041: How to Get Closer to God Spiritually

Have you ever gotten to the point where you’re really not in touch or in tune with God?  A time when you just weren’t feeling it?  Maybe you find yourself in that spot today.  What do you do when you get to that point?  First of all, it’s encouraging when any of us recognizes that we aren’t where we want to be or need to be spiritually.  So, how do you get back on track?  How do you draw near to Him? Good news, friend! You can start today.

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“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  James was reminding us that the same power that was demonstrated through the prophet Elijah is still available to us today.  When we find ourselves drifting away from the Lord, usually it indicates that there’s something wrong.  Rather than try to figure it on our own, we ought to go to the Lord in prayer and seek Him.  Whatever it is that has us uneasy and not at peace – ask the Lord.  Make it a habit to seek the Lord’s counsel before any others.  He’ll not only reveal it when we ask, but He’ll also help us deal with it.

Get a Word

We’re all in a different place in our walks as Christians, and that’s ok.  What matters is that we make time to spend in God’s Word.  Daily devotionals are a good place to start when we need a little help understanding the Bible.  As long as they point back to scripture, devotionals are a good resource for getting into God’s Word.  Let the scriptures come to you.  Chances are,some of those scriptures are going to stand out.  When they do, those are the ones we are to meditate on throughout the day.  It’s not about memorizing every scripture.  Instead, when a verse or verses stand out or speak to you, take it with you and think about it throughout the day.  That’s meditation.  That’s how we go about hiding his Word in our hearts (Psalm 119:11) and can draw upon it when we face challenging situations in the course of a day.

Write it Down

Keep note cards nearby to write down a verse or verses that stand out to you.  That way you can stick it in your pocket and it’s easy to refer to throughout the day.  A notebook or journal is also good to have on hand in your quiet time.  Write down something that you’re going through in the moment, or something you are experiencing.  Take the scripture and write down some thoughts – What does that mean to me?  What does this passage tell me?  What does this verse say to me?  When we take the time to write those things down, we have the opportunity later to reflect on how God sees us through these times.

To be out of touch with God puts us in a very vulnerable and dangerous place.  We’re unprepared to handle what comes our way.  Pray.  Get a Word.  Write it down.  These are the things that have helped in the past to get back and draw close to God spiritually.

What are some things that you do that help you in your quiet time?

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Jake Enriquez: 00:01 Press and Reach, episode number 41. How do I get closer to God spiritually,

Jake Enriquez: 00:15 Good morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever this may be to you, I sure hope and pray that you be found well in spirit, my friend. Hey, my name is Jacob [inaudible] and it is a joy, honor and a privilege to be your host today. So please let me welcome you to press and reach a podcast. We’re simply walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way. Do the same.

Jake Enriquez: 00:43 I agree.

Jake Enriquez: 00:46 Welcome back to Preston and reach. My name’s Jake Enriquez, your host. It’s been to have you back today.

Jake Enriquez: 00:51 Today we’re going to talk about something or ask a question. I guess I should add, I should say because of I know that a lot of us may have, uh, this issue on and off, so to speak, but it’s how to get closer to God spiritually. In other words, there could be definitely be some times where we’ll go through things and you may feel like maybe you’re just not feeling it. You’re just not up to par. You’re really not in touch or in tune with God. So to speak, in a, you know, that can be a, it could be a very dry time, uh, we call that a dry land by the way. So have you ever gotten to the point out, asked this question where you feel that way and the reason why I think it’s important is because I know that if in fact we do get to this point, which I know I have for sure, then it gets, it can be quite dangerous in other words, a lot of different things going to happen to us during that time because, uh, you could get caught off guard, we can get to put it in a different predicament.

Jake Enriquez: 01:54 Maybe we’re not really prepared because we’re just not really in tune or in touch, I should say with God at that time. So for example, I’ll give you a couple of examples myself. Uh, I deal with people all day and all the time, you know, as a real estate investor, we are out here dealing with different people where you’ll, you know, you’ll deal with customers, clients, they also deal with the people that you work with. Uh, in order to get the projects done, but if I’m not in tune with God, if I am not at a place that I’m feeling, uh, the, the presence of God, in other words, if I’m not spiritually connected to God, our father, that I know already, I’m going to have some issues that come up. And here’s the thing, they work. They will come up and rear their ugly heads in the most unpredictable time.

