Serving One Another in Christ

Episode 78 with Jim Hampton

Jim Hampton and I met back when we were both young in the faith and looking to grow in the Lord while serving as members of the same church.  Our church homes have since changed, but Jim is still out here serving, now in a more official capacity as the outreach pastor of Creekwood Church in Mansfield, TX. In addition to that ministry, he also continues to work in the marketplace, where God provides for Jim and his family. In this episode, we are catching up to talk about the growth we get to experience through discipleship and in serving others.

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During this episode we discuss:

  • Integrity in the workplace [02:10]
  • Trusting long enough to see a plan and His provision [06:19]
  • Jim’s intro to church via God’s divine appointment [08:35]
  • Being obedient to what God calls us to do [10:13]
  • Serving one another [14:03]
  • God doesn’t need you to serve [15:17]
  • How to deepen our faith in Christ [18:53]
  • The lie men believe [20:50]
  • Tackling the real-life issues among men [24:42]
  • The need for fellowship alongside other believers [26:51]
  • How Jim keeps “transforming and renewing” his mind [29:09]
  • How to get in touch with Jim [31:46]
  • Jim closes us out in prayer [33:10]

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Jim Hampton: You might be going through a divorce right now. You might have financial problems right now. I don’t know what it is is going on in your life right now. I promise you if you get out and serve, you watch what God does with that.

Jake Enriquez: Oh man. I know that’s right in order to truly understand it, you’ve just got to be a part of it. Join me now in episode number 78 with my good friend, Mr. Jim Hampton -Serving One Another in Christ. Let’s go! Welcome back to Press and Reach. My name is Jake Enriquez, your host. You know, we’re just out here walking out our faith and encouraging others along the way to do the same. So get up in this beautiful morning and let’s go walk this thing out.

Jake Enriquez: So welcome to the show Mr. Jim Hampton, Jim, how are you doing this morning, man?

Jim Hampton: Doing great, Jake.

Jake Enriquez: Man, thanks a lot for coming out and hanging out, but man, I’m just gonna have you do what everybody else does. Just introduce yourself who you are, where you’re from and what you do.

Jim Hampton: Alright! Well, my name is Jim Hampton. I’m really from Arlington, born in Kansas, but lived in Arlington most of my life. Live in Mansfield now, so it’s still in the same area. I have a wonderful wife, Lesha and a pastor at Creekwood Church, our outreach pastor at Creekwood Church and also work for a roofing company. Keep a little cash coming in to keep mama happy.

Jake Enriquez: Amen. Bi-vocational, that’s what that is. That’s awesome right there. I love that!

Jim Hampton: My occupation is roofing. My vocation ministry.

Jake Enriquez: Yes sir. Yes sir. So roofing, I tell you what, that’s a, that’s a great place to start. Let’s let’s just get on the, on the work part of it. You know, you talk about, the roofing industry. So let me ask you this because I always, you know, Press and Reach and we’re always trying to encourage people who are going through anything that they go through it, their everyday walk of faith. And to me, there’s no greater guys out here that can do that than those that are actually in the workplace having to have an exercise there and move in their faith on a daily basis, man. So what would you say has been the most challenging thing to you in the workplace?

Jim Hampton: And you know, in Texas,  with the storms we have, we got a lot of guys coming in and doing, you know, some, some unethical things. So sure. The roofing industry is full of those type of people, unfortunately. And, I won’t get into the politics or the, the laws that are going on right now to hopefully correct some of that. But, you know, I do the same thing that I’ve always done in, in, you know, in my employment. I just try to do the right thing by people. And, what that means to the roofing industry is when I sit down with somebody, I, you know, I try to do, you know, I heard a guy a long time ago, I was interviewing him for another company I worked for. Anyway, he was an electrician and he said, “I always tell my guys that when you walk into house, you need to treat that house like it’s your grandmother’s.

Jake Enriquez: Okay, I like that.

