017: Leaning Into God with Sheila Kelsey

Sheila Kelsey comes to the podcast today with years of sales experience.  She’s currently with ACN, one of the largest direct sellers of telecommunications, energy, and other essential services for both home and business.  A native Texan, Sheila, her husband, and her “bonus” son live in the DFW area.  Today, she’s talking with us about how she’s grown in her walk with Christ, and shares one of the many ways her faith has been strengthened.

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Jake: 00:00 Welcome back to Press and Reach, my name is Jake Enriquez

Jake: 00:49 your host once again and hey just good morning to each and every one of you I hope all is well with you today my friend. You know as we are opening up this morning I just want to let each and every one of you know I always love saying this whenever I go to be at a prison or any any place else that they allow me to even open up any place they even allow me to say yes they always like to start like this. Listen Thus saith the Lord I sure do love you. And if you haven’t heard that in a minute man I pray and hope that you receive that will today. I sure do love you so say the Lord OK. Do me a favor. If you’re married today make sure you tell your spouse you love him or love her whichever which one it may be.

Jake: 01:32 If you have kids today make sure you tell them kiddos you love them. Hey youngsters if you’re listening you know I know mostly youngsters don’t. But anyway praise God if you’re a youngster make sure you tell your parents you love them. Man I love. I’m trying to tell you love it’s all about the love you know and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ is always with us and never fails. So make sure that today we all move in love if you will. If you’re familiar with and reach you know that we’re all about faith family and community and one of the areas of community for us is the business community. We absolutely love the business community. I mean I absolutely love people that are in the business community that are not afraid to stand in their faith.

Jake: 02:16 Actually actually not just not afraid to stand in their faith but move and be led in their faith. Out here in the business community and today we just so happen to have a guest who is a member of our business community here in the local Dallas-Fort Worth area. She has familiarity with sales and service and she’s been doing this for quite some time and I want you to welcome her today because because she is a member of our business community here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and most importantly is because she’s not afraid to stand firm in her faith. Please welcome Ms. Sheila Kelsey to the show. Hey Sheila what an honor and a privilege it is to have you with us this morning.

Sheila: 02:56 Thank you very much Jake for inviting me to be here with you today. I am truly honored and I appreciate this time with you today.

Jake: 03:04 Oh no Sheila. Thank you. Thank you for joining us and I’ll tell you what because we want to get to know you on a personal level. Can you just take a few moments and just introduce yourself and kind of tell us a little bit about where you’re from and who you are.

Sheila: 03:16 So just a little bit about me where I’m from my background is I was actually born in Texas. I’m a I’m a native of Texas born in El Paso. And growing up I spent most of my childhood all over the Southwest.

Sheila: 03:30 I always refer to myself as a Desert Rat not because I was overseas but because I lived in New Mexico Arizona Nevada and Southern California everywhere where it gets above 100 degrees and it’s a DRY heat. That was my upbringing until about 16 years ago. I

Sheila: 03:47 moved out here to Dallas and this has been home ever since. This is where I met my husband. It’s actually a second marriage for us both. And so with the guest of a husband also came the gift of a bonus son. So we’re a blended family and we call Bedford home.

Jake: 04:03 Oh good. OK. Betfred and I like the way you put that a bonus mama. Ok awesome. Thank you for that. You know there’s you know blended families. We’re we have a blended family you know. Me and my wife and I know that it is truly a blessing. I tell you what you are involved in a company you’re employed by a company called ACN right. That is correct. Yes. OK. And if you would just kind of tell us what ACN is all about.

Sheila: 04:33 It is all about helping people individuals like yourself and myself like you and myself and companies save money on those services that we have to pay for anyway.

Sheila: 04:45 It’s referred to as the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications energy and other essential services.

Sheila: 04:52 So if you know somebody with cell phones you know somebody with an electric bill. Those are the types of bills that we can help. He will save money on and create more margin in their home.

Jake: 05:02 OK. And how long has this company been around.

Sheila: 05:05 The company itself has been around for 25 years. It was launched actually in Detroit but it’s headquartered right now of North Carolina oh North Carolina OK.