Jake Enriquez: 02:49 And that’s not where you want to be found. I can assure you of that. So, uh, the reason why we, we again ask the question is to bring it up, hang out with you and kind of go over it with you because I know it’s important. I know it’s important for me and I also know what would be important for others as well. So the thing about is we ask what do you do when you get to that point? What happens? In other words, what are some things that I can do to reel me back in and get back up to par and get back to where I need to be with the Lord? You know, so what I think about first is prayer, you know, prayer to me is everything. And I know what people say. Well, if I’m not really in tune with God, I really don’t feel like praying.

Jake Enriquez: 03:32 And you know, I do believe that prayer, by the way, is the most underused tool by the way that a Christian has and us, you know, we as Christians, you know, we have got to be able to utilize that more and more often because prayers, everything, you know, James, uh, you know, in the book of James, he said, hey, the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much and what James is saying, he was talking about Elijah and Elijah. He said he’s a saint. He was the same spirit as we are. So if we’re not utilizing prayer, not in the place where we want to be, we can always start your day. That’s the good news is that you can always come back to it like right now, no matter where you’re at. So we would pray without ceasing if we remember that as well.

Jake Enriquez: 04:18 But here’s the thing, when I’m talking about today, we talked about prayer, right? So there’s this scripture, a psalm 24, three. It says who’s going to ascend to the hill of the Lord? Who’s going to stand on that holy place? And it says that it’s one with clean hands and a pure heart. So in other words, you would have to come forward and confess those things, come forward and ask God for it and have it, you know, oftentimes if we get to the point where we’re not feeling it, by the way, let’s just say that if you’re not, you’re just not feeling it. Well that means there’s something wrong. That means there’s something going on and you know what to be honest with you, you might not be able to figure that out all on your own. So you’ve got to really go to the Lord in prayer and go seek God’s face in this thing.

Jake Enriquez: 05:11 Go seek and ask it to the Lord. What is it that’s got me in this place? And you know, there’s various things and I can’t just sit there and tell you exactly what it might be for you, but if you find yourself maybe uneasy with the situation that’s going on in your life right now, maybe you’ve got some things that are going on and you’re not really at peace with it. That could be one of those things, maybe a, it could be at work, maybe it will be at church. Maybe it could be with a friend if you and a friend by the way, or at odds, and you’re really not agree in with some of the things that they’re doing that could put you in a place that you’re not simply at peace with God. And that’s the thing that, uh, that’s very important is we want to go and God’s help of it.

Jake Enriquez: 05:58 Remember he tells us to cast our cares upon him because he cares about us. So it’s not like he doesn’t know that we may be going through these things. He asks us to come to him and seek him in these things. So number one is, the first thing I think about is prayer. And go ask of God, you know, anytime somebody comes to me by the way and ask, you know, maybe some advice on a serious situation or they want to talk about something, the first thing I always tell him, man, is I’ll ask them, is you. What’s the, what says, Lord? In other words, have you sought out God first in this thing? It’s great to have, uh, brothers and sisters around us who are in the fellowship, who are of the faith, who can point us back to a god in these things.

Jake Enriquez: 06:45 It’s great to fellowship with one another, but the first who we must always seek is of course the Lord. You know? So as the first thing that I think about this morning, I’m thinking about it today because I know and understand that that’s the most important part is to draw close to God. And this thing, even if you don’t feel like praying, you know, you gotta really press through. We say, you know, you have to press through and this thing with all sincerity and all realness, man, you’ve got to keep it real and go seek it from God. So prayer, life has everything, so that’s the first thing that I think about, but even in that, if I’m thinking about, you know, getting back and drawing close, we’re getting close to God spiritually. There are other things that I’m thinking about as well and that’s a quiet time.