Jim Hampton:  And you know, that’s a, you know, no one treats their grandmother bad. Yeah. And you know, I’ve kind of, I’ve always kind of been that way, but that really, you know, that, that brought a clear picture of what I think God wants from us in the workplace, you know? We’re going to treat people right. We’re going to treat them ethically. We’re going to, you know, do the right thing in every aspect, you know. And that’s, and that’s great for business too. [Absolutely] You treat people well, they’re going to refer you and, and, and, everybody’s going to be happy walking away. And, that’s the way I, you know, I, I tend to do that from a standpoint of, you know, of ministry. You know, in the day to day now there’s probably not a whole lot of preaching going on, on a, on a job site or, or whatever.

Jim Hampton: But I think everybody that I work with it, you know, for at least the last, you know, 15, 20 years or so, they know who I am. They know they know what I’m about. And we do more preaching to people out there by our actions and whatever, doing our work. I try to live by that. I’m not I’m, you know, I’m not perfect. [Absolutely] That’s how I try to, try to roll in the workplace.

Jake Enriquez: Yes, sir. You know, when I think about it, you know, being in the workplace, when I started in real estate, I was just telling a guy just the other day, a friend of mine, Bill, we were on another episode and I was telling him, I said, man, when I went out, got into real estate, that’s the first time I ever discovered and really understood that phrase. They say, you better learn how to swim with the sharks.

Jake Enriquez: I’m telling you, man, they got me pretty good in the beginning, you know and if you don’t know the business, if you don’t know the industry, you know, you can get swept up pretty easy, man. Again, I know people take advantage of you, do things that are bad unethical, like you were talking about, but you know, in, in your line of work, it’s just same thing. You’re dealing with people and it’s a service that you’re providing. So a lot of times, you know, companies use the bottom line, they got to get that money in, you know, and they’ll pressure employees and everything else. Or maybe it’s an employee just trying to come up. You know, I got to get this sale this week. You know, some of those kinds of things. Yeah.

Jim Hampton: I just raised my hand for y’all who are listening.

Jake Enriquez: You know, but those are the temptations that we face, you know.

Jake Enriquez: So what, what helps you, you know, because sometimes the temptation can be really quite yeah. Tasty. I mean, it’s right there, man. It’s right there. And what do people call it “a white lie” or something, you know, it’s funny you say that because you know, from, okay, from my standpoint, that’s just a line I won’t cross, I mean, number one, it’s against a law and you could get my employer in trouble for it. And you’re also in now with the new law that was passed last September. You’re also pulling the customer into committing a crime as well. But the funny thing about that, that’s the best word I can come up with it. And I’ve spoken with strangers, I’ve spoken with dear friends about their roofs and it’s amazing how people will justify not paying the deductible one way or another. Well, he told me this and you know, it’s not really, no, it’s not breaking the law because this other guy, you know, we won’t, and again, we don’t do that at Korrect General Contracting, but it’s, you know, it’s just a human condition.

Jim Hampton: You know, we were talking about that before we started here, the human condition will, will pull you into places where you normally wouldn’t go. And you know, the bottom line is you say, you know, that’s not for me to say, man, that is, that’s God. And if I could just, you know, where I’m at today versus where I was in 2015, I worked for TruGreen lawn care. That’s where I worked. And I made really, really good money. Okay. Really good. But I wasn’t happy and I won’t go into the whole story, but, here I am today, working for a roofing company in a capacity, this year I’m going to make decent money. and that’s to God’s credit. You know, He’s, he’s put, He’s taken me through, you know, three different jobs now, four different jobs since, including TruGreen.

