028: Dallas Leadership Foundation with Will McCall

What is true leadership? Before anyone can lead we must first learn how to follow. If following is a must, then who do we follow? Well, Christ showed us all by example. Come listen in as Wil McCall, president and CEO of the Dallas Leadership Foundation shares the vision and the impact of servant leadership.

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Christian Leadership on the Ground

With leadership on his mind and determination in his heart, Wil McCall, president and CEO of the Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF), looks to simply place Christian leadership on the ground and in the local community. With over 20 years of business experience, Mr. McCall has spent the majority of his career in a leadership capacity.

When asked to sum up the task of the Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF), Wil simply replied, “it’s about putting Christian leadership on the ground. Of course, this is often easier said than done. The DLF believes in the process of identifying, affirming, and developing leaders in order to transform communities. This proven process focuses on gathering a critical mass of resource network local leaders into the much needed target areas. Wil reminds us that change takes place when we get strong leadership into the local levels.

When this takes place, the crime rate drops and community outreach increases. This then cultivates leadership in the youth as well as the at-risk areas by demonstrating a willingness to work together. One of the greatest ways to bring about change is to come from within.

The Impact of Christian Leadership

When asked why leadership was so important to him personally, Wil reminds us of the example that Jesus gave us all. This is what the DLF refers to as the J13 principle and J13 leaders. If we are leaders, then first we are servants that desire to lift one another up. Wil joyfully describes the process of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.

First, He took off the rabbi robe, then he took the servants towel and girded Himself. He made sure to treat no one different, from the beloved John to Judas the betrayer. The Lord then puts the robe back on and exhorts his followers; reminding them and us that blessed shall we be by following His example.

A true leader understands the impact of his humility and love, and just how far it could possibly go. We as a people desire love, care, and truth. It’s a servant leaders sincerity that brings forth an unprecedented impact in the lives of others around them.

The Christian Leader Pitfalls and Safeguards

Because of his past experiences in the leadership field, Wil has seen many leaders fall and struggle. He easily admits that he’s never been perfect, but has learned along the way in what God has guided him through. The first pitfall that he speaks of is simply pride. Pride will have you reading your own presses and feeling like it’s an accomplishment that could have never been done without you. Wil reminds us to give God all the glory, for it is His good work taking place in us.

There is also the comparison issue that leaders can fall subject to as well. It seems like we always want to know what the next guy is doing. How much of an impact or toll will this take on our foundation?  I don’t know about you, but if our eyes are on everybody else, then how can they be on us?

Because we have familiarity with pitfalls, experience tells us to set up our own safeguards. Wil speaks of the open door policy that the DLF has in place, so that everyone’s voice may be heard. This policy prevents misunderstandings as well as offers better lines of communications. Another thing to be certain of is to tell each other the truth in leadership meetings, so that things may not remain unresolved.

Hold each other accountable, so that we are quick to confess our sins and shortcomings. This allows us the freedom that we need in order to continue seeking His will. Wil can certainly recall mistakes made along the way in his own leadership roles, but sincerely works at remaining transparent as he continues his role as a servant leader with the DLF.

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Jake Enriquez: 00:00 Welcome back to press and reach my name is Jake Enríquez your host and once again it is a joy and an honor and a privilege to be with you in this beautiful morning. And you know at Press and Reach we always focus on faith family and community.

Jake Enriquez: 00:13 And the reason being is that you know when you turn around looking you can turn on any news media today and you’re going to see a bunch of bad news out there right.

Jake Enriquez: 00:22 So what we at press and reach like to do is tell people, man, focus on the good news and the good news for all of us to know is of course the gospel. So we focus on it.

Jake Enriquez: 00:33 What is going on in the community people that have an impact in the community that are doing things for the community and building up the community.

Jake Enriquez: 00:41 And today this morning we just so happened to be with the Dallas Leadership Foundation the President of the Dallas Leadership Foundation. Mr. Wil McCall. And we just want to welcome him to the show. Good morning. How are you doing? Good morning Jake. I’m great. Thank you. All right. You know we want to get to know you on a personal level OK. So I’m just going to ask you to introduce yourself where are you from and who you are.

Wil McCall: 01:06 OK. Well, Wil McCall. I am the president and CEO of Dallas Leadership Foundation. I’m originally from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been in Dallas since 1992. So I’m in Dallas right now. OK. We raised. I’m married been married for 25 years and we have a 23 year old son and 21 year old son. So

Wil McCall: 01:27 they were both born and raised here.

