029: Breaking the Cycle with Alisa Bell

Our guest today is an author, a speaker, a life coach, and an ordained minister.  More importantly, she’s a sister in the Lord.  Her style is direct, and her attitude is positive and high-energy.  She is a native of Chicago, but now makes her home in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  .  Listen as Ms. Alisa Bell shares about her big bold move to Texas.

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Helping Women Achieve

Alisa is in the business of helping other women identify their dreams and achieve their goals.  She provides client-specific coaching that is highly task driven, and with a “no excuses” policy.  She even offers the initial consultation at no charge, just to be certain that she is a good fit for the potential client, and vice versa.  For women who come to her wanting to advance in their careers or start a business, she begins with looking at their emotional well-being.  She spends time finding out what, if any, are some of the limiting beliefs that may keep someone from reaching the next level.

Learning to Love Yourself

We are all influenced by those we grow up around – parents, grandparents, etc.  For better or worse, those influences affect how we view the world.  Acknowledging cycles that hold us down, along with the willingness to face them and make changes, are keys to living a better life.  It’s also about speaking life into your circumstances, and for that, we need the Word.  Believers, remember that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.  No matter what the world is doing, or what the people in church are doing, keep Jesus at the center.  He won’t let us down!

Alisa works with women of all ages, and has spent time specifically with young women between the ages of 15 and 18, whom she sees dealing with major identity crises.  Popular culture tells them that if they don’t like how they look on the outside, surgery can fix it.  If you can’t afford plastic surgery, cover it in makeup.  Young women and young men both are bombarded with the damaging and deceptive message that what’s on the outside is what matters.  Alisa recalls the Paul’s instructions to Titus that older women are to encourage and instruct the younger women.  We need to get back to breeding positivity among our youth.

Trusting God to Lead

In 2015, Alisa became a widow after over 26 years of marriage.  Once her husband passed, she knew that she would not be able to grow and get on with her life if she stayed in Illinois, the only home she’d ever known.  Well-meaning friends and family enabled her to remain in bed, not moving.  She knew that in order to grow and go on with her life, she’d have to make a big, bold move.  She told them she was moving to Texas.  Everyone around her thought for sure it was the grief talking, and that she’d eventually change her mind.  But Alisa had been praying about the move, and felt that God was leading her to Texas (where she knew no one).  And she trusted Him, even when it didn’t make sense in man’s eyes.  Alisa has been in Texas for two years now, and “life is beyond amazing.”  How God honors our faithfulness and trust in Him!

Finally, Alisa encourages anyone experiencing a stormy season with Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”  Trust that though the winds are blowing and the tide is shifting, a time of stillness will return.  Things may be swirling around you, but be still, so that God can deliver you.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:01 Press and reach episode number 29. Breaking

Jake Enriquez: 00:03 the cycle with Alisa Bell. Good morning afternoon or.

Jake Enriquez: 00:16 Whatever this may be to you. I sure hope and pray that you be found well in spirit. My friend. Hey my name is Jake Enríquez.

Jake Enriquez: 00:25 It is a joy honor and a great be your host today. So please let me welcome you to press and reach a podcast where we’re simply walking out our faith.

Jake Enriquez: 00:38 And encouraging others along the way. St..

Speaker 4: 00:45 Welcome back to press coverage. My

Speaker 1: 00:47 name is Jake Enríquez your host and once again I pray and hope that you are all in fact having a beautiful wonderful day to get started. And if you’re not then I hope and pray that this might help you to get started. You know we are just looking to encourage each and every one of you as you go throughout this day just remember and keep the faith and walk strong in the Lord out there because you get to remember you’re not walking alone. Sure. Well this morning I’ve got to tell you we have a special guest with us and she is a an author a speaker and a coach. And I’ve got to tell you she’s always looking to make life better for you. And as I look at that my favorite thing I have to tell you and be honest with you is she is an ordained minister. So a sister in Lord for sure. Sure. So would you please welcome Miss Alisa Bell. How are you doing this morning Alisa?