Jim Hampton: Since I left that job and Jimmy was sitting back there, God, why? God, why, why are you doing this? And my wife’s saying, why? And during this time He’s put me in a position to be on staff at a church. During this time, He has continued to provide for our family. During this time, He’s putting me in a position that my flex, my schedule is flexible. Our eight year old grandson lives with us. So when school was in session, I could take him, I could pick him up. I have that flexibility to do things. I can plan my schedule around it. God, doesn’t, He’s not concerned with the bottom line right now, except for, except for what His bottom line is. Again,  it comes to doing the right thing. And I’m so thankful on this side of it, that He’s taken us through this journey. And so has Lesha, my wife, we’ve been, we’ve been through this journey and His purpose for this. He knew that a long time ago, right? [Right. Absolutely.] And here I’ve been trying to fight it and, you know, but now I look at it and I’m thinking, man, what a blessing, what a blessing. And He continues to provide for us. And, it’s, that’s again, His bottom line is a lot different than ours.

Jake Enriquez: You know, sometimes I know, I know all of us can desire a little bit more, different, maybe a different path, a better job, this and that. But what you were talking about, just a while ago was, is just being faithful in it. You know, we gotta remember, God is faithful. So shouldn’t we be? Just  to continue on along that path one step at a time. And remembering that His plan just unfolds for us a little bit at a time. But, you know, you talked, you spoke a little bit about, and you also are on staff at the church, right? [Yeah] Okay. So you doing some stuff over there, you’re outreach pastor? [outreach pastor] and that’s gotta be exciting right there.

Jim hampton: Yeah. I mean, I guess I’ve always been a social person. I never saw myself doing this [really?] Nah, not in a million years. You know I say being social, there was a time in my life where I was probably the most selfish individual I knew, you know, and that’s just, you know, that’s another chapter of my life, but when I went back to church – He sets these divine appointments for us. [Yes, sir] We have no idea. He just does. And then I worked at TruGreen. I am driving down 360 and look over to my right and I see this big old brand new church on 360, lots of grass. [Sure, sure] Jimmy’s going to pull in there and let’s talk about some, some weed control and fertilization on this, on this property, rang the doorbell and actually had a doorbell and actually was met by the facilities manager. I think he’s still there. Steve Ivy, great guy. He invited me to church that day. [that’s awesome] And I brought my son the next week and the fast forward probably two or three months down the line. I’m sitting, sitting there in church one day and good buddy from out of high school, walks up to me and Al Hemley and he says, Jim Hampton! what are you doing? I’m here at church. Get up, Hey, I need you to be usher today.

Jim hampton: I need you to be usher today. So, I mean, that was honestly, that was the start of me serving.  Just some guy pulling, you know, get an invitation if you will. Right Yeah. I mean, you know, some of the story after that, I got into, you know, a little bit more serving in there and we got into the prison ministry.

Jake Enriquez: It’s amazing how that…is the plan.

Jim hampton: Yeah,this was God’s plan all along. And a few years later, we, we left Crossroads and I’m deeply grateful for  that church introducing me to Jesus Christ. I didn’t know Jesus until I showed up at Crossroads Christian Church. Went to Creekwood and right away began serving there. And where it really clicked for me is, the men’s group, if you will, we were invited out to, to go down to downtown Fort worth, feed the homeless at Christmas and you know how that is.

Jim hampton: It’s Christmas time everybody got it. Everybody’s got to go do the, do the ” Feed somebody” or do something to make them feel better. I don’t mean that in a bad way. That’s just part of it. Yes. So we go out there, it’s a cold wet Saturday. We feed the homeless. It was pretty cool. You know, it was fun. And as we were leaving that day, that lady that we were helping, her name was Peggy and there was a bunch of people out there. [Sure] And I just, whatever reason I just thought came into my head and I asked her, who’s going to be here next month. I don’t know. Somebody will be asking. No, probably not as many though. Right. And she said, no, you’re right. I just, I just made up my mind –  next month we were going to be there. Yeah. And we started homeless ministry doing that, at Creekwood. [Oh man. That’s awesome] I’m gonna fast forward real quick to finish this story. Two years ago, I’m in Costa Rica on a mission trip and we’re in church that day and pastor’s up there praying out of nowhere. This had nothing to do with anything. We were just there. And God said to me, you remember that day…