Jake: 05:15 Awesome. And if if I’m if I’m hearing you correctly So what they’re doing is they’re taking the everyday needs that we all have out here. In trying to meet those needs in a in a manner that’s going to be more affordable. Absolutely

Sheila: 05:28 . Why. Who wouldn’t want to save money on some of those services.

Jake: 05:33 That’s right. And I think about the electric bill. But but from all standpoint you have the electorate you have satellite TV the phones home phone home security high speed internet and even payment processing it right.

Sheila: 05:46 Yes that is correct on the business side.

Sheila: 05:48 And there are several businesses that love that because the partnership that we have on Merchant Services is with a company called novio payments and they’re actually based out of Las Colinas So they’re local to the Texas area and they have a guarantee where they can either guarantee to meet or beat the business’s current rates on merchant services so I don’t have to do the selling I just say let us try if we can’t locate you as a customer and save you some money they’ll give you a gift card for$100. Thank you.

Jake: 06:18 That’s always the best way. That’s always the best way I should say to get your point across because everybody wants to you know test the market on these different things. That’s competition right.

Sheila: 06:28 Yes it is.

Jake: 06:29 OK so let me ask you this because I know you’ve been doing this you said a little over a year right. Yes correct. OK. And tell us now how did you come into this how did you get started with it because you were doing I believe it was restaurant business before.

Sheila: 06:46 Yes so sort of so I have a background in the restaurant industry what I was doing prior to ACN. I was selling high end cookware.

Sheila: 06:54 So I was going from home to home preparing these wonderful meals for families with the intent hope and desire to sell them the cookware set that they needed for their dreams. You know so there it was the Rolls Royce of cookware. Great product. I love the product. I have it all over my room. So when any one ever comes over to my house and they want to cook in my kitchen they see the product represented well. OK. So I was doing that. What’s interesting is you know the product of a company or the service of a company is one thing but when you think about the alignments you think about people that you do that day in and day out grind to work in a company with. And what had become very evident in that season the last six months of my season there was that those were just not the right alignments for where I am in life.

Sheila: 07:45 So what I’m wanting to do in this life is my faith is very strong and I’m all about Godly alignment and advancing the kingdom and making sure that whoever I am a linguist shares my core values. And so it just became clear that it was time for me to start looking elsewhere.

Sheila: 08:04 And plus you know I’m 41 years old. I was lugging around a lot of cookware that is awfully heavy. I didn’t want to be doing that 10 years from now I understand that.

Jake: 08:14 And hey I don’t want to be lugging it around either but a sales is always a great place to start. So

Jake: 08:21 learning the sales business because you know if you’re lugging around that cookware if you’re doing a job like that you are going door to door is that right.

Sheila: 08:30 Sort of you know referrals is always a great way to expand your business so there was a little bit of door to door in there but thankfully people like me and to say you know what I think I’m I know a couple of people so I’m always very helpful I didn’t have to knock on too many doors in the extreme heat or the extreme cold.

Jake: 08:47 OK. That’s wonderful. But you know I think about sales and I think about how valuable that is to any and every business out here. So

Jake: 08:55 you really were exposed to something that I think that we all need and we all benefit from and that’s learning that sales skill you know because we have to have that. If you’re going to be in business you certainly need sales tax.

Sheila: 09:10 So I would even go so far as to say that whatever we’re doing in life we’re selling something if we’re not selling a product or service we’re selling our space we’re selling our lifestyle we’re selling something absolutely somebody is getting close right.

Jake: 09:24 OK. So when you started that you started this business a season and I’m sure that the skills that you had that were from there came with you. Right. I’d

Sheila: 09:35 like to think so to some elements. There’s always a learning curve to any business but yes I was able to bring some of my past knowledge to the table if you will.

Jake: 09:45 OK. And the reason why I point that out is because I do think often when people think about what they’re doing today whether it be a job or a business whatever it might be always like to tell people listen carpus is always unfolding. So whatever you doing whatever you’re doing you know the scripture says do it unto the Lord but your purpose is always unfolding. You’re never like losing time unless you just aren’t doing anything. But this thing that you were doing actually helped you continue in this business now that you’re in which is the seed which is you know it’s really just an extension of what you were already doing. So I know it has to benefit you in that area. So tell me a little bit about how that may have helped you. You know when you transition from that other business to here.

