Keeping The Faith Through It All

Episode 77 with Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett is a real estate investor here in the DFW area.  He and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend – my real estate mentor, Dennis Henson.  Bill has had great success in real estate, authored a book – Are You Dumb Enough to Be Rich?, and has recently started not one but two podcasts! But maybe even more impressive than his career as investor and speaker is his work in the “trenches”, out here ministering to men through the everyday pains of life and pointing them to Jesus.

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During this episode we discuss:

  • Becoming a believer and those “in the middle” [01:52]
  • The greatest challenge of Bill’s faith [04:26]
  • Having a brother in Christ for support [06:04]
  • The challenges of trying to earn a living [08:36]
  • Making time for your kids [09:24]
  • Marriage and business [11:54]
  • How Bill began as a speaker [16:36]
  • When gratitude leads to discipleship of others [20:44]
  • Lessons learned from being in the lives of others [24:56]
  • Some positives out of this pandemic [27:49]
  • How Bill keeps “transforming and renewing” his mind [30:42]
  • Bill’s new podcasts [32:05]
  • How to reach out to Bill [33:19]
  • Bill closes us out in prayer [33:49]

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Jake enriquez: Welcome back to Press and Reach. My name is Jake Enriquez, your host and man this morning, we are delighted to have with us a guest from the old business community, you know, real estate. And, I just, I see him sometimes on Facebook doing some Bible studies and man, it just, it just brings a joy to my heart, but what a great thing to see, but most of you in this local area especially you’ll know of him,Mr. Bill Barnett. Bill, welcome to the show. Good to have you as a guest.

Bill barnett: Thank you brother, it’s quite an honor to be here.

Jake enriquez: For those who don’t know you, man, Bill, why don’t you go ahead and just introduce yourself – who you are, where you’re from and what you do.

Bill barnett: I’m a real estate investor, have been for 27, 28 years now. I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up in the deep South and went to University of Alabama, have been in Fort worth. About 35 years was here about two weeks, called my mom and dad and said, I’m home.

Jake enriquez: Hey, you know, you mentioned real estate investor. And I, I first heard about you, I told you earlier, from a buddy of mine, Dennis Henson, you know, he’s my mentor in real estate, great guy love Dennis, love him. And then I read your book, man. And, I saw all the things that you were doing in real estate and man, what a, what a great business to be in. And man, that’s the reason why I called you here is I wanna, I want to see how you tie your faith into one of the most challenging business industries that I think out here, ’cause I’m in it, you know. But that’s, so I wanted to call you to it and ask you some questions because here at Press and Reach, man, we, we just want to encourage people along the way, you know, to walk in their faith and to let them know, man, you’re not walking this thing out alone. There are many people, different walks of life. They’re doing same thing, you know, and you’re definitely one of them. let me ask you the first question. OK. Mr. Bill, how long have you been walking with the Lord?

Bill barnett: I would say I was 12. I’m what I call a part of the, the hard bunch to reach. Not 12 year olds, necessarily. But you know, I’ve talked to a lot of people, about faith and about Christ and it’s through the years, it’s kind of struck me that guys, that guys kinda like you and I that are, are doing okay. You know, we’ve got a good business, got family, guy in good health. Things are going along pretty good. We’re in my opinion, the hardest group to reach the folks that are, you know, been alcoholics or drug addicts. And my heart goes out to them. A lot of times when you hit that bottom, it’s easier for them to come around with Christ. It’s those that – I call us the folks in the middle. We’re the ones in that, you know, just things are clicking along.

Bill barnett: Okay. That makes it tough a lot of times. Yeah. But I came to know the Lord at Westpoint, Mississippi with Bob Kerry. Yeah. Calvary Baptist church many, many, many years ago.

