016:  With God, All Things Are Possible

Gabe Bahlhorn has been ministering in local churches since 1999.  He’s on the executive pastoral team at Oakland Church in Rochester, MI.  Today, he’s on the podcast sharing wisdom and talking about Missions.Me, the international ministry he and his wife co-founded with his childhood friend, Dominic Russo.  Gabe’s wife, Hannah, serves alongside him as the organization’s medical director.  Gabe and Hannah have a young son, Beckham, and are expecting a daughter this December.

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Jake: 00:48 Welcome back to Press and Reach my name is Jake Enriquez your host. What a joy and an honor it is to be with you once again and this morning today we have a special guest and I’ve got to tell you I love enthusiastic people.

Jake: 00:58 I do love people that are passionate about what they do and I love people that rely solely on God and the boldness of the Lord. And today I want to introduce you to somebody who is as a matter of fact all of that and he’s very passionate and he’s very authentic. His pert personality is contagious by all means. And he’s been ministering in local churches since 1999. And actually he’s been hosting thousands of missionaries in four nations across the globe. In 2006 he actually joined a pastoral team in Oakland church in Rochester Michigan. In addition to that he’s he serves as a speaker and outreach director with missions to me. So please welcome to the show.

Jake: 01:42 Mr. Gabe Bahlhorn, Gabe how are you doing today. I’m

Gabe: 01:43 very good thank you Jake. I really appreciate you having me on and excited to spend some time together today.

Jake: 01:51 Absolutely we appreciate it man and because we do want to get to know you on a personal level I’ll just ask you to introduce yourself. As you know where are you from where you grew up or are you married. Do you have any kids and good stuff like that if you would.

Gabe: 02:04 Yeah absolutely. So yeah so a little bit about me I grew up in Michigan and went through my my younger years in Michigan went off to college in Texas spent some time in the great state of Texas had a wonderful time there and and finish my my university studies and college there. I actually moved back to Michigan in the early 2000s and and met my wife to be and started doing ministry here in Michigan and in partnership with one of my best friends and and so I got married. Fast forward now 2009. I have. A two and a half year old who is crazy and an amazing little boy. His name is Beckham and and then we also have another baby on the way a little girl and my wife is due in just a couple of months right around Christmas so we’re growing.

Jake: 03:02 Yes grow it. OK.

Jake: 03:05 You see that. You know I touched base just a moment on it. That’s the ministry that you are involved in called missions.me is that right? Yeah that’s right yeah. OK. And you know I don’t want to do it an injustice. Could you please kind of give us a rundown just kind of explain to us what you guys do with that ministry.

Gabe: 03:25 Yes so we so missions to me is the name of our ministry it is our Web site and it is really our stated purpose we exist as an organization to empower people to change the world. And we’ve we’ve had you know I grew up I grew up in the church spent a lot a lot of my early years in the church and my family I grew up with no brothers and sisters only child. My parents are divorced and I was very young my mom all she knew to do was to get us plugged into the local church and that’s what we did. And so I grew up in the church and I grew up I met some some of my very greatest friends in the local church and one in particular Dominic Russo is one that I grew up with his father was our pastor and we just learned at a very young age that there is a seed of greatness that is within every person and really God is at the same time no respecter of persons.

Gabe: 04:22 You know like just like Jesus said in Matthew 11 that that no one’s greater than John the Baptist. But then he goes on in the very next statement to say. But yet every single person who is breathing is greater than he was. And the simple message in that message is that every single person has greatness within them has extraordinary living within them. And so we just kind of grew up with that seed inside of us not really knowing what that meant when we were younger. And and as you know your journey goes on and you process life and you go through different challenges and seasons you begin to unfold what that is if you stay committed to the original seed and stay committed to that original desire to live extraordinary.

Gabe: 05:02 And I believe that is the nature that God made us that he made that desire and gave us that desire everybody that desire the end. And so we you know we went to college when our different ways for school and then came back together in the early 2000s.

Gabe: 05:21 What would it look like if we created an organization that was you know that that grabbed and really did that very thing and so we you know. And about 10 years ago I started an organization and Dominic was was our founder and my wife and I helped to co-found the ministry with them with him and his wife Lindsay and then we grew up together. Lives and we just said man our name the name of our organization is the reason we exist and its mission is not me. It is our Web site. It’s our name and it’s why we exist. And it’s basically this to empower people to change the world. And so we just knew we wanted to do things across the nations but we wanted to do them strategically.