Sheila: 10:30 Oh absolutely So I think the biggest element that I have seen transfer from one role to the next to the next is the ability to speak confidently in front of people. Growing

Sheila: 10:43 up I was a very shy and I was very introverted. And when you and I met I am pretty sure you wouldn’t look at me and think I was an introvert because I think I’m the one that came up to you. So that’s not that’s not a trait of an introvert.

Sheila: 10:58 But growing up that’s who I was. I was afraid to look people in the eye. I was afraid to connect. I was afraid to have that conversation. I just wanted to hide in the background. And so my years working in the restaurant industry and then in direct sales I’ve had opportunities because that’s part of the need in order to go and get your product out there is to be in front of people. And so over the years I’ve had opportunity to not just have one on one conversations with folks but to be able to be in front of a room speaking to people to be in front of a small group whether it’s you know sharing whatever the product or services or training I love training. And

Sheila: 11:37 so I have seen how God has continued to use me and develop me in that arena putting me in front of people and getting more and more comfortable with. And I know that’s like one of the biggest fears that most people have is public speaking. Sure. For me that’s one of the most exciting things for me is I want to be happy in front of an audience. Sharing what I’m passionate about sharing. You know my faith in sharing my testimonies and I just you know I’m excited about that.

Jake: 12:03 That’s good. That’s awesome. You know and here’s here’s what I’m thinking about right now. You know you’re you’re coming into this thing and you’re growing as you as you go. And just like you said you know this is something that you now have a passion for and you’re very compassionate about what you’re doing.

Jake: 12:17 But when we think about change and we think about growing up or you know these things that have taken place there’s the one thing that remains and you heard it said before. The one constant that always is is change there’s always change that occurs in our life. So tell us a little bit about cause I know you have a very interesting story about growing up. So tell me a little bit about share which you were shared earlier about you know growing up with you.

Sheila: 12:43 Yes. So it’s no wonder I’m not a confused adult because I think my childhood began with being born and baptized into a Catholic family. And

Sheila: 12:53 then early on I once I was around five or six years old my father abruptly one day just said hey we’re converting to Islam. And so for the next four years or so I remember we were submerged in the culture and the lifestyle. What it is to be a Muslim. And that’s all that I knew I had. You know I didn’t know anything different from that. My parents divorced when I was nine years old. And so then from that point on it kind of became a thing where I would only really practice that whenever I would go to visit my father. But

Sheila: 13:26 when I was with my mom we did not practice in fact I think she just didn’t practice anything after that at points and by age 15 I had come to the conclusion that religion as a whole was not for me.

Sheila: 13:39 I’d been exposed by way of being invited to a few other churches from friends along the years and so I had some good experiences. But overall I saw some things in there that just really turned me off of religion as a whole. And so I made that decision to say you know what I believe in God and I believe in right and wrong and morals and I’m just going to stick to that. And I don’t need to disclose that to anybody and I don’t need to go to a church to demonstrate any sort of faith or anything. And so that’s how I lived my life up until about 30 when my husband and I met. Ironically enough he kind of had the same conclusion at around the same age in life about church as a whole. You know he didn’t have the same background as I did but he saw he experienced similar things in his background as I did. And so we had we were on the same page as far as religion went. But you know coming together you know I said I’m a bonus. And

Sheila: 14:36 so he came with a child from a previous marriage and at that particular time he was six years old and we started having those conversations a where are we going to do when it comes to God how are we going to explain to him What are we going to tell him. So we knew that we were not equipped to do it on our own. So we started thinking OK maybe it’s time we look for a church maybe there’s some sort of you know denominational non-denominational church where do we go what do we do.

Sheila: 15:02 Well even then the Holy Spirit was speaking to us because he put people in our past that started having these gentle conversations with us and we would look at each other and we think this conversation keeps coming up again and again that we really ought to evaluate those.

