podcast sharing what God has placed on his heart today.

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Nurturing Relationships

You’ve heard us say this time and again – we aren’t meant to walk through this life alone.  We’ve got to interact with others, whether it’s in sharing the gospel with the non-believers or growing with our brothers and sisters in the faith.  The more time we spend with others, the higher the probability of us discovering something about them we either disagree with or dislike altogether.  The work comes in still loving that person.  Don’t abandon the relationship when it gets tough; don’t give up on them.  We are to encourage one another.  Stay in there, like Jesus did with His friends and like He does for us today.  What Daryl saw in prison isn’t so different from what takes place in the “free world” – Christians putting on a show for those they want to impress, and then taking off that “super Christian cape” as soon as they leave.  Daryl’s desire is to go back into the prisons and reach those guys with the love of Christ, encouraging them to stick with the faith and be authentic in it.  His question for them is just as relevant for those of us on the outside – “How are you acting when we aren’t here?”

Influence of Man

Daryl grew up as an only child for 18 years.  He didn’t have a father in his life, but his mom worked hard to be both mother and father to him.  She put him in the Boy Scouts, which he continued with all the way through to become an Eagle Scout.  She also put in martial arts, so that he could learn how to defend himself when people were picking on him.  His instructor, Mike Hughes, gave him instruction not only in martial arts but also the ethical side that would have him not using his skills to take advantage of others.  Daryl also grew up going to church.  His mom would take him to church and as he got older she sent him to church.  Still, other influences in Daryl’s life were much stronger and louder.  As a young boy, extended family and friends taught him to believe that conquering girls was a rite of passage, a badge of acceptance.  He was a typical teenager with a short attention span whose mind and spirit were still under development.  That led to him moving from girl to girl and not staying attentive to any one particular young lady.  Although it was a deep desire in his heart to one day get married, Daryl felt he was unfit to ever be a husband.  He had been misled as a young boy about what true manhood is.   He didn’t know how to deal with the pressure and complexities of life.  That, in part, led to his actions that resulted in charges at the age of 21 and a forty year prison sentence.

Free in Prison

During his incarceration, Daryl stayed with the Lord.He began to develop and learn what responsibility was about.  It’s when we accept responsibility and own up to what we’ve done that God can begin to work.  He learned how to be faithful to the Lord, and in that process he also learned how to be faithful to a woman.  God was teaching Daryl how to be a husband, even before he knew who his wife would be.  Had he done the full sentence, Daryl would have been 63 years old when he was released.  But the Lord had other plans for Daryl.  He prepared him, and now Daryl sees that it’s time for him to step in to the work, whatever it may be.  Yes, there have been many uncertainties as he’s returned to society.  However, Daryl considers his 21 years in prison to be the best 21 years of his life, coming out as a “shining diamond”.

As we grow in the Lord, communication with Him should be constant.  Everything we do, every decision, every idea – check with the Lord.  And for those needing encouragement right now:  When there is no one else you can turn to, the Lord is there – always.  Even at your lowest times, when you think there is no way out, Jesus is right there waiting for you.  Hallelujah!

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Jake Enriquez: 00:04 Press and reach episode number 38 Godly friendships with brother Daryl Monmouth . Good morning afternoon or evening, whatever this may be to you . I sure hope and pray that you’d be found well in spirit, my friend . Hey my name is Jake Enríquez and it is a joy, honor and a privilege to be your host today . So please let me welcome you to press and reach a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way to do the same.

Jake Enriquez: 00:52 Welcome back to Press and Reach. My name is Jake Enriquez, your host. Guys I have a wonderful awesome guest with us this morning . We are about to have a lot of fun, seriously . He’s a good friend of mine and I asked him to come on and be a guest and just share the love of God with each and every one of us so I’m going to ask you to just hang on and just get ready to have a great time with a good friend of mine, Mr. Daryl Monmouth. Good morning brother Daryl how are you doing this morning man?

Daryl Monmouth: 01:14 Doing fine Jake . How about you?