Jake enriquez: All right, good, good. So, you know, 12 years old in a, no, we’re not a teenager or anything like that, but you’re talking about the guys in the middle and I think it’s a great place to start, because yes, when things are going along, okay. We’re really don’t need so much intervention, I guess that’s what you would call it an intervention so to speak. But yeah, when things, when things hit rock bottom, we start reaching, definitely for something other than ourselves, we start looking for some help. With your industry, the real estate industry, it is filled with temptation and I’m just going, gonna start off by telling you, I have met a lot of people in this business when I started back in ’07, that were true sharks.

jake enriquez: I didn’t really even know what that meant. Really. I always heard the saying, you know, you can watch the shark, watch out for the sharks, but man, I tell you, boy, I learned early. If you don’t know things about this business, you will surely get eaten alive out here, you know. But in all fairness now I have also met plenty of great people, great people doing great things, man. And, that, so I’ve always looked at, well there’s always going to be a bit of both, right? With your experience, what has challenged you the most, or challenged your faith the most, along the way?

Bill barnett: That has been, fairly recent. I was married for about 21 and a half years and got announced from my ex bride that she wasn’t through dating. And it rocked my world pretty good. That was, that’s almost three years ago now, but that was, that was a really ground shaking you know, why am I going through this? What did I do? And, handled it as, as best I could. And the best I could was to just give it up, get on my knees and, and just say, okay, God. However, this is going to turn out the way that You’ve got it planned, I’m good with it. Let me know. And one of the prayer habits that I’ve picked up through the years is I don’t really pray for answers. I pray for peace. Sure. Pray for, you know, if you want me to do this, give me peace in my heart about this. If you don’t want me to do this, then, just no peace on this issue. And I have found that, and of course that is an answer in a way, in a very direct way, but I have found that to be so communative with the Holy spirit, to be able to just, Hey, you know what…

Bill barnett: And I got to tell you I was a chocolate mess in all of that. I had, one of, Brian Crotchet, one of my friends in Christ, one of my great brothers, called me yesterday. First time I talked to him in a while, but he was instrumental in, in walking with me through that. And the great thing about knowing other guys in the faith is that you have to have, especially as men, you got to have guys that you can lean on. You gotta have guys that you can pull that tight circle in and you can just say, Hey, this is what’s going on. This is, I need help. I need prayer. I need God. I just need somebody to hear me. Or I need somebody to say, okay, just shut up. You know, whatever it happens to be. But when you’ve got guys that, that, you know, in their heart, they love you and that they are coming no matter whether what they say or not is hard to hear. If you know where they’re coming from, it’s a very different process. And Brian was such a great help for me going through all that. A lot of good brothers were.

Jake enriquez: Well, praise God, man, that, that you’re right. You’re right. We have to have community. We have to have some guys around us and we can walk with, talk with, share life with, I’ll always go back to, I think it’s 1st Thessalonians two verse eight. He says, not only did we impart the gospel of God to you, but we shared our lives together with you because you’ve become so dear to us. So that’s that, that, just formulating that family, that fellowship, that, you know, guys that are really walk it out, share life together. And you, so you mentioned your marriage, but in business and then the tough parts of the business, you know, we can get sidetracked. And I think a buddy of mine once asked me, Hey, what’s the, how do you do the balance I said, brother, good luck when you get that, let me know, because

Jake enriquez: There is no balance, but you know, it’s tough, man. You know, you’re in business, you know, you, you, you know, you gotta Do the things you got to do to earn the income, right. And if you don’t do that, then you’re not, you’re not going to take care of your family. And then if you do too much of it, you’re neglecting your family. You know So those are some of those slippery slopes and we all got to pay attention. So what have been challenges for you when it came maybe to the money issues to, to earn that income along the way?