Jake Enriquez: 01:29 Here hand this here we are. Here I am. Excellent. Now Dallas Leadership Foundation. You know we looked it up and we were just looking at some of the different things that we do also have by the way some familiarity with the by serving through the prison of the Hutchins unit. So I just want you to expound upon that Dallas Leadership Foundation if you could just a little bit. What’s it all about.

Wil McCall: 01:51 It’s all about Christian leadership on the ground. OK. So when we say we identify a firm and develop leaders to transform communities we have found that if we can get a critical mass of Resource Network local leaders in any place be it in a low income neighborhood in reentry in prison or in schools where there is much of at risk kids we get a critical mass of local leaders. Things change. OK our neighborhoods get better they’re safer actually actually our 12 neighborhoods are some of the safest neighborhoods in the city. But when you drive to the location you would think they’re not. Yeah. In the prison, it literally are our faith based building. You’ve been there. Our faith based building is one of the safest in the whole system not just at our prison. Right.

Wil McCall: 02:41 And then the same thing at our schools are young people who are at risk and more likely not to graduate on time because they’re about a 60 percent failure rate a graduation rate. And our kids average about 97 percent graduation ontime graduation rate. So leadership makes a real difference.

Wil McCall: 03:02 If you get it down to the local level it makes a difference on all levels. The result.

Wil McCall: 03:07 I don’t want to disparage and dismiss marginalize our need for great pastors not great politicians great business leaders great parents principals all those leaders matter. If we get it all the way down to the grassroots levels yeah that’s when society changes. Society starts to take a change and you see things take a change. Absolutely. You

Jake Enriquez: 03:30 know I read that you definitely focus on reducing crime and building up the communities getting people to become involved and you just spoke about a little bit. Those target markets.

Jake Enriquez: 03:44 How do you identify a target market.

Wil McCall: 03:46 That’s a good question. So Jake what we do is we’ve learned I’m an African-American man. OK.

Wil McCall: 03:53 And just in case you didn’t notice that say.

Wil McCall: 03:56 But but the bottom line is I’ve lived in a world where people from outside of my community would like to tell me who my leaders are within my community. OK. So when we say identify a firm and develop we know that we can’t tell others who their leaders are. So when we identify leaders the first thing we do is we go into the community.

Wil McCall: 04:15 So we’re in the neighborhoods we’re in the prisons we’re in the schools and we let the community tells you the leaders are from there once they are identified. Then

Wil McCall: 04:24 we go through an affirmation process so we have a relationship. A one-on-one personal relationship. Right. Because of affirmation from our friend Kiev means a lot more to me than a guy on the street. Right. OK so then that affirmation means something. Now we go into a development process. So the development process is never healthy in our estimation. If it’s just a one way street. Right. It’s a two way street. So we may have some strategies we may have a few resources we may have a couple of assets that are beneficial to the people that we’re working with but they have strategies they have resources they have assets and they have ability to know the community and help us go in and do it right. Yeah that’s the way that’s most beneficial to the community and respectful community. So we have a two way development process so I get all that going. We see healthy solution.

Jake Enriquez: 05:14 OK. It makes me think of something when you get when you were saying that. I always tell people that if you want change anywhere it’s more effective from someone with them. Absolutely. You know so it’s always so. If

Jake Enriquez: 05:28 you see something wrong you know maybe in an area that you’re in.

Jake Enriquez: 05:33 Don’t get mad and quit because the change comes from within. That’s right. So the most effective leadership is always from within. I do understand. So let me ask you this how do you get. We’re talking about from within. But how do you get others involved in community. So how do you bridge that. In other words how do you take leaders from within. And you happen to know people that may be influential have great leadership roles and skills. How do you take and connect those guys. How do you get them involved.

Wil McCall: 06:04 So you’re asking about leadership from within our communities wherever you are inside and bring them and connect them with somebody again leaders from outside and in. Oh absolutely so. So the first thing is we introduce them to the communities because oftentimes people know about communities because they’re not in them. They don’t know the community. Right.

Wil McCall: 06:22 So so we allow leaders from outside to come in and meet great leaders from within and experience the phenomenal leadership in those neighborhoods in the prison and in the schools. Yeah.

