030: NewDay Services with Reggie and Stephen

NewDay Services impacts children’s lives by empowering their parents–offering them hope and inspiration through practical tools and life coaching. They are a fantastic faith-based organization wrapping up their 20th year of serving North Texas. Clients come from the courts, child welfare and community agencies.  Mr. Stephen Goodman has two adult daughters and a granddaughter.  He’s the program coordinator for one of NewDay’s services, Fatherhood:EFFECT.  Mr. Reggie Moss – a husband, father, grandfather, and Dallas native – works with the Fatherhood:EFFECT as a Mentor-Navigator.  They are on the podcast to share more about NewDay and how they are building relationships to impact the community.

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Broken Families

NewDay began 20 years ago, when founder Randy Thomas was at the Family Law Center.  He saw so much pain resulting from the breakup of families, and recognized that something needed to be done.  NewDay began with that mission of trying to assist families by working with the parents so that they could protect and care for their children.  There are plenty of reasons why families break up – environmental, relational, or financial.  NewDay seeks to meet the parents where they are, regardless of the choices that have led to their struggles.  It’s about improving the parents’ perspectives for the good of the child.  Even if entire families cannot be restored (perhaps a relationship was not established to begin with), parents need to know their value.  Their presence is worth something to the development of their children.

Help for the Fathers

The Fatherhood:EFFECT (Educating Fathers for Empowering Children Tomorrow) deals directly with the men.  They want to get to the root of the issues and challenges that men are facing.  It takes a good man to be the father in a child’s life.  So, they follow a national curriculum and offer support through the roles of Mentor-Navigators, who facilitate the weekly classes and also provide Monday through Friday support for the participants.  The program seeks to invite fathers to recognize that they are important and to see that there’s opportunity to be a presence in their child’s life, regardless of the relationship that may or may not exist with the child’s mother.  Fathers are encouraged to accept the responsibility and the value of being a father.  Men are invited to see the broader picture: being dad goes well beyond bringing in a paycheck.  It’s about being at your child’s school, teaching your child about service to the community, and having fun together.  Even if he does not live in the child’s primary home, he can still have a great positive impact in his child’s life.

Focus on Hope

Life happens, and when it doesn’t go as planned, dreams fall by the wayside.  Here, parents are encouraged to revive their dreams and restore hope.  Focusing on you first can be a good thing, though many of their clients have never had that affirmed to them.  You’ve got to get your own house in order before you can really help someone else.  Think about your strengths, and realize that those are actually part of the solution to many of the challenges you may be facing.  With strengths in mind, it’s time to make a choice – what kind of man do you want to be?  Next, what kind of father are you going to be?  What kind of legacy do you want to build?  You are not defined by what’s happened to you so far.  What matters is what you do today and going forward.

It comes down to this – you don’t have to do this alone.  Learn from others’ shared stories.  Don’t be afraid to create real relationships with other men who’ve gone through it too.  God’s grace is big enough to cover it all.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:00 Welcome Back to press and reach my name is Jake Enriquez your host and

Jake Enriquez: 00:50 What a joy honor and privilege it is to be with you this morning in another beautiful morning and today. You know we of course love to focus on faith family and community. And today we’re in the community of Fort Worth Texas. And you know we love Fort Worth. I love hanging out at Fort Worth but today it’s just for a better reason we’re here hanging out with new day services in Fort Worth. And some things that they do impact the community for the better. And we’re here to discuss it with these guys. And I just got to tell you it is a joy and honor to even be able to do any of this. But when I find people that are doing things for the community this way it’s a joy. So today I just want to welcome to the show Mr. REGGIE Moss and Steven Goodman.

Jake Enriquez: 01:32 Guys welcome to the show. Thanks for having us. Great to have you on. You know because we like to get to know each other on a personal level I just have you know each of you just introduce yourselves just tell us who you are where you’re from.

NewDay: 01:44 I’m Steven Goodman originally from Marlin Texas. But I’ve been in Fort Worth long time so Fort Worth is home, okay. I got two daughters 29 and 30 Jessica and Sydney one granddaughter.