Bill barnett: I spent about eight years traveling, where I would, would leave out on late Sunday night, early Sunday morning or Monday morning and spoke every weekend. So I would, typically i’d be gone about four days. So, and I said, I’d leave out, that’s when I’d be coming back, Monday mornings. I’d leave out late Thursday afternoon, really, really early, sometimes on Friday morning, but I’d go out and teach a Friday, Saturday and Sundays. I did that for eight years, about 42 weekends a year. And so that was, became a real hard point to make sure that when you were there, that you were there. Yeah. One of the things that happened during the course of that, was I started, losing relationship with my boys. I still had two of them at home at the time. I just mentioned my 18 year old, just graduated from high school, Bryce.

Bill barnett: He’s about to go to UTA. Today was his move out day, so, an emotional day for dad, I still got, I still got a 14 year old here though, but you know, I was missing some time with them and just, you have to, to set aside and say, okay, not only do you have to have date night with the bride and make sure you’re doing what you can there, but you have to take some time and go, this is time for boys together. This was time for each of the boys and, you know, look, search out what is it that their interests are so that you can get involved with that and support them and like all kids, my, my two younger ones that are still at home are as night and day different as they can be. One is completely into the arts and media and movies and film and incredibly gifted at it.

Bill barnett: And the other one’s athletic all the way, nothing but sports. And so they, they are total opposite ends, but you gotta figure out, you know, what can I do to, to spend time with both of them. And during that whole time remembering what our charges and our charge as parents is, we have to, to educate them about Christ, educate them about the Bible. We can’t make them accept Christ. We have to put them in that environment so that they can learn. And so that the Holy spirit can work on their heart. So it’s our job to get them the church. And Lord knows when they start getting to be teenagers that can become a battle. [yes sir] It’s just that, you know, you have to try and do as best you can so that they have that opportunity to be able to learn more about God.

Bill barnett: And now, I’m sure all parents have said, I’m sure my parents said it, but now more than ever with all the crazy stuff, man. Absolutely, absolutely. They gotta have an anchor.

jake enriquez: So you talking , I hear you talking a lot about family and about spending time and those relationships, and you know, you mentioned how you struggled in marriage and it ended in a way you didn’t want it to. Bill, what would you tell someone – Let’s think about somebody coming up right now. What would you tell them , you know, when it comes to their marriage? You know, this is a kind of like, what I’m asking is how do you take our own failures and pour it back into somebody else and do it with compassion, but not beat them up?

Bill barnett: So there’s, there’s a couple of things that, that I’d say Jake one is, has nothing to do with real estate and one does.

Bill barnett: So the thing that, and, and really it does have to do with real estate. Cause that’s true with everything in our life. When things in you look back, as I certainly did, and you try to reevaluate everything, where did I go wrong? Where did I fall down? What did I do? And, and one of the things that crept into our relationship that bothered me, I just didn’t know how impactful it was, is that our prayer life together slowed down and finally stopped. So, I’d say that’s the quote unquote non real estate thing. But when I have, I have a dear young man that comes to our breakfast that, has met this woman – I say woman, they’re in their 20’s, they’re kids, you know? But he thinks this is the one and certainly sounds like it could be for them, you know, just make sure that you have that together prayer life.

Bill barnett: There’s nothing that, you know, it’s, it’s corny, it’s old, it’s been around forever. A family that prays together, stays together. That you just don’t get any more truthful than that. [Yes, sir] So from a non real estate side, that’s the thing that I would say. From a real estate side, I’d say try to get them involved if at all possible. And, I will tell you guys, women out there are so much more attuned to rehab than we are. So, which is a crucial part of the business, whether you’re wholesaling, whether you’re actually doing flips or not. I, Jake, I think they’re that way because they look at us and go, you know, he’s okay, but he’ll be a lot better when I get him fixed up.

Bill barnett: So they’re used to that. They really have that eye, the intuition. I think that’s a, that’s a crucial piece is to involve them whenever possible. And then do some things to say thanks. And, and not just with your spouse, but with your kids too. You sell a property, you got a nice fat check, take a little of that money and go do something special. And I’m not talking about, go to dinner, you know, go do a weekend somewhere, go do something. and I’m the worst guy in the world to take marriage advice from. But good entertainment advice, I’ll tell you that. Go do something special that lets them know that you appreciate the support.