Jake Enriquez: 01:19 I’m doing good brother . Hey I know everybody is in for a treat because he’s a good friend of mine Mr. Daryl Monmouth and man, hey I want you to introduce yourself just who you are where you’re from so we can all get to know you on a personal level so go ahead brother.

Daryl Monmouth: 01:38 Sure brother, no problem Darrell Maher you know I don’t do all the big titles evangelists and all that stuff . I’m just brother Daryl Monmouth and I live in Dallas, TX. Actually I’ve done time in prison 21 years and six months but I’ve done it with Jesus, Hallelujah. Yes . So we’re we’re having a wonderful time getting to get reacquainted with society and living out here . I’m married now. Working a job I’ve been on three years, just wonderful Jesus keep opening doors . And then you know I’m so excited about it . Sometimes I can’t find the right words to say but I have a little brother that he’s 28 and I’m praying real hard for him but as well I’m trying to teach practical tactics to help him become a man. And he’s a wild youngster, you know? I got an aunt that I’m praying for. I’ve got my brother in laws that I’m praying for you know this is serious stuff . You know it really hits close to home when you’re dealing with family members and whatnot you know .

Jake Enriquez: 02:46 Well as a matter of fact yeah let’s talk about that because I know and I’ve always known you to be by the way a minister you know ever since i met you brother Daryl. So you know what’s on your heart man . I mean what ministry what when you look out there where do you see the Lord leading you to go in ministry so to speak .

Daryl Monmouth: 03:06 You know I’m serious about doing plays and drama and whatnot and I love doing plays. I love the characters that affect the lives of others and seeing other characters intertwined with those and tell a story . So I’m really liking that but I’m about to go back into the prisons right now . I’ve just been approved by my parole officer and his will to me and I’m excited about that . I see a wide variety of things that I do now that I’m a liberated ex-con.

Jake Enriquez: 03:34 OK .

Daryl Monmouth: 03:37 I’m looking forward to doing that right now . I’m a very practical person very practical Well you know I have fundamental support along the things I want to do and that’s up to them to teach them . I’ve got some things inside of me .

Jake Enriquez: 03:54 OK . Let’s talk about how me and you met. You know I’ve known you for quite some time . Actually I don’t even know how long it’s been . But as I recall how long has it been Daryl.

Daryl Monmouth: 04:06 Well it was 2011 . I know exactly because as soon as I got to the unit, I did what I’d normally practice and went right to the chaplain my sentiment I I let them know I was involved in Kairos. I’m a very active member . I go to all my meetings and I really believe in Kairos. And you were there . I mistakenly thought that someone led you to me but it was truly the spirit of God . Yes sir. God spoke to me and it’s been on ever since.

Jake Enriquez: 04:39 Yeah . Well I do remember man and we could share the story . We were in a Kairos meeting on a Saturday and brother Daryl here, for the listeners, he got up and spoke a word . And I’m just going to let you know right now, I already shared this with him as soon as he got up and shared a word . I knew they were going to come after him and they would come after him. That’s just the way it goes sometimes when somebody stands up and speaks the word of God . Then there is there comes others who try to talk you down or whatever they’re going to do . But I knew Daryl was in for it man and I’d tell you what. We became friends and Daryl, brother Daryl here was talking to me and you remember grimace when you were talking to us about coming in on the Friday night ordeal so we went in on Friday nights and we kind of got that started up . But yeah your brother you were a big part of that you know and getting that going over there and the faith based dorm we had a great time but man just talk about the relationships talk about relationships because that’s really what’s on my heart today is relationships that God puts in front of us man . Go ahead .