NewDay: 01:58 I’m Reggie Moss a Dallas native near Fort Worth married with six children at last count

NewDay: 02:07 and believe it’s about 10 grandchildren at last count.

Jake Enriquez: 02:08 It’s all good and it really is. I’m glad to hear that. I know that that brings a joy to your heart. We’re here talking about New Day services all right in their day services I know that you guys focus on family. I know that you focus on different aspects. I know there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to family but once you guys if you just take your time and just tell us a little bit about what is new day services.

NewDay: 02:31 Well 20 years ago our founder Randy Thomas was at the Family Law Center and he was seeing so much pain come out of the break up of families. And he said we ought to do something about that. There’s got to be some way to do something about that. And new day started with that mission of trying to assist families particularly working with the parents so that they could protect and care for their children.

Jake Enriquez: 02:57 OK. OK. When we say breakup of families there’s different ways of course that the families break. Are we talking about through bad relationships. Are we talking about financial issues are we talking about different. You know what kind of aspects are we really touching on because I know there’s a lot of different ways families break up in order to touch on that other words yet to have those programs that would be able to serve him in these different facets right. So let me just tell you a little bit about the breakup part where they noticed what you guys and I was smoking.

NewDay: 03:33 Pretty much a wide range of in some cases it was fine with situation. Yeah. And is that really apparent as we also deal with a lot of bad decisions. They haven’t called casual relationships child is born.

NewDay: 03:53 There never was home to them. So you’ve got one parent trying to work your way back into the family. And so it just depends on the situation.

NewDay: 04:02 And I would say too there’s a lot of stress on families. Locational economics based upon the challenges of when children come into families sometimes you know young people find themselves having children when they’re in essence still children. Right. So there’s all kinds of ways families get challenged in new day’s mission is about just accepting people as they are OK and trying to help them to better spot so that their children realize that their children are cared for and not neglected.

NewDay: 04:33 Yes some cases they may involve incarceration and parents coming back home in up time and try to find work usually back into the childs life.

Jake Enriquez: 04:44 What’s the center point. What’s the focus. In other words. If I want to reach people to reach a family a service family I’ve got to find the troubled area. I’ve got to find the pain point. You know what’s what’s the what’s really going on. And in other words if I really want to impact a family if I want to impact the life of a child I have to find out different moving parts that are involved. So I mean in social work it would be people environment perspective. Right. You can mine map that set the child down and ask them Hey Who are your friends. And they tell me their friends. What are your parents like. Tell me how their parents are. And you know little things are what you eat for dinner last night. So those things you can tell a lot from a child they start branching out people and environment always play the role. Right. So how did you guys dig in there and find out what’s the best way I can serve this child and this family.

NewDay: 05:41 in the fatherhood program of the problem. We’ve taken the relational road. It starts with an intake interview with the father. We want you to. Yeah. You know because it’s their life their plan their situation. And we’re also looking at , for instance with the father, we’re looking at the man. it takes a good man to be the father. And so what issues challenges are you posing even with the child. Because there are some things that he has to deal with we see in fatherhood. We see a lot of men and a lot of pain. And so we start working you know that because we do have the curriculum that national for involvement is good. Yeah but it is just a parenthood class where we’re with you one day a week and the next week you might complete the class. right. And so in this program with navigators we facilitate once a week. But we walk with you monday through friday.

NewDay: 06:36 And I think what New Day has learned over 20 years is that fathers are critically important to families and that’s not traditional family model that any kind of family a male presence is critically important to a child’s development. A child safe in a child’s belief in themselves. And so what we’re trying to do with the fatherhood effect program is to invite fathers to recognize that they’re important and in and see that there’s the opportunity even if you are maybe not with the mother of the child. Right. Your presence and we hear this from fathers all the time. Their presence in their children’s lives is a critical aspect for that child’s development. And what we’re trying to do is encourage fathers to accept that responsibility and the value that blessing if you will of being a father.