Alisa Bell: 01:35 I’m so wonderful. Thanks for having me Jake. You’re

Jake Enriquez: 01:37 so welcome. Thank you for joining us. You know we always like to get to meet and know people on a personal level so if you just kind of introduce yourself like who you are and where you’re from. Sure.

Alisa Bell: 01:50 As you stated My name is Alyssa Bell and I reside in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I am a somewhat recent transplant from Illinois so I want to shout out to all of my Chicago friends a little about myself.

Alisa Bell: 02:03 I was married for over 26 years but my husband passed in 2015 and that union produced two amazing sons who are now adults living their best lives.

Jake Enriquez: 02:15 OK. OK great. Well we greatly appreciate that. Definitely there’s always some things that we always want to talk about. I know that a lot of us out here.

Jake Enriquez: 02:25 There might be some things that we have issues with and we look to seek that and other people help. So I know that you’re a coach right. You’re a life coach. Well sir you know one thing that I always ask is if someone is going to be a life coach they’ve got to have some life behind them right.

Jake Enriquez: 02:45 Yeah they really have to have that somewhere along the line something that they’ve been able to go through or experience or the ability to help people in remote areas. So

Jake Enriquez: 02:57 tell us a little bit about the business of being a life coach.

Alisa Bell: 03:01 Wow. So the business of being a life coach. My priority is is helping women identify you know their dreams and achieve their goals.

Speaker 7: 03:11 So just to elaborate a little bit the very first thing I do when a new client comes on hears about me you know want to know more about life coaching with me. I hold a consultation because I need to determine whether or not that client is a right fit for me or I’m right that for them as a coach. So a little about me. Jacob you haven’t figured it out by now. I know very direct in your face style and that’s pretty much my style of coaching. I have a no excuses policy in my coaching and I believe that if you want to achieve your dream then you have to do the work. So my program is highly task driven and my clients can expect to see results because of it. But there are some clients due to work obligations children family they just don’t have the time to really put and that I require. And so there’s a no no charge for the initial consultation because you were just trying to see if it’s going to work you know for free for both of us. Well

Speaker 1: 04:13 let me ask you this because you know I do know that you did mention that you know for women. Right. And of course we know that you know the different struggles for women and men.

Jake Enriquez: 04:24 They’re different. They’re going to be different in different areas. But one thing comes to mind for me. Let’s just let’s just say you have a client that comes to you and they’re looking to advance in their workplace and maybe they are experiencing difficulty or trouble because we all know you know hey it’s not an unknown thing it’s known. It’s well-known. As a matter of fact that when it comes to advancement and opportunity there is a difference for men and women in the workplace. So how do you how do you help address some of those issues for maybe the clients that the female clients that come to you and say hey I’m trying to get this opportunity I’m trying to grow in this business. I’m trying to learn more. But it seems like I keep getting passed up is it just encourage matter how do you go and coach them in this and getting better. That’s

Alisa Bell: 05:12 an amazing question. I’m so glad you asked the very first thing that I do with all of my clients when they come to me and they say coach Lisa you know I want to advance my career or you know I want to you know start a business.

Alisa Bell: 05:24 One thing that I look at let’s look at your emotional well-being. That’s a short answer and then you know we’ll delve into that a little bit. If you’re not whole as an individual there nothing that is going to help you. There’s no amount of encouragement no amount of coaching teaching training that’s going to help you get to that next level. Personally believe Jake that before you can chase a dream you have to love yourself. OK. Yes we dig deep and we find out so one of those limiting beliefs. What is it that’s keeping you from achieving that. That next level in the workplace. Well I feel that you know my boss doesn’t like me. OK so what is it about you that you feel your boss doesn’t like. And then you may say well I don’t know I think I have a great personality.