Daryl Monmouth: 05:43 That is so true Jake I’m going to tell you people know this but they don’t often acknowledge . And that is when God uses them to touch somebody or to influence someone . You acknowledge that the Lord truly did that when you were in the right place . And I knew when I spoke to you about that Friday night thing and you agreed I knew you agreed because you really believed in me and you as well . You wanted to do more . And that’s sewn in your heart. And so you don’t know how much that made me you know, fire even more so than any of the free world guys to come on Friday night or any other night because they got open slots. The chaplain, the old guy, you remember him. He was saying that he needs more volunteers and I was asking my peers in the wing if they were asking anybody. You got to at least ask you allow yourself. When you agreed, I knew it. I knew the Lord had stepped in. Because you already come in all your different volunteer Sundays when you come to services. And then you was doing the Kairos thing you know and you got Joey, you’ve got the kids. You got a whole tribe over there . I’m just naming things because you already have a busy schedule and I knew when you accepted to come on Fridays, man that was another thing . And I knew the Lord had stepped in. Yeah because it’s so easy to say brother, my plate is kinda full right now .

Jake Enriquez: 07:28 Yes . Come on . Come on . So yeah talk about that though because you know when we went in on Fridays let’s just be honest it wasn’t really a teaching thing it was just facilitating the lesson and trying to get everybody involved . You know honestly I don’t know if people really know this or not are so aware . But guys inside are behind the walls man . There are plenty of brothers that are in that word. There are plenty of guys in there who are capable of leading and teaching all day long, you know. So when I went in there it was just being part of the fellowship of God . Yeah there’s guys OK we know there are guys who were going take advantage or manipulate or do what they do . But still we were in there to fellowship and encourage one another so maybe being tired out here throughout the week and going there on Friday . But I can assure you of this it was truly a blessing . It blessed me and the guys that went with us . But man you guys were something else in there so I think about relationships and that’s what’s really on my heart today is relationships God puts in front of us and how to maneuver and move about in those you know those relationships .

Daryl Monmouth: 08:37 That’s right. You have to nurture relationships . You have always will know that there are going to be unexpected things that you’re going to learn about people and relationships and you still got to love that’s where you practice to love the sinner but don’t love the sin and you love them . That takes work you know . So you got to nurture relationship and Jake that means a lot with people hanging in there when they don’t give up . You know when they you know they get they get hit or move to the right and sometimes on the chin and they say stay in there just like Jesus.

Jake Enriquez: 09:13 Absolutely . I mean you know you talk about going through some things . I know it wasn’t easy inside wasn’t easy inside and you know you were learning to, Hey remember your ministry starts at the front door right .

Daryl Monmouth: 09:13 Right. You corrected us so many times about the free world, ain’t nothing free out here partner.

Jake Enriquez: 09:39 Well you know that’s because I’ve heard it plenty of times and to be honest there are plenty times they say when I get out I’m going to start a prison ministry . And the best place is right now . You’re already here. We could start the ministry right here. Yeah absolutely . So those things that you want to start they could do right inside there .

Daryl Monmouth: 10:00 That’s right . They can. But guys don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to . They don’t want to be like that . They want to be in coloured clothes . They want to come in and go out here . See that’s the problem with a lot of folks right now . Even with church they want to come in and go out when they go out . It’s like time out. It’s like it’s time to start to relax . Let me go get something to eat, let me chill out now we can take off our religious shirt . Yeah and that’s not the way it should be because you’re right Jake . You are just doing ministry right there while you’re in the midst of the of the mud right there . Yeah yeah . That out right there in prison everybody see everything you can’t do no faking and shaking. You know you can put on a show and volunteer and show up. But everybody else, You know that live there, they know.

Jake Enriquez: 10:50 Yes sir . Absolutely . You can’t get away with anything .

Daryl Monmouth: 10:54 You can’t get away with it Jake. Yes, you can’t get away with it . That’s why I’m so excited about like going back into the prison because I know the Lord put that prison ministry in me and he put sticking with it and being legit build up. No room, no vacancy.

Jake Enriquez: 11:13 Yeah absolutely .

Daryl Monmouth: 11:19 That’s why I call you every once in a while and let’s you know that it’s raining angels and I do so every day to work outside delivering in rain sleet snow. I call my wife and explain a little bit.