Sheila: 15:18 And then our son was in baseball and his coach at that particular time happened to have been a worship pastor at the church that we ended up being invited to and getting our foundation at. And it was a beautiful season for us because in that season is where we were able to get the basics and really understand the history of Christianity and and just the education behind it. Not just here’s a book. There it is go to church.

Sheila: 15:47 Right. You know the wording in here is kind of crazy.

Jake: 15:52 Maybe it is but you know that’s awesome I greatly appreciate you sharing that because you know we can all come up a little bit confused or come from different backgrounds and you know I think about that often out here everybody is not the same we’re all from a different background. We’ve all been through different things and one doesn’t know the other and what they came up in so we’re always just slow.

Jake: 16:17 We slow down on it and say and never be judgmental about one another so I greatly appreciate you sharing that. I’ll tell you what we’re going to take a really quick break and then we’re going to be right back.

Jake: 17:08 Welcome back to press and read. My name is Jake and we were just talking with Miss Sheila Kelsey earlier before the break about growing up about the different changes that occurred in her life. And you know just kind of talking about the road that it took just to come into knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what a what an awesome thing that it really is for each and every one of us by the way to come into that. But Sheila I want to ask you this because you know I think about each and everybody out here especially the listeners that maybe listen in right now. We all go through things that are pretty tough out here sometimes you know. And I would just like to ask you if you would just share a time that may have been really tough for you and that really strengthened your faith. You know your faith was actually strengthened through it so if you would just share that with us we’d love to hear from you. Just

Sheila: 17:55 to one Jake let me count the ways. Sure.

Sheila: 17:59 Although there is one very specific season that I would love to share with you. And that is 2015 actually the end of 2014 going into all of 2015. So you know by that particular point in time my husband and I were very plugged into her church we were not just going to church on Sundays but we were doing our Bible studies at home we are plugging in we were reading. It was something that we were already in the habit of walking out daily not just once a day. And so at the end of 2014 everything shifted in our household because unfortunately you can’t always control other people and the decisions that they make. So just to kind of keep a high level in our living situation with my stepson. It all changed. And so we ended up being in and out of court starting November or I guess December 2014 all the way through December 2015 was a very long drawn out tiresome emotional season for us to be in and out of court and just the the words that were exchanged. The

Sheila: 19:14 challenge is the back and forth. For anybody who’s ever experienced any sort of custody situation then you know what I’m talking about and I’m trying to keep this very high level but just that there’s lots of pain shared is wrapped around all of that and lots of tears and heartache. So in that season when many people including us to point you just want to break down you just want to crawl into bed and go into the fetal position and just you know cry. She can’t do that. You know you want to ask why you want to describe are you. You want to cry and you won’t ask why but sometimes it’s not about why. So what we learned in that season a couple of things happened immediately upon everything starting my husband. It was almost like instant and he said you know what we need to be in the word.

Sheila: 20:03 Every single day like deliberately every single day we’re going to be in the word. And so we went out and we picked up. A daily devotional book that we would read together as a couple every day. Individually we were in the word and we’re in prayer throughout the day we were we were very deliberate deliberate about having prayers with one another whereas before we would have you know our time to do bible study once or twice a week and it was more casual. This was very intentional and very deliberate in our in our time every day in the word Yeah. And so then we were surrounded by prayer where prayer warriors we started leaning into our church family more and more we began serving more during the season because honestly when you’re going through all of that you’re looking for an escape and the escape for us was let’s get around with prayer warriors who can stand in agreement with us and let’s just go be a blessing to other people let’s take the focus off us while we can and just go serve others.

Sheila: 21:01 And that was that. That was like a saving grace for us because it continued to strengthen our faith even when we had our darkest days during that season. We knew that we had prayer warriors praying on our behalf and standing in the gap with us. Sure

Sheila: 21:19 . And that’s just it it allowed us to feel the Holy Spirit’s presence more and more.