Alisa Bell: 06:14 I think I you know come to work on time I show up. Well if you are this amazing person there’s a limiting belief within you. And maybe it’s not what you believe that your box sees in you but it’s what you see in yourself. So maybe you don’t believe that you can be the very best you at that next level. And so that’s what we tackle.

Jake Enriquez: 06:34 OK. That’s true. That’s pretty good stuff. But hey I got to tell you that. You know when we face these challenges with different people. I mean I mean for myself. I tell the same thing to men. You know if it’s an emotional issue then hey we check it at the gate. We call it. But but but there’s that issue of belief that exist. Yeah. And I believe that there are issues of beliefs that exist for each and every one of us. There are levels I think and always look at it that way. You know you can believe up until this point and then you can believe up until this point. We’re always growing in belief you know. So that’s great. I’m glad you said that so and you’re talking about digging deep and cultivating it sounds like to me cultivating a belief inside of us.

Jake Enriquez: 07:18 Right. Absolutely. Well I was looking at some of the things you just mentioned as a matter of fact. Learning to love yourself. Yes. So talk a little bit about that if you will because that’s a I bet you could probably talk about that the rest of time. But learn to love your learning to love yourself. Elaborate a little bit on that if you will.

Alisa Bell: 07:39 OK so so many times in my business I don’t know if I gave you the name of my business. It’s no more cycles of life coaching. OK.

Alisa Bell: 07:48 And that’s just that’s where you know that’s the springboard we can go all day with that one. I believe that you know in our lives you know growing up as children and watching our parents and our grandparents and the different you know people in our lives who have influenced us they shaped you know our view of the world. Jake So when you talk about cycles let’s just say Let’s take women I know you know for a fact a few women that I’ve coach who you know at the age of 15 or in one case the age of 18. Every woman in their life you know became pregnant. So that was a cycle that they had to go through. And so when there’s one client when she approached the age of 15 let’s just say she was 14 and a half. She did not love herself because she believed the cycle was that I will become pregnant at 15.

Alisa Bell: 08:42 And so there were different things you know that happened to her so that was an example you know for women. But let’s just say men maybe you know your dad you know always lost jobs or could never hold down a job. So then you begin to believe that this is now your cycle. And you you walk through that path in life where you believe you can never hold down a job you cannot advance in your career. You don’t love yourself. And it comes from you know those cycles that we watch you know in our families right.

Alisa Bell: 09:12 So we have to break the cycle. OK. No that’s good games can’t come until we break the cycle.

Jake Enriquez: 09:18 Yeah. And I mean first you have to acknowledge that right.

Alisa Bell: 09:22 Absolutely. Absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 09:24 And that’s pretty tough to acknowledge especially if we’re in denial.

Alisa Bell: 09:29 Oh yeah. And it’s painful. You know the thing is you know nobody wants to go back and look at their past they say hey you know I need a life coach because I want a better life. But before you can have a better life you have to delve into the past in what was not so great the past but you can change your cycle and you can change patterns.

Jake Enriquez: 09:50 Point forward OK that’s amazing. Let me ask you Do you think it is something that you can do. You know and I think about this often though because I do encounter different people that are in those different caught up in I should say in those different cycles. OK so one of the things I like to tell people is you know you have to you have to speak life. Number one. So if you have any life in you to speak and you’re going to be in trouble. I always like to say if you don’t have a word in you then you don’t have a chance. But that is you’ve got to have the word of God. So I’m hearing what you’re saying. I’m hearing those things that are taking place and you’re absolutely right. Those cycles that take place in our lives and we actually become part of that which we were part of growing up and it’s really hard thing to break.

Jake Enriquez: 10:40 But if we get sick and tired of it definitely we go seeking a better life right blaggard. Well the life that I know to be the best life is the way the truth and the life which is in Jesus Christ. Absolutely. Let me ask you this. Coming up you know coming up as a little girl I want you to go back to that for me. OK. What was that like for you. Did

Jake Enriquez: 11:04 faith play a part in your life when you were coming up.