Jim hampton: Anyway, I get, He said, remember that day when you were out feeding the homeless and you thought to yourself, who’s going to be here next month. That wasn’t you. That was me asking you that question. [Ooh man. Yeah. Yeah] It hit me like a ton of bricks. Yeah. And I was so thankful that he sent me on that path and that I answered you going back there, you answered and had no idea. Yeah. So this was his plan all along and it took some pushing and shoving and prodding. but it’s something that I, you know, I was called to do it, man. And I know that gets, sounds cliche, call, call to do this or do that. But I know it’s His purpose for my life and my joy in this now Jake is bringing other people into this relationship. And I don’t think that would we talk about, you know, creating totally devoted Christ followers.

Jake enriquez: Disciples, all the way.

jake enriquez: Because when you, when you’re talking about that, there’s a misconception out here. That’s a misconception. And I mean, what I mean by that is there’s a divide from pulpit to pew. You know, there’s like two different, two different people, but as we’re called, there’s a transition that takes place in each and every one of us as we go along the way. And I want to talk about that in just a second. Okay. Tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

jake enriquez: Hey guys, it’s Jake. And I just want to number one, say “thank you.” Thank you for listening in on the podcast. But number two, I want to invite you, invite you to come back to the Press and Reach Facebook page. Man. We’re just putting all the podcasts and the videos up on the page. We’re still learning how to do this, please just like it and share it if you will. But number three, I want to enlist you to join us in this journey. I share these stories and actively participating as we go out and show the world, Hey man, the good news is still alive and well. Let’s go!

jake enriquez: Welcome back to Press and Reach. We were just talking a little bit about transitioning. Actually Jim just gave us a great description of what it’s like to transition from getting to know Christ and then getting to operate in Christ Jesus, is really what that is, is operating in faith, operating, coming from that perspective of the love of Christ Jesus, man. So let me ask you these few questions here, man, because I do think about it, but, and you mentioned it earlier. Okay.

jake enriquez: Serving, you know, I always tell people, man, listen, serving will absolutely change your perspective. You’ll grasp an understanding of how God is working in different areas. But if you, if you don’t go serve you can’t, you don’t get to understand it. You don’t, you don’t get to experience it. Watch – I serve in a prison ministry. If I try to come here and tell somebody all about the prison ministry. Trust me, I see it, because the look on their faces like, “Oh, that sounds good, Jake.” Really it don’t sound good, sound good. I cannot take what I’ve experienced with God and convey it and make somebody else grab it, feel it, touch it, understand it – until that person goes.

Jake Enriquez: And then, you know good and well, they’re on fire, because God has showed them something. So I’m talking about perspective, you know, it changes through serving and actually you were just describing that man, but then our desire changes. Right Sure. So, and it helps us to want to go deeper. So talk about the serving part, you know, how can we just outright make a plea for people to come out and serve, Jim, to serve more. You were, you were explaining some of that. What do you think?

Jim hampton: So when we went on our first mission trip, you know, we, you have this mentality I think, Americans especially. [Sure] That’s what we are, right? Where we’re going to be the, you know, here comes the Americans, we’re going to come in, we’re going to paint and we’re going to do this stuff. We’re going to save the day! You know, and you know, we do some painting and we do things like that too.

Jim hampton: But you know, the thing that came out of it for me, and then just to answer your question, God doesn’t need you to serve. You need you to serve. [Amen. Amen] It is. It is the one thing that to me and I think for everybody, it completes that relationship with Jesus. When you get out and do as He’s commanded, commanded us to do and ask us to do. That’s part of, it’s part of the gospel, it’s, it’s a completion of this. And every single time that I’ve taken people – that I’ve taken, that God’s allowed people to come with me on a mission trip, or we go out to Fort Worth and serve the homeless and whatever. It’s not what they do for the people. It’s what happens to them during the process. [Yeah. Yeah] And what God does during the process, you might be going through a divorce right now.