Sheila: 21:26 It’s not like you know everything went away because nothing went away. We still had to go through everything that we went through we endured and through that as we prayed. You know asking God what do we do next. What do we do next. The biggest thing that we learned in that was to be obedient. It’s not about the outcome of anything. It’s about listening to him and being obedient to what he’s asking us to do. Wow. And so we started to feel as the months would go by that we were getting closer as a couple we were able to find opportunities to last and just find joy in other things in life. And by the time December rolled around as things started to close up there we had a sense of peace over the situation regardless of the outcome. And that was all because of God and the Holy Spirit working through us that we knew that we are walking it out the way that he asked us to. Even

Sheila: 22:22 when the attorneys were scratching their heads saying well you can go this direction we would say no this is you know this is what we know the Holy Spirit is asking us to do. So here’s what we’re going to do.

Sheila: 22:33 And you know he is he has blessed us that in so many ways financially so relationship not just with each other but through others opportunities that have come our way in business.

Sheila: 22:47 And I just I there’s nobody that anybody nothing that anybody can say to me that would change my belief and my say it’s because I know what I know what I know when you allow the Holy Spirit to be present in your life. And

Sheila: 23:02 when you allow him to do work in interview and surrender to His purpose for your advice so many great things can come out of it. Yes. Just one of those things was the fact that we have a deeper stronger relationship with each other now.

Jake: 23:17 Sure. And you know I’m listening to what you’re saying and you know you’re talking about number one drawing close to God. OK so. And you know the Scripture says and that that’s a promise. By the way for the listeners who are listening today if you don’t know I want you to know that if you draw close to God God says he’ll draw close to you. OK. And that’s the only place that we would ever seek refuge which which would be in the Lord. You mentioned earlier you said some days you just want to curl up in a fetal position. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s really actually nothing wrong with that as long as we’re asking it of God. So that’s a really good place to be. By the way is on our knees and praying to God and sitting there asking it of you.

Jake: 24:03 And you know you were talking about that and there were some things that came to mind. And one of them was that prayer. You know it really helped to bring her life right. Oh yes. So when that prayer life when we’re asking of God we’re in communication with God. His Again his word tells us this. The Scripture says that you know he’ll give us the peace that surpasses all understanding and that’s what you are describing when you know you guys were going through that at the end you’re able to laugh you’re able to find joy. You know you know the Apostle Paul said Rejoice. Again I say rejoice. Which means to bring back the joy that was within you. And that’s what those are the things that do happen you know for us when we’re in the Lord like that seeking the Lord now and I tell people right now that does not mean and I know that you actually touched on just a second ago that does not mean that you don’t have trials you won’t have tribulation you won’t have these things that go on in your life.

Jake: 24:58 We’re

Jake: 24:58 going to have all those. It just changes the way we walk through it. It just changes the way you walk through it. And I greatly appreciate you describing you know those things for us here today so it sounds like to me that it truly affected your prayer life.

Sheila: 25:14 Yes it did in a significant way.

Jake: 25:17 Yeah. OK. And then and that’s great. I mean you know if that’s what it takes for us sometimes then so be it. You know and I and I’m not trying to be harsh or anything but I’m telling the truth sometimes we need to be broken to a different point.

Jake: 25:28 So we are solely reliant on God. You know so do you find yourself at all struggling any more. I

Jake: 25:35 know at times with prayer because myself I’ll tell you this you know by myself you know sometimes my prayer life is really up. Then sometimes it won’t be up to par like it should be. So

Jake: 25:48 what would you say about that if you do in fact find yourself struggling from time to time. What are some of the ways for you just to kind of get back on point.

Sheila: 25:56 You know when I have those moments where I take the focus off of him and put the focus on me and everything that I am in control of. I notice a shift in how things tend to go in life in my day to day life when I stop and I said wait a minute. Have I even prayed today. Is

Sheila: 26:14 this for me prayer is just having these conversations throughout the day as I’m driving as I am preparing a meal as I’m you know working on a spreadsheet or whatever it happens to be listening to music I love just having music on. And then all of a sudden I hear something or one of the songs and it’ll make me just start to think well you know what I need to pray about this or just have a conversation and this is going to sound silly maybe but maybe there’s some folks out there that know exactly what I’m talking about. But he speaks loudest to me when I’m in the shower.

Jake: 26:48 Ok that’s just us. There’s nothing wrong with that right. I think he knows there’s no other distractions.