NewDay: 07:39 And it’s beyond protectant and provide which is the definition we always hear. Its being a nurturing father. Yeah the parent to your child. We focus on not raising good relationships and not good. OK. And they need more from their father than just Bread winner.

NewDay: 07:59 Yeah yeah. Absolutely. And we want to try to challenge them and to see themselves as more than just a paycheck. It’s more than putting a roof over somebody’s head some food on the table. You’re kind of selling yourself short as a father. Sure. If that’s all you give you are you believe as a citizen. And so what we’re trying to do is invite me in to see the broad picture. Being a dad. Sure. It’s about being at school. It’s about teaching my child about service to the community. It’s about sharing fun Absolutely. It’s about all those things. Even if I’m not particularly in my child’s primary home. Actually we’re not trying to invent perfect families. Right. We’re trying to accept people as they are and impress upon them. You’re really valuable particularly to your child.

Jake Enriquez: 08:48 It’s the impact and effect in the life that they have. So you have all kinds of you know like you said you’re not trying to make perfect that that family. But here’s the thing. You know today you have a lot of families that are together and families that have broken out. So it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be any different for a father though because he’s asked if he’s in the House he’s still going to maintain the house right and do the best he could possibly do. But what if he’s outside of the home. In other words you know we see some time today that every two weeks. He gets to go with Dad. But I see that of course with mothers as well. But I’m just talking about you know from the father’s perspective. How did they think that that fatherhood effect program. Does it address things like that. Most

NewDay: 09:37 of the fathers that we have not. No. OK. And they’ve got that visitation. One of the biggest issue that they face is because based on emotions from places you know equipment and now you’ve got moms saying I don’t care what the court says you can’t see yourself. And you’ve got a man who’s it a bad rap. Whatever the situation will work on this. All right. And you got fathers fighting this. Do you get people talking me down. But. Somewhere in motion an examination usually from some or all of these files and these I’m striving travel distances to see myself. Yeah. And also quality time Bobby to take photos of all that and you try to. From the beginning you have a situation you’ve got some pain we got with that case. Yeah. OK. All right. But let’s also talk about moving forward. And so we’re working on the man. Even with that time that you spend with your child.

Jake Enriquez: 10:40 The quicker you can get to the restoration process and the better off you are. And one thing that comes to because I come you know I had failed marriage and failed relationships and I think about this you know my mother once told me whatever it is don’t you ever have a bad thing to say about that girl. You know that don’t ever let her hear you say something bad about her mother.

NewDay: 11:07 So it’s interesting you mentioned that because that’s one of the first things we get guys into a group we try to put on the table and hear discussions about. And you know you hear all the talk about baby mama drama you know all kinds of stuff. And one of the first questions we try to pose for discussion is would you let somebody say that about your mother. That’s really good. And in your time they invited father into their child’s shoes and recognize that that child loves their mother. Yes. And they love their father. Right. And one of the first great roles of a man could be to be the leader the companion to that child. To respect their mother even if I don’t have a personal relationship with the mom anymore. I can guide my child. But about respecting their mother.

NewDay: 12:04 Yes. And it’s amazing how many guys in our program say you know what. Nobody ever invited me to do that. Yeah. And now that I see the invitation I will accept. Sure. And so we stop talking about baby mamas. In other words they can assign moms should we talk about the mother of our child. That’s good.

Jake Enriquez: 12:26 That’s good. That I can certainly appreciate that and I do know that that goes a long way to go. It’s good. You know it really is someone really accepts that. I see that as a dad as a person period. You know it works both ways.

NewDay: 12:40 You know e-mail mother that if she can you know do the same thing as just purely energy enrich he always says something that is I think very critical for lots of our guys our children are smart. Absolutely. In 20 years of doing this work at new day has taught us that our children are smarter. Lots of times in US. And more perceptive. Sure. And when they see what goes on between sometimes separate families dividing families they see my dad. He never says anything bad about my mom.