Jim hampton: You might have financial problems right now. I don’t know what it is that’s going on in your life right now. I promise you. If you get out in the serve, you watch what God does with that. You watch what God does in the background while you’re out and being His hands and feet. He will take care of those problems. And it’s not a quid pro quo. It’s just what He does. Because the same time that you’re working and helping Him, He’s working on you, and maybe something you didn’t see before changes within your heart, towards somebody else or just something. But it’s just, it’s, it’s one of those things that you can’t quantify it. [Sure] I don’t want to quantify it. I can’t quantify how God parted  the Red Sea, but He did it, and I believe it. You know? [That’s good. Yeah.] But He will change your heart.

Jake Enriquez: It’s crazy, man, how, how those things actually operate. You see it this way, like you said, we’re coming here to paint or whatever it is. We’re coming here to do these things. I tell people all the time, man…you know, for a season, I did a prison ministry. I was involved in it on Friday nights. You went with me a few times.

Jim hampton: Yeah we had some good times! We were down there not too – I’m sorry – we were down there not too long ago and I said to Lesha,”We used to stop there at that Subway all the time, late at night.”

Jake Enriquez: Yeah! Good stuff. [Yes, sir] But that part of it. Sure. We’re going to go inside that dorm on a Friday night. Those Friday night lights were different, but you go inside that dorm on a Friday night. That’s only part of it. Yeah. You know, the other part of it is that ride to there and back with those guys in that truck. And they’re talking about the very things that you just mentioned, you know, things that you go through.

jake eneriquez: So God’s always putting those things together for a reason, for a purpose. But we find ourselves wanting to go deeper, and it all starts through that serving. It all starts through that going. [Yep] So we want to go deeper. What are some of the things you think we look for when we start to want to go deeper? I think about, you know, I want to understand more. I want to understand better. So what would you think, what does it look like to want to go deeper in those areas?

Jim hampton: I think it really depends on where you are in your relationship with Christ at the time, you know. For going deeper first for Jimmy, you know, five years ago, was just getting out and serving, you know, going, once you get to this point, going deeper for me is, is less of me and more of Him. And I know that that might not be a, you know, a great answer for it. But, you know, we talked earlier before we got on about Facebook and people liking this and all that. And everything that we do is to and for His glory. It has nothing to do with me, has nothing to do with you, other than we’re vessels. And, from a relational standpoint, I guess that would be, that would be what I would say. But also a part of that going deeper process is, people will open up the Bible and you start reading it.

Jim hampton: And like we were talking earlier, I, I, I used to just couldn’t even do it. And now I want to get deeper into that. And then right now I’m going through a study on messianic prophecies, because I want to understand that more on how let’s tie that Old Testament and that New Testament together. And let’s see Jesus throughout that Old Testament, which is there and how it ties in how it’s tied to the, to the New Testament. And then I know that by gaining more understanding of that for me, that, that God will use that. God will use that and, and impart things on, on my heart, you know, hopefully in my brain that I didn’t understand before and I can better, you know, we’re called to be able to give an explanation and give our testimony, you know, when, and, and I want to be able to do that, man. I want to be able to, to relate to anybody who comes up to me, you know, and it’s easy to say, well, you know, you just, Jesus loves you and blah, blah, blah. You know, and that’s, that’s true.

Jake enriquez: But you want to share some of those things.

Jim Hampton: You want to share some of that other stuff too, and be able to impart biblical truth.