Sheila: 26:55 Yeah. So he’s got me right in the center and up there it is you know we I like to say we had a great conversation one day about forgiveness. And if I may just share that real quick because you know you go through Hertz and we’re all we’ve all been hurt by somebody or something or some sort of situation at some point in time and you know this was a deep hurts and I kept struggling with you know we accept the decision we accept what is the how do I move on how do I forgive the person for that. Yeah.

Sheila: 27:27 And the question that came to me was tell me one good thing I want to know one good thing that has come out of you holding resentment.

Sheila: 27:38 That’s a great question. I can’t answer it. And to this day I still can’t answer.

Sheila: 27:43 Right. Yes that’s right. What is holding resentment do for our benefit.

Jake: 27:49 Sure does nothing it does nothing at all. You’re right. You’re so right. And you know I’m glad you’re bringing that up because you were you were describing earlier how you other people got around in your life. You know God puts great people in our lives and he does it on purpose by the way. But

Jake: 28:05 you were involved with other people when you were prayer warriors. So one thing that I know is important to you kind of talked about earlier is mentors. So you have a mentor. You

Jake: 28:17 were talking about earlier where we were before we even got on here so who might you call your mentor in this time this season I should say for your life.

Sheila: 28:27 Oh gosh. Well this is definitely God ordained for sure because I’ve never had a mentor and coach like this individual.

Sheila: 28:34 And how she came into my life. It was out of prayer. My coach is Stacey Wallace Z.

Sheila: 28:43 Her background is 29 years in direct sales. She and her husband actually have raised up companies and taken them over a billion dollar market cap. She’s negotiated big deals across the table from Carl Icahn. She she is a big fish. And here I am little old me you know making my way through the pond when I was introduced to her and she has been such a great influence over our lives. And you know encourage she encourages us every single day in our faith walk in our business walk in relationships. She’s got a book right now that we’re about to go to a called Mission Possible. And so she put myself and a handful of other people through this very intense coaching program over the last 30 days. Tomorrow is actually the last day of this program. OK. You know you made a comment a few minutes ago but sometimes you got to break down in order to break through.

Sheila: 29:41 There’s been a little bit of that. OK. That’s a good thing. That

Speaker 11: 29:46 is a good thing. She like you know she sounds like an awesome lady and I just wonder do you think she might come on in and be a guest on our show that she could bless each and every one of us. You

Sheila: 29:57 know I would love to say yes I know she’s got a crazy busy schedule. But you know there is just that possibility that she would. I think.

Jake: 30:06 We’re going to put it on you to ask her How’s that.

Sheila: 30:09 Yes absolutely. So I think you would enjoy hearing some of her answer.

Sheila: 30:14 You know she announced their name is around but part of her her past experiences. She actually did travel the world for 12 years with none other than Zig Ziglar.

Jake: 30:26 You know those Zig. Oh yes. Oh yes.

Jake: 30:31 OK. So I greatly appreciate you mentioning her as a mentor because you know what mentorship is is is very key in success out here period whether it be a mentor in your spiritual life your business life personal life period you know mentorship to me I think is very cutes success in anything that we do. So

Jake: 30:53 here’s the thing I want to ask you these things because we often like to say that readers are leaders. OK. So I’ll ask you Do you have a favorite book that you would like to recommend to our listeners a book that’s really set well with you over time.

Sheila: 31:09 Gosh there’s a few books I would say for anybody starting out in business. There’s a great book that I read that is called the go giver. And it was asserted by Bob Berg and I can’t remember the other author right now but basically there is what they outline is the five stratospheric laws of success and it really has less to do about go out and earn a buck and more to do about you know the value that you bring to the marketplace.

Jake: 31:39 We’ll surely put that on the show notes. And I appreciate that. And let me see where else now if we’re looking for you in a ACN way how you’re serving our community. Where would our guests go and find user you have a Web site social media. How would you like them to reach out to you.