Alisa Bell: 11:09 I will say that I was raised in church. I was raised in the Baptist church. OK. And for better or for worse I thought things in the church that definitely influenced me you know going into you know my teen and adult years.

Alisa Bell: 11:25 Some good and some not so good. But one thing that was constant in my life was my love for Jesus. OK. When you look at you know people and role models and you know founding members of the church and they’re supposed to be good people they’re supposed to be role models but you and I both know Jake that everyone you know that wears the white hat is not always a good guy. That’s right. So it really caused me to just like dig my heels in deep in say no matter what I see Jesus is my central focus. Jesus

Alisa Bell: 12:01 will always be there for me. Jesus will never let me down.

Jake Enriquez: 12:05 Yeah yeah absolutely. So

Alisa Bell: 12:07 it wasn’t about the denomination. It was just about my faith you know and that was my mother instilled in me as a little girl.

Alisa Bell: 12:14 If all else fails call in the name of Jesus.

Alisa Bell: 12:17 Yes that’s. That’s good and carry that through with me today despair. I’m glad by the way. No I think about the different paths that we all take. And I think about women and I think about men and they different you know. Can you help us a little bit today to understand I know this might be a little bit off of the track but well let’s try to do it anyway. All right help me with the life of a teenage girl.

Jake Enriquez: 12:51 There must be all kind of things that go through the mind of a child. And I’m talking about from 15 to 18 trying to find themselves trying to be accepted. I know this has to be experienced that you were able to deal with it in order to help somebody you know today in your in your line of work. So what would you say are some of the most challenging parts for young ladies today like 15 18. Does that kind of range right there.

Alisa Bell: 13:19 Right. So that’s really. I would definitely say that young women between that age range of 15 to 18 they dealing with major identity crisis.

Alisa Bell: 13:30 You know because you have you know the I don’t know if we can name names but just you know big big stars you know we have Kylie Jenner. We really really popular you know young woman who’s coming up. And I can’t even tell you Jake how many plastic surgeries Kylie Jenner has had. So her claim to fame is maybe you can’t do everything that I’ve done. But here’s my makeup line what we’re doing is we’re telling young women you’re not your very best. Slap on a coat of makeup. You know what I’m saying. Yeah it’s not about building her. Her inner inner person she’s not encouraged to build the strength within she say. You know she’s she’s fed the message of if you know it doesn’t look right on the outside that the world does not perceive me to be as beautiful as you know the girl sitting next to me in class or my older sister.

Alisa Bell: 14:22 I can slap on a coat of paint or if I can afford plastic surgery then I can have you know body enhancement and we’ve just really gotten away from the core message of it’s what’s inside.

Alisa Bell: 14:34 That’s beautiful. What’s outside.

Jake Enriquez: 14:37 Yeah yeah. But such a such a trap to be a part of and you know. And I believe that that looking for a search for identity causes so much damage along the way. And I see it so much now. You know I really do. People are looking especially our youth. And I’m not just picking on young ladies because believe me I deal with the young men but I’m thinking about from your perspective you could help us with young ladies as they look you’re looking not just to be beautiful on the outside but on the inside. So how do you go how do you go about bringing that out in a young lady. How do you convince or encourage them and say hey you know that’s not what it’s about.

Jake Enriquez: 15:21 Especially because 15 to 18 you know what 15 18 really do want to hear from us. Right. They really don’t want to hear from us. They’re listed as somebody else and they’re really trying to satisfy those needs. They’re really trying to fulfill those requirements that are requirements of the world by the way. But how do you go about encouraging them. How do you convince them hey you know we’re going the wrong way.

Alisa Bell: 15:44 Here right. No that’s awesome. And I think five years ago I did a program for young women. It’s so ironic that you know you bring that up between the ages of 13 and 17 and the program is called Shattered princess.