Jake enriquez: That’s good, man. I appreciate that Bill. And no, you’re not the worst guy in the world, you know, Hey, we learn as we go and I want the, I want the truth, you know? You know, and I turn around and think about what you just said – so more than a dinner, huh?

Bill barnett: Yeah.

Jake enriquez: We always just take them to dinner, and that’d be done. Okay. Well, I got you. I appreciate that. And I hope, well, you know, our guests are hearing that, you know, cause, what a great thing is it to sow into the marriage, sow into the relationships. And also, you’re so right about that, man, the intuition. You know, my wife will take a look at something and she’ll ask that question and I don’t, I know what that, I know what that means when they ask that question – why did you put that over there? That means that don’t belong there, it looks outta whack. But anyway, that’s good. I appreciate that. Well man, you had a lot of success early on, early on, man, you were a, a student I believe, is it Robert Allen?

Bill barnett: Yep. Really, all the big names I’ve spent a lot of time with – Ron LeGrand, Russ Whitney. I, I spoke, and worked for all three of those guys for a long time. Did some stuff with the…Russ ended up licensing “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – did some stuff with that. And so I was just really engrossed in it from Day One. And all that started – and Robert Allen is the guy that really changed my career because I started as a flipper, like we all do, or a wholesaler, but I was a flipper. I still am. And, Bob just…there, there came a time… actually the, the guy that, co-wrote with all the Chicken Soup books, Mark Victor Hansen, has been a big brother to me since 1978. And he and I were yakking one day on the phone and I had had a pretty substantial quarter and I was just bubbling over and I was telling him about it.

Bill barnett: He said, I want you to come out to Glendale, California this weekend. It was, this was like on a Monday he’s like I want you to come out this weekend. I’ve got the Ritz Carlton out here. I got 700 people. I want you to come tell them what you just told me. And it really just caught me off guard. And I was like, Mark, people in California – they’re not going to care about my little real estate business here in Fort worth, Texas, I think. Well, I think you may find that to be a little different. So, because I love the guy I was like, all right, I’ll be there. I’d never spoken on stage before I had no idea what we’re going to do. He told me he would interview me. I was like, Mark, you know, I’m not a speaker. And he goes it’s alright, I’ll just interview. I’m like, okay, get there. It’s about 15 or 20 minutes where I’m supposed to go out. And I walk into the back of this, beating up room at this hotel at this really nice Ritz Carlton, open the door, the room. And there’s 700 people at dinner tables and tables, which means they’re only sitting on the back half of the table. Yeah. It looked like about two miles to the stage. And was like, “oh my word!”

Bill barnett: We got there. He started interviewing and I literally almost passed out. Mark is about 6’4″, 6’5″. He’s a good healthy size man. And he’s just standing there with a handheld mic. And I started getting shorter. My knees just started going. I never stopped talking, but my knees just started going out. He literally reached around me, cut me up under the arm and held me up for the rest of the interview. Now from about that time for the next 20 minutes, I have no idea what I said. I don’t remember any of it. All I kind of woke up. I was off the stage, walking back through the crowd. I was getting this rousing standing ovation and I had no clue why.

Jake enriquez: Yeah. Yeah. You know, you, you, you mentioned that, you know, you say you’re not a speaker. You weren’t a speaker. You told him that. I think that to me is some of the greatest stuff that God uses. He’s training us for a different day, giving us things for a different day. And now, you know, when you, when you go and I know you had a radio show and you do the Bible study. You’re speaking now, huh?!

Jake enriquez: That’s awesome. And that’s what, that’s what the Lord will do. He’ll take those things and use them for down the road. And, wow, that’s a blessing to know that, Bill. I’ll tell you what we’re going to take a really quick break and then we’re going to be right back.