Jake Enriquez: 07:32 You know, all these things will be part of your quiet time, but that’s word you’re going to need to get God’s word one way or another. Now this is where I would be cautious in because I think that everybody, anybody and everybody as a Christian is that a different place, you know, everybody’s not the same place. So I might be able to open up that Bible and just hang out in there for a good while, you know, and have a great time and really be fat or maybe I’m not up to par with it. Maybe I’m just not. I’m, I’m having a problem understanding and I’m having a little bit of difficulty and, and getting to the place that I need to be. So I might need a little bit of help and that little bit of help could come through or come by way of devotionals, you know, you can always go in and get yourself a devotional that you might want to, um, look into something that might be easier, that would point us, you know, in that direction.

Jake Enriquez: 08:29 There’s so many different ones you know, that you can go and get, you know, just go to a local, uh, you know, your Christian bookstore and look for some of those devotionals and get up and get, get some of those and get back in touch, you know, and that’s just time spent. You know, if you look at a devotional, usually has some kind of a story and they don’t have. It’ll ask you some questions and it’ll take you through some different things that will really make you think about a certain circumstance situation. So devotionals are always great. You know, I think about devotionals and, and man, I love using devotionals all the time and if, because they always points you back to the word, here’s what happens after that though. If you’re pointed back to the word and you get to that place and you get to that scripture, probably some of those scriptures going to stand out to you and if they stand out to you, you can kind of write those down and then you’d be able to meditate on those scriptures throughout the day. Will hold on. We’ll take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake Enriquez: 09:31 Hey guys, it’s Jacob. Hey, I just want to take a brief moment to ask you if in fact like the podcast to come and subscribe, rate, and review. Just take a brief moment to do that, but not only that, we asked that you come and visit us on progress. <Unk>. We’re all about faith, family, and community. Listen to if you have a story about how your faith and the Lord has seen you through, we certainly want to hear from you whether it’s been in your business life, your personal life, which could be your marriage or dealing with your family, whatever it may be. We know that faith is a daily wall, so come join us as together. We build our communities back up and give God all the glory

Jake Enriquez: 10:14 again. I think that everybody gets a word in them differently. Everybody’s not at the same place. So I’m just making recommendations for you. The first thing to do of course, while I was telling you about is to pray and ask God, but, but you know, secondly, next is, you know, just start getting a word in you. You know, definitely a look at that scripture. Look, if it’s a devotional, great, which, look at those scriptures. Let the scriptures come to you. God’s not going to let you down in it. OK? So here’s the thing, if I’m thinking about a devotional, I come upon a scripture. I really liked this. This is just one of the things I like to do. When one of the scripture stands out to me, I write it down and I’d take a, a little note card and I just like to write it down and carry it with me.

Jake Enriquez: 11:03 So, you know, maybe throughout the day I can pull it back out and look at it. You know, I’m not talking about you have to memorize every scripture in the Bible. You’re not doing that, but if scripture does come out to speak to you, take it with you, carry with you, let it. Uh, and that’s called meditation. By the way, when you’re thinking about it throughout the day a here, I’ll just give you one, and I’m going to get to this in a minute, but one of my verses that I love, OK, it’s a life verse for me, is proverbs four, 23, which is guard your heart with all vigilance, for, from it flows the springs of life. Let me tell you why that’s extremely important to me because if I get to a place where I’m unsettled about it, maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s a circumstance or situation, and I start to feel a different way.

Jake Enriquez: 11:52 I start to be drawn towards, let’s just say being angry or upset, or maybe even, um, uh, well, just maybe just really angry. I just be truthful. I get angry about something. I recall that scripture verse because I call it a life first, but it’s proverbs four, 23. Guard your heart, jake at this time because with all vigilance for from it flow the springs of life. Now what that tells me is this, if I’m hot, if I’m mad, if I’m flowing like that, think about the springs of life. What kind of springs are about to flow from me is probably not going to be too good. So I think about that as a verse that I, you know, I used to carry that around until I really got it and I could really meditate on it. Think about it and it does me a man.

Jake Enriquez: 12:45 I’m telling you what, that just does great wonders for me in difficult times. But in order to get that I had to go and get the word and actually now actually use that or got that through a devotional. I was in it and I just kind of looked at it. Stood out. Let’s cause I was telling you kinda like I was telling you earlier, let it stand out to you. Write it down and take it with you. That might not be yours, but you might have a different one. So get a word number two is just get a word any way that you can, you know, so I know some guys like to uh, just listen to it and on some, a podcast or some, uh, maybe on the radio in the morning when you’re on your way, you get to hear a program from, from somebody who’s preaching the word, Hey, nothing wrong with that, but you have to get a word in, and I’m, I’m calling this, I’m just referring all these things back to what we call a quiet time by the way.