Gabe: 06:03 So we want to take people of all passions of all talents and say what would it look like if we unlocked our passions all in one strategic effort. And so we have a couple of ways that we do that. And

Gabe: 06:18 one of the one of the ways that we do that as a ministry is through a ministry called Angel house angel house exists in Asia Asia right now and it really is is it was created to curb the. And the issue we have in the world with human trafficking and orphans and we have about 140 homes right now that we’ve opened over the last eight years and we have close to 3000 children that live in our homes. And and it’s just an amazing amazing ministry that is exploding and then we the other side of what we do at Missions.me is called One Nation One day and one nation one day was principally based on a scripture found in Isaiah chapter 66 verse 8 where the prophet Isaiah asks the question he says Can a nation be saved in a day. An entire country brought forth in a moment.

Gabe: 07:08 And up until this point Jake we had spent most of our ministry days. You know we would bring teams of 100 people into a city and some you know a third world country and and basically you know begged the mayor to let us use open air place should now come in and just kind of do our things throughout the school.

Gabe: 07:28 And we said you know we believe you know if the Bible says that we can ask for nations as our inheritance and we get them then. Well what we see in our life is just the measure of our faith. I’m sure we just you know let’s do this on a national level and so in 2013 we did our very first one nation one day event.

Gabe: 07:47 We brought 2000 people with us to the nation of Honduras and it was a historic event. We realized in 2013 that this is what we have been created for and we just have story after story and I’m sure that done three one nation one day events and they’ve been historic that some amazing man Gabe that.

Jake: 08:06 That is absolutely amazing. And you know when I think about you know your mission statement your website everything it’s mission is right and you’ve got a ton of different missions and you know you just touch base on one of them the one nation one day but there’s also and you also touch base on the trafficking rescue but there’s also for the listeners water wells that are going in rescue orphanages. There’s all kinds of group mission trips that you guys are involved in but also medical missions. Yeah. So I mean from from you talk about one side to the other it’s a huge wide array of missions that are going out with you guys and that’s an awesome thing that God is doing through you. And as he’s taken it to these different lands. But this is one thing that I really loved. I saw the video and in the video it said were people come together ok and it said that they laid down their egos and logos so they could they could unite.

Jake: 09:08 Now I’ve got to ask you a question man because that’s a tough thing to do right there.

Jake: 09:14 And if you could you know I mean I’m sure that it’s not so easy in that you do run into some friction somewhere along the way sometimes but how hard has it been to overcome because the space seems always be an issue with so many different organizations that try to get up and going that this this could be this could be an issue for him I it takes place in churches today period.

Gabe: 09:35 So yeah I’ll tell you what this is it’s the thing we fight for the most. And you know Jake we most of everything we do comes down to a relationship. But I but I will say it is it is one of the things that is the most challenging. And when I say challenging I mean it’s like an opportunity like you you have to fight for it because what I’ve realized and what we’ve realized is our ministry and you know this just by looking around at our country and our society right now like today when you look at the problems we’re facing this state of a nation is always reflective of the state of the church within that nation. And that’s not something we like to talk about a lot as should the church necessarily because but I do believe that that you know Jesus didn’t give us that great commission so that churches would grow.

Gabe: 10:27 It wasn’t just like a growth mechanism tool. It was it wasn’t that it was Jesus gave us the great commission so that his church his beautiful bride would lead.

Gabe: 10:38 And we realized that our only purpose is to at the local church that’s it.

Gabe: 10:44 You know we don’t see the future of the world being you know and what Jesus wants to do on the earth through parish church organizations. We see the church leading. And we also believe that we’ve yet to see a fully unified church. You know there are hundreds of thousands of churches in our country and they’re not unified. And

Gabe: 11:04 so what you just tapped into is is I believe the the the greatest key to seen revival in our land and seen amazing things happen in the nations when the church gets unified.

Gabe: 11:20 And I will tell you what we’ve seen as one nation one day. The nations that one nation one day has transformation this in are the nations that have a unified church while hope can be lost in the nation. Crime

Gabe: 11:34 in 2013 San Pedro Sula Honduras was the most dangerous city on the earth.

Gabe: 11:40 And yet there was a unified church. And because of that there was something historic that took place and a supernatural move of God took place in the nation that we still have yet to fully grasp and understand.

Gabe: 11:54 And so it is the unity of peace and that is the thing that you have to you have to be committed to be committed to saying I love you. And

Gabe: 12:01 so as a result you know you know whoever you’re talking to when you know we have got to do this together. And so we’re going to fight for unity. Yes sir fight to be unified. It is worth it.