NewDay: 13:14 I hear all this over here that kids smart enough to figure get out of the equation that you don’t have to try to manipulate. Exactly.

NewDay: 13:25 They recieve the way they recieve sent back home places to go. one laughs every Saturday because his wife wakes him up and lets him know…..you have to go to class

Jake Enriquez: 13:31 Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Jake Enriquez: 13:37 That’s great man I greatly appreciate that. Well I say what we’re going to take a really quick break and then we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 13:37

Jake Enriquez: 14:27 Welcome back guys. We certainly thank you for coming back to sit here with new day services. And we’re just before the break talking about the family and we actually went into fatherhood the effect and the impact of fatherhood and selflessness. In other words giving up self and going and striving for the greater cause which is the impact of the family and the well-being of the family. But now I want to ask you guys something both of you because you know I think about the program like this and I know that it has a great impact on community but it is faith based. In other words you guys are walking into faith right. So what I think about that I have to ask the question I love asking this by the book for everybody is you know there are times that we go through a really tough time.

Jake Enriquez: 15:15 And our faith is strengthened in that and I can honestly say that because of those things we’ve come and do things that we did like. Right now you’ve been led to do something different in your life and you found this is a part that is beneficial and serving and so I’m just asking you could you share a time that your faith was strengthened along the way.

NewDay: 15:41 What did God do for you in your walk. I can share a recent one. I’m sure it involves my nephew forty and this is just a few months ago he went for a checkup. Now the doctors found cancer. And his mom and sister called me and told me about it. And at the church we have been focusing on praying and believing we’ve been focusing on not just talking. And so we agreed at that point that we were going to pray together and believe for healing. And then when we do that we know anytime you do that its going to be Gods will. So sometimes He does what he think He won’t and we know thats not the case whether it was in a situation you’ve got two choices you can believe for worse or believe for the best. And three weeks later I get a call from my sister, no cancer.

Jake Enriquez: 16:29 Yeah. So I got to ask you an honest question. Were you surprised. No. OK. All right. We’ll talk about that also. You know that’s just the way that God operates. You know here’s the thing. And it’s expected and expected prayer. Now do I say that hey just go sit down and pray any of you. No I’m not saying that. What you are talking as a believe or believe in you know. So I greatly appreciate that. What

NewDay: 16:57 about you Steve how I think back to this was not my first career. Sure

Speaker 8: 17:02 . OK. All right.

NewDay: 17:04 And a few years ago after about 25 years of investment I lost a career and lost a marriage OK. And when that happens to me you can find yourself pretty isolated. And it also though created a great opportunity for me to to realize I wasn’t alone. Yeah OK. There was somebody that was going to walked this new journey with me.

NewDay: 17:37 And you know it wasn’t easy at times. And there were some really hard times. But that that confirmation that I wasn’t alone and that I was invited.

NewDay: 17:49 To ask for help. Yeah.

NewDay: 17:52 Not just from a higher power. Sure. And somebody that cared for me and loved me. But from the people he put into my life is that journey. That new journey began. And to be able to say I could use some help right now and it was delivered through those people and I’m sitting next to one of the guys for that that. That.

NewDay: 18:18 That God put in my life to help me to the place I am now.

NewDay: 18:27 So yeah. And those people. And that guy from above is what put into my life. Hope and that’s it. And that’s what I try to do in this job now is to invite hope into people’s lives. And I don’t think there’s any greater way to say thinking upstairs than finding that in in people’s lives and encouraging them to find it in their life.

Jake Enriquez: 18:56 The scriptures say that is the God of comfort that gives out to us so that we would turn and turn around to comfort someone else’s comfort requires hard time slots is sure to embrace. So I think about that I think about belief and hope and those are things that elements here. And what a great place to come in and harness that. It really put that into a light so I mean definitely have an ear for it and you’ll have a heart for it for the people that you serve. But are there times I have to ask you Are there times that you see somebody and I just know myself out of ministry I see somebody come along and I really really want to help them but they really really don’t want to help them selves.