Jake Enriquez: 13:37 That’s really truly how we get back to get closer to God spiritually. So getting the word so. But number three, actually it lines up with what we already said. I already pointed out, is writing things down. Now when it comes to writing things down, I’m telling you about the note card and writing down verse writing down to scripture verse or a passage. What does that mean to you? What does that tell me? What does that say to me? Man? If you really get in there and write down something that you’re going through in the moment, something that you’re experiencing in the moment, and a lot of people like to refer to this as a prayer journal. Um, I just just like to write it down and ask, you know, those different things, but you know, you take your time and write those things down because the surprising thing sometimes is how God sees you through it.

Jake Enriquez: 14:32 So we always get a chance to reflect. You always get a chance to go back to it. But these are the things that will get you closer to God spiritually. OK? And when I think about getting closer to God spiritually, I know that we all need it. We all love it. We all want it to be out of touch with God isn’t a v puts us in a very vulnerable and dangerous place. And uh, then we won’t be equipped to handle what comes our way. But number one is prayer and not think about getting the word in you, making sure you get a word. But number three is just journaling or writing those things down. Man, don’t be afraid to write that down anywhere. You can have something that you can carry with you or a place that you’re at. And I think about that too.

Jake Enriquez: 15:18 Um, having that place that you want to meet with God. You know what? I know a lot of people make it a, uh, you know, make it probably a little bit harder than it should be, but personally I’ve got different places that I love to get that I would be able to meet with God. Remember that you don’t have to have one set place. I love being in different places and I know that I can just sit there and meet with the Lord and, and Converse with the Lord. Remember, prayer is conversation as well, so you’re, you’re praying and talking to God during this time, man, God is not going to let you down. So those are the things that I’m thinking about today, this morning, and I’m praying for you as you go throughout your normal course of the workday and you’re flowing out there doing your thing.

Jake Enriquez: 16:09 I hope you haven’t been caught off guard and I hope you are drawing close to God spiritually in this day. But here’s the thing is what I want you to do, you know, as we go out here, we build community. We love community. We love to interact with others, especially that are in the faith. And of course we’d always love to walk out amongst the people and be with those who are even not of the faith because you know, our job is to advance the Kingdom of God. So, but as I’m thinking about this morning, maybe some people are going through some difficult times and getting back to that place. You know, I, I’ve been there many a times where I can’t get back to that place and these are just the things that have helped me in the past if helped me to get back and draw close to God spiritually.

Jake Enriquez: 16:50 But I’m asking today about you. So what are your ways we ask you to come back over to press and reached out and go to. This episode is section on how to get closer to God spiritually and just put in the comments, what are some of the things, this is what I would ask of you. What are some of the things that you do that help you in your quiet time? Because all of this, you know, getting closer to God spiritually really comes down to a quiet time. So what is your quiet time look like? I know that everybody is different. I know that, uh, I have a buddy of mine who says he loves to get to it on a fishing boat and if that’s the case, hey man, I mean I can’t get your fishing boat every day, but I’d love to. But anyway, everybody has a different place.

Jake Enriquez: 17:32 Everybody has different things that they like to do, but maybe if you put it in the comments section, put it in our um, uh, contact us and put it on the comments for this episode. Others would be able to get that. Others would be able to look at it and maybe benefit off of it as well. So make sure you go back and check it out. And make sure you come back and interact. We definitely want to build community here with you. If you have any questions and or concerns, simply go back to Preston reached [inaudible] forward slash pr 40 for the, for this episode and the notes on this episode. Hey Man, we thank God for you. We love you and ask the each and every one of you will be blessed in this day. Have a great day.

Jake Enriquez: 18:13 Once again, it’s been a joy hanging out with you, so please keep pressing and reaching and remember that you are not walking out your faith alone, out here for he has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a blessed and Wonderful Day,

Jake Enriquez: 18:33 Huh?

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