Jake: 12:15 Absolutely it is. I mean you know the psalm says something it’s what Psalm 133 that’s where the blessings flow is in the unity you know.

Jake: 12:22 So right and I mean you guys are really you guys are really taking it exactly how it’s actually put in Scripture and then says that the anointing flows from that and the blessings flow from there. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about because you know I know it’s tough. I really do. And you’re right. You just hit. You just touched on that as you look around today we have so much division discord and I hate to say this man but it’s true that happens in our own churches out here you know all over the place and it’s such it shouldn’t be a division so much we should be standing together. But you know you recently had a birthday didn’t you. I

Gabe: 13:00 did. Yes.

Jake: 13:01 OK yeah. Man there you go. Happy birthday brother.

Gabe: 13:05 And now you are how young I am 37 years young and I appreciate it that way. And my wife laughs she says that’s how you know you’re getting old. And people think you’re younger and you are like and I think that that’s and you know there you go.

Jake: 13:21 Well I mean you did turn 37. So you’ve been doing this for quite some time. Yeah. So like you just touched on earlier you’ve been doing it since. You know you’re much younger a youth. I mean basically a kid right. Yeah

Gabe: 13:34 that’s right yeah. I realize we were we were just we were in Miami this summer launching one nation one day 2017 and the nation of Nicaragua. And we had we had 2,858 missionaries that came with us from 33 nations last summer and we had this moment where we sat and we said wow is the 20 year anniversary of us doing the missions. How amazing is that. And so it is amazing. It was awesome. It was awesome to see that Mark.

Jake: 14:06 Yeah I heard you give a talk and you were speaking to you a little while back. A couple of years back and you touched on that as well and I really love the message to get across to the youth especially today.

Jake: 14:21 But I was telling you earlier the message that you spoke in is the same every day it’s just as impactful today as it was then and you know we’re talking about seasons. We’re talking about changes we’re talking about going through things and where things get started. Everything matters. As a matter of fact you were speaking on that. It matters what you’re doing it matters where you’re going. And you were speaking to the youth about that. You know you made a decision to get into the ministry in May and you told him Guys I remember you said that it didn’t happen for you until you decided to take your hands off your own life and let God guide you in that.

Jake: 15:03 And that can be very difficult for the youngsters to understand because we’ve got so many things we want to go do right. Right. So how did that just click over for you. And how how challenging do you find it to convey that to somebody else. Now when you look at the youth you know you really want to get that to them. Right. I really want to give it to them. So how did that finally click over to you.

Gabe: 15:28 No I think I think the thing that that switch for me and the challenge that we face is I think people have to get to the same point.

Gabe: 15:35 But for me what happened was this I realized that I’m a very type A personality so I I love things in order. Like I said I know my routine. I know how I how I manage my life. And I realize that I’m just not good at it.

Gabe: 15:54 Like I got some point where I think the biggest problem people have with taking their hands off their own life and having a problem with God is that we like the idea of God but he’s god like our biggest problem with God is that he’s God. You know like know he’s god we’re not caught and we live in a society where.

Gabe: 16:14 Really every tenet of our of the Gospel faith that we are supposed to hold on to when it said you know Jesus said you love me you follow my commands. All of those things have literally become a counterculture for sin. So every single thing that we’re trying to hold onto and trying to move our lives in that direction is completely polar opposite in our society polar opposite and what we see and mass media. Polar opposite in our schools.

Gabe: 16:41 And so I just got to a point where I realized like I am I am completely stressed out I’m completely, I have anxiety I have everything that I’m not supposed to have and it’s because I’m holding on to what I’m not supposed to hold on to. And you can only you only understand that when you get banged up a little bit you know. Yes but I say this all the time. And you know what I love about young people is they’re so passionate but I also believe one of the problems one of the pitfalls that young people have is that passion without brokenness can’t be trusted. And you know you have that you have them.

Gabe: 17:15 And I’ll tell young people this. You know you’re passionate about this you can get passionate in a moment you’re like a microwave you fire up quick but unless you pass the brokenness test there’s not a trust factor there. Yeah. And I think God will will will use breaking situations to test you.

Gabe: 17:32 You know and he and it’s just it’s the nature of God it’s the process of life. So that’s how you are me.

Jake: 17:38 You know I think about what you’re saying. And yeah everybody wants a savior but not everybody wants the Lord. So to lord over me Jesus and follow that way takes everything and you’re right that’s brokenness and you know that’s that’s what he does not despise is a broken and and harm by the way we think about the man and you know I know it can be tough to get to get over to somebody else. But the best example is just by the way that we live. Yeah. You know they can see it in you. I mean I can hear it in you and I can see it in. You know I see a video of you and say is brother you know. I know he’s experienced that you know so that’s in time you know that everybody has to come to that point. But

Jake: 18:18 you know that missions area man it takes an audacity it takes a bold faith.