Jake Enriquez: So you’re talking about, exploration and, and looking further and you know what you just mentioned, like somebody might open up the Bible, start looking in there. It’s funny that you say right now I’m doing this. So right now where you’re at, you were never even thinking about being over there long time ago. You know, I would never have looked at that, you know, until I started going that way. [no way]

Jake Enriquez: Some of those things, some of those things happen for us, the guys, you know, in Bible studies or groups, you start getting with other guys and you start exploring that way and you start to understand, man, I’m not the only one that goes through this, you know, and so much, so many rich things come from that, you know, that’s where, that’s where the body’s really edified is in that fellowship. Well, what about, Jim, what about when the…because I know you’ve been around it a long time and you’ve done a lot of groups. Guys. Fellowship. Right? [Yeah] And you’ve done it openly and you’ve shared your own. What happens when a guy is in the Bible study and maybe he’s around some guys and he said, man, these guys are really, they, they must really, they got it together. Any you know, you get home – and I’m speaking from my own experience – you get home and think, am I even being real? Because I can’t even keep up with that guy over there. You know, you start looking, sometimes you just start looking at other guys that must just have it so much more together than you and the doubt starts to creep in. So, have you ever been in that spot right there?

Jim Hampton: Yeah! I’m in it today!

Jim Hampton: I, you know, I say that jokingly, but you know, the devil looks to, to, to, to deceive and destroy every day, every day. He, and we see it more today than we’ve ever seen it before. And anything he can do to isolate, especially men. Yeah. Isolate men, cast doubt. He’s going to do, and we’re going to, and we’re going to follow it because that’s, it’s, it’s natural for us. You know, we’re talking about our flesh earlier and that’s one of the things that we do. I’m not good enough. I can’t, you know, those are the words that come, they come and you know what I can’t. Yeah. But through Jesus, I can. It’s not me, it’s Him. So I already, I’ve already given that. Jim can’t do nothing. I proved that a long time ago, I proved that a long time ago. And when I, and when I started letting Jim go away and let this, this man named Jesus come into my life, positive things started to happen. And we have people coming into our men’s group. And I got a real good friend, John, and he, he came into the group and it was, you know, usually someone was pretty quiet when they come in. Not always, but yeah, he was pretty quiet. And one day he said something to the effect that, “y’all are just regular guys!” What’d you think, we were a bunch of monks over here hitting her heads with tablets or, you know?

jim hampton: I think, you know, that’s, that’s a misconception of, of, of men. Yeah. Of strong, courageous, God-fearing, Jesus-loving men. We are just regular guys. Right. You know, Jim will have a beer once in a while. It’s just loving and caring about other people. That is what He told us to do, right? [Absolutely. Yeah] You know, that He told us to do. So when a guy comes into our group and he’s hurting and we don’t do a lot of arm wrapping around. We’ll we’ll, we’ll do it when it, when we need to, but we just want to make him feel, feel welcome and let him know he’s not alone because we all fall short every single day, man. And, and, and I’m where I fall short might not be where you fall short and vice versa. But it’s, it’s a know, that’s why I said why. I said, you know, when you asked me the question, it’s going to be different every day. And, it’s a struggle every day and that’s why we have this, we have this GroupMe app, I have everybody that has a GroupMe thing. And, and, we do a lot of communicating on, on, and we got a couple of guys going through some serious stuff right now.

jake enriquez: Yeah. That’s the stuff right there. The real life issues.

jim hampton: Yeah. Some serious stuff.

jake enriquez: And people don’t really want to talk so much about the real life issues, ’cause that’s, that creates… and when we talk about real life issues, by the way I’m talking about, you know, and I know…

jim hampton: Put it out there. You’ve got addiction to porn. You’ve got drinking. You’ve got, I mean, these are things…I’ll sit at the table. Okay. We’ll sit in our men’s group,when we could meet. [Yeah] We’re praying for that right now. And we’ll have a group of 15 men are sitting there. Yeah. Gentlemen, the stats say that one of three men are looking at porn every day, you know, that’s, it is. And I just use that because it’s a real easy stat to grab hold of. But the same thing goes through for, you know, lust and all the things that men struggle with. And are you going to be there for each other to say, I acknowledge it, but let’s move away from it.