Wil McCall: 06:35 And there are naturally attracted I when I go and see some kid who’s in the 11th grade who’s leading and helping other kids live up to the potential.

Wil McCall: 06:46 And then ninth in the ninth grade they were sent to our program because there were a near miss to society and to their classrooms that’s attractive. Yeah.

Wil McCall: 06:55 And that’s what we that’s all we do. We expose business leaders pastors community leaders to those young people to those men in the prison through those amazing leaders in the neighborhoods and they want the relationship because they know they benefit as well as the people that are absolutely to.

Jake Enriquez: 07:13 Yeah really it makes me think about.

Jake Enriquez: 07:16 I know this is a little bit off that but I think about youth. OK. And a lot of times people don’t want to work with a troubled youth because you know they can be disruptive.

Jake Enriquez: 07:27 They could be Kovalik they can be really a challenge.

Wil McCall: 07:31 When I see youth that are like that oftentimes they scream leadership.

Wil McCall: 07:37 They want to jump out there and do something you know and maybe without doing it the right way. But if you can take somebody like that in the youth and show them what they can do they often become great leaders.

Jake Enriquez: 07:48 I mean even if it’s a I mean I think about it you know in prison because I’ve been to the prisons many times. You’ve got great leaders in prison camps who have great skills in communications because they got a great skill. Yes. So I think about what you’re talking about is if you put those together they influence one another actually. So reciprocal I think it’s reciprocal. Yes and that’s so. But let me ask is Why is leadership so important to you personally.

Wil McCall: 08:18 I think it is a vehicle for me. It’s a vehicle that Jesus showed me personally on how he’s going to change transform the world. Right.

Wil McCall: 08:28 So we we here in Dallas talk about the J 13 principal and J 13 leaders. And so that’s just coming from John 13. Jesus gives the example the best leadership example that I know of washing feet. He never does that. And so when Jesus goes and the first thing he does is he takes off the rabbi robe and puts on the servant towel.

Wil McCall: 08:52 So if you’re leader the first thing you are as a servant. And then secondly after you do that he treats everybody the same in the public service part. So the beloved John gets his feet washed as well as the betrayer Judas. Yes. OK. And so and so with great leadership does it treats everybody the same in the public arena in the public service arena. Yeah. And then he also and then he ends with exhorting and encouraging the followers that says you will be blessed if you do the same show that you go and watch others feed and so and then at the end he remembers his role. He puts back on his rabbi role. So when you serve you don’t give up the role. You just know every role starts with service. Absolutely. And so that so that’s kind of our process. And that’s what I don’t know. I think that answer Yes absolutely.

Jake Enriquez: 09:47 I mean I can see definitely that’s the importance of it and how it becomes more and more important because when you identify those things when you could actually take those part and you could see how like you said it starts definitely becomes more important to us and that’s it.

Wil McCall: 10:01 So so that’s why leadership is so important because that’s what’s impactful. That’s what changes and encourages and builds up leadership everywhere. And what happens is we’re we’re all better off. I think we need love. We need people who care about us exploitation and manipulation feels like it’s rampant in our society. And so we’re great leadership does it serves loves and brings benefit. Yeah. So that’s why I’m so drawn to it. And the team shirt and I’m so blessed to work with this Randeep.

Jake Enriquez: 10:33 That’s awesome. And you know I think about this guy that was in the military he was a general. He told me he said Great leadership is the guy who lives in a time of war at the sniper who’s firing on them said Hey I’ll be right back I’m going to go take him out. And all the other guys do what they go tell it to you they just follow it up because he’s the one that goes and he knows the service first. But you know I think about what you’re talking about the leadership and that leadership comes a lot of pitfalls. So what what are some of the pitfalls of leadership that you’re aware of and maybe you’ve experienced and seen.

Wil McCall: 11:10 Well one thing is when things go well you feel like you are reading your own clippings. Yeah. And so part of what I try to foster here is and it’s a saying that I’ve said to a number of the staffers that don’t allow me to be the king with no clothes on. OK. So when you have a voice to you’re going to be heard. And so we allow everybody in America and not allow expect everybody to fulfill their leadership role to speak honestly truthfully they have freedom and to tell us when we may be missing. Now they could be wrong. Sure. But first we want to be heard and we want to hear from them. And we seriously listen not one of those. OK I want to put that in the complaint box and know what it is you know. I want to hear.