Jake: 18:24 It takes a total commitment and man you were you were hitting the nail on the head while ago. That’s a belief. You really really got to believe in what you’re going to go do.

Jake: 18:34 You know so you guys are what you’re doing these things are not small time things are huge and you have to count on God in all the steps and then the first step it has to be impossible right. I like that. So I think it was a three step process. I know the first is it’s impossible I forgot the second one to be honest. But the third one I love it he says it’s done. Yeah. You know that God just does it. I know so. So let me ask you this you know because doing these things you know you can’t you can’t be mediocre about it. You know you can’t be happy and happy hour or we’ll just go and see what happens. Right. You have to have that kind of belief. So

Jake: 19:17 help me and the listeners today to steer clear of mediocrity. How would you go about doing that rather.

Gabe: 19:24 Yeah I think you know what I’ve realized is something that I have had a firm correction from God on and when it comes to mediocrity is you know a lot of people will take that word and kind of sugarcoat it. To just talk about comfort and playing it safe. And what I’ve realized when it comes to faith and what God has in store for us for our lives. Playing it safe is literally the enemy of of what God wants to do when it comes to radical obedience. And I always go back to the parable of the Talents.

Gabe: 19:59 You know there’s Jesus gives us this analogy and sets the whole thing up with saying listen the kingdom of God can be likened to this or this isn’t When I when I was younger I used to read the parable of the talents you know that the the the whole the whole story and think wow this is just a guide on how to invest your money properly or how to you know what I mean. You know how to make money act some silly thing. But what I realized in going back and really seeing what Jesus said before he even opened the story that the Kingdom of God can be likened to this you have three people that the rich the rich man you know gives five talents to one two talents to one and one talent to the other and goes away on a journey and a lot of you know the story and of course you know the story Jake but he comes back after awhile to check on the France and the guy who invested the 5 had had five more had a 100 percent return.

Gabe: 20:47 The Bible says he used all five to get five more. He didn’t use two of the five to get five more.

Gabe: 20:51 He was just conning. He used everything he’d been given. The guy who had been given to use everything he had been given. The guy who had used one took what he had given it and honestly and what I’m looking at this guy I have empathy for him. You know it’s not like he blew it on a wild living. He wasn’t a murderer. He wasn’t an adulterer. He wasn’t some awful person but yet Jesus as he’s telling recall in this story says that the guy who took what he had and didn’t use it didn’t even didn’t waste it and lose it but didn’t use it called him wicked and lazy. And the thing that hit me so hard in that story was you know the good news is you know the good news is the good news is none of that stuff that even started with was ours in the first place.

Gabe: 21:38 Like you look at those three guys. They didn’t earn those five those talents they was given to them. You know. So it was like we haven’t we’ve been given something and it’s up to us to use it. And I felt like I just had a correction where I just thought you know what. Mediocre living a mediocre life living the average life. Checking the boxes is life is is just the most. Honestly I don’t know another word to say it’s kind of disgusting when you think about it and in terms of how God sees us.

Gabe: 22:06 And I know I just felt like can should I have a short life. The Bible says life is like a blade of grass and soon withers.

Gabe: 22:12 If I don’t use everything I’ve been given and literally I’m not and I’m not saying be foolish. Listen

Gabe: 22:19 I’m not saying take your 401k and just go blow it in the wind and then do the surgery or what I mean and you know I’m not saying don’t be wise I’m not saying you know if you’re a young person go sell all your belongings and don’t come home tonight.

Gabe: 22:32 Just got moved to Tanzania. I’m certainly not saying. But I’m being led by God.

Gabe: 22:37 But just being willing at any moment. God I’m going to be willing to give up everything for you that that that is the key. And I think when your heart is in line with that with that desire you will see the extraordinary literally unfold in your life.

Jake: 22:56 Yes sir. Absolutely. That’s wonderful man. I appreciate it. You know and I tell you what. We’re talking with Mr. Gaye bill horne right now talking with him about missions me and what they’re doing and just get some perspective from him some different ideas. And were these guys really staying and what makes them go and do the things that they get to do. So I tell you what we’re going to do we’re going to take a really quick break and we’ll be right back.

Jake: 24:00 We’re back with Mr..