jake enriquez: And you know, that, that, that you’re talking about right there, me and sometimes I’ll close a little group we have with that question, you know, “is anybody cheating on their wife?” Everybody stopped, but I’m asking because you know how many times you see a marriage fall apart and didn’t even know, man, that brother was, you know, I’m serious. You know, I make light of it. But at the same time, I try to make light of it, but bring it out. Because like what you’re talking about, you know, you, you talk about stats and all that old stuff. It’s real, it’s real. So you gotta bring that stuff out and help people walk in that, you know, because it’s got to be an area that you can trust and in that area of fellowship, and you can actually come through there and break free from some of that stuff.

jim hampton: I’ve seen it man.

jake enriquez: And when you confess that stuff, you know, that scripture comes alive. God will free you from that stuff, man. There’s no more power over you once you, once you confess. So I mean, you know, there’s blessings in the obedience. Yes. We can encourage each other. And sometimes by the way, for any listener, sometimes it’s not, it’s not easy to hear that we’re being disobedient to the word of God, but a brother who can do it and do it well, he’s going to do it in a loving manner. [Yes!] Hey, have you ever kind of looked at it this way, this word right here, you know, and we help each other along. No one comes to beat each other up. Yeah. But blessings come from obedience, and man, when we learn to walk that way,  man, incredible, incredible things start to happen.

jake enriquez: And that fellowship is so, so strong. Man, I encourage each and every, every guy out there, man, if you’re not there now, and I’m not talking about a level of faith, if you’re not there now meeting with other guys, get there. You got to get there. God always puts the right people around us. Yeah. It’s amazing. We can say, well, yeah, I just haven’t had time. But you know, when I used to work in Dallas, I used to work in Dallas and they’d come to me. I was working there not even two weeks and a guy came to me, he said, Hey man, Jake, you know, every Tuesday we go down here to the, top top bar, you know So if you want to join, you know, you can come with us on Tuesday night and I’m like, man, brother don’t even know me, right? But think that someday, somebody start a Bible study, Hey, you want to join the Bible study. And boldness sometimes comes from worldly or secular, but the boldness should be coming from faithful followers of Christ, man. Hey guys, come home, man. We just getting together doing life together.

jim hampton: Yup. And that’s it. That’s all. That’s all we do, man. It’s, it’s just I’ll joke about it sometimes. But you know, we’ll start, you know, for example, we’ll start reading and we do, we just generally read a chapter of the Bible and then we just start talking. Yeah. And sometimes we’ll know we’re in Matthew, you know, whatever. And by the end of the night, we’re talking about Fred Sanford. Yeah.

jim hampton: So, you know, it can go anywhere, any direction that it needs to. But the cool thing also is – man, if a brother comes in and we can tell he’s hurting and he’s got something we’ll stop down the entire, that entire evening. Yeah. And let’s talk about it. Man, let’s talk about it. [Absolutely] And because one guy will speak up, there’s generally going to be somebody else that okay, he’ll raise his hand too, or, and it might not be that exact same problem, but it’s kind of, it’s something that needed to get out, you know. And sometimes that’s hard even with guys that meet together on a regular basis, cause you do get comfortable with each other, but they need to know, you know, our group is a safe place and I hate to use technology, but what’s said in the group stays in the group and it’s that way so guys can talk freely. [Absolutely] And that we can be there for each other and we can support. And there’s no judgment whatsoever because we all fall short.

Jake Enriquez: Absolutely. Well, that’s the Lord working that transformation out in us when we come willingly to do that, man. [Amen] So let me ask you this man, you know, other than, other than opening up the Bible, what are some of the things that you might do to help transform that renew, renew your mind? You know, either way you can?