Jake Enriquez: 11:36 Staying positive. Yes sir. They get up you know and I think about that . So I’m thinking about how you have that on your heart to go back in and you know it ends and minister and serve those brothers who are still there . And and I do know that it’s on your heart brother . I do . So how do you think that goes for you you know going back in and serving up you know your brothers and your able to sit you know side by side . I think about Friday nights right sitting in those chairs with guys just next to them . Yes somebody was leading the lesson or facilitating . But the real to me the real ministry is it’s just building in that fellowship like getting to know one another . Right . And talking about those things so you know that you have that experience and you’re able to go back in and sit down and talk to these guys and talk to them explain some of these things . So I know that carries weight for them, right. In other words I know that’s going to that’s going to you’ll be able to relate to them. So what are you going to say when some of these guys are just trying to get over . And you already know it.

Daryl Monmouth: 12:35 So I’m really saying this in love. Let the heart pump. When I say brother, how you acting when we aren’t here. Yeah well with your super Christian, you got the super christian cape on. As soon as we leave, you take the cape off. And you’re a convict instead od a christian.

Jake Enriquez: 12:58 I had a friend of mine that went in with us . He went in and one of the things he asked me and I think it just touches on what you’re talking about right now . He said Jake I don’t really get it . And I said what he said I sat with a guy who has been to college he did this he grew up in a good home . He’s not really done anything wrong and he said they must have the wrong guy. He had he started laughing so you know when does anyone confess or admit . I said Absolutely . Absolutely . Plenty of people come here and say hey listen I’m in here for what I did . Paid the price . Moving on . I know I’m forgiven . Let’s talk a little bit about before we move on to the break . Well let me ask you a little bit about childhood . Brother what was childhood like for you .

Daryl Monmouth: 13:53 Oh man. You know, I was an only child for 18 years . I mean kind of rough growing up you know I got picked on pushed around a little bit you know I wasnt the most. I wasn’t even a handsome kid growing up you know but I I made it through . You know I used to find different characters on TV to watch to kind of like father me because I didn’t have a father in my life . My mom plays the role of father and mother you know . She did a really good job but she’s a woman you know and the so I watched a lot of TV . You know when they grow up all these men figures what not to imitate and you know play like I have, you know. The boy scouts my mom put me in there became an Eagle Scout Eagle Scout Merrit badge. But before I got the ultimate Eagle Scout Merrit badge, I was a patrol leader and playing the patrol got merit badges and stuff. Those were some good things in my life because they gave me some some things to do kept me in line with some good more ethics and you know accomplishing things in my life. My mom did good, put me in the Boy Scouts in the martial arts. So he would start martial arts she got tired of me rather sure about somebody picking on me. Took me to the YWCA and then Morschel or I met a guy named Mike Hughes he’s my first martial law instructor and learned more ethics about being a man you know not being a brute not a bully not taking advantage of people you know even though I knew some martial arts . I learned how to you know defuse situations that’s a true true war . He is out of the situation or you know just look distorted they don’t look gay you know . So I learned that . I just enjoy it . You know I always wanted something in my heart even when I was a kid. That’s why I’m gonna bring this up. Go ahead. Always desired some day in my life . It’s you from somewhere would say Darrell I’m really happy you’re here . I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t showed up and said what you said. I was a kid thinking about that. And now I’m pursuing I’m pursuing the call to Christ over my life . Yes I know he’s going to bless me to hear that someday from somebody. I’m gonna keep on opening my mouth. I’m gonna keep on making my body available for Jesus to take me anywhere .

Jake Enriquez: 16:25 Yes, absolutely . Did Mom have you in church?

Daryl Monmouth: 16:25 She used to take me first and then started sending me, you know how that goes.

Jake Enriquez: 16:31 OK . OK . First they started sending you. Hey I’m glad you bring that up though man because take them don’t send them right .

Daryl Monmouth: 16:41 Right. Amen. Because that’s the most influential . If you’re there if you if you say you believe in God. Yes. You should go and gather.

Jake Enriquez: 16:50 Yeah absolutely . Absolutely, Daryl. I appreciate it man . So tell you what we’re going to do . We’re going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back . OK .