Alisa Bell: 15:59 And it was a five week journey about exploring who you are. So I took them through a course. Let’s go back from your earliest memory so let’s say your earliest memory was at 5 years old. You know you were bullied in school. You know we go back to that and then I use what I call music therapy. OK. And so there are different songs so with each assignment I would assign a song and I want you to listen to that song and I want you to bring up every memory that’s deep within from the time that you were when you were pushed on the playground or you were told that you were ugly or you were told that you were. And then I had them sit with those thoughts.

Alisa Bell: 16:40 Do you believe that about yourself.

Alisa Bell: 16:43 Well no I actually think you know unbeautiful. OK let’s stay with that. And it’s really just about planting seeds you know that you know the word of God teaches us about you know sowing and reaping in time for you know planting. And that’s what I do with young women and I believe that you know any any women in the church you know the Bible says that the older women are you know supposed to encourage and instruct the younger women because we have to get back to that. We just have to get back to the place of beating our daughters beating our sisters our young women positivity things that are not you know causes necessarily in the world but what’s good about your life you’re breathing you’re alive you have two legs you know you have two arms you know you have a beautiful mind you can paint your creator. It’s just about planting seeds.

Jake Enriquez: 17:34 It’s really good. So just walking it out with them you know taking the time you know I wish there were so many more people that would get so much more involved and helping our youth you know because I believe you know it’s mentorship. I look at it you know I see it as mentorship you know you have men and women both who go back and look to help our youth so it’s much needed. It’s

Jake Enriquez: 17:56 much needed but great words great words of encouragement advice by the way. And glad to hear that it’s actually deeply planted in the word of God. But I tell you what what we’re going to do is take a really quick break and then we’re going to be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 18:52 Welcome back guys. We thank you for coming back. We’re spending time and hanging out with Miss Elisa bell and we were just speaking about before the break about coming up as a child. Actually miss Elisa was talking about you know the young ladies about from 15 to 18 years old and just nourishing and cultivating a belief inside each and every one that’s of loving ourselves. So Miss Elisa I got to ask you though you know I do know and understand that we all have a story. I do know and understand that we go through things you know as believers as people period. But you know I want to ask you if you would to share a story of your faith whenever something may have happened in your life or testimony so to speak that God really strengthened your faith and if you will.

Alisa Bell: 19:41 There are so many stories that come to mind Jake but the one I really want to share with your listening audience was about my big bold move to Texas.

Alisa Bell: 19:49 OK. I think I started at the top of the hour telling you you know that I’m a widow. My husband passed in 2015 and after he passed I knew that I would not be able to grow and get on with my life in Illinois because there were so many memories and so many friends you know who were who were well wishers and wanted to help me. And it actually became you know they enabled me. I could not get out of bed. Someone was bringing me food. Someone was you know offering you know to bring you know the word of God to me. I didn’t have to leave the bed to go to church. You understand what I’m saying get married for 26 years. I married at the age of 22 my husband was my life. That’s all I knew. And so I knew that in order for me to grow in order for me to go on with my life I would have to make a big bold move.

Alisa Bell: 20:43 So I told friends and family I said you know I think I need to get out of the state and hear me. I was born and raised in Illinois. It’s all I’ve ever known my whole life. I did not know anyone in Texas when I decided to move. So I’m sharing with friends and family. I think I’m going to move to Texas and everybody is going Are you kidding me. No it must be the grief talking. You know just just wait a while think it through. And I said No I really feel like you know this is what God wants me to do. I prayed about the move and I really believe that God led me you know to Texas.

Alisa Bell: 21:16 So you know here’s the thing everyone is telling me no I don’t think you should do it. It’s just the grief. I said you know what. I trust God. And if you if you all know me then you know my faith. You know my walk with the Lord you just have to let me do this. You have to trust me on this body.