Jim Hampton: For me, that’s an easy one and it’s going to sound simple, but man putting on that worship music. [Okay. Alright] Putting on that worship music and just absorbing that and helps me clear, clear my mind and, and sometimes when I’m distant from God and and I’m not feeling worthy, I can put that worship on and you know, reading the Bible, we can read His promises and that’s, that’s a given, but sometimes, you know, there’s, you know, somebody like Steven Furtick or somebody who writes a song to put it in a way that you know, that Matthew didn’t. And it can reaffirm to me that, on my worst day,  He loves me just as much as on my best. [Amen. I like that] And that refreshes me daily. I spend, I start my morning by listening to worship music most of the time. [Awesome]

Jim Hampton:  And it puts me in a, puts me in a mindset of, my first fruits are going to God, hopefully. And, and you know, that’s just, you know, that’s just, for me, that’s what it is. [Setting you up for the day]  One of the things that I talk to guys about some time too, when they’re in a rut or something and they need something, they need a kickstart or renewal or whatever. However you want to call it. And we talk about service, you know, a while ago. Man, start by serving your family. [Amen] Start by serving your wife, start by serving your kids. Start, start by serving your neighbor. It’s the easiest thing to do, you know? Do good things. Man, if you’re walking through Albertson’s parking lot later and you see someone with a cart, go grab that cart from them and say, “I’ll get this for you.” [Yeah. There you go.]

Jim Hampton: “I’ll get this for you. Let me, let me take that off your hands.” [Small acts of kindness.] Small acts of kindness. And I know that can get cliche too, but it’s, you know, but it can, it can take you from a place of maybe I just had a, you know, a bad call or something, whatever. And, and I do that. I make a point to do that when I go to the grocery store, I just, you know, if I scout somebody out of the parking lot and they probably think I’m stalking them, but I want to do that because you never know what they’ve been through. And that one act of kindness might change their day too!  It’s just one of those things. So there’s a lot of different things we can do to renew our minds or refresh us, but it’s always going to come back to serving Him. And worshiping Him.  Worshiping, serving is worshiping God.

Jake Enriquez: Yes, sir, absolutely. Hey, where can people connect with you? I mean, you can even mention your business. Yeah.

JimHampton: Yeah. Well, yeah, if you do, if you, if you are in need of a roof or a foundation repair, you can get a hold of me at Korrect General Contracting here in Arlington, Texas. And look them up. I’m not going to give you my phone number here. [It’s okay!]  But also you can check me out on Facebook. I have a little Facebook page called “Relative Theology” and, you can check me out there on Facebook and it’s just some of my devotionals and I might share something Jake wrote one day or just, you know, something, I see a, maybe a sunrise that just spoke to me and I’ll go find a scripture that’s appropriate for it. you know, yeah. Something like that. But just to God speaking to and through me, and I like to share those thoughts. I don’t know if that’s a plug, but if you want to check it out, I, I hope it blesses you.

Jake Enriquez: Absolutely. And we’ll put that in the show notes. There’ll be a link to on there for, or we’ll probably your Facebook page “Relative Theology”. And you guys can just connect with Jim if you’re in Dallas, Fort worth area, especially man, make sure you do that. You know, it’s, it’s tough enough out here having to find things, you know, in our business world. So you want to do business with good people, man, and Jim, I’ve known you a long time and this brother’s faithful. So absolutely connect with him. But thank you so much for hanging out with us. Jim, I’ll tell you what man, I’m going to have you close us out in prayer. Can you go ahead and do that for us?

Jim Hampton: It’d be my privilege to Jake. Father God, we just thank You so much for all that You do for us on each and every day, Father that, each day Your mercies are new and that Father, we just come to You and we just thank You for that. And I know right now we have a crazy world Father, so I pray for everybody who might be going through any type of problem and, and the strife that this  COVID has brought us. I pray for, for health and financial prosperity and all the things that we know You want to bestow upon us. But Father, we also ask that each and every person that hears this comes to know You personally. And that’s, that’s the true reward in this life, Father. So we, we pray for that. We acknowledge You as all mighty and all powerful and all loving God that You are and ask this in Your Son’s name. Amen. Amen.

Jake Enriquez: Yeah. Hey, it’s been a joy hanging out with you once again. Please remember. As you go out in this day, it’s you are not walking out your faith, keep pressing, keep reaching and remember, we sure do love you.



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