Jake Enriquez: 19:45 So let me have you address that. How

Jake Enriquez: 19:47 did you move in when we see you.

NewDay: 19:50 You realize you want me to do it. You don’t want to help yourself, you want me. We’ve been in this long enough to know to step back. OK. But what we do even with ones that start participating and drop out. We do what we call, keep the door open. OK. So we come to a point where we can’t help because you don’t want to help yourself right. Well the invitation is there, when you’re ready to come back.

NewDay: 20:14 Absolutely. That’s good. I think one of the things that we try to do both at New Day and particularly with our fatherhood program is to realize people got what they got to buy into this. Yeah. If they’re going to change in our jobs is mentor navigator’s is to make sure that we’re not judging we’re being companions. And that means I keep the door open I keep the phone and I’ll do you know you may not have talked to us in two months and you’ve gone and tried the same thing again you’ve tried before. But if I keep if I keep dropping your message about how are you doing thinking about she stopped by sometime. It’s amazing how many guys come back and we see that time and time again. And in some ways all we’re doing is reflecting what our faith tells us. Because we wander off.

NewDay: 21:07 I know I have come and the door was always open. Sure.

NewDay: 21:13 You know when I decided to put my pride aside and practice a little humility. The door was locked when I walked back into the church.

Jake Enriquez: 21:23 There you go.

Jake Enriquez: 21:24 This sanctification process and that’s what we’re trying to do with this program is let guys know you know we’re still here.

NewDay: 21:32 Yeah. And you go do what it is you want to do. I can’t tell you how many guys we talk about it all the time. Where is where is Thomas worth. And you know what will drop a message to him. And then all of a sudden one Friday afternoon he walks back in the door. Yeah. Hey.

NewDay: 21:51 Absolutely think it is important that we understand your dealing with this, not just a program, but the peoples lives here. Things happen and people respond differently, real life, it’s that we see them often. He and I laugh because they come because what they’ve been doing is just not working so we talk to them and maybe they come to one meeting but they come back.

Jake Enriquez: 22:15 Get out the back.

Jake Enriquez: 22:17 So you know I think about that and I think about that process I think about the time it takes because it does take time and you do in fact have to let people you just give it to them. And you have to let them grow into it. You have to let them you know receive work on it themselves and understand and accept it and either they will or they won’t accept it but praise God. I know they always get to come back and that open door is great. Well what do you think about the character traits that you try to get someone to really cultivate someone I should say other words when you see someone fresh just coming here like me and I realize now. And we build off of these different character traits. So what do you think some of the important ones are that men would come to have one of the things we focus on is hope.

NewDay: 23:04 I think it’s a lot of them in the situations they live with themselves in incarceration or whatever. We talk about it at some point in your life in which you doing. Yeah and something has happened over the course of life and you thought your dream was dead. And that’s what we work on the man, hope, lets revive that dream even as you are working on your fathering skills. Absolutely. And lets get you to a point to where in spite of barriers that you face, you can do this.

NewDay: 23:38 It’s good. It’s good I think to one of the things we try to do with the guys we engage with just at the beginning is to encourage them to focus on themselves in and communicate that that’s good. You can’t help somebody else if you if you’re not getting your own house in order. And one thing to encourage guys to to think about is what are your strengths what are the blessings you’ve been given and identified those and realize those are actually the solutions to lots of the challenges you may have in your lives. So inviting them a man to to what kind of fatherly kind of man you want to be first commander you choose to be right now not the man you’ve been. But you can make a choice right now. Mr. what kind of man you want to be and that often times leads into what kind of father am I going to be.

NewDay: 24:34 Yeah. And then is Reggie always says that leads you to a great opportunity and that is what kind of legacy you want Bill. Thank you. But it starts with I need to pay attention to myself I can value in lots of guys have gone through grown up in a way where nobody ever confirmed that. And so it’s an opportunity to listen to other guys and maybe get some input but you know you’re really you’ve got a really strong attribute that somebody gave the.