Jake enriquez: Welcome back to the show, hanging out with Mr. Bill Barnett and Mr. Barnett was telling us, about some previous experiences. And I know that God uses those previous experiences just to keep us going down the road and for some later ordeal some things that we’re going to use later man. And I appreciate you sharing those things, but I want to get to something a little bit different. You know, I want to key in on this real quick man, because I think it’s extremely important. Discipleship, you know, God calls us. He says, Hey, we’re supposed to go out into this world and make disciples of all nations.

Jake enriquez: And that’s what I see you doing what I see the Bible study or the prayer breakfast, as you’ve mentioned on Facebook live. So spending time with people and spending time with guys and pouring that back, the things that you’ve learned from the Lord, the Lord’s showed you and you want to give it to others. Now I do realize and understand that discipleship is a reciprocating thing. In other words, we can learn from one another, but what called you into doing that, because you’ve been doing it for a while. So what, what is that that prompted you to go do that?

Bill barnett: My middle brother, Johnny, he died two or three years ago, was a, a lay pastor. He was a machinist, just salt of the earth guy. the only guy that I’ve ever known that you heard people say, Oh man, that guy would doing anything in the world for you now, he was that guy. But when he heard something that needed to be done, he just like, come on in. And I’m like, where are you We’re just, we’re going to do it. And then we just show up whatever it was we would just go do. And that’s who he was. And he was, an incredibly solid man of God. And I just, and I watched him, I also had a great relationship for many years with Zig Ziglar and, and seeing those two guys, very different guys in very different aspects of their professional life, both guys at heart, the same people that, you know, just a true man of God.

Bill barnett: And so, you know, you just, you start with, I think you start with gratitude when you realize what God’s done for you, what Christ has done in your heart. And, my dad used to say, “Hey, I woke up this morning. I like starting all my days that way.” And, I, I chuckle every time I say it, but I also, when I wake up in the mornings, you know, I say, thank you. Or there’s something I’m supposed to do today. Let me be alert and awake enough to recognize it when it comes along sometimes like this it’s pretty obvious sometimes it’s not, I’m sure. I miss a lot of opportunities, but just when you understand the gratitude and I just keep coming back to their gratitude to Christ and Christ loved us enough to die for us in a way that we can’t conceive of.

Bill barnett: But I thank Him for another love, I thank him for loving our Heavenly Father enough to go through that, to take that charge on. And again, there’s that role model aspect that he had. when you’re you realize how blessed your life is – and look, no matter, one of the things that I thank God, I didn’t lose going through the trials of the divorce was I kept focusing on there’s so many blessings that God has of my life, and this is not the way I want it to be right now. And since then, I’ve come to understand that part of that may be Him preparing me for somebody else that’s either going through that or maybe being able to help somebody not go through that, save things for him. But when you, you start understanding how incredibly blessed we are, and of course, as Americans, it is just, it’s 10 fold again, you know, you get that gratitude in your heart and gratitude keeps you humble.

Bill barnett: Just understand that. I want to share that. You know, if I am talking to a guy and he’s having, issues, you know, you want to just stop and talk to him or you just, you get that feeling that, you know, they’re just not happy, give them that opportunity to just, them to open up if they want to. And it’s good. It’s good for us to say, Hey, you know what, try this. You may be surprised.

jake enriquez: Yes, sir. So shared life experiences, you know, absolutely man, I appreciate that Bill. And since you’ve started that, the prayer breakfast, I’m sure guys have shared experiences with you, have confided in you. And that’s a, that’s a trustworthy position to be in is when people confide in you and share things, you know, and, and we take it before the Lord and we pray over those things, you know. But I’m thinking, what has God showed you the most when it comes to dealing with other people’s lives?