Jake: 24:01 Bill Horne What an awesome time it is just to hang out with Gabe and just get to hear some of the things that these guys are doing and over missions not me. And you know we were talking about earlier about gay making a decision you made a decision at a young age to get into ministry.

Jake: 24:20 And I know today when we see a lot of guys you know maybe at church church camps whatever it might be there’s a little bit of a hesitation there sometimes that people think maybe I want to do that maybe I don’t you know talk about if you will for a minute the calling because it definitely has to be a calling on your heart God has to call you into this thing we’ll just go and check it out here or there what and what not but talk about a little bit if you will the calling that he puts on our life.

Gabe: 24:50 Yes. So one of the things that I love about this question is I fully believe that there is so many different ways that that God speaks to us with regards to calling and you know what I’m doing right now was really the last thing that I wanted to do with my life when I was younger. I did grow up in the church. I knew that I wanted to do something extraordinary but I thought for me that that meant something different. And you know a mission that got me there is there’s four of us that are on our executive team that lead our organization and all of us have very unique different experiences that we had with how how we got really drawn to ministry I as far as full time ministry goes I just didn’t ever have a desire to be in full time ministry.

Gabe: 25:35 I just I didn’t see my life going that direction. I in the church I love the church I love my pastor. I went to one church my whole life and you know my my pastor is the same pastor that I’ve had since I was as long as I can remember is my spiritual father I’m fiercely committed to him but I just didn’t have any desire to be a pastor to be in ministry and what I think people do all the time as they try to get you know, as human beings as people who can you know speak things into existence you can create you know God. There’s a lot of power that God has given us and as human beings. And so I think a lot of times we try to create. You know before we understand in our heart is in line with what God wants us to do with our lives and I think you know for us the thing that I had to the place I had to get with my life was just a truly surrendered heart before God where I just had you know kind of what I said earlier it’s just a desire in me to to to just lay down everything you know and it took me a long time to get there.

Gabe: 26:39 Honestly it didn’t it wasn’t something that I was really great at when I was younger. I I didn’t I wanted things my way and I was pretty particular and pretty vocal about it. But I I just realized that that’s not the life after after getting banged up and hitting my head over and over again I just said this is not what I want to do and I’ve learned that life is you fully. Can you see your life move in a direction that’s really amazing when you start to take your hands off of it. And and so that’s what I did. I just got my heart in a place where I said God I just I truly want to make you famous with my life. And that’s it. And I think that you know whether you’re an accountant or your pastor or your doctor or your stay at home mom or you’re self-employed or you’re a real estate broker or wherever you find yourself you’re a missionary wherever you are if you’re at a place for you say I want to make Jesus famous.

Gabe: 27:33 And that’s the one desire you ask.

Gabe: 27:35 Then it’s just crazy it’s biblical it’s it’s so it’s supernatural but literally everything will align and it’s just it’s. And you’ll have all the answers and all the desire and all the passion will come with that.

Jake: 27:49 You know as Brother Gabe given us the by the way that’s the scripture he just explained to us is seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these other things are added to you.

Jake: 27:59 So. So that’s really what you’re speaking of right there me and that’s that’s the truth. And we know that the word is true.

Jake: 28:06 So as you went forward and you answered the call I can’t remember the pastor’s name when I remember it after we get off this call. But he said he said hey if you can if you can be happy doing anything else go do that. But if you can’t then go serve the Lord with all your heart. So that’s an awesome call to have by the way.

Jake: 28:29 But you know today we have a serious crisis on our hands here stateside. I mean we have an enormous amount of division and discord taking place out here today and I’m telling you man they when we look around you know we’re just as much you know I say Christians we’re just as much a part of the problem you know because if you look on social media wherever it might be you know we get like this and like that and agree with agree with that and never knowing or understanding the seeds of discord that we may be planting during that time so can you can you kind of talk about a little bit about where we are as a nation how how can we here at home stay brother how can we unite the way that you guys do.

Jake: 29:19 I mean I love what you do out there. I do but if you can get help us a little bit here stateside. How do we come into that better united.

Gabe: 29:26 So to say this too. Right before I answer that and I’m not going to profess them all the answers but I do I do believe and I see even our hearts as a ministry is are exploding within. And we kind of see what’s going on in our nation and we really are so committed to the local church the global church that it’s not just we’ve realized international anymore or like we we want to do everything we can to help the church really get to a place where we can we can really jump at this opportunity. You know I really think our nation is that has an opportunity right now. You know I said earlier that I think the state of a nation is reflective of the state of the church. And I think for us as Christians as Christ followers you know we have been in a lot of ways I think the church has been put on the defense in the last several years just for mainstream media just from all the things that are happening around.