Alisa Bell: 21:32 You know that they’re just like OK but nobody thinks I’m really going to do it right. Yeah right. The commercials keep coming up from Texas. Now mind you I have never ever living in L.A.. No I’ve seen a commercial for so much of. It. But many things in the great state of Texas. Oh my mama was like oh my gosh that was like mom. There were all these these commercials for Texas had you seen them she was like No I was you know they’re coming on. Really. She was like OK I’ll take a look I’ll be on the lookout boards you coming back a week later. Still playing the. Yes I’m planning to move. Have you seen the commercials. No I haven’t seen the commercials. OK we just got to trust me on this story sure. I had to rely on my faith in God when I could not rely on my faith in man.

Alisa Bell: 22:18 Yeah and God strengthen me through those commercials. I mean you know there’s a Rhema word you know those commercials were Rhema for me. They weren’t lies without wasn’t sure naysayers are saying don’t do it. God was saying but I said yes. So one man says no and God says yes we’re going to trust the state. And the day you make a move. I’ve been in Texas for two years now. Yeah. My life is beyond amazing. Wow that is amazing. You know those people who said no no no you shouldn’t do it. They’re now celebrating me. Oh that’s good. That’s awesome. I always wondered how they would take us such sometimes friends take it the wrong way.

Jake Enriquez: 23:01 Family takes it the wrong way. We know we have to advance and move on and move move at the will of God. You know the word came to me when you were saying that is that Joshua he said every place where you put your foot will be yours you know in other words it’s already yours as you walk through it. So and that’s just a confirmation he’s given that to you as you go on. But you know you said two years is that right. Two years. OK. So do you still struggle at any time thinking about those things or thinking about the move or what are some of the things maybe that you might miss. Because you did come from Illinois and that someone that you know has to touch home like let’s just take for example the great state of Texas. We don’t have a Christmas like in Illinois. Yet.

Alisa Bell: 23:49 OK. All right. Chatting with a friend Earl and they said are you going to be home for Christmas. I was like I am home. I happen to love my brown Christmas in Texas.

Jake Enriquez: 23:58 Oh that’s good. That’s good because those people miss that kind of stuff. No

Alisa Bell: 24:02 not at all. Oh wow. Not at all. I miss the food. I miss the food in Chicago. I miss Chinese food and I miss a good beach Pole isn’t it.

Alisa Bell: 24:13 And that’s all.

Jake Enriquez: 24:15 Well you traded it in for barbecue around here. Texas has got great barbecue. Yes they do. But that’s also and I’m glad to hear that you did move on and continue to trust God you know and have faith in God. You did say that. And you know I know we laugh and everything but trust in man or trust in God. The decision is always ours and I can assure you of this trust and God is going to make it so much better right as we go live accept that along the way. You know you said you were married for 26 years. That’s incredible. That’s an incredible thing. So what have you learned along the way. What are what are some of the character traits that have been developed in you just along your way in life period right.

Alisa Bell: 25:02 Oh gosh. Integrity is a big one. That’s something I hold very close to my heart. Loyalty and another especially now being a widow in a single woman is self-discipline something that is very very close to my heart and something that I practice on a daily basis. Sure

Alisa Bell: 25:25 sure. OK self-discipline. Yes. Give me an example of self-discipline and how it applies maybe to you in your life. I mean I can I can go down. Give an example of how I have to use that.

Jake Enriquez: 25:37 But how do you how do you apply self-discipline what are some of the things you might be talking about for so.

Alisa Bell: 25:46 Well one you know the body is a temple.

Alisa Bell: 25:49 Yes ma’am and it’s a whole new world when you know you’ve been married for so long and you’re now you know a single woman. I have to you know watch my walk. I have to watch you know where I go. I have to watch you know conversations that I have.

Alisa Bell: 26:04 And you know what I’m saying is take your food. I don’t have a husband. I come home now. So it was like you know gorge and you know eat whatever I want. And you don’t care. You know your pants you know get a little tight. And you find that you might not get another husband looking like.

Jake Enriquez: 26:24 I hear you I hear you OK.