Bill barnett: When we’re doing the Facebook live, we shut it down before we go into prayer, because that’s an open up time and intimate time. And we do that because through the years we have had, you know, all those guys were there for me going through the divorce. we’ve had some, some really tough stuff that has come out, in the men’s breakfast. And so it’s one of those things is always to, take a deep breath. Yeah. Just chill out a little bit and listen. And when somebody is hurting and all this craziness that’s going on in our country right now, I believe so much of it is because these people are hurting. And so they, they don’t have that relationship with Christ that we all should have and they’re hurt and so hurt. People tend to be angry.

Bill barnett: [Absolutely] So, yeah, you just let them give a chance to tell you, what they’re hurt about. I mean, I’ve had people mad at me. Hey, let him, let him tell you what it is. ‘Cause 90% of it is letting them get it off their chest. And then, so that’s a huge thing is understand that when somebody is moved enough to say something to you, be attuned enough to listening to the Holy spirit to stop, being too busy, to stop and listen to them. A lot of times, they’re not looking to you and me for answers.

Bill barnett: And so give them the ear. And then when they’re done, you say, Hey, I want to pray for you. And when you tell somebody I’m, now this is something I’m gonna just flat out say – when you say “I’m gonna pray for you”, you do it with them right then. Slowing down, stopping and listening. And discipleship is all about people seeing Christ in you and through you. Every now and then I’m blessed with having that opportunity. And every time I am, I’m make sure they know, Hey, it ain’t me.

jake enriquez: Yes, sir. There you go. Well, you mentioned it, man. You mentioned the pandemic and boy things have changed out here, haven’t they? In a heartbeat, you know, and you know, we’re masked up, we’re doing all kinds of things and you know, I understand, but you know, I want to know something positive though. What’s something positive for you that has come out of this pandemic?

Bill barnett: Well, there’s been several, but the one that has surprised me the most has been the men’s breakfast. ‘Cause when we shut down, when, when we went into lockdown, everybody’s like, well, I guess we’re not going to be doing the breakfast. I’m like, no, no, no, we’re going to do the breakfast. We’ll do it on Zoom. And so we did a small group, we had it on Zoom and I guess we met like that for four or five weeks. One of the guys said, you know, why aren’t you doing this on Facebook live? And it had never crossed my mind. And I was like, yeah, that’s a great idea. You know, maybe there’s four or five people out there that would enjoy that. Well, we started doing it immediately and we’ve been doing it a couple of months now on Facebook live and, and we’re averaging 60, 70 people, that from one week to the next, whenever it’s convenient from them, they, they jump in and watch the video. And it’s just a, it’s so incredible. So that’s something that would not likely ever happened. Had it not been for the pandemic. It’s like, wow! Thank You, Lord!

Bill barnett: Absolutely. Absolutely. So when things crushed like that, when they press on us, we have no choice, but to get flexible, right Yep. Got to get adjusted so much more time, to, to spend with God. I have, thanks to MLB NFL and the NBA, I have lost all interest in sports. So my TV time went from way big down to almost nothing. And so what are you going to do with that? Well, you start looking, you go, well, maybe I need to go get my Bible a little bit more. Maybe I just spend some more time with prayer. Maybe I need to jump on YouTube and see if I can find a pastor that I like. And I looked up some guys that, you know, the, the guy that I have been using that for out of Stonebriar, Pastor Chuck [Oh yeah!Chuck’s great, man] Yes. You know, that’s a, I stumbled on him looking for what to cover during the men’s breakfast one week that I was preparing and man, I just, I love that guy.

Bill barnett: You know, that, that stuff comes around, and so I’d say those are, those are huge things that you don’t think about on the front end, but as you’re going through you go, Oh, you know, I may not have done this otherwise. So I’m very blessed with all of that.

jake enriquez: I like that. Absolutely. That’s a great point that you made. So it causes us to look for more and go out a little bit more. Well, you know, the scripture says that for us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, so I’ll just ask you, but what are some other things that you do that helps you to transform and renew your mind?