Gabe: 30:32 And you know the church is trying to defend you know we are as the church defending our rights and you know all of the things that we feel like we’re entitled to to defend. And you it’s almost like you know I’m I’m trying to choose my words so carefully when I say this because my heart literally explodes for the local church and for Jesus is you know a bride.

Gabe: 31:01 The church you know.

Gabe: 31:02 So it’s like I’m so so so moved with compassion with passion for for our nation because I do believe this is a time of opportunity but I think that the church needs to move into an offensive position rather than a defensive position. And what I mean by that is you know let’s if I could say one thing you know and help to even model one thing because again the church isn’t about the four walls its not about where you go to church. That’s

Gabe: 31:27 not the church the church is we are the church. And we gather on Sunday to just scatter on Monday and be the church to our local local you know our world around us if your workplaces places doesn’t look like ministry. Well that’s your fault. You know what I mean. It’s not like I don’t want to hear their church’s problem this is our problem we are the church.

Gabe: 31:46 But you know it’s more of an offensive position where we say you know what I am going to take my own understanding my own viewpoints my own world views based on how I grew up and just throw them to the wind for a moment and say you know what I. What would Jesus do. And

Gabe: 32:01 I know I can’t believe I even just said that out loud. But like this I don’t want to throw out a wwjd plug here, but

Gabe: 32:09 but I find myself often than not you know even having conversations with my wife where I’m saying what would Jesus do in this situation. And it’s different from Honestly what I’d probably do. You know when someone offends me or something of the man. So I just think going into that when I say go into an offensive position I mean just just going after God’s Lost sheep going you know even the ninety have shown that you are the one going after people and just saying you know what like I’m not going to try to prove my points I’m not an apologist I’m not going to try to you know win you over and try to prove the points of Christianity to try to talk you know mathematically to outline.

Gabe: 32:47 Oh is that Jesus loves you. He died for you and we love you I love you. You

Gabe: 32:52 know I mean and if we can if we can not shy away from that you know you know bold unapologetic you know the Gospel can be offensive is offensive and I don’t think we shy away from that at all of course but I think going on offensive right for our for our workplaces and the people we encounter and saying just being nice to people you know and it’s like you know we just got on and it’s just and I and I know there’s just it’s so hard to even answer this question because there’s so much division even around your words you know like people who that people have taken for so many things out of context that it’s so hard to say what you need to do without. Just

Gabe: 33:33 it’s easier just to do it. And we did that earlier you love people and it’s just that’s it.

Gabe: 33:41 And I think that’s where I think people are starting to realize that I think that there are churches that realize that and they’re exploding because of it.

Gabe: 33:48 And and and is just not not shying away from the Gospel but loving people and going after the lost.

Jake: 33:54 Yes. Absolutely. So moving with intent is his absolutely necessary for us as a church that’s great man and you know I know that you know we all go through things and we really do. And I would have to ask man I mean what’s been a really really rough time for you something that took place for you that really strengthened your faith. Man I mean you could probably pick one we all go through so many but what would you like to share that man. You know God really showed you something and your faith really increased during his time. Is there a time you.

Gabe: 34:27 I think there’s there’s been several you know and I have realized I used to think when when I was younger that opposition wasn’t was an indicator that maybe you had missed the voice of God. Like I really used to think that hey when you encounter opposition in your life you go through a stormy time or you go through challenges of life. It’s because you’re in some type of awful sense.

Gabe: 34:53 You know that’s the only way I knew how to describe it.

Gabe: 34:56 I realized as I got older and everybody who’s you know who’s been around for a minute realizes that it’s usually the it is the perseverance through storms that that you become complete that you actually you see the goodness of God. You you when his promotion and there’s been so many for me man and I like you know we’ve we had our biggest outreach in 2013 that we had ever done as a ministry the week before we went we had 2000 missionaries from around the world that were coming with us to the nation of Honduras and it was just an amazing thing we were in partnership with the president. The church was all aligned it was amazing. You know a week before my wife is on a four wheeler with her aunt and they got in a terrible crash and my wife’s and literally died in her arms literally for hours.

Gabe: 35:51 And you know you have a situation that you go through like that and that’s just one you have a loss in your family you know you grow up. I grew up like I said in the church and I used to read verses like you know no weapon formed against me will prosper. And I just I just one man I was invincible. You know it’s like you grow up thinking nothing can ever happen to me because you actually never gone through trial you know. But then you go through challenges you go through loss that’s unexplainable. You know why do bad things happen to good people you know never really answer that question. Sure. And you go through loss and you have like no loved one that that passes away or a season of hardship that you go through in your marriage and you know and I’m you we have all of those things that we go through and you can explain it. And it’s like when you navigate through those things. My wife I saw her come alive. She’s a dentist.