NewDay: 25:08 And you can build and you can use that , one of the things that we have to focus on is that legacy. A lot of fathers this incarcerated. And once you see that love they try and figure out how do I do this. And we focus on you’re not defined by what’s happening with you up unitl today. The biggest impression that he can have on his child is what you do today forward. Oh yeah. And so the child is looking at you and you know what it’s about. We talk about somebody is going ask your child what does your father do?. I would answer. It’s not he went to the pen a few times but he got out and hes working on, and building.

Jake Enriquez: 25:46 May I tell you one last time or this book. See at the top from Zig Ziglar. Well that was it. And I was working on sales of this sales business. But when I read Zig Ziglar it’s great stuff. And one of the things he said. You are where you are right now because of the choices you made. That’s the bad news. But the good news is you got a choice today. So you conservatives are turning to that area right now. So I think about that and one of that. You know another they’ll say it from Zig if you can have anything you want a lifelong job and everybody else get what they have a about from a service mentality and they say hey go serve it out there. So think about that. Things I’ve learned just by reading I’m avid reader.

Jake Enriquez: 26:35 I love to read and I do believe that you know Readers are Leaders. And so when it comes to that you guys. What books do you recommend either for our listeners or even people that come in or there’s a book process that stands out for you. Yeah the one sitting in front of us right here, the Bible is a pretty good one but I encourage people to study it and not just read it because a lot of people get nothing out of it because they read it you just read.

NewDay: 26:35 Often I’ll direct some people to some scriptures that actually speak to them in a situation of circumstances. And once they discover that they get to do it for themselves it is it’s got some subversive practical value to them. Because I’ve talked to people who think its hard but I say you’re looking at it as a foreign, but you don’t speak Greek so it’s not to say that’s cute.

Jake Enriquez: 27:32 So like what you guys both would recommend I certainly do as well. But the word of God is always gonna speak to us. But I would just say look at the story so we’ve recommended somebody to go read the Bible and say hey just read through it. Read through it and look at the story you know. And if you’re not familiar with it then get a Bible that has a description in the beginning that would tell you about what this book is about. Break it down for you and this can stick to the story. Read the story get from you.

NewDay: 28:04 So I think if you could you could suggest somebody just go read Matthew and spend some time reading it. John and Romans yeah just pick that in just concentrating on a little bit. In all of the sudden theres solutions to so many problems that are fathers and our families confront sure in it. Also it would seem to me. Encourage as a father to recognize that role he has as a teacher to his children.

NewDay: 28:38 How do I teach my children to be kind. How do I teach my children how to show respect. How do I teach my children to dream. Sure you can find some answers right in there. Yeah.

NewDay: 29:08 One passage I use with people is Isaiah 43 because it talks about when you go through the waters. It says water won’t overtake you and you will not be burned,Yeah. But I’ll tell people that the bible does not promise you, well, this is not heaven.know you just talked about when you go through it

Jake Enriquez: 29:29 Okay great guys I greatly appreciate that and your input on that. We’re firm believers with the word God is the truth. They will guide us in anything we need. So let me just ask you this. You know maybe some guys want to you know get connected to you. And how do we work with you where do we reach out to the website Facebook Instagram. What do you have. Sure

NewDay: 29:51 we have a Web site. It’s the new day services dot org. You can call us at 8 1 7 9 2 6 9 4 9 9. As for Reggie as for Steve Goodman Masferrer Francisco Hernandez and Francisco is off today or he’d be sitting here. Now we offer services in Spanish. OK. And our materials are in Spanish all social. We’re trying to reach into the Hispanic community. OK I answer those fathers more than anything else. Because some statistics recently show that’s a growing area where there are more cases of removal sure than any other population in this. Our program is all about prevention and intervention. We’re trying to keep people out of systems. Yeah. And and we want to be able to do that in the language that is the father. Sure

Jake Enriquez: 30:47 sure.