Wil McCall: 12:06 Listen think about what’s being said and we expect our directors to do the same. And then it’s if you aren’t day one and you’re an intern you have a voice as well as if you’ve been here 18 years. Like me. Sure. You have a voice going around the table. Everybody has a voice.

Jake Enriquez: 12:24 So those are when I think about that you know pitfalls and all those things that we can all by the way we’re all subject to and we can all go array I’d say in any of these if they get out of line.

Jake Enriquez: 12:35 But I think you know you’re right. Pride is the first thing that comes to mind. And we all know that pride comes before the fall and we can get blown up in that you know every time I hear that you know.

Jake Enriquez: 12:49 I honestly don’t even know how to address it. Sometimes when you hear someone say hey you’re doing a great job. It’s almost like us that.

Jake Enriquez: 12:57 They want to hear their get out because really it’s not we’re we’re really scriptural and we’re really live in that life. We do say it’s no longer a crisis to live within me that’s it.

Jake Enriquez: 13:08 Right. And that’s how we are to live but those things do come and then there’s competition. I think that you know a lot of times we see a comparison I’ll just use an example. Maybe this foundation is.

Jake Enriquez: 13:21 You can easily look across the street see somebody else let’s try to do the same thing you’re doing instead of working together we start try to pull apart. So those are another or other things that start pulling away. And I just wonder sometimes how that can be such a thing that still exists because if really if we’re really looking at it from a leadership standpoint I really really really want you to get back.

Jake Enriquez: 13:45 You know I want you to get better at what you’re doing. How can we help you. Type

Jake Enriquez: 13:48 of thing because we’re really stand for the same cause. So as a believer and you know you hit on a while ago so what are some of the safeguards that you put in place personally because you know honestly at the end of the day you go home the leader you get away. You’re the leader. So at the end of the day what are some of the safeguards that you put in place for you so you can have your own checks and balances in place someone.

Wil McCall: 14:14 The directors in particular but anyone they have an open door to give me their honest feedback and I ask to have a wife that reminds me and I didn’t really ask for all that reminding the Lord said that unsolicited yet.

Wil McCall: 14:32 But listen to the woman that someone in that movie so I listened to the wife and I think that’s right.

Wil McCall: 14:39 Secondly saying the word so you know I have daming words session sometimes. We talked I have long conversations with scripture. Sure I’m sure if I have read it if I listen to it but just keep the word in me. Humility is a big part. Not sure that you know the thing I’m most proud of was that on this day humility in the sense of. Get over yourself. Sure. The bottom line is things happen and it’s you know sometimes the Lord blesses you beyond your imagination. Sure. All of the strategies we have. The bottom line is the Lord has to make them work and give him increasing favor and all the rest of them so just keep the right perspective be sober. You know I’ve worked hard at being sober and assessing myself and my abilities and I think those are the big things and that laugh at myself a lot. Okay and I like that. So that’s good to do. You know we have to laugh but the funny.

Wil McCall: 15:43 That’s a lot to laugh in this day. Me too. But I think you know you touched on it right there. You

Jake Enriquez: 15:51 know the word war absolutely reminds us always it never fails. And just by listening what you were saying it reminds me of the Scripture this says for it is God that works in us spoke to Will end it in his place. So all along it’s really for his good play is good play. Yes. So I mean I really love to have you ever experienced a failure in leadership in your life that maybe has saddened when you see somebody fall. What impact did that have on you. So

Wil McCall: 16:23 when I seen it and someone else I mean I’ve seen it. I’ve been doing this for a while. So you’re seeing a number of times it is the collateral damage that Reves me. It’s not just that leader right. What happens to their families what happens in particular in ministry with them so the ministries they serve in the secular world. Right. And especially when they’re trying when when their than selves when they’re representing Christ in the world. Right. And then how they defame the name of the law and that that now that turns into a tool and tool box of Satan to bring them up and then not Christians over the head or those who are trying to follow Christ or find Christ and throw them off the scent of the law. So that drives me that grieves me greatly. Sure. For those reasons and I’m just sad for them.

Wil McCall: 17:19 Sure he felt that leader is struggling and there’s something there. But you know it’s also you said something about Pride. Pride keeps us from revealing our struggles to one another and I don’t think the word says that we’re confess our sins. One other that’s important. Yes sir. It clears the soul clears the mind. What happens when you bring to the light of day. The Lord just takes care of you. Also it’s not as big because now it’s not something Satan’s on no weary. Yeah yeah. You know he’s faith he’s faithful that’s what first jounce is right faithful and just and will forgive us of our sins and flinches from not some but all on righteousness.