Gabe: 36:41 And in our medical division of what we do as a ministry she was kind of started in 2013 because of her leaving that thing and she just she was there for our family and she you know put her own her own and her very best friends were her cousins and their mom had just passed away and and she was there for her family and then came down and did ministry a week later and we saw God do a move and my and my wife’s life like never before and.

Gabe: 37:11 And we you know it’s just this trial after trial a fair trial you just see you see God in it and you see you don’t always understand why things happen the way they do. But when you continue to say that it doesn’t matter what happens to me in this life I’m going to serve God. It is a well with my soul type of message you know through it all. God will do an ordinary thing in you and I just I see people that go through a. I see people that go through seasons and they they can’t get out of that season and it’s like I just want to tell them if you want to see if you want to get into the next chapter of your life you got to stop rereading the last one you know and it’s like you’ve got gotta get out of that you’ve got to you’ve got to move forward. And and I just that’s that’s the great challenge you know and I think that’s where we’re where we win after that. So

Jake: 38:04 absolutely man you’re right. And you know it seems like some of those times that we can think about you know we do have that question and we do really. But you know the good news in that is that we can only ask could have gone to Syria we can only ask of the Lord you know. And you know what the Scripture clearly says that it rains on the just and unjust and we know when we understand that as we go forward but to just completely rely on him you’re right it is well with our soul as we go forward. I mean I appreciate you sharing that. And you know I think about this is leadership OK because you guys you guys are definitely leaders. We always say that you know leaders are readers leaders however you want to say are you going to say it brother but what would be a book that you would recommend to the listeners today.

Gabe: 38:54 Yeah I will. Can I give you a couple. Is that OK. Absolutely.

Gabe: 39:00 And I really have been. We have. A school is one of the I didn’t even get into this with you but one of the things that we see is really a legacy for us is a school and so this year this fall we started a division of what we do that’s a training educational school and we’ve partnered with with the university and Florida Southeastern University and. And it’s also we’ve had students that come in and it’s a beautiful part of our ministry but what our curriculum this year at our school is is based on this theme of what we call living the impossible how to live a life that’s impossible in our own strength.

Gabe: 39:39 And so I started this year off. I said you know what I want to I want to read about people who have who don’t even who who think life in life can literally defy gravity. These are the guys that live with now you know. And

Gabe: 39:53 so I just I honestly reading biographies and memoirs about about people who have created iconic brands in our in our world and you know I read this year so far I read a book on Elon Musk. It’s called Ilan mosque and it was it was phenomenal.

Gabe: 40:12 I I read long walk to freedom the story of Nelson Mandela and the one that that really has. There’s two other words that I that I have read memoirs on people.

Gabe: 40:25 One called the snowball. It’s about Warren Buffett but the one that really rocked me and and I’m sorry that this is the the lacking in spiritual Department on the books.

Jake: 40:39 No no it’s ok you’re right. It’s a really old shoe dog.

Gabe: 40:42 And it’s it’s the memoir of Phil Knight and he’s of course the founder and creator of Nike. And and these these guys just don’t they don’t operate with the same code of limitations and it just really has wrecked me.

Gabe: 40:59 This year is as far as I just seen people who have just who have who have just created created such you know monstrous things. And so it’s been really inspiring.

Jake: 41:12 That’s awesome. You know I mean no that’s perfectly fine you know because that’s leadership man. You know we’ve got to face it. We can be you know spiritual or non-spiritual But guess what leadership is going to be there. So we need to decide we need to decide. You know those in the faith need to decide hey are we going to step up our game when it comes to leadership. And that’s those are great books and we’ll definitely put those in the in the show notes so everybody can take a look at. But as we go forward man what would be a last or final encouraging word that you would like to leave with the listeners maybe somebody struggling with their faith.

Gabe: 41:49 I would say don’t stop. I would say get up it’s time it’s time to move. You know and what I love about my life verse is Psalms found in Psalms 37 23. And it says the steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. Some translations say ordered by the Lord as though they stumble they will not fall for I hold them by the hand.