NewDay: 30:48 And so you can reach us that way. We’re out here in West Fort Worth. You can stop by our offices and drop them in one of the Plaza. You can come to our classes. We’re always inviting fathers because we do meetings on Wednesday night and Saturday morning in different locations.

NewDay: 31:04 US can give you the time and an entry exit and you don’t have to sign up for anything. You can just come in and see a group of men talking about the blessing and the hard job of being a father. Life and my faith. And we do and we concentrate. Is Mr. navigator’s a lot on that real work. That is a job that is a better job that he has stopped thinking about jobs and build careers. Let’s get into service.

NewDay: 31:04 You know its also not income based, it about fathers.

NewDay: 31:44 OK so we had grandfathers and our problems uncles boyfriends step dad up front and the class is spelled all right.

Jake Enriquez: 31:55 Forget your father a bit. So let me ask this one final thought an encouraging word. So let’s just say young brothers out there going through it you know maybe struggling with it. You guys have never met it but we’re talking about struggling and his faith struggling with his walk and feels defeated. What would be your encouraging word if you would. What

NewDay: 32:17 would you leave them with today. One of them is that. We talked to him about his background they come in as I used to be where you are. OK. You don’t go feeling guilty anything so long as been incarcerated. The difference is you and I go to college and work together. OK. All right. But we we we try to keep it on a practical level. Obviously we can’t necessarily only present in class when they bring it to us. We got to find out a lot that a lot of times as follow the lead of the law because of the child walk in faith as are their spears are asserting it’s just like the Bible was the worst of things. Yeah. And so many people that I’ve dealt with it. It’s right Mr. Abbas and they heard which caused them to think that they were gonna do this and that except come on.

NewDay: 33:32 You get to the point where you have to let God do it.Walking into this room and as you go through this group of these experiences because when they come here with that struggle one day they will come in with some testimony

Jake Enriquez: 33:42 right. And the scripture says he’s already given his all that many things of life and godliness so he’s already equipped us yes. So what you’re talking about is acceptance or you. That’s great. I hear you guys me you’re building relationships that I hold out here still that person.

NewDay: 33:58 Yeah. You are not alone man. Yeah. That your children love you and they need you right now. Yeah.

NewDay: 34:10 And the solutions you may be looking for are sitting in that room brought there by another fall. Yeah. Maybe working on the same projects you have in front of her desk and that that group of men are the support you need so you can take them back to your family. And so come on. Yeah. It don’t hurt. That’s right. Our services don’t cost you anything. So nobody’s going to be asking you for money. Yes. Hey you go. And you’re going to be able to create some real relationships with other men. So you’re not isolated in this community.

Jake Enriquez: 34:53 And in all the challenges she might have got to have a sense of what you still struggle with that. Yes sir. You know I’m going to just leave with this perspective I think about perspective. We need support we need community. That’s how we build and grow with one another. But you just said something I told my mother a long time ago when I was failing you know as a dad you know I had my two kiddos at the time like this that’s over. I said I’m just you know I know they need me and told them they told me she had a tear in her eyes. It’s the it’s ok that you don’t get this right. Yeah but I’m going to leave you with it she said. They don’t need you. You need them because they are trapped because they are adults. So I greatly appreciate what you guys do and I’ll tell you like anybody else who’s doing a great work especially for the lord man. We love you and we thank God for you all that you’re doing for the kingdom. God bless. I

NewDay: 35:53 greatly appreciate your. And one last thing because we were always trying to make sure people know the services of here lots of guys don’t know their ear is what we do. We operate not only in Tarrant County but up and down county. OK. So that’s a whole another group of guys.

NewDay: 36:08 We’d love to be able to it. Absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 36:11 So we’ll we’ll definitely put that in the show notes and as a matter of fact for all listeners the show knows you can find them on press reached out forward slash PR 3 0. All right. Once again New Day services. Thank you so much guys.

Jake Enriquez: 36:23 Thank you once again. It’s been a joy hanging out with you.

Jake Enriquez: 36:29 So please keep pressing and reach and remember that you’re not walking out your face alone. Down here.


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