Wil McCall: 17:58 Amen Amen. So you start to try to control it. OK. Stay with us. Great

Jake Enriquez: 18:05 read I greatly appreciate that. You know for the scripture says you know who’s going to send to the Holy Hill the lord one with clean hands and a pure heart. You know once who’s going in and that’s so absolutely and you know what I think right now I’d be a great time we’re going to take a quick break and then we’re going to be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 18:22 So I’ll take a break right there but I’m going to bring us back in now to this is the time that you’re going to set you know a time to strengthen your faith so whatever that might be.

Jake Enriquez: 18:34 Welcome back and thank you for coming back. We are hanging out with Mr. Wil McCall from the Dallas Leadership Foundation and just going over leadership really just all kinds of ins and outs and do’s and don’ts whatever you might want to call it about leadership and how important it really is and the role it plays not only in our own personal lives but in how it impacts the community. But will I want to ask you. You

Jake Enriquez: 18:59 know I always tell people in order to lead you first have to learn how to follow. Now we only follow one round here that would be Christ Jesus because that is our leader right. But you know in times we all experience difficult situations and sometimes you know we learn things in different ways. So

Jake Enriquez: 19:20 our faith faith is strengthened in some difficult times you know. But God loves us and he he chases the ones that he loves. Right. So can you tell us about a time that may have been difficult for you that your faith was strength out of that.

Wil McCall: 19:34 Yes. I like what you said about you must first follow my father used to say that you said if you want to be a great leader first you must be a great follower follower to me a lot of good because from my father he didn’t know what he’s talking about. And I’ll also really he’s like you know I’m just Jesus now. Yeah but gosh I have a number of whom I’m choosing.

Jake Enriquez: 19:59 I’ll go wherever you want. Plenty of struggles over the years. Sure.

Wil McCall: 20:05 I would say about eight years and I should be leading. And we’ve gone through some struggles ups and downs and maybe in six years and I’m not sure. But it was bad. Things were tough. Financially were trying to grow. I’m learning out of lead people will I’m missing the mark here and there though too rough in some areas a little too demanding a little cheesy.

Wil McCall: 20:27 And we also just had some strong financial issues and board meeting and a board meeting I mean we’re looking where it’s horrible financial for us thing today we’ve had much hard.

Wil McCall: 20:45 Today that would be just like wonderful Yeah.

Wil McCall: 20:48 But back then it was just it was the world. Sure it was over and the board went and said Should we continue.

Wil McCall: 20:57 And everybody on the board said things. I was devastated. And I thought I have not given a vision I have not served board will and host families in those neighborhoods. Yeah. Brothers and sisters that are looking for someone who’s relevant coming into the prison. Yeah I don’t think we had youth at that point. OK.

Wil McCall: 21:28 They needed and expected us to show up because we were showing up in a way that other organizations weren’t. And because of my lack of leadership with informing the board and taken care of ourselves and better on the financial end and just the management and were about to go away. Now something rolls up and me for second and that bored me and I just kind of was kind of other I just said no I’m not sure how I came out of that. You know I strong able. Sure sure great board members. My whole time. And somehow I don’t know. I don’t think they were testing me. I think they were really thinking we should go away. But how we ended that conversation was OK we’ll give you time give you some time to work on it. And I want to work to be a better leader.

Wil McCall: 22:23 Yeah communicate better to set people up for success. Better to create the right boundaries and safety nets. Yeah. For every part of our organization because it’s for his name sake and for the sake of those people for the good of those people that we got to know if we would just left and we would have abandoned them. And you know it’s like sheep without shepherds. There would be other shepherds. Sure sure but them so we’re not the sheep right. But we had a great way of communicating to them to see the shepherd. And so that was it for me. I was I was saddened by my poor leadership right on my end of my lack of attention to detail. And just in such a way that I put everything at risk not to mention that look at Stahr.

Wil McCall: 23:16 Sure. I mean it’s staff. It’s a community. The Lord knows probably my ego too but I also go home and look at my wife and children. It’s the community instead. Yeah we just brought to life the scripture without the vision that people come up that’s.