Jake Enriquez: 16:58 Hey guys it’s Jake . Hey I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact you like the podcast to come and subscribe rate and review . Just take a brief moment to do that . But not only that we asked you to come and visit us on pressandreach.com. We’re all about faith family and community . Listen if you have a story about how your faith in the Lord has seen you we certainly want to hear from you . Whether it’s been in your business life or your personal life which could be your marriage or dealing with your family whatever it may be . We know that faith is a daily walk . So come join us as together we build our communities back up and give God all the glory.

Jake Enriquez: 17:42 Welcome back to Press and reach we’re hanging out with my good friend my brother Daryl Monmouth and before the break we were just talking about not only the ministry that Daryl is in and where God has continued to lead my brother but also talking about coming up as a Kiddo where he came from and ups and downs and such but you know what Daryll I’ve got to ask you man because you know we always ask for a for someone to share their testimony on here or a story of say how God may have delivered you in a time . So do you have something you want to share with the listeners today, man?

Daryl Monmouth: 18:13 You better know I do brother. Glory be to God. Hallelujah. All right . Hey you know it happened unintentionally but it took place in my life as a young boy . What happens a lot . I can only speak from my experience you know sure what happens in the African-American community . Young boys . They’re family members . First their siblings or maybe an aunt or uncle . They’ll begin to lead these young boys to make sure that they understand who they are and they try to lead us to the girls. And before you know it this young boy thinks conquering girls and seeking women out . That is a badge of exceptance of being a man. That’s right of passage. And before you know it he has a very short span for staying attentive with any one particular young lady . He’ll find reasons before you know it to leave her alone because kids are like that . Kids are very indecisive . That’s why teenagers hate to hear elders telling them that’s what you on now. Give you another month made maybe six or even a year . You’re going to be onto something else and they don’t like hearing that because it’s the truth . Yeah they don’t like to hear that . Their attention span is not strong and their minds are under development . Their body their whole spirit is underdeveloped . And so I bring this up because as a young boy I was being mislead on what true manhood is. And before I knew it when I grew up into my teenage years in my young adult 20s I was unfit to ever be a husband. If I will ever be . And that was a deep desire in my heart . Now I’m giving this testimony because this testimony ultimately leads to a success . It is only in Christ because I went to prison . I caught my case when I was 21 years old and I started doing a sentence the 40 year sentence when I was 23 so from 23 on the way to forty four I got out 2014. Yeah I was 44. I got out of prison in 2014 . I was 44. All my thirties. Most of my twenties and the beginning of my 40s was in prison. But while I was in prison I stayed with the Lord . I had a real relationship with him because I learned through the I learned how to be faithful to the Lord. And then the process of learning that I learned how to be faithful to a woman I learned how to be a husband . Before I knew who she was .

Jake Enriquez: 21:25 And you said before you even saw her? Yeah. Yeah OK .

Daryl Monmouth: 21:33 And so you know it is a wonderful thing to realize that and being outside come to the realization that I didn’t know when I was going to get out of prison or if I was going to get out of prison because if I would have done my full sentence, I would have been 63. But the Lord said no I prepared you for something, now it’s time for you to step in to it and the Lord knows something else. Because I was a little uncertain at times. I didn’t know what the world was like. I left in 1993 I come home in 2014 . I really did not know what I was going to be facing that year . I don’t care about a magazine that I didn’t read or watching the news that is superficial. When you get out or find out the rubber meets the road .

Jake Enriquez: 22:27 Yes sir . Yes sir . And it’s it’s a big difference than what maybe you may have been thinking, huh?

Daryl Monmouth: 22:34 Oh yes definitely because somebody out. I’ve had trying situations take place. I want to point this out because when I got my case Jake it was because I couldn’t deal with pressure . I couldn’t deal with the complexities of life . I was a young man but really I was a boy and I did not know how to deal with pressure and so I acted foolishly in a court case by shooting that cop accidentally but I pulled the trigger . Yes . And it cost me those 21 years and six months. Grandmother died while in prison, my mom died while I was in prison . And those were the two closest people in my life . But what I’m saying is that I began to develop and learn what responsibility was about. Yeah. Even in prison, you must be held responsible and that’s what I’ve talked a lot about. I used to hear guys always talk about if it wasn’t a dirty cop, I wouldn’t have caught the case. You know, when are you gonna own up to something. Oh yeah. And that’s what God can begin to work . He just wants to be . We need to be honest with ourselves and when we say If I had not, then I wouldn’t have spent that 21 years maybe . But you know what that 21 years is the best 21 years of my life. I came out as a shining diamond.