Bill barnett: I have a couple of vision statements that I use where I’m just describing what I want my relationship with Christ to look like it purposes, the specific thing I want to say, you know, I’m trying to do things with a definitive plan to them, and I’m not saying my plan, but I’m, I’m trying to make sure that I built time into my day specifically to be able to study. And I built time in to be able to pray for other people and I talk to young people a lot about they say, well, I don’t really know how to pray or what to pray about. And I’m like, you know, it’s pretty easy, but jntil you start doing it, it may not feel that way.

Bill barnett: Who do you know that that’s hurting? Who do you know that may be hurting physically, or emotionally, financially, and just, just pray for them. And this is crucially important when things are not going, right. [Yeah] When there’s an area of your life that’s off the rails, clinging to, “Hey, you know what? I have so many blessings.” Building in that specific time is, is crucial to my spiritual health and my mental health and my emotional health.

jake enriquez: Now, are you also starting…Bill, are you also starting a podcast?

Bill barnett: Yeah, we just had done the first two episodes. So I actually have two podcasts going on right now. So 10 by 10, it’s just come out and so if you go to 10 by 10 dot pro there’s a little link down there. You can click down at the bottom of the page for podcasts. And then, one of my students and really dear friend is a guy named Kevin Mills. Kevin and I are doing the Investor Guy’s podcast.

Bill barnett: We do it twice a week for about 3 months. So both of those, 10× and the Investor Guys podcasts.

jake enriquez: Well, yeah, we want to put those on the show notes. We’ll put that down there, man. So and definitely point people to it because I know you’re a great helper. You’re out there doing the right things, man. So definitely we’ll promote it. Well, man, I really appreciate you coming out and spending a little bit of time with us. I know it gets busy out here. We get too hectic, you know, for all of us, but just to come out and hang out with us, man, it’s been a blessing, it really has. Where would you like people to go to learn more about you? What would be a good place for them to go?

Bill barnett: I’d say probably the best place is 10× They can drop me a, you can go on Facebook. Yeah. And just Bill Barnett on Facebook or Bill Barnett Now. I’ve had that for quite a while. Send me a private message.

jake enriquez: You know, again, thank you so much for coming out, but before we close out, man, I’m going to ask you, would you pray us out,Bill?

Bill barnett: Absolutely. I’d be more than honored to. Dear Heavenly Father. Just thank you so much for, Jake. Thank you for everybody that’s listening. And you know, the, the importance of when we get to do something like this is that there is, we’re only talking to one person, Hey, there’s just one person out there that’s hurting right now.

Bill barnett: There’s whether they’re with us live right now, where they’re listening to it on a replay later on. and we just pray that that person finds their way, to be able to hear this that is they’re searching for you, and to be able to lift them up and just thank you for the incredible blessings that you’ve given us. And as crazy as things are in our country right now, we’re still in the greatest place in the world to live. And I just ask for your guidance for all of our leaders, whether I agree with them or not. I ask for your blessing on them. I ask for you to open their eyes and their hearts to be more toward you and for all of us to just slow down a little bit and realize that as hectic as things are, there’s nothing more important than our relationship with you.

Bill barnett: There’s one question that matters in our life. And one question only, and that is what we stand before the throne. Did we accept Christ as our savior? That’s one question. Yes or no. And it’s the ultimate test for us to pass. So I just, if there’s anybody out there that’s searching, we just ask that you convict their hearts and they look toward you. And it’s a simple prayer, just “God I’m a sinner. I believe that you walked on this earth as a human, that you’re a son, the son of God, that you were crucified on the cross that you rose after three days, you sit at the right hand of God. And if I ask you into my life, you’ll come into it.” And that’s it. That’s all you gotta do. And in doing that, there’s a new relationship that changes everything and changes it forever. So just thank you so much for allowing us and heavenly father thank you for the work that he does and the privilege that we get to be able to tell you that we love you. We give You praise, honor, and glory in Christ’s Holy name. Amen.

jake enriquez: Amen. Thank you so much.



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