Jake Enriquez: 23:36 So when you’ve experienced that I know that had to be tough but you know we do thank God that there is no condemnation of those who were actually as he lifted you back up in the LTA.

Wil McCall: 23:49 But he said now and you know I just ended up here. Absolutely. But

Jake Enriquez: 23:56 you know that’s got great because he did give you the ability to see that yeah and build on that and carry it forward.

Jake Enriquez: 24:05 So in that time I’ll ask you this I should just say over your time of being a leader what are some of the traits or what would you say is a leadership trait that would be most important. I

Jake Enriquez: 24:18 know that’s a hard one to answer. The most important. If you take the vows you could say a couple of you are sure.

Wil McCall: 24:25 Integrity OK humility sure love.

Wil McCall: 24:32 I think those. And then you serve you can’t you can’t love and be humble without service. That’s right. OK yeah. So if you have integrity be truthful. You know humble enough to know you do. You don’t you didn’t hang the moon. And so we’re not Jesus saves. So yeah. So understand the dying on the cross all have been done. Someone else does it just a waste. OK. So our job is not to say folk is to sow the seeds as Jesus gives us so you can give them increase. Yeah. And so when leaders understand that and unbelief do it in love for the benefit of others and for the glory of them then usually their great leaders. Sure they can put themselves aside to the side. Absolutely. Oh I love that. So you know I know that you’ve learned a lot in your time and I just go back to what you’re saying earlier. Know there was a time as you said you had to he had to go to work and learn how to become a better leader. One

Jake Enriquez: 25:33 by the way with the vision you know they often say the dream is if a dream is just you. And it just a few others it’s just not big enough you know it has to encompass everybody.

Wil McCall: 25:44 And it’s hard for it to really move. So what are some of the books as we love to say you know readers are leaders you know and I believe that. But what would you say is there a book that you would recommend to our listeners. My number one book on leadership is lead like Jesus by King blench. It’s simple but it’s clear and if we connect connect our organization connects to this process. OK. So that loving serving humility. Sure. Sacrificing thing that he talks about is phenomenal. Now another one is authentic leadership. Dr. Bob TRN OK. Vicar well more year. And it is another one of my favorite books. You know I would definitely will put that in your book. We’ll put in the show now so we can have that for people to look at.

Jake Enriquez: 26:37 And let me just ask you this because I know that people love to reach out. You

Jake Enriquez: 26:41 know we we certainly want to showcase what you guys do really do because I know you make an impact. You guys all make an impact this community and I know it’s faith based. I mean the Lord lead you. OK. So I want to know how can we connect out there how can guys connect with you guys. Is there a Web site. Do you have social media where would they go.

Wil McCall: 27:03 Yes. So we have a website and it’s the DLFTX.org. So you go there and we’re on Facebook and you find us. I mean we have all the buttons there khokha Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter.

Wil McCall: 27:27 So we have all of those. OK. Well you can tell I’m not the social media guy. That’s OK. But you know when to do is gather all that up and put in the show for you. Now

Jake Enriquez: 27:38 I want to ask you this because you have an event coming up right. Yes. What’s the event’s about.

Wil McCall: 27:45 So Treasures of Hope is everything connects to some kind of weave. Right. So expressions of hope is a Christmas store where we allow families to come and purchase items at 75 percent or more. All brand new items. So what we are what we are not is a relief ministry. We need them but that’s not who we are. We’re development ministry so we allow people to have the dignity to go and choose for themselves for their families. Sure sure. So I would say I say this this is old so just don’t date me too much. You know I love I love G.I. Joe as a kid. Wasn’t a big Superman fan. Yeah. If my father would have showed up with Superman and not G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip I would’ve known someone gave him that Superman because he knows I’m not a Superman fan right.

Wil McCall: 28:35 OK. So now as a parent he would have to go and give me something that I’m going to know that he didn’t choose for me or he’s given me things that I don’t like and that we don’t want our family to go through that. Yeah. And when you become connected to Christ and everybody that goes to our store is exposed they hear the gospel and we have a prayer room. And we have social services that come in and we have entertainment we have food. We have cashiers you know you can buy it buy a full sized bicycle in a home for 16 bucks and you can buy a coffee for three. OK. OK. So all brand new and you get all that entertainment food. It’s a Neiman Marcus experience without the league this market.