Jake Enriquez: 24:18 So what you’re saying is brother Daryl what I hear you say is as you came up as a kiddo and yeah I can understand that about young men want not to have that kind of encounter with a female young lady . Absolutely and they’re led in and I do understand that . But you had no guidance then you didn’t have the guidance you didn’t have someone in your ear saying hey you know you go this way or go that way and we show you something about this or that some really kind of when you or I should say not counseling but mentoring you through things . And when you see that that lack of mentorship kind of lead you astray and that you kind of had you out there just kind of lost looking for whatever . Now you can look back and you say man I really want to be a mentor to a young man or to make that young fellows . I know they need a mentor .

Daryl Monmouth: 25:12 Man’s Quest for obtaining manhood . Yes. Yes quest for authentic manhood . You need mentors to mentor these young men .

Jake Enriquez: 25:22 Yes sir . Absolutely . So along the way I know you develop character traits . I know that about you . What would you say is I don’t know maybe one of the strongest character traits that can be found in us as we are developed in the Lord?

Daryl Monmouth: 25:38 Always having communication with the Lord always checking with him about everything we do . Every decision every idea been talking to the Lord that is one of the most important character trait that you can ever have .

Jake Enriquez: 25:51 But hey let me ask you this Daryl. How can people connect with you as you as you continue to walk you continue on your journey . I know man you’re faithful . I know that you are plugging in and making your way so man . How can people reach out to you . Do you have a Facebook account or something?

Daryl Monmouth: 25:51 You better know I do. They sure can. Let me spell my name out. All you’ve got to do is type my name into the search bar in Daryl Monmouth is going to show up.

Jake Enriquez: 26:33 So if you had a let me ask you this if you were to leave our listeners with a final word of encouragement . Man I mean how would you encourage somebody who’s going through a tough time right now in their faith .

Daryl Monmouth: 26:45 I would say when there is no one else you can turn to . Believe me the Lord is there and this is not a vane statement . This is the most valid statement that could ever be said to your sensitive ears because Jesus is always there. Even at your lowest times. When you think there is no end there is no way out . He’s right there waiting for you .

Jake Enriquez: 26:45 Amen, Amen. And you know this how Daryl?

Daryl Monmouth: 27:13 I’ve faced many days already out here. This is this real world . It ain’t a free world, a real world. And I faced many days in prison too .

Jake Enriquez: 27:26 Yeah, you used to refer to it as free world but now you say real world .

Daryl Monmouth: 27:46 The Lord is so good that I’m still going for vacation in April .

Jake Enriquez: 27:49 By the way for the listeners these are the conversations that me and Daryl used to have while he was in that unit. I love talking to you back then but you said you used to say I’ve already met I’ve had my own job before I’m about ready to go you know . Yeah . And I know you’re hard work and you press hard man and trust in the Lord and we thank God for that . But let me tell you like I tell anybody who comes out here and is willing to share testimony or share their story or share life with each and every one of us . But they always keep Jesus on the forefront . MAN We love you and we thank God for you what you continue to do for the Kingdom of God .

Daryl Monmouth: 28:30 He made a wonderful thing to be loved . It’s a wonderful thing to be seen and not viewed. Thank you.

Jake Enriquez: 28:37 Oh thank you greatly man.

Jake Enriquez: 28:39 Brother Daryl Monmouth . And hey for the show notes make sure you visit us at pressandreach.com/PR38

Jake Enriquez: 28:48 Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you . So please keep pressing and reaching. Remember that you are not walking out your face alone out here . For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you . Have a blessed and wonderful day .


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