Alisa Bell: 26:27 Examples of self discipline. That’s a great examples you know and I think about you know when I asked that question I was like surely she’s not going to bring out food. Is.

Jake Enriquez: 26:40 Bad. But that was good. OK. I got to welcome. Well OK so let’s just think about this because I know that you know walking through this thing is not easy. We talk we do this whole podcast to encourage others to walk out there faith continue along the way of a strong law and to be encouraged and reminded that they don’t do this thing alone. OK so along the way I know you know being a life coach and author and a speaker you yourself had to have come across some books that you would maybe suggest or recommend to our listeners. Do you have something that you would like to recommend to them.

Alisa Bell: 27:18 Do I have one favorite book that I knew I was going to recommend today. But since you brought up the point about the young women there was a book called Girls with swords and I don’t have it in front of me. But if your listeners would like to know more about it they can reach out to you and get that information to you. Sure. It’s an amazing book for young Christian women. It’s called Girls with swords. It’s one of the books that I did my program out of. OK. The other book My favorite book in the world is the fourth dimension by Dr. David yond good show. OK. Incredible. Life changing shaped my world kind of book.

Jake Enriquez: 27:57 Absolutely great. I tell you what we will put those in the show now. OK. Though everybody would be able to find those as well. So let me ask you this because I know you know as your business you know we want to help promote you we want to help get you out there we want to help you get connected and other people to get connected to you. So how would our listeners go about reaching you and connecting with you. You have a Web site Facebook Instagram or. How do you what’s your what’s the way you’d like for them to reach out to you.

Alisa Bell: 28:28 OK great. I do have a Web site. It’s Alisabell.live.

Alisa Bell: 28:38 They can also find me on my Facebook page which is no more psycho’s life coaching. And I don’t know if we mention it but I think it did tell them that I was an author. I’ve written the book.

Jake Enriquez: 28:51 Good good.

Alisa Bell: 28:52 The name of the book the book is 50 golden nuggets laser sharp quotes designed to shape your day.

Jake Enriquez: 28:58 Oh that’s awesome. I can’t wait. I’m done.

Alisa Bell: 29:01 Yes I can find that on Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles dot com. OK.

Jake Enriquez: 29:05 All right. We’ll definitely get that in the notes as well. Hey Alisa we greatly appreciate you coming out here and hanging out with us today.

Jake Enriquez: 29:14 And I just got to ask you you know the last thing here is from you is just a simple word of encouragement. So no matter who it may be somebody struggling in their faith if they came up to you how would you go about encouraging them. What would be your words of encouragement for them today.

Alisa Bell: 29:30 One of my favorite scriptures Jake is Psalms 46 10. And basically it says Be still and know that I am God. So what I would tell them when the winds blow in the tide shifts you have to know that there was a time of stillness that will return.

Alisa Bell: 29:46 Don’t be moved things around you will move. But God will never move from his position to deliver you from all of your distresses.

Alisa Bell: 29:56 That’s so awesome. Thank you so much for that we greatly appreciate that. Guys that’s Miss Elisa Bell and again Lisa we thank you so much for coming out here and hanging out with us.

Jake Enriquez: 30:06 And I’ll tell you like I tell anybody else who has lifted up the name of the Lord and pressing on and working through we surely do love you and we thank God for you and what you do for the Kingdom of God.

Alisa Bell: 30:16 And thank you for having me Jake. I appreciate it.

Jake Enriquez: 30:18 You’re so welcome. And for the listeners the show notes you can find that on pressandreach.com/pr29

Jake Enriquez: 30:27 Once again it’s been a joy hanging out with you. So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you are not walking out your face alone. Out here. For he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you have a blessed and wonderful day.


Girls with Swords: How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero, by Lisa Bevere and John Bevere

The Fourth Dimension: Special Combined Edition – Volumes One and Two, by Dr. David Yonggi Cho

50 Golden Nuggets: Laser Sharp Quotes Designed to Shape Your Day, by Alisa Bell

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