Wil McCall: 29:22 Where does it take place. It happens at Plaza of the Americas 600 North Pearl Street. OK. Yes six downtown Wall Street Plaza of the Americas it’s in I can’t think of that hotel right Maria. Maria. And this is on what date. It starts December 11th. So starts this coming Monday December 11th in the evening. And it goes through December 15. And so we start at 530 if you can volunteer. Yeah. And we usually end by 830 and it’s a blast. We have entertainment. We just it’s a very it’s a festive time. Oh it’s great.

Jake Enriquez: 29:59 So we’re looking forward to that we’ll definitely put that out. We want to promote that with you guys and we can still use volunteer Hambledon on Tuesday night. Yeah and we need them on Thursday night and Monday Monday night Monday Tuesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Thursday.

Wil McCall: 30:14 Yeah but I don’t know shoppers. We

Wil McCall: 30:17 just this.

Wil McCall: 30:18 And part of it is just so you know in that program we have 28 different organizations that serve families throughout the year because it’s development. So we’re not just having people come in to get a hookup. Right. So the the organizations that we work we work with those families throughout the year.

Wil McCall: 30:34 How can we work with them throughout the year. It is leadership development. All families are are prepared. You’re not giving a handout. You’re

Wil McCall: 30:42 you’re buying these gifts but you have the dignity of choosing. Sure. Secondly they volunteer about 40 to 60 percent of our volunteerism comes from the families that shop there they own the store. OK. Because this is about development and we want them to understand little becomes much you put in the master’s hands and can see when you connect to Jesus. There’s more that happens in our lives and we can imagine and understand men.

Jake Enriquez: 31:08 Maybe that’s great man. I greatly appreciate that. We’ll definitely put that on the Web site as well. So I hope you guys promote that.

Jake Enriquez: 31:15 One last word if you know we really want to reach community.

Jake Enriquez: 31:21 OK. And I know there are a lot of other people out here we have a dream and are maybe that become discouraged. What would be your final word of encouragement to someone who is trying to do something and go forward and make an impact in the community. And like I said maybe they get discouraged along the way. How would you encourage them to keep keep going.

Wil McCall: 31:40 Well because I will give you the story of Marvin Marvins my buddy. He used to be at the Safeway store. OK. And Marvin I mean he just get brother Gebreab brother. And he was a leader in the dorm. But he would tell you the story he’s been through. Yeah he had all the things he missed. Just name it he did it. He struggled with it. Right. Couple weeks ago two weeks ago I’m in a beautiful luxurious Omni Hotel and a highfalutin event.

Wil McCall: 32:14 Yes. OK. It was a big day.

Wil McCall: 32:17 Yeah. And it was beautiful. Phenomenal. Yeah. And I remember you see Marvin and all white or white jumpsuit. Yeah. You know I saw him in some in a tuxedo. Praise Kenya at that event at the Omni Hotel as one of the honored guest because of his leadership in community.

Wil McCall: 32:36 He came to me he said we’ll remember I said Marvin you saw dressed up like a man dressed Bellamy I was upset and I was offended he was over you know I want to be the one to dress and he was dressed to the nines beautiful tuxedo.

Wil McCall: 32:49 And I said Man you look great Marvin and I already know the work he’s doing and how well he’s doing and how many people he’s helping. Sure. And he said but will remember he used to see me in all white jumpsuit. Yeah. And I got choked up. Yeah. So what.

Wil McCall: 33:05 No matter what you’re struggling with. Yes. If you could be out in the streets like Marvin was but all you have to do is look up and call his name. Hey hey hey hey have you call he will come Yeah. And he hears those who are here. That’s right. And those who are here will hear him testify.

Wil McCall: 33:25 So if you’re struggling just calling his name and a lot will do something you ask the Lord in some way to show me that you really hear and God will come through for any man any man he’s not better has for any man who’s in Christ by the ways that you created. And

Wil McCall: 33:41 I do not rehash things the past. You have a whole new has come. Thank you so much for meeting with us today.

Jake Enriquez: 33:48 Hey I’ll tell you like we tell anybody else who’s out there listen up the name of the Lord. We’re family brother. We love you we thank God for you. What you guys continue to do for the Kingdom of God. All right.

Jake Enriquez: 33:59 Thank you. You’re welcome guys. That’s Wil McCall with the Dallas leadership Foundation and for the show notes on this episode you can go to pressin reach dot com forward slash PR 28


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