Gabe: 42:13 And then it goes on to say I’m young and I’m old and I’ve never yet I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread. If you’re at a place where you’re struggling if you’re at a place where you can’t seem to get up what I love about this verse it’s a reminder and it’s an invitation. We are found righteous in God’s eyes when we literally just say get to a point where you say God I’m going to call upon your name and I know that I’m going about my life to you I’m going to take a knee and I’m going to I’m going to surrender my life to you. And in doing so what I know is that my steps are ordered my steps are directed by you then it says you delight in every area of my life. How could that be.

Gabe: 42:54 Somehow it is so god. Thank you for delighting in me. And I know that I might stumble in this life but I will not fall because you’re holding me by the hand and I just I love it it’s it’s it’s my true north for me because I just am I’m able to keep moving. I know that my steps are ordered. That means they’ve already been nave already been designed. They’ve already he’s already laid them out before me. I just need to start walking you know. And so I get out and get moving. Man Yeah.

Jake: 43:22 Thank you for that. Really really appreciate the what is. How could we reach you because I know some people would like to connect with you. And how could they do that by Web site or social media. Where

Gabe: 43:33 they just my social media handle my Instagram Twitter handle is just my last name it’s its foul horn and. And then our Web site is Missions dot me. So just w w w dot missions dot am e.

Jake: 43:47 And let’s just say some guys want to come along with us on these missions. Would they be able to do that.

Gabe: 43:53 It means so. Yes. So come to our Web site check it out. And we’d love to come with have you with us come with us. All

Jake: 44:00 right gay man thank you so much for hanging out with us today we greatly appreciate it man. And hey I’ll tell you just like I tell anybody else I see out there live up the name of the Lord man we truly love you and we thank God for you as well and so honored to be a part of your show today and just you’re amazing. Thank

Jake: 44:19 you Jake. Thank you. We greatly appreciate it man.

Jake: 44:22 Once again that was Mr. Gabe Bahlhorn and I surely hope you enjoyed hanging out with Gabe today from missions dot me. You know Gabe is truly talking about what God really does when we as a whole the body the church that is moved together in unity. Some of the most awesome wonderful great things that God does. I love how Gabe and the guys put it when they look at things like that. They say hey make sure it looks impossible that way you know that it’s only God who gets the glory right so make sure you go visit those guys on missions dot me. It’s their Web site. Take a look and see what they’re doing. And for the show knows all you have to do is go to pressandreach.com/PR16.

Seeds of Greatness

Gabe shares with us that he grew up going to church, where it was impressed upon him early on that there is a seed of greatness that is within every person.  Not fully realizing at the time what that meant, he remained committed to that seed and to that desire to live a life extraordinary.  It was Jesus’ words in Matthew 11 that he draws from, in which He said, “Assuredly, I say to you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist; but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.”  After attending college in the great state of Texas, he returned to his roots in Michigan and eventually teamed up with Russo to form Missions.Me.

All Passions, All Talents, One Effort

Missions.Me exists to empower people to change the world.  This organization has two primary ministries – Angel House, and “1Nation1Day”.  Angel House was created to provide a safe haven for victims of human trafficking, and to meet the needs of orphans in Asia, currently housing nearly 3000 children.  “1Nation1Day” began with an historic event in the nation of Honduras in 2013.  Missions.Me is definitely having a global impact, as entire nations are transformed for God’s Kingdom.  Their most recent outreach in Nicaragua involved nearly 3000 missionaries from 33 nations! Gabe makes a great observation here, when he notes “amazing things happen in the nations when the church gets unified.”  He believes this is key to seeing revival in our own nation.

Radical Obedience

Gabe shares his own personal experience when it comes to “playing it safe” in life.  He goes back to the Parable of the Talents as our reminder that we are expected to use ALL that God has given us.  Be willing to be led by God, be willing to give up everything for Him if He asks, and align our hearts with His Will to see the extraordinary unfold in our lives.  It takes a surrendered life and a heart that says “God, I just truly want to make you famous with my life.”  We can see our lives move in amazing directions when we let go, and when we realize that trust forms through our brokenness.

Perseverance through the storms works toward our completion, and allows us to see the goodness of God.  When trials come, face them from an “it is well with my soul” perspective.  Whatever you do, don’t stop.  Gabe leaves us with his life verse in Psalms – “A man’s steps are established by the LORD, and He takes pleasure in his way. Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the LORD holds his hand. I have been young and now I am old, yet I have not seen the righteous abandoned or his children begging for bread. ” Gabe is able to do what looks impossible to man because he holds fast to this promise, knowing that he will stumble, but that God holds him by the hand.  What encouragement!


Elon Musk

Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

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Gabe Bahlhorn Missions.me


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