Sheila: 31:55 Yes so either by way of social media. Sheila Kelcey on Facebook and you’d have to send me a friend request. Or if you are interested in taking a survey to see if you could save any money on some of those services that you’re paying for. The Web site is home services zoé dot com. I’ll

Jake: 32:17 put that on the show notes as well for you. Perfect. Thank you.

Jake: 32:20 And let me ask you this she live in. And number one I greatly appreciate you coming on and being with us.

Jake: 32:25 But as you go and as we wrap up here what would be one final word of encouragement. You would like to share with the listeners.

Sheila: 32:33 I would say whatever you’re going through will lean in meaning lean in to god lean into the word lean in to the Holy Spirit lean into your prayer lean into those other prayer words that you got here because I can promise you you’re not alone every time you feel that you’re going through something that you’re you’re on an island that nobody else could possibly understand.

Sheila: 32:55 I assure you you’re not a word.

Jake: 32:58 So I mean praise God we greatly appreciate that. And like I tell anybody else that comes out here to share it who’s definitely lifted up the name of the Lord.

Jake: 33:07 We got to tell you hey I absolutely love you and I thank God for you and for all that you’re doing for the kingdom of God.

Sheila: 33:13 Praise you and I thank you so much for inviting me to be on here with you today.

Jake: 33:17 Thank you so much Sheila. And guys thank you for coming in and hanging out with us today. That was Miss Sheila Kelsey talking about leaning in to God and you know already that that reminds me of the scripture that says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. OK so as she was leaning into God she certainly found some different things that transpired in her life and number one was that she was drawn close to God and because of that God was drawing close to her. Not only that also that she found this peace that surpassed all understanding and surprisingly so she was still able to maintain joy. That’s amazing. We thank you so much again Sheila Kelsey and guys. Her information will be on the show notes so what you do is just go to press and reach dot com forward slash our 17.

Jake: 34:09 And should you have any questions and or concerns just go to the bottom of those show notes page and you’ll find a place for comments questions and or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you so please visit us at pressandreach.com


Does It Line Up with God’s Values?

Sheila spent time prior to ACN selling high-end cookware, taking their products into people’s homes and demonstrating their quality.  She began to realize that the people she was surrounding herself with in her workplace had different goals and desires than what she had.  She saw herself wanting to be in alignment with God and advancing His kingdom, and desired to work with others who shared her core values.  She recognizes that, though she sought something different for her business life, she still gained valuable experience within the realm of sales.  As a natural introvert, the biggest element she’s seen transfer from one role to the next has been the ability to speak confidently in front of people.  It’s also an area she sees that God has continued to use her and develop her – allowing her to become more comfortable speaking in front of others, even to include sharing her testimony with small groups.

Turned Off of Religion

Sheila grew up Catholic, until her father converted the family to Islam when she was around five or six years old.   A few short years later, her parents divorced and Islam was only practiced when she was with her father.  By the age of 15, Sheila decided that religion was not for her.  She essentially determined that she could keep God, her beliefs and morals, and her overall faith, to herself.  She lived without organized religion and without a church home all the way through her twenties.  Her husband had reached a similar conclusion, and so when they married, they were on the same page in terms of religion.  Once their son reached school-age, they recognized that they wanted and needed to teach him about God, but didn’t feel equipped to do it alone.  They decided it was time to look for a church.  Social connections led them to the first church they would attend as a family, where they would both get the basics of their faith and a better understanding of Christianity.

Faith in the Storm

Sheila recalls a very specific season in which her faith was strengthened.  It was a lengthy custody situation, full of pain and tears and heartache, which brought her to her knees.  Her husband led them to seek counsel and comfort in God’s Word.  They intentionally and deliberately determined to read a devotional, together, daily.  They prayed together, as well as individually.  They sought out prayer warriors within their church family who would stand in agreement with them.  They set out to serve and to be a blessing to others, to take the focus off of themselves and their hardships.  They sought to be obedient to God in whatever He asked of them, regardless of the outcome.  Drawing near allowed them to feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, giving them peace in the midst of their trial.

When we are in the Lord, we should know that we will have challenges.  In those times, she encourages us to lean in – to God, His Word, the Holy Spirit, your prayer life, and other prayer warriors. In other words, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.”


The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea

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